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@Lukaswegmuller “My name is Lukas Wegmuller and I am from Santa Cruz, California. I am a second year studio art major at Cal Poly, and I am currently most interested in exploring ink drawings as well as beatbox. In my art, I aim to convey empathy and investigate the deconstruction of self and other. My line work is influenced by graphic artists such as Albrecht D~rer, R. Crumb, and Tom Killion.” Video by Jared Fisher @jaredofbenicia


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As business owners, we wear SO many hats — as a friend and I said to each other just this evening, “sometimes we don’t even know what we don’t know.” You probably know you need contracts and legal protection for your business but, if you’re like me, you don’t speak fluent legalese. That’s where my dear friend @paige.hulse comes in! Paige is a lawyer for creatives, and is an absolute font of wisdom! Right now she’s running an amazing sale in her shop! Head to shopcreativelaw.com to check it out! Oh, and as an added bonus: if you shop Paige’s sale, you get your first month of the Content Creation Collection FREE! 🤯😍👍 📷: @lindseylaruephoto

Drop and Runs on HOLD until May 4th. Thank you, Ladies! 🌷 #previouslypink #communityovercompetition #secondhandfirst


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Here's your Monday reminder to make sure you do something every single day that you'll be proud of tomorrow. 🌿 Me? I'm doing so today by adding a BRAND CONCEPT series to the tomasikbranding.com blog! I'm one of those people who has a new idea for a business, like, every week... so why not start showcasing some of these with a weekly series where I can be my most creative? 🌿 Let me know, do you have any industries you'd love to see a custom brand concept for?! I'll be launching this series next Monday, so go subscribe to my email list so you never miss a post. #linkinbio 📷: @surfragette

Procrastination is a tricky beast. • Do you ever beat yourself up and think you're lazy because you're not conquering your To-Do list?  You're not alone and your negative self-talk won't help the situation, so let's see what else we can do, shall we? • First things first- ask yourself why you're putting off whatever it is.  There may be a good reason, perhaps the timing is off or it's really something you need to look into out-sourcing. • But on the other hand, if it's something you must do, only you're avoiding it because you simply don't enjoy the task, think of a way to make the most of it. • Maybe it would be more fun if you turned it into a challenge, like you have to wrap it up in a shorter amount of time.  Perhaps a little incentive would be a good motivator, like you get to go on a coffee date with your friend if you wrap it up by X day and time.  Or it could be something as simple as some fun and inspiring music to keep you company. • However... if your procrastination stems from something deeper, a fear (of failure/ success/ feeling like an imposter/ etc) then... you've got some work to do. • Acknowledge the procrastination.  Forgive yourself the fear (and the procrastination). Remember your bigger *why*. Take a baby step toward completing your goal.  Get support.  If necessary, you may want to shortcut it by creating a persona... more on that soon ;) • 📷blog.luxe4home.com.br


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Good things come to those who hustle. Slay on, everyone. Slay on. . 📸 Google


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This weeks topic 🤘


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hey nebraska, put yo phone down and go outside. it’s freaking beautiful☀️

Phew! Matt and I had a busy weekend camping out in our living room, finishing our hardwood floors. If you missed out on my stories over the weekend, you can catch up on this process on the blog today! 📸 @rachelrouhana


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Today is definitely a 2 cups of coffee kind of day. ☕️☕️ I’m working hard to get the Write Your Site Challenge (Link in bio) up and running. What are you working on today??

🎀 PINK PICKS! 🎀 Buy three (3) pieces to make an outfit. Then buy three (3) more pieces to mix and match and get those at 20% off!


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🎙 Attention, Ladies and Gents! 🎙You need three things in order to be truly ready for PR! Want to know what they are? . 📸 1. Imagery - Without great imagery, it's hard for major media outlets to take you seriously. This includes a great headshot of you, the founder, beautiful "lifestyle" imagery of your company, and traditional product shots that can be placed in print or digital . 💻 2. Website - You need a great website that tells your story and looks professional (and trustworthy), so it drives sales. When you land a press hit or get featured, you'll be driving lots of traffic to your website! When you invite a guest to your home, you want it to be a good reflection on you. Similarly, you want your website to be a good reflection on your business (including a great About Me page!) . 📬 3. Product/Inventory - Whether you sell products or services, you want to be ready to sell when you go for PR. (We can discuss this in detail if we work together.) PR can provide a bump in sales (sometimes a HUGE one. Lookin' at you @oprah ), so you need to be ready to fulfill those orders when they come in. . Which one of the above are you weakest in? Which one is your best? And why? #mondaymotivation . . . . #pr #newweek #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #media #publicrelations #lifestyle #digital #print #tv #strategy #yourstory #narrative #oprah #getafterit #hustle #lovewhatyoudo #ilovemondays #mondaymornings #letsgo #womeninbusiness #powermoves


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Soms heb ik een idee en dan wil ik daarmee meteen aan de slag. Nu speelt het idee: het ontwerpen van verpakkingen en/of stickers/labels, in mijn hoofd. En dan ga ik inspiratie opzoeken en proberen om deze dingen te gaan maken in indesign. Ik vergeet dan volledig om na te denken of het wel bij mijn bedrijf past, maar dan wil ik het zo graag maken! Ken je dit gevoel? 👩🏼‍💻 . . . . . #handsandhustle #peoplescreative #proptoit #sidewalkerdaily #cfoffline #morningscenes #thecreatorclass #chasingmotions #sheisfearless #createcultivate #simplebeyondblog #strideby #ontheroadtofulltime #designisinthedetails #workanywhere #athomeintheworld #youmustsee #iwalkedthisstreet #cityview #cityscape #citytrip #seemycity #theprettycities #seetheworld #exploringtheglobe #aboutaplace #postcardsfromtheworld #instapassport #onthego #cityscene


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“Prendi tutto il fiato che hai in corpo e trattienilo fino a quando, il sogno in cui credi si trasformi in realtà e nel riprendere fiato da tanto stupore, lascia che la realtà diventi sogno per sempre....” pensiero a cielo aperto per @silviatorricelli ❤️🔥 #yuricatania #earthday 🌎


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For all the beauty, fun & healing you offer, Mother Nature... Happy Earth Day • As Louis Armstrong sang, all I can think is... what a wonderful world. • Which part of this marvelous planet is your favorite? • 📷 via Pinterest


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It's all too easy to fall into the "if & when" mentality. When I get "here" then I can do "this". All this does is cripple our progress and take our eyes away from the present. Wherever you are now in your business...embrace it. The journey is the best part. #qotd #wordsofwisdom #wordstoliveby


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2018 has been awesome so far, but I’m really happy to be taking my first lil’ trip of the year. I’ll be going out of town tomorrow and will probably be away from IG for a few days (which will be hard for me haha😭). I’m looking forward to bike rides and getting some beautiful pics of the countryside (and the dogs😆) and sharing them with you all when I come back! Have any special plans for this week? Go ahead and brag below; get excited, be thankful!💙


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Guys. This is a long post so bear with me! Or just keep scrolling that’s fine too... 😆 The other day I was thinking about how far I’ve come from when I started my photography business to where I’m at with it now. It’s been a labor of love for 2 years but it’s only been “official” for 6 months. I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed (NOT complaining!!) and felt the need to make a list of everything I have scheduled and planned for my business in the coming months. Seeing the full list had me feeling completely blown away and so excited for what’s to come! 📷 I don’t like to say I’m self taught because I’ve had A TON of help. Aside from the massive (I literally mean MASSIVE) amounts of support from my family and friends, I’ve invested so much time and money into online education from some of the biggest names in the photography wedding industry and I can 110% say I would not be as far along in my business as I am right now if it wasn’t for them. They are my idols, my “celebrities”, and the source of inspiration that helps get me through the tough times because they have all been there and have come out on top. ✨ I am in no way wanting this to be a bragging post. I want this to serve as inspiration to those who may be wondering if they should take that next step in whatever it may be; to follow through with that you love because you literally never know what will be if you don’t take that first step. Plus, saying “what if?” all the time really sucks #sorrynotsorry 🐶 Also, how cute is my girl? The best little editing buddy around! ☀️ Happy Sunday friends!


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I love reading and I'm a true #selfhelp book junkie. #selfdevelopment is extremely important and reading books is obviously great way of doing that. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What book are you reading at the moment and what has been your eye-opener #book? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #hersuccess #leadership #motivation #creativeentrepreneur #businesscoach #onlinecoach #onlinecoaching #femalecoach #womenentrepreneurs #moneymindset #success #successmindset #coachinglife #coach #successcoach #femalefounders #womensupportingwomen #entrepreneur #femaleentrepreneur #womanboss #lifecoach #shetheroar⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #thesocialsociety #ontheroadtofulltime #girlpreneur⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #womeninbiz #ownboss @pinterest


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Photo editing is full o possibilities and fun 😍😍😍💖💖😊😊😃😃 😍😍💖💖 Live In Color **************************** * * * * * * * * * * * * * * #dynamics #ebay #etsy #dca #dynamiccreationsart #handcrafteditems #madebyme  #momprenuer #affordable #accessories #mylife #mywork #mycreativebiz #helloimhandmade #handsandhustle #calledtobecreative #handmadeworld #supporthandmade #makersgonnamake #entrepreneur #fashion #creativeprenuer #entrepreneurlife #solopreneur #ontheroadtofulltime


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What makes you happy? 😎


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:: This woman embodies EVERYTHING that GreatHerGood is about :: . Ahhhhh, Ellen I ❤️ her! I love that she is incredibly positive. Her goal is always to uplift and encourage others, contribute to humanity, help our planet (happy #earthday), and help those in need. She uses her platform for GOOD. . (Oh, and she's also a huge animal lover. So she's got that going for her too. 🐯) . What celebrity do you look up to and why? . Image via @edbyellen . . . . #animallover #rolemodel #womeninbusiness #ellen #ellendegeneres #uplifting #passion #humanity #ourplanet #encouragement #happiness #forceofnature #sundayfunday #positivity #peoplescreative #womenpower #powerfulwomendopowerfulthings #makeitcount #dogood