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11 Seconds Ago

ily hobo


8 Seconds Ago

my mom is playing games and im aggy #openrp #newopenrp


1 Day 1 Hour Ago

Bitch, I'm too smoooooth. I'm not in the moooooood, trynna make movessssss.


31 Minutes Ago

The only competition is me, I’m competing with myself 😚


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33 Seconds Ago

FUN STORY! Ive been locked out of my @prehistoricpassions account and i can't get back into it as it wants my OLD phone number. Great. Anywho, here's my new account. #openrp


41 Seconds Ago

i have no friends


55 Seconds Ago

Hi like for a dm 🛬


37 Seconds Ago

testing #openrp


45 Seconds Ago

Agora sei como me apaixonei por você,mas agora não acredito no amor não como antes.💔 #openrp #openbks #openbrinks


1 Minute Ago

comment some song suggestions for a tbh


56 Seconds Ago

Chair😭❤️ - Qotd- favourite season and why?


3 Minutes Ago


53 Seconds Ago

i managed electrocute myself because there wasn’t a holder on the back of the plug thing and it’s burnt my skin and i’ve got loads of red marks on my hand but eh i’ve always wanted to see what it felt like #openrp


1 Hour Ago

My model whoring ass would have new face/gender daily


58 Seconds Ago

are my tags even working lol #openrp #kpoprp #krp


1 Minute Ago

Say my name I wanna hear you call.


1 Minute Ago

comment on my intro for a long tbh #openrp


16 Minutes Ago

Night, hoes.


1 Minute Ago

marceline j. sloane 🌩✨🌾 no1 tom hiddleston stan. wants a pet sea otter. berks. very short. old enough. sub. runs an independent clothing store based in portland oregon. sad. can play bass. okoye for president. dazed and confused. may be small but will fight you. smells like jasmine and honey. almost always has a new coat of nail polish on. doesn’t take anyone’s shit. writer. warm. has a fear of being forgotten. romanian and jewish. brat. doesn’t 80+26=96? loves to read. the jake to wes’ boyle! plays way too much mario odyssey. always wears heels or shoes with a heel so she can look tall. COMMENT WHERE YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TAGGED FOR A TBH AND (POSSIBLE) DM.


1 Minute Ago

let’s end this theme with one final post and then i’m gonna hangs back to jongdae bc he is the person i’m supposed to be.


1 Minute Ago

vote 4 rate haha #openrp #kpoprp #krp #anyrp


1 Minute Ago

vote for a tbh #openrp


1 Minute Ago

testing #openrp


2 Minutes Ago

I remember all the Coachella looks like it was yesterday🌪 – I feel horrible for all those who’s acc was deleted by instagram. They keep deleting the big ones and I know how much you guys worked for them so if you see this I hope you’ll come back and never give up. Love y’all! 💖 @jamescharles #jamescharles


2 Minutes Ago

pourquoi tout le monde semble pas rassuré quand jparle????? à croire que jvais vous bouffer bande de fdp j’suis un chaton j’suis hyper mignon et normal vs avez quoi avec moi 😭😭


1 Hour Ago

Hi, I'm not gonna answer DMs bc I've had a stressful day. Love you, rats x.


2 Minutes Ago

who wants to be tagged


2 Minutes Ago

who wanna be my sugar daddy i need money #openrp


2 Hours Ago

Hail to the king. Hail to the one. Kneel to the crown.


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2 Minutes Ago

فؤ لؤ ما ن كه ن تا هه ميشه بؤ ستي شا زبينيت @today__post_ ❤❤@today__post_ ❤ . . . . . . #4x4life #4x7sewingchallenge #4jfamilyfarms #kfc #kourtneykardashian #openrp #pictureoftheday #uy #qw #pregnant #it #pw #bc #oquetemosprahojeésaudade #pg #nra #og #jtbc


2 Minutes Ago

I literally have no feelings what so ever, besides when people touch my cat I could drop kick them💀 . #openrp #daddyrp🌸 #singlerp #dirtyrp