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Historiography of the origins of Viking raiding and expansion in Western Europe. The debate between historians in regards to why the Vikings began significant raiding in Western Europe began in the 20th century and is still eagerly debated now. One of the supposedly 'controversial' historians to have given his thoughts and opinions towards the origins of Viking raids is Bjorn Myhre. Myhre brought up one important factor that had not previously been considered, the idea that Scandinavian identity and culture was under threat from the Christianization of Europe before the raiding even began. Charlemagne's empire specifically Mhyre sees as a potential threat towards Scandinavian paganism as he expanded right to the borders of the kingdom of Denmark and even was involved in some of the internal disputes within Denmark. Myhre also suggests that the threat of Christianization of Scandinavian culture could also explain why the Vikings targeted monasteries so much during their raids. Perhaps a resentment towards Christians drove the Vikings to target religious sights, instead of the purely economic factor of them being an easy target to gain riches. Despite the supposed controversial nature of Myhre's suggestions, they provide a sufficient counter argument to what is commonly accepted. They are definitely worth researching for yourself as this is only one of his points summed up and simplified. #myhre #bjorn #bjørnmyhre #viking #vikings #charlemagne #frankia #france #denmark #danes #christian #christians #christianity #scandinavian #scandinavia #northmen #pagan


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Another piece of artwork I might need for my man cave. #pinterestfind #vikings #northmen

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