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Last week when I was at my friend Colleen’s house, we were photographed by one of her friends. It was hard for me to take it seriously because I laugh when I’m uncomfortable or anxious (or when something is simply funny of course!), but I felt very anxious being in front of a camera in public. I had never been professionally photographed before. And I’m so glad I did this with Colleen, because though I felt anxious and very out of my element, our photographer friend was understanding, helpful and kind. Thank you Katie and Colleen for showing me there’s nothing to be afraid of!! It was such a fun and empowering experience. More photos to come soon... ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photography by @katierosen_photography | shirt by @premme.us | #bodypositive #effyourbeautystandards #nonairbrushedme #bigandblunt #honormycurves #premmeirl #photography

I am allowed to look sexy, feel beautiful and be in love with myself. I am worthy of all that and so are you! 💗💜 #bodypositive #loveyourself #fitgirl #nonairbrushedme @nonairbrushedme

No fucks to give because things work out when they should! Trying our best and trusting the universe is all we can do! #stubbornheart #stubbornheartkickstart

Life is full of little surprises if we have our eyes open. Anyone else find a smile under the stairs, besides the tracks or along the corridor heading to the subway??? Who can name this station??? If you are looking carefully enough you can find your next big step with #stubbornheartkickstart. Register with the pre registration link... no payment accepted yet.

Hi I haven't posted a candid, uncouth but genuine photo in a while. I've been waking up late and this is what I look like. I had breakfast and I just wanted to share messy me xo . . . . . . @nonairbrushedme #nonairbrushedme #ednosrecovery #edfamily #edfam #embracethesquish #recovery #recoverywins #recoveryispossible #recoveryisworthit #riotsnotdiets #effyourbeautystandards #edfam #ednoswarrior #osfedrecovery #edwarrior #edwarriors

5 Ways to practice Self Love (for beginners) Self love is something that I have been practicing for a long time. But for some of you, your journey has only just begun. So I thought I’d share 5 practical ways to practice self love, for beginners who are just learning to love themselves. These are changes that can be implemented any time, but that will slowly allow you to reshape the dialogue you have with yourself. 1. Instead of opting for an outfit because you think it is flattering, focus on the prints, colours, and material of the outfit, how it feels, and the energy it brings. By focusing on a trait that doesn’t focus on your body as such allows you to focus on energy and vibrancy, rather than your body. 2. Give someone a compliment that focuses on their energy and aura, rather than their body- eg. “You have such a warm presence.” “Your eyes sparkle.” “Your smile brightens a room.” “You are such a vibrant person.” When you start speaking with others with positive language unrelated to body aesthetics, it’s easier to be this way with yourself.  3. The next time you eat a food that you deem to be “Unhealthy” “bad” or “naughty”, before you eat, tell yourself that you will not assign guilt to the meal. Then, thoroughly enjoy the food- eat it slowly and purposely, enjoying every bite. 4. When you hear your inner voice start to put you down, say out loud “Sorry, but I’m putting you on hold for now” and take 10 deep breaths. Deep breathing forces your body into slowing down your stress hormones, which helps you calm down and gain control of your voice again.  5. Find joy in movement, which will send happy endorphins surging through your body. It can be any type of movement for any period of time, but focus on how much you love doing the activity and pick activities that feed your soul- not just your body. Have a beautiful day! #loveyourself #loveyourbody #selflove #allbodiesareworthy #selfworth #bodyimage #nonairbrushedme #babysteps #justmoveforward #youcandoit #positivity #stepstoselflove #positivechanges #energynotlooks #morethanbeauty #embracelife #ihaveembraced

Oh I love the heck out of this movement this post and what she wrote! Repost!!!@alyssaalexander_88 - No, this isnt what you think it is. This is not a weight loss transformation picture, but a transformation to happiness picture. . . While some people may prefer the girl on the left, I do not. I am not that girl on the left anymore. That girl was miserable with herself. That girl who was conditioned to think she was fat and couldnt wear that bathing suit in public. That girl that constantly restricted herself, who counted every calorie and ran 5 miles a day and spent hours upon hours in the gym because she was scared her boyfriend wouldn't love her if she gained a pound. The girl that was so insecure with herself and had a horrible relationship with herself and with food. That girl had constant anxiety about trying to be this perfect person for others. That girl that punished herself for eating certain things or missing a day at the gym. . . The girl on the right is much more happier and confident in herself. She works out and eats healthy because she loves her body and what it does for her, not because she hates it or wants to change it for others. She has balance. . . I listen to my body now and give it what it needs to be healthy and happy. Not what I think others or society deems acceptable or beautiful. . . Everyone thinks that once you lose "x" amount of weight you will be happy, when the truth is, for some of us, that transformation to happiness is just the opposite. Everytime that girl on the left would lose weight or hit that "goal weight" her happiness wouldnt change. She was still miserable and unhappy with herself. There may be "more" of me now, but there is also more happiness in me than that girl on the left. . . So go ahead and eat all the foods tomorrow and be happy 🤗 #thankful #nonairbrushedme ⭐️ Tattoo was henna that's why it isn't in the second pic as it was temporary ⭐️

My face thinking about shooting some new pretty little @uyesurana spring this week 🌸🌷👙🤩 In the “Claire” bra here in black 🖤

: @landrovermami ··· “ cozy alert 🚨 not trying to get out of bed today✨ #forever21plus #nonairbrushedme #bigandblunt #effyourbeautystandards


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Big dreams. Big things coming soon ✨🙏🏼 I have been off the grid for a bit but I promise this week you will be seeing some amazing stuff from me! Don't give up on your dreams and never make yourself smaller to make someone else feel better ☝🏼


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Who doesn’t feel sexy wearing red lingerie? 🌹❤️ And yes, just because I’m wearing lingerie it doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t be respected. All women should be respected regardless of what they chose to wear, post or do with their lives. I deserve just as much respect as every other women; we are all worthy of it! Your self worth does not equal to what you chose to do online or what you do in person, unless it’s tearing other people down. And for those of you who will say “respect is earned” that is true, but this does not determine a factor of earning that respect. 🌙✨☀️ Enjoy my code to get 50% off almost any adult item and free shipping, my code is JAC on @therealadamandeve’s website. 18+ only #ad #discount #coupon

@Regrann from @powertoprevail - 6 weeks postpartum already! The wildest thing about all this is that there are apps, books, etc to guide us with what’s happening with our bodies all the way through our pregnancies. After that, it seems we’re on our own. Probably because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to determine what will happen to our bodies. Each of our journeys are soooo different. Personally, I’m still bleeding and the baby is suddenly cluster feeding so I’m terrified that duct is going to clog again. My lower back is finally loosening up but still cracks in a weird whenever I walk. I’m so happy to share this picture of #nonairbrushedme because I’m celebrating every step of this strange and wonderful journey as openly and lovingly as we all deserve to be and see. What happened is happening to you post birth that completely surprised you?? ME: The strangest development has been these dreams I’m having that I’ve already fed the baby only to wake up to him ready to eat. #stretchmarks #scars #looseskin #mombod #postbabybody #takebackpostpartum #fourthtrimester - #regrann


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We live in a world where I am supposed to apologize for loving my body. A world where I'm supposed to hide my body and be ashamed of my confidence. A world where we place our worth on our size and use "concern for health" as an excuse. . I don't want to live in that world! I should not have to justify loving myself to anyone. Whether or not I'm working to improve my health should not be a stipulation to be respected. I'm not telling anyone they need to gain weight in order to feel beautiful, but you tell me I need to lose weight to be beautiful. . When are people going to get that SIZE does not dictate our right to be respected? Whether you think someone is too fat or too skinny does not give you the right to tear them down. I'm not asking you to find me sexy or come onto me. I love my body, my boyfriend loves my body. YOU do not need to love my body but you need to respect ME. We need more kindness in this world. @bigandblunt @nonairbrushedme

I’m home! Traffic and delays meant that it was a much longer journey than I expected by boy am I happy to be back at home! Now, time to try and fit in an entire days work before I fall asleep 💤 #todayiam_ . . . 📸: @ashtongibbs

I don’t make a point of pointing out when I’m makeup free in my photos. Why? Because I’m makeup free 99% of the time and to be honest, I don’t care. I really don’t care whether I’m wearing makeup or not. I do care though about how much thought we give to whether we should wear makeup or not. Or that women feel compelled to wear makeup to exist in society. I do care that women are shamed for not looking presentable in professional settings when they don’t wear makeup. So in my small way going makeup free + NOT commenting on it, is my activism. The fact that I don’t make an excuse for my lack of makeup or give a justification IS radical. It’s rare. And I see the change it creates after months of being exposed to it. I was with a friend + she said to me how she’s not really been seeing anyone and was dreading having to make effort for our dinner until she remembered it was me, that I didn’t care + she was relieved. When you stop conforming, you give others the permission not to as well. “When you look good, you feel good” ...yeah sometimes. And sometimes when I look my worst, I feel my best. Like in April, when I was in a cabin for a week with no access to water/electricity + not looked in a mirror for a week. I was so busy being in my body, I didn’t care what I looked like. Other times, I’ve felt like shit + force| myself out of bed to get changed + felt better for it. In uni, my friends would joke that when I was wearing a bright pink lip, they knew I was in a bad mood 😂 If a bright pink lip makes me smile more, then so be it. I don’t like these blanket rules. They also lead to people making assumptions like that if you leave the house without being glammed up, that you’ve “let yourself go”, or that you must be in a bad place to not even care what you look like. Life is not that simple. Body confidence can’t be assumed by what you wear or how you dress. We need to start allowing more nuance in body positivity. I’ve been enjoying choosing outfits + putting on makeup lately. My photos reflect that but I’m sure that at some point I will return back to the version of me who hates makeup + shopping 😂 People don’t belong in boxes. 📷: @amalielee


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Title: tired boy takes selfies instead of studying for french quiz

HAVE YOU WATCHED MY LATEST VIDEO?! It’s a good one! Head to Michelle Elman on YouTube

Let's start the week off right! These are the last of the pics I took in my 🍒 undies 😊. Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all give yourselves the chance to feel sexy in the skin you're in ❤️ . . . . . . #pinup #pinupgirl #pinupoftheday #redlips #topless #toplesspinup #50spinup #booty #bootypics #bodypositive #selflove #cellulite #normalizecellulite #cellulit #stretchmarks #stretchmarklove #thickthighssavelives #girlswithtattoos #pinupwithtattoos #girlswithlonghair #platformheels #redheels #underboob #sideboob #nonairbrushedme

It’s Monday. We don’t know what we’re doing (either). Let’s all just have a day. A day is enough, especially when started with dork dancing. #showingup #exactlyasiam #dorkdancingforthewin

"Echte Tapferkeit ist es, alle Dinge, die man vor den Augen der Welt zu tun fähig ist, auch ohne Zeugen tun zu können." - François VI. Duc de La Rochefoucauld (1613 - 1680), franz. Offizier, Diplomat und Schriftsteller Foto: @stuebigerpunktinfo #djanesida #plussize #loveyourbody #curvy #curvywoman #redhair #redhead #colorfulhair #nomakeup #alternativemodel #nonairbrushedme #plusthisshow #morethanabody #sensual #natural #natuerlichschoen #naturalbeauty #inked #tattoo #inkedwoman #nonairbrushedme #plusthisshow #morethanabody #gothic #piercing #pierced

I’ve hated this body most of my life. Been ashamed, felt fat and ugly and every bad emotion there is - like many other girls do. I did diets over and over again and failed. All it got me was extra kg and more hatred. About a year ago I had enough; I decided to change this shit. I wanted to learn to accept my body, take care of it, love it. It hasn’t been easy but I’m getting there. I still have bad days once in a while but most days I accept it, take care of and love it - and along the way I’ve lost the extra weight without even working out. Just by loving the body that is my home 🏡❤️ Today I’m wearing an outfit I bought when I was about 17 years old and now it fits perfectly again. 💃🏼✨ I’ve never felt happier in my body, more at peace with myself or more beautiful than now. ❤️❤️ #selflove #acceptyourbody #happymonday #elskdigselv #itsworthit #bodypositive #nonairbrushedme

Qué mejor que un cuerpo en movimiento para saber que es valioso 😉 No importa cómo se vea, lo que importa es cómo te hace sentir! Mi cuerpo se estira, se encoje, tiembla, brinca y se llena de energía con cada moviemto. Eso es lo que más me satisface y disfruto!!! #dance #bellyjelly #bellyrolls #fatgirlsdancemovement #nobodyshame #honormycurves #motivationmonday #curvyfit #effyourbodystandards #nonairbrushedme #dontgiveafuck #healthystyle #alternativecurves #bloggerlife #latinablogger #bodyempowerment #selflove #quieromicuerpo #mujeres #emprendedora #amorpropio #diversidad

When it comes to media representation, we seem to have swapped one ideal for another- it used to be on trend and desirable to be thin and thin only. Now, we have decided to include women who are curvy- BUT by curvy what they really mean is curves in very specific areas only, and the rest of you thin. If anything, the new curvy idolised body is even harder to obtain that the previous thin body that was fashionable. The reality is that it doesn’t matter what the body trend is- the issue is having the trend in the first place and discriminating and making people feel like shit based on said trend. Let me make something abundantly clear. I am fully aware, that as an abled, Caucasian, curvily chubby but socially acceptable sized woman, born and raised in one of the richest countries in the world, that I have a level of privilege that means that I am represented in media now, my voice is seen as legitimate now, I am, generally speaking, safe to wear what I want without  stigma and discrimination, and that this has come from the new desired body ideals. I’m not going to deny that. But that doesn’t mean that I should just sit back and watch on as others cop the blunt end of the stick for living their lives and speaking their truths like I do. I won’t. I refuse. I will continue my journey of self love whilst also using this platform to call bullshit out as I see it, and support my sisters who are fighting desperately just to be seen as worthy and legitimate humans beings. I cannot change my skin, I cannot change my body, but I can be an ally and use my voice to support and uplift those who need it more than I do. #selflove #loveyourself #loveyourbody #allbodiesareworthy #privilege #callingoutbullshit #curvyisnotthenewsexy #allbodiesarebeautiful #dietculture #blockdietculture #mediarepresentation #morediversityneeded #fatdiscrimination #fatbodiesmatter #abfamily #nonairbrushedme

2018 has lots of changes in store but I choose to go with the flow, listen to my body, heart and soul. I’ve dealt with eating disorders from binge eating to not eating at all and counting every calorie to the macro to make sure I was “skinny” which is a projection put on by society.... so finding a balance and being confident with that is one of the most empowering feelings 💪🏽 be you ladies! Curvy, thin, lean, toned, tall, anything... as long as it you authentically and it makes you happy rather than stress you out (and believe me, I’ve stressed myself out with diets and tortured myself with old pictures for almost a decade) but it is possible to love yourself and It is one of the most important aspects of becoming healthy both physically, and mentally.

≫≫ Life is not perfect. It’s not always easy. Some days are a struggle. Sometimes I feel like I can’t catch my breath and another stressful moment is right around the corner. But guess what? It’s okay to be overwhelmed. It’s okay to feel angry. It’s okay to feel sad and lonely. We are all human and life isn’t like the movies. We don’t always have a happy ending to our days. But that’s real. Those are the moments where we grow. We learn. We pick ourselves up and figure it out. We have to take the good with the bad. Recently I haven’t been feeling like myself. I’ve had headaches, I’m constantly fatigued, foggy brained, and my mood is low. I got some blood work done and I’m anxiously awaiting the results. I’ve been struggling to find motivation and lacking on my self-care. And despite how much I love to help people, often I struggle to reach out for help myself. I sometimes hesitate to post about struggles because I try my best to be a positive page for my followers. But I know authenticity and being real is appreciated and needed in this pretend “picture perfect” world. So here I am to let you know that we all struggle. At the end of the day we are all human and it’s okay to be vulnerable and break down. Know that you are loved. You are special. You are not alone. Your life won’t be perfect and that’s the beauty in it. Enjoy the highs and work through the lows. I’m sending the biggest virtual hug to anyone who needs it today! You are okay and I’m here for you! ♡ 📷: @desireejohnsonphotographer #mentalhealthawareness #selfcaresunday #fitfatandallthat #teamself #selfmagazine

8th grade/high school me: I wish I was prettier so everyone would like me • Me now: if they don’t see my true worth, they don’t deserve me 💁‍♀️ note to everyone: NEVER let anyone define your worth #mirrorselfie #mirrorpic #selfworth #curvygirl #nonairbrushedme


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When I say that fat people deserve respect, I usually get a resounding, “YES GIRL”, but there are always fat-shamers lurking in the shadows, ready to argue. The disagreement usually comes in the form of excuses, and from those who refuse to ever look at their own behaviors, even when it is harming others. “You have to earn my respect.” “Why should I respect someone who chooses to eat themselves to death?” “I respect humans, but that’s a monster.” I certainly can’t speak for all fat people, but I realized the other day the flaw in asking for respect as a fat person. So, here’s my revision... Because many of you manipulate the word “respect”, and make it seem like respect is a luxury, let’s change it up. Let’s be more specific so you don’t get confused. I am fat due to mental health struggles. I didn’t choose to be fat. Many people don’t choose to be fat. In fact, weight gain can be caused by stress, a response to a traumatic experience, medications, mental health issues, physical health issues, etc. Weight gain simply isn’t a joke; it can be a sign something serious is going on with the individual. As for how this world treats me, I want to be treated the same as anyone else. When you see me, I don’t want to be sought out. I don’t want to be harassed, made fun of, or shamed. It’s not difficult for you to let a thin person live, because they don’t stick out in your eyes; they fit in. I want that same respect. While we’re here, and we all know the question will come up, yes, I want to normalize obesity. I want to normalize it because far too many see it as the worst thing one could be, and because of that, unfair assumptions are made. I want fat to be normalized because if fat people weren’t constantly being harassed, degraded and shamed by you, maybe they could pay attention to what really matters — themselves. Maybe if you weren’t causing them additional stress, they could more effectively work with their doctor and loved ones to heal their bodies and minds in whatever way they need to. Fat people don’t demand respect in a sense of asking you to bend over backwards for them. We do, however, demand to be treated as the human beings we are.

Choose not to give up the things you value most. Hold onto the hope that you can be you, make compromises and still live a life where you don’t have to accept less than you deserve. You deserve community, friendship, confidence, love, health and happiness. It’s up to you to claim it. Register today for #stubbornheartkickstart . Let it be your chance to recreate you in 2018. @cranknyc

When I was young I feared inviting people to my birthday because I couldn’t face the rejection of people not coming or canceling. I still get nervous putting out an invite but the difference is that I love myself enough to feel unashamed by an empty room. It helps me show up to parties with and open heart and invite others’ to mine. Come workshop with me @athleta on 86th Street Wednesday jan 31st! 5-7 p.m the registration link is on the Facebook in my bio. It will be good no matter what, but better if you are there 🙂#stubbornheart