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8 Hours Ago

Happy Friday! New video - watch at http://photorec.tv/breakthrough Magnetic Filters! Or find my recent story with SWIPE UP action :) @breakthrough.photography #breakthroughphotographyfilters magnetic filter system - Here I used their 6 stop ND. Captured with the #sony #a7riii and #tamron2875 with the filter system as explained above. Exposure 8 seconds. #seattle #pnw #pnwonderland #evergreenstate #westcoastbestcoast #seattlebloggers #seattlephotographer #northwestphotographer #northwestcreatives #upperleftusa #visitseattle #mtrainiernationalpark #mtrainier #washington #landscapephotography #washingtonexplored #pnwisbeautiful #pnwdiscovered #longexposure_shots #tumblingwaters #findyourpark #nps


11 Hours Ago

Your beauty burns through the darkness, crystal and clear, from here to eternity 🌟 @evedarbedat


13 Hours Ago

I might have just fallen in love with shooting out in bright, direct sunlight.❤️ LOVE this @hannahloso !! #classof2019

seeing my work published in the paper is such a good feeling, thank you so much @kittyharris1 for letting me capture you and your beautiful mum!💗✨ #proud #hardworkpaysoffs #blackpoolphotographer #photooftheday #northwestphotographer #makeupphotography #photoshoot #commercialphotography #photography #photoshoot #naturallight #shantellestaffphotography


16 Hours Ago

This babe i recently worked with happens to be a momma. I just photographed my momma, and I recently hung out with a momma who did boudoir with my while she was preggers TWICE and I’m about to photograph another momma this month. MOMS! Where you at?! Baby in belly, or out, or 26 years out. All the moms deserve a little boudoir ♥️😍


18 Hours Ago

People who reply to my sarcasm with sarcasm are my favorite ❤️😂✌️ #fridayvibes


18 Hours Ago

So, I’m going to honest, over the last few days I’ve been playing the comparison game with myself versus everyone else out there that I follow and I admire on Instagram...and you wanna know how well this has served me? I spent the majority of yesterday crying and being depressed simply because somewhere along the lines of admiring someone’s stunning work it turned into a comparison game. • Why does he have more followers? Why does she get featured all the time? How do they always book clients in cool places. • On and on and on and let me tell you, by the however many-ith day of this stupid game I was playing with myself,’I had a ton of bricks laying on my heart. I found myself almost unable to be at all productive the last couple of days even though I have sooo much work that has to get done. I sat there, like a damn Idaho potato, unable to do anything with myself. • All and all to call my husband in sobs and him to hear out every belly ache I had, and when I was done, he went “so!” “So what? So what if that person gets to go there...you’ve been here. So what if that person booked those clients, you’ve booked these...” and you know what y’all HE WAS DAMN RIGHT! • I freaking LOVE what I do! And yet it’s soooo easy to let a comment or action from a hater just get to you! It’s soooo easy to let all the comparison and negativity build up a residence in your heart! And once it does, that comparison and negativity gets hungry and so it feeds off of all your joy, your self confidence, it feeds and feeds like one of those scary @$$ aliens from them Mel Gibson movies on all of the good in your life till there’s nothing left but all the negative. And let me tell you, it • freaking • sucks! • So today, imma gonna go load up on Chinese takeout, gonna get some good freaking sleep tonight and then tomorrow imma gonna eat all my Chinese takeout leftovers and bust some major butt and get ready for a puppy filled engagement and then Montana ⛰🤘🏻🌲 • So take it from me, you all are killing it in your own unique way that NO PHONE APP gets to determine your amazing and wonderful and a freaking magical unicorn at what you do 🧡 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bohobride #thatsdarlin


4 Days 13 Hours Ago

The detailshots are always great to do and give a completely fresh perspective on an interior. Another stunning design by @ad3_design If you or your business needs any photography of your finished projects, give me a shout! Ian


4 Days Ago

What would you watch sat here?


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Creating harmony across the kitchen


3 Days 20 Hours Ago

Lines & depth, love this kitchen! .


3 Days 18 Hours Ago

It's so great to have @bbctwo 's #greatbritishmenu back on TV, definitely one of the highlights of the year! Do you think you could cook up a winning dish in this kitchen?!


3 Days 3 Hours Ago

The heart of the home .


1 Day 19 Hours Ago

Purple haze! .


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

Who says boudoir ain’t for your mama?! Because it is, and it’s definitely is for my mama! Guys, this is my mother and these are her boudoir photos. Link to blog in bio! My Mom and Dad travel around a lot for work, so when she decided to come visit me and other family in Washington she asked me if we could do a session! She said, “would it be weird if I hired you to do boudoir for me?” I said “ABSOLUTELY NOT.” If anything I was more excited than ever to photograph my mom stripped down to her skivvies. It’s not like I hadn’t been used to seeing my mom’s semi naked body all these years growing up. I mean, you can’t yell at the dog to stop barking, cook dinner, make sure we kids did our chores while taking a shower and doing laundry and expect to be fully clothed at all times. Motherhood. I was excited to document my mother as I see her. How I see her beauty, how I see her body and how I see a little bit of myself. This is my bomb ass mama!


2018-07-16 16:59:08

I can't give you the sunset, but I can give you the night


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

:: ELLIE SAX :: tonight, Emma and Tom made me forget that I was pregnant and not impressively, that I was working. What a party atmosphere! Felt like we were back in Ibiza. @ellie.sax you were incredible 🎷💗🎶🌈⭐️ #wedding #weddingentertainment #weddingdj #saxophoneplayer #elliesax #northwestphotographer #northwestphotography

Photographing the iconic #quantumleap #sculpture today whilst working in #shrewsbury 😬👍


1 Day 15 Hours Ago

Next few rows will be from the @buildandbloom workshop in London. @niahrose_photography stepped in as the model and she was a natural! I loved taking this BTS shot of the lovely @anna.pluskota in her boss element. She pulled out her reflector which defo showed she meant business 😅 queenss . . #manchesterphotography #manchesterphotographer #portraitphotography #newphotographer #hijabimodel #canon #buildandbloom#bloggerphotography #ukblogger #manchesterfashion #manchesterblogger #fashionbloggeruk #ukfashionblogger #weddingphotographyuk #manchesterevents #manchestereventphotography #northwestphotographer #northwestphotography


1 Day 18 Hours Ago

Katie + Jacob’s wedding day was gloomy and rainy literally until the second they stepped in front of the camera ✨


1 Day 16 Hours Ago

This is how I started my morning: I opened up Facebook, and started the scroll. I navigated to instagram, and continued to scroll. 30 minutes blew by like nothing.. . . I realized I’ve been pretty good about not jumping on social media first thing in the morning, but today I did and lost half an hour of time I could have spent doing something, anything more productive. . . So I shut down the social media monsters and dedicated forty minutes to do some yoga and meditation. I set my intention to be grateful and carry an attitude of gratitude through my day. . . Pc: @tyfeague


1 Day 22 Hours Ago

s t u d i o // Don't miss out on our August Special offer with 15% off studio hire! _ £50 for half day (4 hours) £90 for full day (8 hours) _ Get in touch if you would like to book the studio! #ivorystudio #ivoryphotostudio