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1 Day 21 Hours Ago

If look closely to this picture you will be wondering how we were able to Assembly this "43 Feet Tank Stand"  even with all this Electric Cables obstructing us. . . . We usually use crane to pull the beams up, but this time around it was not possible because of the Electric cables. . . To cut the long story.... I Thank God we succeeded in achieving our purpose to the Glory of God . . . The truth is that when you are paid for a job it is your duty to deliver irrespective of any obstacle. . . . Remember whenever there is a will there always a way..... “We have more ability than willpower, and it is often an excuse to ourselves that we imagine that things are impossible.” ―François de la Rochefoucauld #onyewelder #rcokaformetalworks #blazingtorchweldershub #enugubusiness #hustlersquare #nigeriansindiaspora #nigeriaengineers #nigeriabuilders #abujahustlerscircle #enuguconnect #enugumua #teambubez


4 Days 16 Hours Ago

Its the festive season!!!!💥💥🌌⛄🎉🎊🎆🎄🎄🎍🎎🎅 Get your wall lamps, chandeliers, single and 3 in 1 pendants, bulbs, switches and sockets, solar alternative energy and home decors All in awesome discounts 😉 #nigerialights #nigeriabuildings #nigeriarealestate #nigeriainteriors #nigeriabuilders #nigeriainteriordesigner #nickiminaj #lagosconnect #gbagadaconnect #interiorlights #ilupejubusiness


5 Days 14 Hours Ago

Swipe to the 👉 . . ELECTRODE CLASSIFICATION =======================================. . "What does numbers and letters printed on electrodes mean?" A Layman might be puzzled by the array of letters and numbers that are printed on the end of welding electrodes. They are there to classify the type of electrode. Most of the welding rods will use the AWS system which stands for "American Welding Society". There are around 4 different types of classification in use today but most manufacturers tend to stick to the AWS system. . . The Classification System Works Like This: A typical number printed on a rod might be " E7018 " . The breakdown of these figures goes like this: E - Indicates that it's an electrode . . 70 - Indicates the tensile strength of the joint and this is measured in thousands of pounds per square inch (see "Welding Strength Table" below for details) . 1 - Indicates the welding position that the rod can be used in (see "Welding Position" in second picture above) . . 8 - Indicates the type of flux coating and the type of current that can be used (see "Classification Table" in the first picture) WELDING STRENGTH TABLE (The E70** ) Class Tensile Strength (psi) =========================================== E 60** 60,000 psi E 70** 70,000 psi E 80** 80,000 psi E 90** 90,000 psi E100** 100,000 psi E110** 110,000 psi E120** 120,000 psi . It might not be obvious but it is important to match the correct strength of electrode to the type of metal being welded together. . . If the rod is too weak the the joint could fail under load. . . We always select the right electrode!!!! #onyewelder #blazingtorchweldershub #nigeriaengineers #enugubusiness #nigeriansindiaspora #nigeriabuilders #enugu #teambubez #abujabusiness


5 Days 21 Hours Ago

To all plumbers Make your office look creative by getting these nice wall lamps!! Can also be used as a outdoor fence lighting. Xmas sales!!!!!!!!!!! #nigerialights #nigeriabuildings #nigeriarealestate #nigeriainteriors #nigeriabuilders #nigeriainteriordesigner #nickiminaj #xmassales #interiorlights


12 Days 1 Hour Ago

Don't we all love dark chocolate colour? Beautiful! 😍 Call us. Let's beautify your space #aestheticgrattis #nigeriaarchitecture #buildersdelight #realestate #nigeriabuilders


17 Days Ago

Please swipe to the left 👉 . . . . The First Picture is the base of a Tank Stand/Tower. It is always better to cast the base separately with bolt, the reason is to enable it carry the Tank Stand and also carry the load that will be on it without failing. The base saves as the "foundation". . . . . The Second Picture shows the "angle iron" guided with nut and bolt. It always good to do it that way so load will be shared between the weld and the "nut and bolt". Another reason why it good to use "nut and bolt" is, if the Tank Stand tilts while carrying a load which might be caused if the weld is not strong enough. It can be corrected easily by removing the load from the Tank Stand loose the nuts and adjust it. . . . The Last Picture is the Tank Stand. . . . If you want to fabricate a Tank Stand that will carry MORE load always ensure it is done this way. #blazingtorchweldershub #onyewelder #nigeriaengineers #nigeriansindiaspora #civilengineering #engineer #nigeriabuilders #teambubez