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Oct 17 - jan 18 - My offseason is coming to an end, I am entering the cutting phase, Here we are 17lbs up from stage weight.. 2600+ Cals, no cardio! BUT what have I learnt from this offseason? Most importantly, to learn to love my self.. something I’ve always found hard.. something I diddn’t think I’d ever be able to do, okay some days I don’t feel my best BUT some days I do, that’s progress! ..at first I had to force my self to be kind, to rest, to eat more, to stop guilt training, binging - and I did force my self, using the “fake it till you make it” attitude.. when you know what’s right but you don’t want to do it.. so you have to force your self until it becomes “normal & okay”.. being stage lean for so long then choosing to put on weight is always a little crazy on the mind.. BUT last offseason I hid my self away behind baggy clothes, felt uncomfortable hated looking at my self.. this year I’ve cared for body, fed it, let it rest, let it recover.. I feel in a really happy place mentally, appreciating & enjoying social events, making memories, appreciating food, appreciating energy & health.. all things I kind of held my self back from last year.. we can be SO sucked into how we think we should look.. as you progress through this sport I think you learn ways to overcome these kind of feels, if your finding it hard still.. just keep “faking it” you will start to progress you will “make it” or atleast further in the right direction to loving your self.. once you begin to unattach your self from focusing on how you look.. focusing on the memories your making, the variety of foods you are lucky enough to eat.. if you work as hard on creating a happy mind as you do on training your self in the gym or cutting for a show, you will start to love your self more. Just Know you are more than what you look like, you have a body but you are a soul.. jean over the road doesn’t care if you have abs or not.. instead of hating on your self appreciate your able body, appreciate the fact you have a life & your body works to help you live that life to the full, so care for it, learn to love it ❤️

Go hard or go home @nassser81 -------------------- ايام واوقات تدريب المواي تاي في نادي @golds_gym_kuwait السالميه مقابل المركز العلمي السبت من الساعه 4 الى 5.30 عصرا الاحد من الساعه 5. 30الى 7 مساء الثلاثاء من الساعه 5.30 الى 7 مساء من عمر 7سنين فما فوق كرو. عبدالله الساعي : مدرب لاعبين اللجنه الكويتية للمواي تاي للتواصل : 55080079 ---------------- #inshot #fitness #fit #pushup #workout #train #fighter #muaythai #q8muaythai #craziness #gym #o2gym #kuwait #thaiboxing #tiger_coach #q8muaythai #مواي_تاي #مواي_تاي_كويت #كويت #kuwait

Sassing out in @protan_official & one of my favourite bikinis of the season from @m.vdesigns .. I wanna do it again nowwwww this girl can’t off-season for long 😂😂🙈 💃✨ hair/makeup by @pca_tanning_and_mua ❤️

#wheelswednesday 😂✅💯 prework consisted of an my invite to the @pca_official pro/am @bodypowerexpo in May 🔥


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Gittiğin yoldan eminsen attığın adımdan korkma 💪🏻 #diabetic #type1life #fitnessmotivation #fitness #o2gym

Flex Online cz

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@ahmd_ashkanani je skutečným obrem kategorie do 212 liber. Jeho zádové svaly jsou v 212ce vůbec nejlepší a i mezi Open závodníky byste hledali velmi těžko někoho, kdo mu může konkurovat. Šířka, hloubka, detaily, spodní laty, trapézy ... má úplně všechno. Kuwaitský kulturista z Oxygen Gym má za sebou sice jen dvě sezóny v profi, ale kromě titulu z Olympie dosáhl na úplně všechno. V roce 2018 se bude soustředit právě na Olympii a není pochyb o tom, že si pro rozhodčí přípraví něco vyjímečného. Foto: @josefadlt Ahmad Ashknani is a giant of 212 bodybuilding. His back is the best in 212 and you would have trouble finding anyone in Open who could stand next to him in this pose. Width, thickness, details, lower lats, traps... he`s got it all. Kuwaiti bodybuilder training out of Oxygen Gym has been PRO for only 2 years but he`s done it all... except winning 212 Olympia. In 2018 his focus is set just for this show and no doubt he`ll bring something special. #flexonlinecz#josefadlt#flexmagazine #kuwaiti #ifbb#ifbbpro#bodybuilding #bodybuilder#muscle#kuwait#mrolympia#kuwaitpro#ahmad #212 #olympia212 #ashkanani #oxygengym #kuwaitbodybuilding #o2gym #ifbbproleague

@bethanyjlord .. one of those friends that always holds you up.. literally 😂❤️ @jody_wright1 @pca_official

Snatch Pulls x 5 reps 👍 Every 2:30 for 10 minutes (4 sets) #kuwait #oxygengym #o2gym #cf_oxygen #sport #fitness #gym #crossfit #weightlifting #snatchpull #motivation #training #wod

Not always half naked transformation pics 😂🙈 ..Just 2.7years between both photos.. way more than just delt gains have been made, but wow, it still amazes me how we can sculpt our bodies through consistency with training & nutrition, be patient though results don’t happen over night, but they’ll come if you keep putting the work in 🙃✨ #transformationtuesday

#back_in_days Every single time that i feel down and some shit come in my head trying to make me give up, i just shake my head Up and thinking about all those goals that i created before starting .#workethic #hardwork #dream #dreambig #overtraining #goals #optimumnutrition #o2gym #canadienprotein #npc #npcbikini #npcfigure #alpha #backshot #focus #toronto #backstage #mindset #musclemachine

Leg day was a success!! The environment and atmosphere couldn’t have been better!!!! @the.real.infamous we appreciate the hospitality and making us feel at home!!!! Look forward to@seeing you again!!!! @chapman_310 @infamous.fitness @ahmd_ashkanani


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the star of the year 2017 and big change and a new level i think next @mrolympiallc 2018 he will be at top6 @brandon__curry #body #instafit #bodybuilder #bodybuilding #brandoncurry #mrolympia2017 #mrolympia #o2gym #baderboodai #gymmetsthlm #gymmotivation #healthyfood #workouts #abs #fitness #fitgirl

@m.vdesigns ..I’ve decided the next colour ✨😍

paul john anis

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Ecclesiastes 9:10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom. 📷: @asbinessa #hustlehard #o2gym #oxygengym