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OLD LADY @zetton_tattooer 님의 작업입니다. 작업문의는 Kakao ID - zettonink 로 남겨주세요.

Do better work not a better argument . 🔰 follow @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman @inkhuman . 🔰 #inkhuman

Little Trust No One tattoo I did.#tattooed #tattoo #oldschooltattoo #oldschooltattoos #snaketattoo

hearts and dagger on claudia done @sayagatatattoo

Walk ins tomorrow! Anything off this sheet will be flat rated till Black Friday Monday. Dm me #humankanvas

Thx Chris ! Done at @le_mausolee

Some little guys on my beautiful man @nmancini9 so stoked on these! Thanks buddy ❤️

Good start on Josh's arm yesterday at @lighthouse_tattoo thank you! ✉️slohann@hotmail.com for appointments

Trabalho feito semana passada. Horários para a próxima semana disponíveis. Bom fim de semana a todos 😎😎

Filler done earlier this week @le_mausolee

My friend already called dibs on this rad skull&dagger💀🗡🕸

'We come in peace' ✨✌️👽✨ #marsattacks

Curado de unos meses , Para citas o consultas por 👉DIRECT