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17 Minutes Ago

WHERE I’VE BEEN AND WHERE I’M GOING :: Hi, guys! I’ve been a little MIA lately. Thank you, life! There’s been a LOT going on and I’ve been feeling a little buried, but there are some exciting things happening! 1 - I am thankful to be part of the NTA’s Instruction Team as a Group Leader for this year’s Portland NTP class! I spent this past weekend with some amazing future practitioners. It was such a joy to be back in the classroom both learning and sharing what I’ve learned. Always so life-giving to be with the tribe and immersed in things I love! 2 - I’m finally taking a deep dive into the connection between my physical and emotional health, doing both NET (Neuro Emotional Technique) and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) with two different practitioners. These are ways to reprocess and work through emotional traumas and difficult memories that influence our current emotional limitations and physical health. It is INTENSE…it is HARD…it is draining…but it is INCREDIBLE. It is amazing that a traumatic memory that has defined you for so long can feel completely different and drained of its power after a two hour session. If you have ever doubted the connection between emotional and physical, just know that you can walk into a session feeling fine and leaving feeling like you were physically hit by a truck, and vice versa! I can’t wait to share more of my journey at some point. 3 - I’M GOING TO PERU! I have a big birthday coming up this week, so we’re taking an adventure!! Since becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I have been fascinated with the ancient food traditions and culture in Peru…plus all of the colors, the landscape, the culture…and of course, the alpacas!! 😍 Can’t wait to share a bit of the journey with you! Stay tuned! ✈️🌎⛰️

Smoothie with Cranberry & Coconut Milk is an elixir for the season. Made with seasonal fresh cranberries and pumpkin puree with a hint of greens... I have a feeling you are going to need this..sure to satisfy and brighten you. This is recipe #1 (19 in all) in 'A Fresh Wellness Mindset' my title that will empower you to love food that lives you back. ....BUT for you and because this is the season of gratitude Get the Recipe on TamJohn website < DIY Wellness > blog Lots of gifts for you here. 💝💙💚💛🧡💜 #treatyourselfwell


6 Hours Ago

Our body cannot make minerals, we need to get them from our food. Five great sources of minerals are leafy green vegetables, salt, seafood, homemade bone broth and spring water. Want to learn more about other mineral sources? Sign up for the Nutritional Therapy 101- Free 7-Day Course at  bit.ly/nutritionaltherapy101 | Link in profile.


8 Hours Ago

All. In. Every. Day. I am working on self-development and all things food so I can share it YOU! So much to share about real, whole, food, not feeling deprived but excited for each meal. Imagine enjoying butter again. Imagine a life when eating healthy doesn’t have to mean a salad at each meal. Imagine your body responding by running better and looking better. 2019 is going to be delicious.


1 Day Ago

A year ago today I wrapped up my trip to Tampa. I attended a 3 day workshop I was required to complete for my Nutritional Therapy Certification. Over the 9 months of school this was my favorite. Going by myself was very scary but I am so glad I did! I have never felt so comfortable in a room full of strangers in my entire life. I can’t wait to do it again in March! #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapist #ntc #nutritionaltherapy #tribe #yesihavepostedthisphotobefore #foodismedicine


1 Day 1 Hour Ago

One year ago today (and the last few days) I met a group of people that I will forever be connected to! That was my NTA Tribe! It took me a long time to finally sign up for a class I had been putting off for so long... and since then I haven't looked back! The ladies in this picture? We talk just about every day - first it was about class and assignments but now it's moved on to so much more! It's an ongoing support system even though we all live in different states! . The NTA weekend workshop validated for me what I knew in my gut all along - that health and nutrition are my path! I could not be more grateful for this crew and so excited to keep moving forward doing what I love! Here's to all my classmates - Tampa 2017 ♥️ . #ntatraining #tampa2017 #nutritionaltherapy #nutritionaltherapist #ntc #tribe #crew #fullmooncleanse #lovewhatyoudo #neverworkadayinyourlife #health #nutrition #livelove #whatscookingoodlookin


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Pomegranates make a great snack and are loaded with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and potassium. Research shows that eating pomegranates can lower high blood pressure, high cholesterol, oxidative stress, hyperglycemia, and inflammation. Plus, they have been shown to provide anticarcinogenic (anti-cancer) effects. Snack on them now while they are in season!


1 Day 6 Hours Ago

100% this! 🙌🏻 #repost @westonaprice with @get_repost ・・・ This. Dr. Price traveled the world 🌎 and documented the robust health of those who ate their traditional whole, real food diets. And when he tested traditional food samples in his lab, he noted that they contained 10x the fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, & K2) and 4x the minerals and water-soluble vitamins compared to the American diet of his day—and this was back in the 1930s! Imagine how great the contrast would be today! 😕We advocate learning from the wisdom of the past to truly, deeply nourish ourselves deeply! Learn more on our website. #linkinprofile #realfood #wisetraditions #ancestral #health #diet #beyondorganic


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In case you need to hear it today, YOU ARE WORTHY. 💗Worthy of being loved 💗Worthy of loving others 💗Worthy of being respected 💗Worthy of being treated well 💗Worthy of having big dreams 💗Worthy of believing in yourself 💗Worthy of creating a GREAT STORY for your life! . . . Don’t diminish the light inside of you! When you do that, you rob others from receiving the love and beauty you have to share! . . . . . . . #motivation #motivationmonday #joyfulmamawellness #motherhood #believeinyourself #youareworthy #paleo #paleolifestyle #nutritionist #nutritionaltherapist #ntatraining #mindset #momlife #quotes #shinebright #atxlife #austin


2 Days 1 Hour Ago

This list from @ntatraining has a few of my favorite things to eat leading up to an embryo transfer! # I like to stick to pineapple, coconut oil, walnuts, and bone broth! What are your favorite anti-inflammatory foods for your FET?! #repost #nta #ntatraining #infertility #infertilityawareness #1in8 #pregnancy #fertility #miscarriage #ihadamiscarriage #1in4 #antiinflammatory #antiinflammatoryfoods #antiinflammatorydiet


2 Days 4 Hours Ago

Check out this graphic from @ancientnutrition on anti-inflammatory foods. Do you include these in your diet?


2 Days 6 Hours Ago

You know it’s a Nutritional Therapy workshop when the hotel sets us up with a tea and water station but we bring our own Berkey filter, minerals and raw honey. #hydration #berkeywaterfilter #nutritionaltherapypractitioner #ntatraining #rawhoney #portland #minerals #water #passionateaboutfood #healthiswealth


2 Days 20 Hours Ago

The potassium and sodium found in celery help to regulate fluid balance and stimulate urine production. #ntatraining #functionalnutrition


2 Days 23 Hours Ago

Been a wild 2 years as a Nutritional Therapist! . . I wondered if getting a nutrition certification would limit my thinking or keep me stuck in one nutrition niche when I have sooooo many ideas and ways I want to be involved in holistic health. Damn was I wrong. It has opened so many doors and allowed me to find more of my people and passions... and it's just the beginning! . . I became a nutritional therapist to heal myself and I gained so much more. Thank you to the @ntatraining for changing my life in so many ways and helping me find my purpose in my career. . I am forever grateful for my two previous careers in fundraising and executive search and my current full-time role in process improvement (my dream job!). But I sometimes forget how unhappy I used to be when my career did not align with my passions and talents. I'm the type that needs both to be in sync or else life doesn't feel right. . . If you're on the fence about going for that certification or taking that class even though you just view it as a "hobby". Do it!!! Never know what will happen. . Missed a bunch of tags for my classmates... but go follow them on the insta! They are doing cool things. . . . . . #nta #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapy #tohealthwithit #sibo #chronicillnesswarrior #spooniestrong #gapsdiet #scd #scddiet #aip #autoimmunepaleo #gerd #foodasmedicine #westonaprice #fatisfuel #lowfodmap #ibd #ibs #migraine #bloating #pms #migrainerelief #irritablebowelsyndrome #thyroid #thyroidhealth #holisticmedicine #holisticwellness #paleoeating #fatisgood


3 Days 21 Hours Ago

Looking for meal inspiration? We have been loving Sarah Wilson's posts over at @iquitsugar! This is her recipe for baked pumpkins. Head over to her page to see more!


3 Days 21 Hours Ago

Yep, she is most definitely my child.🤣 I guess when your mom is a Nutritional Therapist you end up reading things like “Why Stomach Acid Is Good For You.” You know, just a little light reading.😜 . . . . . . . #paleo #paleolifestyle #nutritionaltherapist #nutritionaltherapy #ntp #ntatraining #wapf #wapfkids #nutritionist #healthcoach #stomachacid #holistic #holistichealth #holisticnutrition #acidreflux #eatrealfood #naturalhealing #holisticnutritionist #joyfulmamawellness #toddler #motherhood


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

JUST BE HERE WITH ME. This just may be the very best thing I’ve read all year. 🌙 🏔 ⭐️ I’m just going to leave you to ponder this one this weekend. 💗 Such a strong message said in such a beautiful way. We all need this. EVERY one of us.✌🏻 friends! #justbeherewithme


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

Storage tips for the best tasting brussels sprouts: Place them, unwashed, in a storage bag (ideally with the air squeezed out) and keep them in the coldest section of your refrigerator. #ntatraining


4 Days 1 Hour Ago

It's NTA Workshop Weekend! So excited to be a Group Leader this year. It's awesome being back in the classroom and getting to be part of the learning process as all these candidates start their journey. Got to brown-bag my lunch today and even though I always strive for nutrient-dense meals, I definitely needed it today - these are long days and we're working hard! . . . . . . #nta #ntatraining #organic #eatcolorful #wholefoods #nutrientdense #ntp #nutritionaltherapy #goodproteins #goodfats #goodcarbs #nutritious #youarewhatyoueat #eatrealfood #eatinghealthy #eatclean #foodismedicine #foodisfuel #sosatisfying #nourishyourbody #nourishyoursoul #ilovefood


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🏔🏔 Wearing: @fivedancewear "rebel rib crop" and "LA leggings" #club5 #fivedancewear #friday #ntatraining #kurtsuzukifamilyfoundation #kickcancerathlete


4 Days 1 Hour Ago

First workshop in full swing! Woot! #nta #ntatraining #ntp #nutritionschool #foodismedicine #neverstoplearning


4 Days 3 Hours Ago

Heartburn, gas, bloating, constipation and general indigestion are often the first signs of problems related to mineral deficiencies and imbalances, poor protein digestion, sodium deficiency and calcium excess in over 90 percent of people. This is one reason why I love having an HTMA for clients to help more effectively support digestive complaints! ____________________________________ #nutrition #minerals #holisticmineralbalancing #healyourgut #nutritioncoach #htma #healthcoach #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapypractitioner #iin #wellnesscoach #protein #healthyeating #healthyliving #health #behealthy


4 Days 22 Hours Ago

Y’all know that we are working on gut health over here in the Woodruff household so I decided to make some gut healing gummies! These are so easy to make, and taste great 💙 4 scoops of @vitalproteins Beef gelatin 1 cup frozen wild blueberries 1/2 cup @artisanaorganics coconut butter The juice of 1 large orange and 1 lemon 1.5 cups water Optional- 2 T organic maple syrup (I didn’t use the maple syrup but if you want the recipe a little sweeter, add it in)! Bring all of the ingredients except the gelatin to a boil over medium heat in saucepan and make sure to stir occasionally. Once the mixture begins to boil, remove from heat and carefully pour the ingredients into a blender. Add the gelatin and blend until well combined. Pour mixture into a silicon ice tray and place in the fridge for about an hour or until solid. If you don’t have a good ice cube tray, pour the mixture into an 8x8 baking dish lined with parchment paper. Once solid, you can slice into individual squares. Enjoy!


5 Days 2 Hours Ago

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Are you planning on cooking a turkey? If so, aim to find one that is organic and pasture-raised. Even better, find a local farm that sells turkeys and purchase from them! Organic standards help to lower the risk of contaminated feed, and pasture-raised, organic turkeys usually have a higher nutrient quality. Not to mention, they’re tastier!


5 Days 9 Hours Ago

Over the last few months I've been studying to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and I finally get to put my knowledge to good use! This week I begin practicing functional examinations to perform in a clinical setting. I have learned so much already and I'm excited to continue working towards this goal. I still have a long way to go, but I got this! #foodismedicine #nta #ntp #knowledgeispower #nutrition #wellness #goals #healing #transformation #ntatraining


5 Days 9 Hours Ago

On our way to Hawaii, here is the book I am reading for the next week! The Big Fat Surprise by @ninateicholz #ntptraining #ntatraining #aip #aipdiet #autoimmuneprotocol #autoimmunedisease #hashimotos #hashimotosdisease #hashimotosthyroiditis #hashimotoswarrior #hashimotosmom


5 Days 21 Hours Ago

I am beyond excited to share today’s Small Steps podcast episode with you. I talked with my good friend, fitness and business coach, and fellow podcaster @arianafotinakis about how she got into fitness and how, this year, she made the decision to slow her life down. . Ariana and I met in @negharfonooni’s Magic Maker Mastermind (which should be enrolling soon, it’s so worth it) and we found out we had a lot in common, like our need to just heads down and go go go. So when she made the decision to slow down, I had allll sorts of questions and wanted to share that with you. . So much of what’s touted on social media and Society is to hustle, grind, work long hours, to martyr yourself for the sake of the work/family/money/all the things. And there are other ways to live, to get things done, and move throughout the world. . Let us know what you think of today’s episode and if slowing down sounds appealing to you, especially during this normally chaotic time of year. . Head to my link in profile to listen to episode of the Small Steps podcast on iTunes. The podcast is also available on my site and Google Play! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/small-steps/id1437857562 . . . #smallsteps #podcast #health #blogger #nutritionist #wellness #smallstepspodcast #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapy #selfcompassion #awareness #selfawareness #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #personaltrainer #slowingdown #selfcare #selflove #mindset #thechalkboardmag


5 Days 22 Hours Ago

“It’s about showing up everyday and doing your very best . . . And you know what that’s called? It’s called faithfulness.” My wise friend @susiedavis said this to me today while we were chatting and honestly I don’t think better words could’ve reached my soul. . I’m not sure where you are today, this week, or this year, but I want you to know that you have what it takes and nobody does it like you do. You don’t have to be perfect and your body doesn’t have to be model status. You don’t have to experience shame with every “bad move or bad food”(which I don’t label any foods good or bad, but we can talk about that later.) . Your journey matters and your health does too. Sometimes we experience moments of passion and drive and everything we do to run after our goals just works and makes sense. And other times we get stuck, without even realizing why we are stuck. If I can encourage you today, let the lord search your heart for the real reasons why you treat your body the way that you do. If you want to change some patterns or behaviors, you can. If your goals aren’t physical, but mental, emotional, or spiritual and you feel stuck there too, you don’t have to stay there. Find people to cheer you on and let them speak into your life and then listen to them. . You have a mind, a body, a soul and a precious life of purpose. And it was made to work properly and heal itself. You are never too far from health, healing, & crossing the finish line. But what you have to do is choose to wake up everyday and give it your absolute very best. . Thank you, @susiedavis for being an encourager, a champion, truth teller and life giver. . Tag someone who encourages you to reach your goals and let them know how much you care!


5 Days 23 Hours Ago

will the REAL cinnamon please stand up?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ _ did you know there are many different varieties of cinnamon? and not all are true cinnamon? if you use cinnamon regularly, go check your label! chances are you’re using the cheap stuff and not the real deal, womp wommppp 👎🏼 _ cassia is the most commonly available, very cheap kind of cinnamon. you know you have cassia if you’re label doesn’t indicate anything other than it. another name for cassia is also saigon (sometimes found on the label). it has a reddish, dark brown color and a deep, pungent flavor. whereas ceylon cinnamon (the good stuff!) is a light tanish/brown color that is subtly sweet with hints of clove. much more pleasing than cassia! ceylon will be blatantly labeled so and typically organic since it is already of higher quality and value. _ if you want to experience all the medicinal, therapeautic benefits of cinnamon, make sure you’re buying high quality ceylon! ☝🏼 I always recommend organic, because you can’t trust anything not grown in your backyard nowadays. if it’s not organic, it’s grown with the use of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, and fungicides to keep them alive. Well, that greatly affects our health ❌ when we ingest these chemicals on a daily basis. Paired with our already stressed out lives, bodies, and toxic environment.... you get my point ;) _ let me know below if you have knockoff cinnamon or the real deal below! 🤓


5 Days 23 Hours Ago

Looking intensely at all the food I’m about to eat on Thanksgiving Wearing: @fivedancewear “Trio Leo” #club5 #fivedancewear #trioleo #ntatraining #kurtsuzukifamilyfoundation #kickcancerathlete


6 Days 7 Hours Ago

🎙NEW PODCAST EPISODE🎙 As people get busier and busier with the holidays, this is the perfect time to show another option, another possibility on how to live at this (or any time of year): slowly. Earlier this year my good friend @arianafotinakis decided to slow down in her business and in her life. The wheels did not fall off, her business and livelihood was fine, in some ways it got even better! . We talk all about that in today’s episode, and how you can figure out if that’s something you need in your life too, and how you could approach that. Ariana also shares why slowing down was important to her and why she needed to move past the hustle and grind mentality society is championing so hard right now. . Head to my link in profile to listen to episode of the Small Steps podcast on iTunes. The podcast is also available on my site and Google Play! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/small-steps/id1437857562 . . . #smallsteps #podcast #health #blogger #nutritionist #wellness #smallstepspodcast #ntatraining #nutritionaltherapy #selfcompassion #awareness #selfawareness #iamwellandgood #mindbodygram #personaltrainer #slowingdown #selfcare #selflove #mindset


6 Days 8 Hours Ago

When your kiddo comes down with a nasty bug you know you have to make sure you’re staying on top of your game! + Quick and nourishing breakfast bowl coming at ya! ———————————————— Steamed broccoli mixed with mashed avo & nutritional yeast, topped w/ hard boiled eggs, sauerkraut & pea sprouts. Oh and who can forget the Everything But seasoning! ———————————————— Broccoli has some much needed Vitamin C, to make sure my immune system is staying strong. The avocado has omega-3’s, lutein & folate among other vitamins & minerals. Nutritional yeast is full of B vitamins known to support your immune system, help support healthy hormone production. The eggs are a great source of selenium, Vit D, B6 & B12. They are a wonderful source of protein as well as great source of nourishing fats. The sauerkraut provides a good probiotic boost & the pea shoots give me more vitamin C & beta carotene. + This isn’t an exclusive list, but one that shows you that a meal can be balanced & full of vitamins & minerals without being super complicated or involving a million ingredients. This took me max 5 minutes of hands on time to put together (including the annoying part where you have to peel the eggs haha). + And remember, just because you got sick, it does not mean that you aren’t healthy. How quick/efficient your body fights the illness, is just as important as not getting it in the first place. So support your immune system with healthy foods, and supplements if needed! #nourishingfood #realfood #nutrition #wholefoods #holistichealth


6 Days 21 Hours Ago

Be bold, in the pursuit of wellness! . For all our BOLD women in wellness. 💖 . Also available in grey.