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One step at a time. That’s all you need to do to follow your authentic path in life. Get quiet, ask for guidance from your inner wisdom, and take that next step. One at a time will take you where you are meant to go. You just need to follow your intuition on what those next steps are rather than your over active, fearful, rushing to solve brain. The mind doesn’t know what it truly wants.. the soul knows what you need. Follow its wisdom instead. #angelalovelett #liveintuitively #intuitiveliving #innerwisdom #letgoofcontrol #onestepatatime #yogaandmeditation #gowithin #followyourintuition #flowwithintention #quietthemind #justtakethenextstep #authenticself #askbelievereceive


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Why is saying “no” so hard?! (At least for me) after burnout, this last year has been all about that SO I can say yes to a select few things. Love the idea that saying no is necessary for the space to be available for innovation to happen ⚡️ . . . . . #happymonday #innovation #makespaceforcreativity #calmspaces #mondaymotivation #joyinthemidstcreative #onestepatatime #sayingno

NEW SEASON COMING UP 🔌🌬️🚗 🚫. . While the riders prepare for the upcoming season, the teamstaff is also busy getting ready for the new season 🐝💥💪 . . Repost of picture 1 📸 @sindresl93 and picture 2 📸 @tobiaskongstad 😃🤩. . . #preparation #gettingready #teamcarpreparation #newlayout #onestepatatime #heatingup #removelastyearsstickers #uci #riwalceramicspeedcyclingteam #riwal #ceramicspeed #togt


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Here's to a positive and happy week ahead for all those who follow Dallas and I and whoever else may need these words today. 🖤❤️ #positivevibes #onestepatatime #mondaymantra


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🗓CALENDAR NEWS! 🗓 Just wanted to do a quick post about the pre order calendars! First off thank you thank you thank you if you’ve pre ordered one, means so much to think so many of you will be using this to remind yourselves to love you more in 2019! The pre order price ends THIS WEEK (23rd Nov). The way it’s going there will only be a few available for ordering once they’ve arrived however not many as I don’t want to be left with loads of calendars after the new year, so if you’re wanting one it really is best to pre order for guaranteed delivery in December. I am not planning on getting a second batch printed as it would be January time by that point so they are only available now for this short time period. Plus I do need to watch my energy/symptoms and it’s easier if I know how many I’ve got to parcel and for when so I can do the good old pacing of myself. The pre order price is £5.50 each (I do ship internationally and Etsy will give your own currency and details - link in bio) they will go up slightly once listed as the real thing. I know so many of you are interested so just wanted to make it a bit clearer and to ensure no one misses out! So for discounted pre order you have until Friday to place an order, then the listing will be taken down until the calendars arrive, all pre orders will be posted ASAP and a tiny few available to purchase after then. If you have any questions feel free to ask below or via DM...

DRUMMMM ROLLLLLL PLEASEEEEEEE⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I’m going to be 100% truthful though - I wasn’t perfect during these four weeks… and you don’t have to be either. ⁣⁣👊🏽 ⁣⁣ Over the past 4 weeks, I was asked to be in a test group for a re-launch of a program. I was asked to go all in 100% but I also needed to be realistic and LIVE MY LIFE. ⁣⁣👏🏽👯‍♂️ ⁣⁣ Yes, I got my workouts in but did I have to modify moves? Yes. Did I have to modify the lengths of the workouts? Yes. Did I follow my meal plan exactly? H to the NO. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I don’t think there is anything wrong with NOT giving up the treats, traditions, and memories in order to look and feel our best…and this program definitely PROVED that to me. I didn’t lose any weight, but I lost inches. And i’m coming out on the other side a better me. Am I still learning how to balance some things in life? Yes..yes I am. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ If you are FINALLY ready to commit, ready to change your life - I’m taking on 5 NEW WOMAN who are ready to SHIFT their body and their mindset! ⁣⁣🤗 ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ #hustlingmomma ⁣⁣ #teamgains⁣⁣ #beingbrave⁣⁣ #choosefaithoverfear⁣⁣ #motherhoodishard ⁣⁣ #mommyofone ⁣⁣ #midwestmommy


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February 17, 2018 | Broken Steps The staircase leading to success ain't gonna be an easy climb... That's why we need to take it one step at a time. #remember #babysteps #onestepatatime #broken #stairs #steps #dark #reminder #success #palawan #evening #dinner #night #daytour #vacation #familyouting #leisure #travel #sightseeing #lazy #chill #beautiful


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Started this week off with a hike. Pretty embarrassed how big I’ve gotten. But one day at a time. ⛰💪🏼#losingweightfortheaf #onestepatatime #healthyliving


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Lord, I pray for my adult children to have a sense of purpose for their life and the ability to understand that purpose with clarity. Give them the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that the eyes of their understanding will be enlightened. Give them a strong sense of direction and purpose that transcends all fear, hesitation, laziness, defeat, and failure. Enable them to separate themselves from all distractions of this world and turn to You in order to hear Your voice. 🙌🏼Amen🙌🏼 🔰 🔰 🔰 Comment your adult child/children’s name and I will add them to my prayer list.


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It’s life, not a race... take your time, why is everyone in a rush? #mondaymotivation #takeyourtime #life #onestepatatime #love #work #fitness #havefun #takeeachdayasitcomes #bepositive


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DAY 42 . I have painted my fingernails. First time I've worn any kind of make up in 7 weeks. Feels a bit weird! They won't last. I know this because they never do as I have crap, thin and papery nails. (Probably due to having a connective tissue disorder of poor collagen from hypermobility). However, having them gelled gives them an extra hard coating which does help prevent them breaking, but as I'm housebound and not feeling particularly bothered this is more than sufficient. . (I had actually written a post yesterday about my connective tissue disorder of hypermobility, but got right to the end of it, about to post but then got an an error message pop up and then it shut itself down. Couldn't be bothered to rewrite it all out again. Oh isnt technology so lovely at such times!) . #hypermobilespine #hypermobilitylife #gettingthere #dontbeafraidofthetruth #iwillspeak #iwilldomybest #thetruth #ifitwaseasyeveryonewoulddoit #selflove #selfcare #simplicity #simplethings #onesizedoesnotfitall #onestepatatime #icanandiwill

So it’s been a minute!... more like 2-3 months🤦🏻‍♀️ ‼️MOMENT OF HONESTY ‼️ I lost all my motivation! I was getting super stressed with things going on in my life and I fell back into my old ways with emotionally eating and felt lazy. I literally didn’t want to do anything. Work became a burden, I was grumpy all the time and all I wanted to do was eat the foods I trained myself to stay away from 🚫 I started taking the dogs for a walk last week just to get me out of the house and it was great motivation. I mean, I still came home and ate junk but at least I got out of the house right 🤷🏻‍♀️ Today I made a pact with myself that I didn’t want to fall back to the person I fought so hard to change 🎉 I took the dogs for a walk and then went to do a body combat class 💪🏼 Today was the first day in a while where I was happy with what I ate! I made a delicious chicken and vegetable concoction for dinner to end my positive day 😋 Life can be such a struggle sometimes and sometimes it all feels like it is for nothing but when I look at my puppies, my supportive fiancé and how far we have gotten, I realised the journey I was on ♥️ I’m hoping I stick with this for a while, I really missed feeling the way I did at the gym and am so happy to move forward with my zig zag life journey. 👏🏼 #lifelessons #neverstop #positivevibes #happy #journey #onestepatatime #bodycombat #sore #support #smile #healthylifestyle #balance #imonlyhuman #doingitforme #itsnotalwaysabouthowyoulook #slowly #thisisme #backtoit #strongwomen #ivegotthis #empowerment #loveyourjourney


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Keep on stepping toward your goals this week!!! But leave a little room for Thank Fullness in there as well!


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Ponedeljak kao način razmišljanja i stresa. Bez obzira na zadatke, manje ili više teške sastanke ili izveštaje, zajednička jutarnja kafa mnogo toga olakšava. Mailovi mogu da sačekaju... a i čitanje dnevne štampe... Jutarnja kafa je trenutak podrške, podela izazova i osećaj pripadanja timu. . . . . . #chiefhappinessofficer #hr #happyoffice #monday #employerbranding #onestepatatime


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🖕🏼 to those people who have torn me down, lied about me and believed those lies. My Instagram is open - so I really do hope they get to read this. You had your chance to stand by me, help me cope! You told my family you would always be there for me! Well enough is enough!! I am me! Broken, bruised and scared!! But genuine, loving and friendly as well! I deserve to be happy and free from your bullshit. Free from your selfish approach! Free from your lies! ‘Fire away, Cuz today I won’t let the shame sink in’ I’m done ✊🏼 #learning #doone #imdone #thisisme #proud #survivor #lifegoeson #youknowwhoyouare #icandothis #hurt #broken #onestepatatime #leavemealone #bebrave #thetruthwillsetyoufree #imagoodperson #livemylife #thishastostop #iamworthy #positivevibes #youhadyourchance #moveon #letitgo #quotestoliveby #lifeisagift #✌🏼 #keepingitreal


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Pequeños actos que cambian el mundo. Nuestro mundo. Buenos días casi tardes 😊

NSV .... wearing jeans to work instead of my trusty leggings! Was having issues with a saggy gusset so decided today was the day to ditch them and get wearing these bad boys!! Good knows how I'll feel after a 13 hour shift!! #nsv #slimmingworld #slimmingworldvictory #icandothis #onestepatatime #jeans #leggingsnomore

Happy Monday! Here are some reminders should you need them, I know I do! Decided yesterday to focus on self care pretty much most of the day. I noticed how actually I’ve had a really good week energy wise/low symptoms which hasn’t happened in months, like it’s been overall consistent good week (I know with you lovely lot there’s no need to do this but, does anyone else always feel the need to follow that up with but I’m still not 100%? 🤷🏻‍♀️ like some how justifying a good week in the context of I’m still not “normal”?) Anyway! What I didn’t notice was how I’d taken advantage of that week without realising I’d pushed and pushed myself so when I began to feel a bit meh yesterday I looked at it all and realised I really hadn’t thought about resting/self care all that much. [old habits die hard and all that] There was a slight awareness as I have at the back of my mind felt like I’m in no mans land all week... anyone else get that on better days/weeks? Like you’re able to do a bit more but then not sure which side you’re on, payback looming or almost sneakily getting away with it? And you’re like Uhm body are you getting this, are you okay with this? But I’ve decided to go with it, it’s been a while I’ve felt this way so I shall celebrate it, enjoy it but today be more aware and sensible with it. This illness is very peculiar because I find often small improvements pass me by and it’s not until I’ve pushed it and not even realised (in the sense what I did this week I wasn’t able to do last week but didn’t see it) that I’ve made progress despite doing my utmost to chart success and keep note of my small wins... honestly don’t know if any of this makes sense as it’s stream of conciseness about something that’s hard for me to put into words. Yet, if if none of it did don’t worry, just give yourself some of the reminders like I have this morning because it will all be okay and we have totally got whatever this week decides to throw at us! 💖💪 (p.s anyone else get super excited over new emojis??? 🥰🥰🥳🥳 ⬅️this party guy is officially my small win emoji and this one really doesn’t need any explanation 🥴😂


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Sober rave at the weekend can finally go out and enjoy ourselves without that devil on your shoulder feeling free and at ease now #recovery #onestepatatime


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¿Estás cansada de estar cansada? En ese punto me encontraba hace ahora 2 años y medio y descubrí que hay otra manera de vivir. Empezaba mis 30 y no me encontraba con una energía de 30 años, mi mundo laboral no era para echar cohetes, no sabía hacia donde tirar... Puedo seguir con la lista si tienes todo el día. La cosa es que yo sentía que quería hacer un cambio pero estaba agobiada porque no sabía cómo ni por donde empezar. Muchas veces permitimos que el miedo o la incentidumbre nos paralice. Qué estupido. ~ Hace casi 3 años decidí empezar con baby steps, un pasito cada vez. No salté una montaña de golpe, sino que puse un pie delante del otro y poco a poco la rueda empezó a girar. Y fue entonces cuando empecé a ganar confianza en mí misma. Me libré de mil inseguridades. Decidí tomar las riendas de mi salud y de mi energía. ~ Ahora casi 3 años después sigo viendo que esos pequeños pasitos siguen siendo pasitos, y sigo avanzando. Y de golpe me doy cuenta de que este camino me está llevando a lugares y situaciones que nunca me hubiese podido imaginar. ~ Puede que vaya a sonar extremadamente comercial pero te juro que estoy hablando desde el corazón. Desde ese momento en que no solo decidí comer mejor sino incorporar productos naturales a mi vida, la rueda ha ido girando más y más rápido haciendo cambiar nuestro estilo de vida, pasito a pasito. Empecé a usar aceites esenciales, suplementos y cosmética natural y... te prometo por lo que quieras que era la persona MÁS escéptica y crítica en el mundo multunivel y fíjate que no solo estoy viviendo de ello, sino que además ayudo a otras personas a hacerlo y a cuidar de su salud. ~ Sí, puede que esté sonando comercial, pero desde mi alma te digo que si quisieras empezar a hacer girar la rueda, un pasito cada vez, solo tienes que hablar conmigo. La empresa con la que estoy es Young Living, y no podría estar más agradecida de haberme cruzado con ella! Está al 100% alineada con mi corazón y nunca dejaré de recomendarselo al mundo entero. Me encataría ayudarte y enseñarte cómo empezar a dar ese primer pasito. Y acompañarte por el camino, un paso cada vez. 💕

I am grateful to God for chiwo for the opportunity to break boundaries in communication for the hearing impaired. This is one of the programe by CHIWO through which we speak life, encourage and teach the word of God to the kids who have been rescued from the streets and children school. check the details information: WEBSITE: www.chiwo.info INSTAGRAM :https://www.instagram.com/chiwoint/ FACEBOOK: : https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=chiwo #chiwobreakingdeafboundaries #wewewillgetthere #makingachange #onestepatatime #changinglives #makingsocietybetter #abetterworld #amvolunteer


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Η ομορφια στη δικη μου ζωη ειναι...να τρωω παγωτο "διαιτης" χωρις ζαχαρη απο το ζαχαροπλαστειο "Φυσις" απολαυστικη καθε μπουκια... νομίζω θα το φαω ολο μονη μου!!! Ειμαι παγωτατζου τι να κανω;... #kleidiazois #loveyourself #loveistheanswer #happinesstips #happymoments #gratitude #freetobeyourself #onestepatatime #behappy #beenergy #betheenergy #newday #ταξίδιααπλά


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Remembering where it all started 🦋 I lost my mum suddenly back in 2014 and with all that grief and pain, I decided to use my inheritance to finally start my dream of owning my very own bohemian beach boutique with so many emotions and aspects to my vision, I couldn’t pursue all at once so l started with love iluka 🙌🏼 A lot of my fondest memories of my mum are by the sea, hence ‘iluka’ meaning by the sea! Love by the sea.... Those aspects I’m still working towards and I know 2019 will be about reaching those goals and dreams, with the right folk at the right time because I know that the universe has my back and so does my mama! No matter the obstacles, challenges and egotistical part of the retail world (and myself sometimes) I will stay true to who I am and keep doing my thing. Love to all of you who have been riding this wave with me of almost 4yrs, I’m so so fucking lucky & bigger things are coming, watch this space ✌🏼💚 . . . . . #retail #egos #spirituality #journey #loss #grief #boutique #dreams #goals #onestepatatime #love #live #life #inspiration #fashion #homewares #selflove #selfawareness