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The all important pre show wine with the most special lady - my nan ♥️ & then a toast to US for making it here, @_venese.mason my shredded wheat, my Little Rock, so so blessed to be here sharing this whole experience with this girl, the junior bikini British champion .. we have truelly worked our butssss off to be here...... BUT we will be doing our best to bring it back guys 🇬🇧❤️😈 #letsdothisforgb #togetherwemadeit 🎵..

@liquidsunrayzuk giving me lines mid carb up 😝 brought the self tan application with me, another layer to go & we ready - eaaaasy👌🏻 #1dayout

#cardiotime i never missed cardio, i never missed training session , i never missed simple meal, and i'm gonna keep kicking my ass no matter what happens. Drive to better dayz #motivation #hardworkpaysoff #cardio #alpha #npc #npcbikini #optimumnutrition #o2gym #npcfigure #betterdayz #mindset #vacuum #abs #musclemachine


1 Day 10 Hours Ago

فوائد عسل الابيميديوم التركي والمعروف ب عشبة الماعز الهائج : ١- مقوي جنسي لا يقارن باي منتج بالسوق ٢- لزيادة الرغبة الجنسية للرجال والنساء ٣- يزيد ويقوي من الخصوبة المنوية ٤- يؤخر عملية القذف ٥- مقوي عام للجسم ٦- يزيد من النشاط البدني وينفع للرياضين لزيادة القوة والتحمل وذلك بسبب وجودة عشبة (Horny Goat Weed) التي بدورها تزيد من هرمون التستيرون الطبيعي بالجسم منتج بالفعل جبار وفعال وليس له أي تأثيرات كالصداع أو أي تأثير جانبي ويبدأ مفعوله بالجسم خلال ٣٠ - ٦٠ دقيقة . -العلبه تكفي لاكثر من ٢٠ مره إستخدام الكويت #كويت #جنسي #تركيا #عسل #تركي #سوار_شعيب #احلام #الملكه #حليمه  #شمس #روان_حسين #عقيل #فرح_الهادي #ممدوح #o2gym #اوكسجين #يعقوب_بوشهري #فوز #قطر

Almost time to fill this little white gal owwwt (tomorrow) 💀 (& tan🍊) - someone remind me what a carb is #itsbeenawhile 😂 - I went to bed with a tummy ache, slept like 3 annoying hours 😴 woke up with one 🤷‍♀️..checked in with coach & took a few extra cheeky shots ofc 💃TUMMY ACHE HAS GONE NOW after a nice chilled bath & a nice warm peppermint tea ☕️ 🎉 & within 1 hour I literally look completely different to this (tighter/leaner) - STILL amazes me how much the body changes so quickly - may post again later when it's pm just to show you how we change throughout the day - I usually find I get leaner at this stage as the day goes by - 2 days out @pcakorea 💃

Absolutely amazing day being touristy - I may be knackered but I'm definitely making the most of every single day I have here in this beautiful country - all about making those precious memories - & these two have been so kind we've had a right laugh 🙏🇰🇷🌎❤️ looking forward to the rest of the team arriving tomorrow ❤️🇬🇧 @pca_official @pcakorea

Cannot even explain how much I'm enjoying my self over here, it really does just feel like an amazing dream.. I've just done a depletion workout along with some posing after 2 full rest days (if you can call it that 😴😂) ..I am absolutely SO happy with what I'm bringing, I'm feeling flat but probably the tightest I've ever been, with surprisingly wicked energy , I am still fully depleted, so I'm super excited to see what happens once the carbs hit 😈 but here we are 3 days out! Off to do some sight seeing it a bit to.. ..South Korea, @pcakorea - I've fallen in love with this country.. being treated like pure royalty - SO BLESSED ❤️.. my dreams are honestly coming true - what an experience so far! ✨✨🇰🇷❤️🙏

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It's totally for myself😍😋 #workout #fitness #o2fitness #o2gym #ลบคำสบประมาท ประมาท #gym

Currently laid in bed in the hotel so thought I'd share this.. Probably the happiest I've ever felt 4 days out.. really liking how I feel mentally, & I know this is reflecting on my physique (REMEMBER THE MIND IS A POWERFUL THING).. loving how tight I am at the moment, I've been pretty long periods of time low carb/carbless/low fat/fatless with the odd 100g oat refeed, but it's been my shortest prep of 7 weeks instead of 12-15, so I can't complain.. the waters going, the skins getting thinner, the show is coming closer 🇰🇷 & i really am feeling super confident in my self, i just wanted to be a better me & i feel like I am, the work rate in the gym never stops, the diets never anything different to what I've been told by my coach, I've just been getting it done.. when you look at it that way, how can you not have improved even just slightly within your physique or mindset.. 🙏🏻 @pca_official @pcakorea @mike_leica_gelsei

Hit The Focus Point. #day2 #60daychallenge #volt #o2gym

When your legit just watching your self tighten up as time passes 🤷‍♀️ ... 4 days, rah get me on that stage 💃🇰🇷

Aardvark video on set at this historical Mr.Olympia competition thanks to Oxygen Gym. We had the pleasure of shadowing Oxygen Gym's Kuwait team including super star Big Ramy who took 2nd place in this years tough lineup. #aardvarkvideo #lasvegas #mrolympia #olympiatakeover #champion #legacy #arnoldclassic #muscle #bodybuilding #oxygengym #o2gym #kuwaitteam #bigrammy