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Siap menyambut ASIAN GAMES 2018. Tuan rumah INDONESIA. #asiangames2018 #indonesia #tuanrumah #gbk #openingceremony


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LiuSal means everything to me . I have given up so much to be where I am today, from selling drugs to living in harsh time to rising up into a successful entrepreneur. "Power" is about risking everything for what you love against all odds. I changed my life for the best to follow a path I love along with the tribe I stand by. In today's world , it is very easy to be distracted away from our goals , dreams and aspirations. Walking away from my past life as an ex-drug dealer in the streets of Bronx, NY to now owning LiuSal NYC took discipline, hardwork and dedication and to me that's " Power ". The Project's Mission: Each day , I strive to use my power for the greater good and to influence others who lost hope to know that it is never too late to follow your dreams and stay the course. On this project , I empowered hardworking people of different walk of life who all are entrepreneurs and fighting for their dreams each and every day including the videographer and photographer to Loulou our Art director to myself "Mr.LiuSal. We were all sporting LiuSal NYC showcasing diversity and inclusivity. It was very important for us at LiuSal NYC to bring our creativy into a relatable form to the masses. As young designers / brands , it is very easy to get caught in being super creative but not relatable. So for this project , we wanted to showcase LiuSal on different body type, genre, sex of people. We also feature Henri who is 1/2 Owner of Maison 10 an Art gallery on W.29Th st in Manhattan , NY which featured our Pink Camo Duffle and sold on their last cycle to give his audio definition of power and its relation to his experience with LiuSal NYC. Another speaker was Charles All Blue, a Style mixer to describe power and what it means to him. Loulou who is our Art director also described her definition of Power and joining LiuSal NYC to becoming a partner at LiuSal NYC. Love Is Universal Strive Achieve Longevity is the foundation of LiuSal. It represents the Youth of our fashion and the connections of our ever growing tribe. We are strong as a whole and we stand together, the LiuSal way! - . Project- The Power Brief @emergingbrands_mastered @masteredhq.

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. clearance sale item . >>> 30%OFF <<< . 『 INARI EYEDENTITY 』 『 THIS by INARI 』 . NOW >>> STORE & ONLINE . #inari #inarieyewear #inarieyedentity #thisbyinari #artstylemosaique

. clearance sale item . >>> 30%OFF <<< . 『 INARI EYEDENTITY 』 『 THIS by INARI 』 . NOW >>> STORE & ONLINE . #inari #inarieyewear #inarieyedentity #thisbyinari #artstylemosaique

#openingceremonyjapan Black Label より、TORCHロゴがあしらわれたPVCバッグが入荷中🌈. ビーチスタイルやリゾートスタイルなど、様々なシーンで大活躍⛱. . OMOTESANDO 1FとONLINEでお取扱い中です。. . . #openingceremony #openingceremonyjapan


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요즘 너무 유행인 투명백 🖤 다들 보더니 이쁘다고 히히 블로그랑 쇼핑몰 업뎃예정이에요 😘 . . . #openingceremony #prada #ysl #commedesgarcons #cdg #오프닝세레모니 #프라다 #생로랑 #꼼데가르송 #꼼데 #꼼데가르송오샤레


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Next time I perform it’s going to be for a bag 💰💯🤙🏾 #ylsnmt #robysupreme