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I wear my badge. A vinyl sticker with big block letters Adhering to my chest. -postal service #saturday



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Date night tonight 💏 Gonna go out, get some food 🥘 Have a few drinks 🥂 Forget we have cats for a little bit 🐈 Unhh yeahhh 💖 #bobsburgers #lindaismycopilot #honormycurves #nowrongway #volup2isdiversity #monetizemyfatness #effyourbeautystandards #forever21

Sometimes I get it right 😉


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Hey my fellow fat people, I highly encourage you to participate in @ashleighthelion’s Fat Census!! It only takes a few minutes to complete and will help so many!! I’ve included a link in my bio 💖 #thefatcensus #honormycurves #nowrongway #volup2isdiversity #monetizemyfatness #effyourbeautystandards

Not just 'edible' 🔻fucking delicious Goddess needs to be devoured in all her beauty. This world needs to die to these fucking illusions about what true love and beauty is about. Love looks herself in the face Not disgraced Embraced Humbled in her face of adversity Mercifully Dont know who the artist is who created the background pic. Tweeted with my own lil stamp #tantrika #tantra #sacredsexuality #healing #yoni #embodiedwoman #integration #poetry #poetsofinstagram #shamanic #sexualhealing #mystic #liberation #freedom #nowrongway #vagina #death #shadowwork #integration #darkgoddess #goddess #spirituality #meditation #femaleempowerment #sexuality #sensualmedicine #intimacy #beauty #bodypositivity#higherconsciousness #embodiment #mystic

"Listen folks. Cellulite is not a ‘problem’. It is not a flaw. Cellulite is a normal function of the way women’s bodies store fat. 80-90% of women have cellulite to some degree. Lean women have cellulite, healthy women have cellulite, vegan women have cellulite, paleo women have cellulite, celebrities have cellulite, body builders have cellulite, bikini models have cellulite, women in isolated cultures who still live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle have cellulite, women with access to unlimited amounts of plastic surgery have cellulite. Most of the women reading this have cellulite. You’re not flawed. You’re normal."-Go Kaleo #bodypositive #bodylove #embraceyourcurves #cellulite #noshame #unapologetic #nowrongway #curvywomen #curvyfashion #legsfordays

Suhhhh gooood! 👆 And I even got it on clearance for less than $2 at a local health food store. Score! What's the weather like by you? It's been raining all day and has gotten suuuper windy here in northern Indiana..

People say gingers can't wear red.... Well I'm wearing red and it hasn't gone up in flames yet. I think someone's fibbing.😊✌ #tisktisk

I can no longer keep up with this rough forced power struggle Who am i hurting myself trying to survive in a race that is not mine. To fast it just hurts I knew if i touched her I would unblock me.. Thrush and irritation, sore it hurts Dead and lifelessness Cut off my emotions Hardened with anger that does not make sense to my being to hold. Disconnected from feeling Disconnected from truth Disconnected from love. Feeling allows the healing. Numbed from below. I feel nothing. How could i let her get like this? Why would i cut her off? In cutting her off i cut him off to. Love is not hard, Love is soft. Dont let expieriences harden you, Dont fight the feeling. It wasnt him it was me, the unwillneness to surrender and just let myself be. As i entered her i entered and opened my heart and my mind and body were no longer torn apart. Im no longer fighting myself. It might not be pleasurable but at least im feeling something No longer trapped in confusion abusing myself trying to convince myself of something else. Whats right and wrong? Healthy just wants to sing her own song, The only thing she wants is to fully belong to is herself, Because when she cuts herself off she is cut off from life. From joy, from connection. In abusing myself i am holding my other, another the right to let go, forgiveness. Allow the tears to flow as above and so below no need to keep up this false show. I can no longer hold you in that place inside me anymore. Forgiveness is a numbness healed in acceptance of my need for connection and love of myself, to enjoy the pleasures of my body. Not the pain of the mind ©Racquelle-Angela 2017 Amazing original background artwork by @viceau edited and added my own creative stamp #tantrika #tantra #sacredsexuality #healing #yoni #embodiedwoman #integration #poetry #poetsofinstagram #shamanic #sexualhealing #mystic #liberation #freedom #nowrongway #vagina #death #shadowwork #integration #darkgoddess #goddess #spirituality #meditation #femaleempowerment #sexuality #sensualmedicine #flow #intimacy #higherconsciousness #embodiment #mystic

I love you guys 😂😂😂❤@thekrabbebarber @thekrabbewife


Thank you for the love @playfulpromises 💙😍💙 Be sure to shop the #gabifreshxplayfulpromises If you havent already! The selection of styles and quality are 🔥 #repost @playfulpromises (@get_repost) ・・・ Damn, @saucysimone is killing it in the @gabifresh x Playful Promises On The Rocks set! #playfulpromiseslingerie #playfulpromises #gabifreshxplayful #plussizefashion #plussizelingerie #curvemodel #curvyfashion #moderndaymaewest #moderndaymae #anysizeconfidence #therespowerinconfidence #nowrongway #onehellofawoman #curvygirl #celebratemysize

◼️🔮◼️When in doubt, wear black◼️🔮◼️ I’ve been so busy recently—keeping on the grind without distraction, but honestly it was burning me out, I felt uninspired and stuck. ✖️ But this past week my person visited me. It was his first time in LA—and as we laughed over Alfred’s coffee, walked around museums, drank shitty tequila, danced to Cardi B, ate way too much Thai, and laid on the beach, it reminded me of the magic this city can have if you give it a chance. ✖️ But more importantly, that it’s people that make a place a ‘home’, and I’m so lucky that I have those all over the world. ⬛️💟⬛️ (makeup free in this bc yolo~) ⬛️💟⬛️

Control. CW - ED 💛 I thought I had control over my eating disorder, I thought it was helping me control my life and keep me ‘happy’ and desirable. The grim reality? It had me trapped and had complete control over me. ~ My disorder fed (pun not intended) off the need for control. Control over me. Obedience. It was trapping me and keeping me prisoner in my own mind. ~ Even when I thought I was free in the photo on the left I was still so very trapped. I was ‘Weight restored’ so I thought it had lost its control over me. In reality it was simply shifting its control so that the outside world wouldn’t be as concerned and so it could carry on sabotage and destroying me from the inside. ~ I’m free from its shackles now. It took time and many ‘fake’ recoveries as cover ups but I’ve finally given my ED the biggest middle finger ever and cut myself free. The mind will always be the biggest and hardest thing to heal but once you do life gets good... really really good 💛 Let yourself taste freedom (okay, pun intended that time)

I could sit here and give you facts about how many claim to have an unhealthy relationship with their scale. Or how weight is not the same thing as adipose tissue, meaning when you gain or lose weight, it could be fat, water, what you ate for lunch, how much sodium you consumed, a reaction to a workout or stress or any other human things that happen every day. I could explain how muscle is more dense than fat, and gaining or losing weight also might mean the loss or gain of muscle. But I’m not a scientist. I’m not a psychologist. I’m just someone who knows what it’s like to be completely chained to the scale. And I had to break up with that mother fucker. I remember that picture on the left- I was chasing what I thought was my unicorn weight- you know- that magic number that every person thinks will turn you into this perfect, happy, confident, successful worthy person once it’s reached. For me, it was 145. I had set a date to reach it by, and was overexercising, under eating, Moody, anxious, stressed and not sleeping because of it. I got to 145. I still felt like shit. Still hated my reflection. Still thought I’d be better if “maybe I just need to lose a little more.” I lost muscle. I lost sleep. I was losing my hair. I was losing my damn mind. For what? It brings me back to where I am now. I just don’t think we talk enough about how important addressing the unhealthy emotional relationship we have to “health” before ever lifting one weight or making one dietary decision. If you’re unhappy about your body- no amount of exercise or calorie restriction will fix it until you understand the WHY. I needed to be worrying about the loss of my mental and emotional sanity. Sure, I know I have to be mindful of my nutrition and exercise because of my health. But mostly I focus on: My relationships with humans. Being present. Doing things that make me feel alive. Learning to love my WHOLE self- mind, body and soul. What do you think will be “fixed”when you lose weight? How can you work to create that NOW? I’m happy knowing that I have everything it takes to live and feel exactly how I want right now. At this weight. Whatever the fuck that is.


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It’s November and 78 degrees. You guys hot or cold? . . . Quick reminder: you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s totally cool. . #happy #undefined #uncensored #woman #selflove #beyou #effyourbeautystandards #nowrongway #honeyloves #nonairbrushedme #sundaymorningview #beautybeyondsize #becauseitsmybody

It's weekend #repost @curvyelle (@get_repost) ・・・ My favorite body part? My brain. 🤓There's no greater turn off in this world than a lack of intellectual curiosity, amiright?? You may be hot but if my brain is bored, buh-bye! . . . Photo by @zacharyamendez . . . #boybye #prettyinpink #blush #blushcolor #curves #curvymodel #sapiosexual #brains #nerds #curvy #bodycondress #bodycon #brainsaresexy #plussizefashion #celebratemysize #effyourbeautystandards #nowrongwaysf #nowrongway #hourglassfigure #allbodiesaregoodbodies #plussizeblogger #plussizebeautiful #curvyblogger

Captions are hard. . . . Pants @fashionnovacurve @fashionnova Photography @danwatchesfilm

If anyone is in need of their holiday cut or colour give @thelofttoronto a ring! 416 535 0202 I've just opened up my dec schedule so get booked in! New Work Out! W/ the gorgeous @meredithshawtoronto ・・・ Are you a PARTY GIRL or a CHIC CHICK?? @daremagcanada ✖️ @hudsonsbay #holiday17 #newwork @dianadares @carlylerouth @ingriewilliams @jarmi @kirstenklontz @bnmmodels @truemodelmgt @mc2curve #wethecurvy #stylehasnosize #everybodydeservesfashion #plussizefashion #holidaystyle #sparkle #shine #chic #curvygirl #model #canadiancurvies #nowrongway #bebodyaware #hudsonsbay #daremag #vincecamuto #rachelroy #letsgoshawpping

Today on the blog I review this sophisticated yet sweet outfit from @navabifashion I figure even though winter is upon us that doesn’t mean we can’t be fashionable! Yes I said we! Navabi and I are giving you the chance to win this entire outfit (apart from my heels lol). All you have to do is check out my post to enter! (Direct link in my profile) good luck guys 💁🏽😊😘