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Thank you, Fr. Fábio, for bringing these inspiring priest and brothers from the Heralds of the Gospel to my residence today! I look forward to welcoming the brothers to our Mass tomorrow at the Chaplaincy. #sfxc #newevangelization #catholicyyc

We must be the Church in the middle of the world; a city on a hill for all to see anew. #radiatela #newevangelization #lacatholics #jpii

The first Eucharistic procession ever was when Mary visited Elizabeth after saying Yes to becoming the mother of God. After all, the Eucharist is simply the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus, who was fully present in Mary’s womb. How full of adoration would Mary have been every step of the way, knowing that God himself was right there, veiled in her womb. Just as Jesus appears to us today, veiled under the Blessed Sacrament. If you struggle with understanding the Eucharist, ask Mary. After all, besides knowing Jesus during His earthly life, she also knew Him in the mystery of the Eucharist because she lived on Earth for many years after His Ascension into Heaven. She would have gone to Mass just as we do, participating in the breaking of the bread. . . . . Prints of this image are available in my shop - link in bio or outpouringoftrust.com! Available as a 5x10, 4x8, or a mini! Also while you’re in my shop, check out my sale for this month! There’s only a week and half left before they go back to normal prices! . . . . #faithoverfear #projectblessed #artistofinstagram #creativesofinstagram #catholiccreatives #religiousart #catholicartist #faithart #sacredart #bissisterhood #catholicism #catholicandproud #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolor_art #sketchbookchallenge #mamamary #blessedvirginmary #holymary #holymotherofgod #holyvirgin #mothermary #litanyoftheblessedvirginmary #newevangelization #litany

And in his name the Gentiles will hope.” Matthew 12:21 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/mat.12.21.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Sat. Jul. 20, 2019 1st. Reading: Ex. 12:37-42 Psalm: 136:1 & 23-24, 10-15 Gospel: Mt. 12:14-21 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization


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When our lives are firmly planted in the Lord we are able to maintain peace among the hardships and challenges we face! #scripture #trust #blessed #catholic #catholiclife #family #catholicfaith #newevangelization #evango #catholicfamily #catholicism #truth #catholichurch #god #goevangelize #parenting #familylife #goodnews

These days we are attending the PCNE- Philippine Conference on new evangelization, it has been a wonderful experience. Mabuhay to the Pilipino Youth!! #pcne #philipinoyounthinmission #newevangelization #catholicchurch #catholicconnect #shalommanila #csmhj

Are you following @the.basic.catholic? Well if you’re not already, maybe after listening to our latest episode of Searching For More Podcast you will. (Link in Bio!) Austin Quick, president of @catholicconnect and convert to the faith from @diospringfield, has a passion for Church teaching, and connecting like-minded Catholics across the world through social media. Although he claims to have the most “basic” Catholic Instagram out there, we think he is far from that! Hear why he believes it is indeed the greatest time to be a Catholic and how social media is connecting the Church now more than ever! ⛪️📲💪🏼🙏🏻

It's finally Friday and it's time for Friday Introductions!! 👋 - Hi there! We're Lizeth and Jose Luis! Just a young Catholic married couple passionate about design and the new Evangelization. We truly belive that our Catholic faith is so beautiful that everything that comes from our faith should radiate that beauty, this is one of the reasons we founded newEv Catholic, we want to bring beauty to your life, your parish and your ministry. Our Catholic church does a great job in teaching and bringing the faith to the world but we are sure that a little help with marketing could exponentially help its mission. Most of our parishes and ministries don't have the budget to hire a part time or full time person to help them with social media, website, bulletins, flyers, etc... so that's why we're here to help! Let's talk about your needs and desires for your community 🤓 - Fun fact about us? We got married on May 13th, 2017, on the 100th anniversary of our lady of Fatima. It was truly a blessing! We believe our lady of Fatima brought us together 💙 - When we were thinking about the name for our business, we decided on newEv as short of the new Evangelization, but what we didn't realize was that newEv could also sound like "new Eve", and you know whom that is, right? The new Eve is our beautiful mother Mary. She is the one by who redemption was brought to the world. Once again Our Lady surprises us and reminds us that she's really the one guiding us to Jesus and leading our work 👸 - Today, we pray for our parishes, our communities, and especially we pray for you. Let's work together to keep building God's kingdom🙏

Have you ever seen people who try to preach the Gospel in all the wrong ways? It can be quite disturbing. But our instructors for the new onsite school of evangelization have a little fun in this video showing us what NOT to do. If you want to delve deeper into learning how to be an effective evangelizer, visit www.evangelizationschool.com . . . #sharethefaith #unleashthegospel #newevangelization #churchhumor #instacatholic #evangelism #evangelization #faithformation

What shall I return to the Lord for all his bounty to me?  I will lift up the cup of salvation and call on the name of the Lord , Psalms 116:12‭-‬13 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/psa.116.12-13.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Fri. Jul. 19, 2019 1st Reading: Ex. 11:10-12:14 Psalm: 116:12-18 Gospel: Mt. 12:1-8 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

There is a God but I’m not Him! Excited to be going to my first @camp_veritas in 4 years and first as a professed religious on Sunday. It was great seeing these two Veteran Camp Veritas counselors at Catholic Underground in May and catching up! See you on Sunday in Newburgh! #campveritas #catholic #camping #newevangelization #archdioceseofnewyork #sistersoflife #franciscanfriarsoftherenewal @annapaolicelli

"One earns Paradise with one's daily task." - St. Gianna Molla This quote always helps me get through the day. Bad days and good days What are some quotes that help you get through the day? Let me know so I can maybe feature it on one of our next to do lists! . . . #walnutstdesignsco #todolist #motivation #motivationalquotes #gianna #stgianna #stgiannamolla #saints #catholic #catholicchurch #newevangelization #catholiclife #bissisterhood #catholicmom #instacatholic #planneraddict #bujolist #paradise #plannerlife #whiteboard #organization #kitchendecor #fridgewhiteboard #modernkitchen #dailytask #customframes #handmadeframes

"On Second Thought" This report comes from evangelist Reggie in San Diego: Joe Carton, a team leader from East County, San Diego, was leading a group in Balboa Park on a recent Saturday. This was his third year doing it. I was actually there the day before in Balboa Park leading a team street evangelizing at another part of the park. So at first, I was telling myself I didn't need to or felt called to go. But as it got closer to the event, I did feel the Lord calling me to go.  An old missionary friend came down from orange county to evangelize with me. There were five evangelists in total. One divine encounter I had was with a young adult named Tim. I gave him a Miraculous Medal, explained to him what it was, and asked him if he needed prayers. He said yes but didn't want to be prayed for. I asked him what was going on and he explained how his mother was deported and his sisters are having a hard time. We talked for a while and I was able to share the Gospel with him and encouraged him to start praying and going to church. He opened up about how he used to be an atheist for a while but because of some recent mental health issues and his mother's deportation, he started seeking God. I offered again to pray for him but he refused again. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I end up sharing about how my friend suffers from severe anxiety that it gets so bad that he feels like crawling into a hole and doesn't want to get out. I shared how I would pray for him, and it would help. Right then, his facial expressions changed and he asked if I could pray for him. We prayed for him and asked in the name of Jesus for God to give him His Peace, to fill his heart and let it overflow with His Love, we prayed for God to take his anxiety away, for the healing of his mental illness and prayed for his mom and sisters. Afterward, I asked if he felt anything and now smiling, he said he felt lighter, and that all the muscles in his back released. I told him it was Jesus who gave him His peace. We exchanged info and I plan on following up with him soon.

Who said priests can’t have a little fun? #priestsinireland #newevangelization #vacationftw

Welcome to Thailand! 🤗 - What I love about my faith is that it doesn't matter where I go...I always feel at home when I go to a Catholic church. Even if they speak a different language when celebrating mass, I know exactly what to expect and our father is always there waiting for me 🙏 - What about you? What do you love about your faith?

Here are some pictures from the first week of the #exult2019 ministry mission trip that some of our seminarians were in! Please pray for us and for more vocations to the Companions of the Cross. #newevangelization #praisegod #alleluia #catholic #prayerministry #preaching #andsomuchmore

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“Only God, the Infinite Being, eternal life, can communicate life, can give existence. Would it be too much, then, for us to consecrate our whole life and being to His service and glory? If we are living for God, we are living for life; if we live for ourselves, we are living for nothing, for death.” - Divine Intimacy 228⠀ .⠀ Take a quick look at the world around us. We are fighting a culture of death. We are pitted against forces that are not only anti-life, they champion death. Ex: Iceland “cures” Down Syndrome by aborting all fetuses who appear to have it.⠀ .⠀ As shocking (and abhorrent) as it is, are we really surprised? In the face of God who is life, of course the Devil would peddle death. In attacking the Ultimate Source of Life, he attacks all sources of life.⠀ .⠀ Amidst our political climate and even the current climate of our Church, we’re often left wondering what can we do? This is it - live for life.⠀ .⠀ Be a champion for life. Commit to a lifelong marriage (if you are so called). Be open to life, seeing children as a blessing. Embrace the Sacraments, especially the Eucharist, the source and summit of the Christian life. Frequent Confession. Find new life in Christ and bring that life to those He puts in our lives.⠀ .⠀ “A thief comes only to steal and slaughter and destroy; I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

“Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/mat.11.28.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Thurs. Jul. 18, 2019 1st Reading: Ex. 3:13-20 Psalm: Ps.105: 1 & 5, 8-9, 24-27 Gospel: Mt. 11:28-30 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

St Teresa, Saint Teresa, Mother Teresa, Teresa of Calcutta, no matter what you call her we can all agree she is amazing! Carry this powerful intercessor through your day and stand back to see what happens! #prayforus #motherteresa #calcutta #catholicglitter #customglittertumbler #catholicetsy #newevangelization

Then he said, “Come no closer! Remove the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you are standing is holy ground.” Exodus 3:5 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/exo.3.5.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Wed. Jul. 17, 2019 1st Reading: Ex. 3:1-6, 9-12 Psalm: Ps. 103:1b-4, 6-7 Gospel: Mt. 11:25-27 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization


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Cultivating greater virtue demands us to step and deal with our predominant faults and weaknesses. Here are some encouraging words from Patrick to help you fight the good fight every day! Link in bio! #beinspired #virtue #inspire #goodhabits #encouragement #perseverance #catholic #catholiclife #family #catholicfaith #newevangelization #evango #catholicfamily #catholicism #truth #catholichurch #god #goevangelize #parenting #familylife #goodnews

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“One of the greatest favors God can bestow on a soul in this life is to give it to understand clearly and to sense manifestly that He cannot be entirely known or sensed.” St. John of the Cross⠀ .⠀ In other words, one of the greatest graces is knowing that God cannot be entirely known.⠀ .⠀ God is infinitely perfect. He is infinitely good, true, and beautiful. When we fight against God, work against Him, or pit our will against His, we must understand what we are trying to do. There isn’t a metaphor out there that accurately captures the limitations of our humanity in contrast to the infinity of God. The difference is exactly that, infinite.⠀ .⠀ But where does that leave us? What do we do with the knowledge that we are nothing and God is infinitely immense?⠀ .⠀ It leaves us with one of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit: Fear of the Lord. And, when we hear this, we shouldn’t think of cowering in fear, hiding from God. A Holy Fear of the Lord is knowing our rightful place in relation to God. It’s a gift to know that we are nothing, thus turning to Him in praise, adoration, thanksgiving, and atonement.⠀ .⠀ “The fear of the Lord is glory and exultation, gladness and a festive crown. The fear of the Lord rejoices the heart, giving gladness, joy, and long life. Those who fear the Lord will be happy at the end, even on the day of death they will be blessed.” Sirach 1:11-13

"Wear the Scapular devoutly and perseveringly . . . It shall be a sign of salvation, a protection in danger, and a pledge of peace."– Our Lady of Mount Carmel. - Happy Feast Day of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel!

Blessed Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel!

Mary, ever the watchful mother, notices immediately when the wines out at the Wedding Feast at Cana, and she does what we should always do; she turns to Jesus. Jesus’ response – “Woman, what does this have to do with me? My hour has not yet come” (John 2:4) – sounds harsh, but Mary doesn’t take this as a rebuke. She goes with perfect trust to the servants and says to them “Do whatever He tells you” and Jesus does indeed perform a miracle, turning hundreds of gallons of water into the finest wine. Mary had never seen Jesus perform a miracle, yet she believed that He could. And that He would. These are also the last recorded words that Mary says in the Bible, said to servants. She is saying these words to you. Do whatever He tells you. Listen to God. When He speaks to you, don’t harden your heart. He has a plan just for you that only you can accomplish; “plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope” (Jer 29:11) . . . . Stickers and magnets in both designs are available on my website! Link in bio or outpouringoftrust.com! . . . . #catholicsofinstagram #religiousart #smallbusiness #catholicartist #catholicartisan #catholicgifts #catholicbusiness #catholiclife #catholicstickers #catholicproducts #catholicculture #weddingfeastatcana #collegelife #familylife #catholicfamily #newevangelization #christianart #illustratedfaith #waterintowine

For the Lord hears the needy, and does not despise his own that are in bonds. Psalms 69:33 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/psa.69.33.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Tues. Jul. 16, 2019 1st. Reading: Ex. 2:1-15a Psalm: Ps. 69:3, 14, 30-31, 33-34 Gospel: Mt. 11:20-24 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization


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Sometimes we make the mistake of saying "I got this" when we truly do not. We need to depend and trust in the Lord who knows all our needs and satisfies every desire. Read a word from Patrick as he reflects on how important this is! Link in bio! #beinspired #fatih #trust #love #inspiringmessage #catholic #catholiclife #family #catholicfaith #newevangelization #evango #catholicfamily #catholicism #truth #catholichurch #god #goevangelize #parenting #familylife #goodnews

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When St. John Bosco founded the Salesian order, he recommended a practice called “Exercise for a Happy Death.”⠀ .⠀ One day each month, they were to treat the day as it was their last - saying their prayers, making a good confession, and celebrating the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass all like it was the last time they would do it.⠀ .⠀ The purpose of the exercise is to help us to remember our death - “memento mori” - and to detach ourselves from the things of this world, shifting our gaze to the next.⠀ .⠀ The exercise helps us to keep perspective. Death comes for us all. Very few are “ready.”⠀ .⠀ But, by living our days, months, and years ordered toward God, relentlessly pursuing Him, death becomes the final checkpoint on our journey. The last thing between us and our goal of Heaven.⠀ .⠀ God willing, we all have a peaceful death at an old age, and with St. Paul we can say: “I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. From now on the crown of righteousness awaits me, which the Lord, the just judge, will award to me on that day, and not only to me, but to all who have longed for his appearance.” 2 Timothy 4:7-8⠀ .⠀ Long for His appearance today and every day.

Traveling with Our Lady of Fatima's rosary! 💙 Wherever we go, we like to take it with us to pray 🤲 This year my husband got a new job opportunity that sends him all over the world 🌏 the best part is that I get to travel with him using miles!!! ✈ All I need for my job is my laptop! So I'm able to come with him! I'm so thankful for technology and I feel really blessed to spend some quality time with my husband 🙏 - We've been to so many beautiful places and this time we're traveling to Thailand! I can't wait to share with you a little more about this awesome adventure! 🏞 - Where's your favorite place to travel? What do you like to take with you? Comment below 👇  we would love to hear from you!

Don’t be afraid if your efforts seem small and pointless, lots of big things in the world start out very small and insignificant. Do the next right thing with joy and you will have done a great work! Every person is needed and every work has meaning. #catholicwomen#catholic#veggiesfromseeds#youareloved#youmatter#newevangelization#inthistogether#catholicfaith#immaculata#sacredheartofjesus#spreadjoy#stepstoholiness#keeppraying#jesusitrustinyou

Mary is the mystical spouse of the Holy Spirit, and as such, she is tasked with distributing all the graces of the Holy Spirit. We learn form the Saints and Church Fathers that all graces pass through Mary. She is the Mediatrix of Grace. This is why for the image of the Miraculous Medal* the rays coming from Mary’s hands symbolize the graces she pours out on those who go to her. Strikingly, rays of light were not coming out of all of Mary’s rings on her fingers because she still had more graces ready to give that were not being asked for. More graces are available than what she is already obtaining for us. * which is the image of Our Lady of Grace from the apparitions to St. Catherine Labouré in 1830 (similar to this image) . . . Prints are available on my website! Link in bio or outpouringoftrust.com! Available as an 8x10, 5x7 or a mini! . . . . #faithoverfear #projectblessed #artistofinstagram #creativesofinstagram #catholiccreatives #religiousart #catholicartist #faithart #sacredart #bissisterhood #catholicism #catholicandproud #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolor_art #mamamary #blessedvirginmary #holymary #holymotherofgod #holyvirgin #mothermary #litanyoftheblessedvirginmary #newevangelization

Our help is in the name of the Lord , who made heaven and earth. Psalms 124:8 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/psa.124.8.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Mon. Jul. 15, 2019 1st Reading: Ex: 1:8-14, 22 Psalm: Ps. 124:1b-8 Gospel: Mt. 10:34 - 11:1 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

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On Friday, we reflected on the idea of the fallen human heart is seeing God as adversary. Treating God like a teenager might treat his parents as out of touch, no fun, rules for rules sake, etc.⠀ .⠀ At the core of this problem (and the solution) is our view of God as Father. We’re told numerous times in Scripture of our Father-child relationship to God: “…You received a spirit of adoption, through which we cry, “Abba, Father!” The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God.” Romans 8:15-16⠀ .⠀ What a tremendous gift! “See what love the Father has bestowed on us that we may be called the children of God.” 1 John 3:1⠀ .⠀ Furthermore, this special relationship should stir in us a desire to live close to God as a loving and devoted child. Aiming to please Him always. And in our trials, we should turn to Him and His infinite goodness to bolster and shelter us in our own littleness.⠀ .⠀ The question is - do we take this knowledge to heart? Do we live and love as children of God? Is our prayer a prayer of a child to his father?

When they had finished breakfast, Jesus said to Simon Peter,“Simon, son of John, do you love me more than these?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Feed my lambs.” 16 He then said to him a second time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” He said to him, “Yes, Lord, you know that I love you.” He said to him, “Tend my sheep.” 17 He said to him the third time, “Simon, son of John, do you love me?” Peter was distressed that he had said to him a third time, “Do you love me?” and he said to him, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you.” [Jesus] said to him, “Feed my sheep. . John 21:15-17 ❤❤❤ . . . #sunday #catholic #catholicartist #catholicillustrator #graphicdesign #christianart #bibleverse #jesus #digitalart #womenartists #hannahhillart #newart #gospel #newevangelization #renewthegospel #love #jesus #mary #joseph #prayer #religousart

He is the head of the body, the church; he is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that he might come to have first place in everything. Colossians 1:18 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/col.1.18.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Sun. Jul. 14, 2019 1st Reading: Dt. 30:10-14 Psalm: Ps. 69: 14, 17, 30-31, 33-34, 36-37 or Ps. 19:8-11 2nd Reading: Col. 1:15-20 Gospel: Lk. 10:25-37 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

The first woman we as men learn to love is our mother. - Even those who don’t have mothers learn to love the first woman who played a motherly presence in their lives. She’s the first and most constant feminine presence in our lives, and that is something we are naturally drawn to. - At first, we’re drawn to it because it’s different. It’s something new. It’s something I don’t necessarily have within my own self as man. It’s patronly. - I think I’m slowly beginning to realize that the best way for me to understand the love of the Father is by knowing the love she had. Look at the statue. God made fully man is dead in her arms, and yet she holds Him near to her, with His head close to her heart. - It is hard for me to fall in love with God the Father because He is a He. I haven’t had many relationships with other men that have been as deep as my relationship with God the Father. They’ve been deep friendships, but not the same deepness as this. - Relationships with women, however, have touched the deepness of my relationship with God. My relationship with my mother, past dating relationships, friendships with my current sisters on mission. These relationships are a deepness that more closely hits at my relationship with God. - The reason they do, I believe, is that they emulate the relationship Our Lady had with Our Lord. It mirrors it in some ways. It creates also a model for how my relationship with God should be. - And that relationship should go through Our Lady. -

Did you know some saints could smell sin? . Jesus wishes to take the stench of sin away and restore YOU, his beloved rose🌹 . St. Christina the Astonishing's story: . “When she was about twenty-two Christina had a seizure, was assumed to be dead, and in due course was carried in an open coffin to the church, where a Mass of requiem was begun. Suddenly, after the Agnus Dei, Christina sat up, soared to the beams of the roof, and there perched herself. Everyone fled from the church except her elder sister, who, though thoroughly frightened, gave a good example of recollection to the others by stopping till the end of Mass. The priest then made Christina come down (it was said that she had taken refuge up there because she could not bear the smell of sinful human bodies). She averred that she had actually been dead; that she had gone down to Hell and there recognized many friends, and to Purgatory, where she had seen more friends, and then to Heaven.” [Butler’s Lives of the Saints] . . #catholicartist #catholic #art #digitalpainter #digitalartist #character #soul #spirituality #christian #newevangelization #renewthegospel #jesus #mary #joseph #saints #drawing #illustration #hannahhillart #roses #catholicillustrator #catholicillustration #christianart #religousart

So do not be afraid; you are of more value than many sparrows. Matthew 10:31 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/mat.10.31.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Sat. Jul. 13, 2019 1st Reading: Gn. 49:29-32; 50:15-26a Psalm: Ps. 105: 1-4, 6-7 Gospel: Mt. 10: 24-33 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization #donotbeafraid #sparrow #audryassad

Read the Gospel in the light of Love!💕 . . "I would create the universe again, just to hear you say you love me"- Jesus to St. Teresa of Avila . May God Bless and love you❤ . . . #catholic #catholicartist #digital #digitalart #newevangelization #art #gospel #holybible #hannahhillart #heart #love #artistofinstagram #womenartists #loved #religousart

We're celebrating the feast of Saints Louis and Zélie Martin who are models of holiness for us today, especially for families 👫 - Saints Louis and Zélie are the parents of St. Thérèse of Lisieux and another daughter and candidate for sainthood, Léonie  Martin, who became Sister Françoise-Thérèse of the Monastery of the Visitation at Caen. Saints Louis and Zélie model for us the vocation of Catholic parents. Despite many difficulties and sufferings they persevered and kept strong faith. 🤲 - In an age when so many families suffer, let us pray for the strengthening of families. 🙏 - Yesterday we finished a novena in honor of this wonderful couple asking for guidance in our marriage and praying for you all. If you would like to pray a novena for a special intention for you and your family, send me a DM and I can give you the information you need 🙌 or let me know how can we pray for you!


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Remember to give thank to the Lord today for all that He does and for who He is. Only in God will you find true peace and joy. We are all on our way home. Never lose sight of that! #scripture #peace #thefather #catholic #catholiclife #family #catholicfaith #newevangelization #evango #catholicfamily #catholicism #truth #catholichurch

Stunning early morning colors as our VENTURE students approach their peak attempt on Mount Chavo. These wilderness views can’t be beat! 📸: @flopsyd

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A while back I came across a quote that succinctly explains something that I and I know many others have experienced:⠀ .⠀ The fallen human heart is seeing God as adversary.⠀ .⠀ Oftentimes, we see God like many teenagers might see their parents - someone who doesn’t understand them, who doesn’t want them to have fun, who only cares about rules.⠀ .⠀ The reality is that God understands us more than we could ever understand ourselves. He wants so much more than just instant gratification of our desires. He wants a life of joy and an eternity of heavenly bliss for us. And those rules? God is showing us the way of the most excellent life, leading to Him.⠀ .⠀ The turning point comes when we stop seeing God as our adversary who’s against us. He’s the ultimate ally - He’s on our side more than we are.

When they hand you over, do not worry about how you are to speak or what you are to say; for what you are to say will be given to you at that time; for it is not you who speak, but the Spirit of your Father speaking through you. Matthew 10:19‭-‬20 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/mat.10.19-20.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Fri. Jul. 12, 2019 1st Reading: Gn. 46:1-7, 28-30 Psalm: Ps. 37:3-4, 18-19, 27-28, 39-40 Gospel: Mt. 10:16-23 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

Michał Wirtel Przychodzisz, mimo drzwi zamkniętych, 2018 Tempera na płotnie, 55x46 cm + Michał Wirtel You come, though the door is closed,2018 Tempera on canvas, 55x46 cm #contemporaryart #contemporarypainting #polishart #ornament #exhibition #move #multiplication #contemporaryicon #chrześcijaństwo #malarstwo #sztukawspółczesna #art #humility #miłosierdzie #ewangelia #gospel #newevangelization #christianity #malarstwopolskie #spiritualjourney #repentance #nawrócenie

Today is the feast of St. Veronica, who wiped the face of Jesus as he made his way to Golgotha carrying the cross. . When he handed the cloth back to Veronica, Jesus' face was miraculously impressed upon it. This is known as the Veil of Veronica. . St. Veronica is the patron saint of photographers, photos, and laundry workers. . St. Veronica, pray for us!

“Preaching and Healing” The Gospel message and physical healings often go hand in hand. We see at the beginning of Mark’s Gospel that Jesus is baptized, tested, and then goes out into Galilee preaching and healing. What Jesus did two thousand years ago, his followers are continuing today. The power of the Holy Spirit is the same power as it was then, and the healings from infirmities are true healings by that same power. As we will see in this report, openness to grace by way of sacramentals (such as the Miraculous Medal) is a powerful way to dispose one to inner healing by Christ’s power. This report comes from SPSE evangelist Reggie in San Diego: “I recently evangelized at Balboa Park in San Diego with Br. John Nguyen and a few others. One of the great encounters we had was with a group of recent high school graduates from Arizona on vacation. Half of them were really open to hearing the Gospel message. I shared with them how much God loves them and wants the best for them. I gave them "The Gospel" holy card and explained to them the Kerygma. We also gave them the Miraculous Medal and explained to them what it is. 6 out of 7 of them accepted it. At the end, Br. John offered to pray for them and asked God to come right now to touch their lives, that they may feel His peace and presence. Afterwards, he asked if any of them felt anything and two of them said they did. Br. John has another story where we prayed for a guy who had a 9 out of 10 back pain. The first time we prayed for him to went down to a 6, the second we pray it went down to a 2 and the third time it went to a zero. Praise God Almighty! Praised be Jesus Christ! "Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved; for you are my praise." (Jer 17:14) We praise God no matter what, and we cannot hold His love for us in, as the prophet Jeremiah lamented, “But if I say, “I will not remember Him Or speak anymore in His name,” Then in my heart it becomes like a burning fire Shut up in my bones; And I am weary of holding it in, And I cannot endure it.” (Jer 20:9)

Blessed Feast of St. Benedict—the founder of Western monasticism, and therefore, in a foundational way, responsible for so much of the treasures of the world and the church we have enjoyed to today. It was largely the monks who preserved the various ancient texts (religious and philosophical and otherwise) and the religious vocation of both men and women, contemplative and active, continues to be a source of profound fruit for a world in real need of silence, devotion, lasting things, and true charity. St. Benedict, pray for us!

Exult 2019

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Altar call last night at St. Mary's in Ottawa! 😃😁 #praiseandworship #altarcall #catholic #exult2019 #companionsofthecross #newevangelization

Exult 2019

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Exult in Ottawa! Praise the Lord Jesus. Hallal the Lord! Yadah the Lord! Hallelujah! It was a hot night, even with the fans going but it was very blessed night indeed! Even our new pastor at St. Mary's, Fr. Mark Goring, testified that during the healing service his neck pain was totally gone! Thank you God! #recklesslove #healings #exult2019 #newevangelization #companionsofthecross #semlife #tour #revival #jesus #mary #stthereseoflisieux #prayforus #montrealherewego

Be the Men

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This past weekend, we had our big annual family and friends camping trip. As with most camping adventures, it was a lot of fun, memorable, but also tough. You’re out of your element, out in the elements, throw in rain or little kids (or both) and you’re in for a trying weekend.⠀ .⠀ Anyway, the family up the way had a little boy probably 2 or 3 years old. At one point, he ran across the street to another site that belonged to his family or friends.⠀ .⠀ Immediately the mom sprung into action. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but in the heat of the moment her words to her son stuck with me: “What’s wrong with you? You can’t go walking into the street like that!”⠀ .⠀ Of course, this is coming from a place of love but it’s an unfair question to ask anyone let alone a little boy.⠀ .⠀ “What’s wrong with you?”⠀ .⠀ Let’s be honest here - there’s a heck of a lot wrong. We are flawed creatures standing on the wrong side of an infinite chasm separating us from our Creator. And, on top of that, crossing that chasm is something that we ourselves cannot do (alone).⠀ .⠀ Becoming the person God created us to be and hopefully crossing the chasm takes a lot of hard work and grace. The path to virtue and ultimately perfection in Christ starts with understanding where we truly are, how we are flawed, and what our weaknesses are.⠀ .⠀ It’s only by acknowledging our deficiency and what indeed is wrong with us that we can understand our need for Christ and His infinite abundance.

Happy feast day of St Benedict. I took these pictures on my pilgrimage journey last year. We celebrated mass at the Monastery of St Benedict in Subiaco. Amazingly spectacular scenery surrounds the monastery. It is moving to see all the beautiful mediaeval frescos and a painting of St Francis of Assisi. St Benedict , May we learn from your practices to “prefer nothing to the love of Christ” May we keep Christ firmly at the heart of our lives. Ndibatsireiwo Mambo sekuvimbisa kwangu kwandaita, musabvume Mambo, kuti ndikutadzirei nerutadzo runouraya. St Benedict,Pray for us . Amen. #stbenedict #stbenedictcross #saints #catholic #saintoftheday #coffeewithsaints #todayssaint #catholiccreatives #catholiccreative #newevangelization #jesus #orapronobis #subiaco #pilgrim #myspiritualjourney #frescoes #zimbabweancatholic #zimcatholic

But now do not be distressed, and do not be angry with yourselves for having sold me here. It was really for the sake of saving lives that God sent me here ahead of you. Genesis 45:5 NABRE https://bible.com/bible/463/gen.45.5.NABRE Mass Readings: Thurs. Jul. 11, 2019 1st Reading: Gn. 44:18-21, 23b-29, 45:1-5 Psalm: Ps. 105:16-21 Gospel: Mt. 10:7-15 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

Vazhdon punë në Manastirin e Shën Jozefit në Arrameras #cssr #mision #redentoristas #redemptorist #voluntariado #newevangelization

“This Is My Body” The following report comes from evangelist Ed of the Sierra Vista, Arizona team: “On the 4th of July, the City of Sierra Vista put together a fair of booths and food trucks and entertainment in the largest park in the city. St. Paul Street Evangelization had a booth that was decorated with very patriotic flags and Yoda had a patriotic pinwheel and a red, white and blue Rosary. Ed, Terry, Robert, Rachael (and her four-year-old daughter), and Elizabeth all were out evangelizing in this wonderful booth. Robert on his way in stopped at a booth where a candidate was running for US Congress and spoke to him about the Faith.  This young gentleman was knowledgeable about the Faith as he studied Catholicism and mentioned Thomas Aquinas and others.  Robert gave him some brochures to study some more. Ed spoke with many fallen-away Catholics. One woman said she was no longer Catholic and Ed asked her why she left.  Said she wasn't getting filled. Ed said he gets completely filled with the Eucharist - which is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Christ Himself. She asked, "how can that be?" Ed said that in each of the Synoptic Gospels Jesus said to his Apostles to "Take and Eat, this IS MY BODY and the Cup to take and drink, for this is the Cup of my blood, the new and everlasting Covenant. Ed told her it was interesting that Jesus used the word Covenant because that word is how the world started. When Jesus said the words in John 6 about eating his flesh and drinking his blood, he used the word “Trogo,” which means to chew loudly or gnaw, instead of “eat politely.” He truly meant to EAT HIS FLESH and DRINK HIS BLOOD. She took brochures about the Eucharist, Confession, Salvation, and Hell, and took Ed's card as well and said she would listen to the MP3 talks about the Eucharist on them. When you know and understand the Eucharist, you never leave the Church! Ed, Terry and Robert prayed over two people who were sick, one of whom was in a wheelchair. Ed gave a flyer to those who did not go to church which described how people who go to church weekly live longer and happier lives. Many people thanked us.”

Mother of Christ. I love Mary smiling down at the newly born Jesus. Her blue mantle symbolizes heaven and her royalty, and her red dress symbolizes Jesus’ future Passion. Similarly Jesus’ halo has the red cross, which always symbolizes His Passion. Jesus came into the world so that He could die for our sins. That was always the end goal. But in this sweet image we can remember that Jesus came into the world as a baby first, and grew up in it for 30 years before starting His ministry. We can remember that He has a mother, one who raised Him and taught Him all things. Can you imagine living with Jesus during His earthly life? It’s worth pondering. And going to Mary about. ask her what it was like. So remember to talk to her about it when you look at this painting! . . . Prints are available in my shop - link in bio or outpouringoftrust.com! Available as a mini 2.5x3, 5x7, or 8x10! . . . #bedeeplyrooted #simpleandstill #faithoverfear #projectblessed #artistofinstagram #creativesofinstagram #catholiccreatives #religiousart #catholicartist #faithart #sacredart #bissisterhood #catholicism #catholicandproud #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolor_art #mamamary #blessedvirginmary #holymary #holymotherofgod #holyvirgin #mothermary #litanyoftheblessedvirginmary #newevangelization

He has placed us in this moment for a reason. Respond with all your heart! #radiatela #lacatholics #newevangelization

Joshua Nash

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Our second day of the @youcat project in Lourdes and we've had two great workshops. One in English with seven Indonesian youth from the Netherlands. Another in Arabic with youth from Lebanon. God is at work here! #lourdes #france #youcat #project #youth #catholic #youthministry #evangelisation #newevangelization #mary #notredamedelourdes #sanctuaire #shrine #omi #oblatelife #semlyf

we are so very G R A T E F U L for such holy, holy men who venture into the wilderness to provide Holy Mass for our course participants. ⠀ .⠀ 📸: The Community of St. Dominic and the Dominican Central Province


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In case you missed it, Patrick wrote an awesome Inspiring Message called "You Will Find Dad at the Back" some time ago. Read how a quiet act of love was used to serve and lead his family in a significant way! Link in bio. #leadsmall #charity #faith #beinspired #catholic #catholiclife #family #catholicfaith #newevangelization #evango #catholicfamily #catholicism #truth #catholichurch

Be the Men

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It’s hard to beat Summer. The weather is warm, the days are long, kids are out of school, it’s often time for family vacation. But, I’ve also noticed that for me, Summer is a time when my spiritual life gets a little lax. After all, it only takes a week long vacation to completely throw off your sleep schedule, your nutrition, and also your prayer life. As a result, we drift from those habits we worked so hard to form.⠀ .⠀ In terms of getting back up on that spiritual horse, the solution, or at least the first step, is going back to the source. When we drift, when we feel a bit of a distance from God, we should return to the Sacraments, maintain a life of prayer, keep up with our devotions like the Rosary.⠀ .⠀ Of course, God’s grace can reach us any time and any place. But, God loves us so much that He gave us the freedom and power to reject that grace. So, what makes the difference is our response to His grace in our lives.⠀ .⠀ By going back to the source - the Eucharist, Confession, prayer, devotions - we place ourselves directly in the path of grace. And, the one response that each of us can make to that grace is to come back for more.

As you go, proclaim the good news, ‘The kingdom of heaven has come near.’ Matthew 10:7 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/mat.10.7.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Wed. Jul. 10, 2019 1st Reading: Gn. 41:55-57, 42:5-7a, 17-24a Psalm: Ps. 33:2-3, 10-11, 18-19 Gospel: Mt. 10:1-7 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

"Let Freedom Ring" Southampton, PA Christ came to set captives free. By his cross, death, and resurrection, he has ransomed us for himself and secured for us an eternal reward with the Father for those who believe. But as the saying goes, "freedom isn't free." It cost Jesus his very life; he laid down his life for an ungrateful nation of men. As we in America celebrated Independence Day this past week, our evangelists took the opportunity to hit the parade routes and let people know about the freedom from the tyranny of sin in Christ Jesus. The following report comes from Deacon Mark of the Lower Bucks County, PA team: "For the third Independence Day in a row, our group set up our stand along the parade route in Southampton. We began by attending the 9:00am Mass, which readied us spiritually to share our faith with our fellow citizens. The parade began a few minutes after Mass ended, and all we had to do was gather our equipment and walk less than fifty yards to the end of the church driveway. There were literally hundreds of people lining the street, and we decided to have Nancy stand alongside our display while Don and Mark walked among the spectators to offer them either a rosary or a religious medal. The first few people whom we encountered politely declined the free handouts that we were offering, but before we had time to get discouraged, other families began reacting very positively. Over the next hour, we distributed several dozen rosaries, crucifixes, and religious medals, and had the opportunity to give encouragement to a young mother whose husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer two years ago. They are faithful Catholics in an adjoining parish, and we ask everyone to intercede for Scott McDowell, who is scheduled next week for a CAT scan to see how his case is progressing."

Mary’s Immaculate Heart. We honor her on every Saturday, but most specifically on the first Saturday of every month. This comes from her apparitions at Fatima in 1917 when she says: “Jesus … wants to establish devotion to my Immaculate Heart in the world. To those who accept it, I promise salvation and those souls will be loved by God as flowers I have placed to embellish His Throne.” On these first Saturdays, we offer reparation (kind of like consoling or saying sorry for another persons’ failings) for the sins committed against the Immaculate and Sacred Hearts. We do this by going to Mass and receiving communion, saying the rosary, meditating on the Mysteries of the rosary for an extra 15 minutes, and going to confession within the month. Think of all sin going on in the world. Mary, the mother of God and fully united with God, is just as offended and wounded by the sins of the world as God is. And as our mother, she wants to help us come back to God. She loves us with a burning passion that sets her heart on fire, just as Jesus does. By honoring her heart with the first Saturday devotion, we come to know Mary intimately, and so are transformed by her into the image of her Son. . . . . Prints will be available soonish! I plan to paint St Joseph’s heart tomorrow and release them together. Also stickers! I’ll do those again too! . . . . #catholicsofinstagram #religiousart #smallbusiness #catholicartist #catholicart #catholicgifts #catholicbusiness #catholiclife #catholicculture #catholicfamily #newevangelization #catholiccreatives #catholicgifts #immaculateheartofmary #mamamary #ourlady #fatima #ourladyoffatima #immaculateheart #firstsaturdaydevotion

I am a broken, messy, habitual, sinful, man. I’m at a spot right now where it is increasingly harder to understand what I’m supposed to be doing, and what kind of man I want to be and what kind of man I will be. I’m in my 20’s, and I know so many of us experience a similar feeling. But man, there’s been moments where I’ve just wanted to say “screw it,” or “what’s the point in all this?” I’m already disposed to see the flaws in myself very very VERY easily, and it’s something that my faith has challenged a ton. Yes I’m broken. Yes I screw up. But that’s not the point is it? It’s in moments like this that I try or need to drag myself to this guy. My bruised, broken self needs to just be held by this stronger man. Men need to be held too. And that’s okay. Right now, my Lord just needs to hold me and I just need to be held by Him. And that’s okay. Lord, let us be okay with being children in your presence, as you are a loving, caring Father in that presence.

I have found that my JOY is directly tied to my GRATITUDE. If I’m grateful for the blessings in my life, I’m joyful as well—even if things aren’t going well. ☕️ Whenever I find myself feeling down, I try to write a gratitude list. I take a piece of paper and write down all of the blessings in my life. By the time I write down the entire list and meditate and give thanks for each one, I usually find that my outlook has shifted and joy returns. Give it a try next time you’re out of sorts. Let me know how it works for you. ☕️ Hope you have an amazing and JOYFUL day.☕️🚀


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We’ve all got scars. Some are visible while others can go undetected. Be kind to others and show them compassion and mercy. This excerpt is taken from Patrick Sullivan’s Joyful Thoughts. Get your free e-book copy today at https://evango.net/ #ebook #joy #wisdom #insight #patricksullivan #catholic #catholiclife #family #catholicfaith #newevangelization #evango #catholicfamily #catholicism #truth #catholichurch

I call upon you, for you will answer me, O God; incline your ear to me, hear my words.  Wondrously show your steadfast love, O savior of those who seek refuge from their adversaries. Psalms 17:6‭-‬7ab NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/psa.17.6-7.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Tues. Jul. 9, 2019 1st Reading: Gn. 32:23-33 Psalm: Ps. 17:1b-3, 6-7ab, 8b, 15 Gospel: Mt. 9:32-38 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

“4th of July — in England?” People may not celebrate the US Independence Day in England, but the Holy Spirit is still at work — as SPSE’s faithful team in Hull, England found out. Their outing on July 4th was to Monument Bridge, as usual. The evangelists report that “99% of people ignore us and walk straight by”. The team, however, always prays for them asks God “for a special blessing for them and that the Holy Spirit will open their hearts”. But some people do stop, as the photo shows. Among the people who stopped to talk with the evangelists during this outing was a young man in a same-sex relationship, who believed that God hated him. Because he stopped, a member of the team was able to take the opportunity to assure him of God’s love for him. Thank you, Team Hull UK! Please join them in praying for this young man, especially that he comes to understand on a deep level the love that God the Father has for him and for each one of us. The team also thanks you for your prayers for them. Is God also calling you to a more active participation in this work? If you are already an active member of SPSE, thank you! If you haven’t joined us yet, though, please pray about doing so?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⁣ ⁣ "I think that just by virtue of bringing one more source of good faith-based material to the community, this ministry can't help but have a positive impact - even if it's just one meeting, one article, or one issue at a time." ⁣ ⁣ -Peter Moser⁣ DE Publisher ⁣ Duluth Parish Neighbors⁣ ⁣ #liveexcellence #decm #catholicjobs #newevangelization

Jesus turned, and seeing her he said, “Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” And instantly the woman was made well. Matthew 9:22 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/mat.9.22.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Mon. Jul. 8, 2019 1st Reading: Gn. 28:10-22a Psalm: Ps. 91:1-4, 14-15ab Gospel: Mt. 9:18-26 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization #healing #madewhole

This was gifted to me for my high school graduation. My other friends have received this as well and it has not been until these past couple days that I have found it helpful as I grow in my prayer life. I’ve definitely noticed good changes. • #prayer #liturgyofthehours #catholic #newevangelization #jesus #psalms #canticles

He said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore ask the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest. Luke 10:2 NRSV-CI https://bible.com/bible/2015/luk.10.2.NRSV-CI Mass Readings: Sun. Jul. 7, 2019 1st Reading: Is. 66:10-14C Psalm: Ps. 66:1-7, 16, 20 2nd Reading: Gal. 6:14-18 Gospel: Lk. 10:1-12, 17-20 or Lk. 10:1-9 #dailymass #dailymassreadings #catholic #catholicbible #bible #biblequotes #dailybibleverse #canadiancatholic #catholicchristian #church #dailyword #theword #catholicsreadthebible #scripture #newevangelization

✨Lili and her parents, Gabrielle and Luc. 👨‍👩‍👧 I'm sure she just calls them mama and papa lol. I was definitely inspired by the 1920s in their designs. Swipe for closeups👉 . Also, I just realized that it's my 100th post! Yay!🎉 💯 Thank you all for coming along with me on this journey of art and faith. 😄

We’d love to see you smile and enjoy a retreat this summer. Why not join us? We still have some spots left — don’t miss out! Link in our profile :)