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42 Minutes Ago

Well it ain’t glamorous, and you get funny looks. But #trainingislife and one arm is better than no arms. #backintothefray #operationwerewolf #militantstrengthculture


43 Minutes Ago

"Guess I'd rather be exhausted than depressed..." don't listen to much hip hop these days, but heard this at the gym today. That line really resonated with me. "never did" by Ryan Ceravo. (never heard of him, no idea what else he's done, but it was worthy enough to give credit) ° ° Victory is contagious. Guy at the gym tonight hit a bench PR after not doing bench in a few months. He asked me for a spot. He didn't need it--not even close. Fucking killed it. His excitement spread through the three other people training that night, myself included. Not only that, he added 30 more pounds and attempted another. Missed that one, but fuck it...call it a victory of the spirit. I don't think it necessity helped my performance tonight, but it certainly helped secure the conqueror's mindset. ° ° Here's to embracing the suck and loving the pain of exhausted muscles. #getstrongordietrying #gritandfire #blackcoffee #ironandblood #stronglimbs #purehearts #actionmatchingwords #operationwerewolf

Dark hour flight under the sign of le Christ mort. Two minutes longer than I was shooting for. #operationwerewolf #thereisnosavior #nothingtosaveyoufrom #andnothingtoredeem #shanaqbaīmuru


4 Hours Ago

Resetting my 1 rep max in preparation to start my second round of Reaver Protocol. Deadlift for 385 was way above my expectations today. Closing in on 4 plates. Thanks for the encouragement @tpott24. @hammertimefitness24_7 #deadlift #hammertimefitness #reaver #getstronger #starttheworld #operationwerewolf #opww #appalachia #xcii #militantstrengthculture #whereiscooper #lightweight


4 Hours Ago

Apparently it's Flex Friday. I didn't know Flex Friday was an actual thing. However I happen to have the picture of me flexing and it's Friday so I thought I'd put it up. I'm still not buff by a long shot but I've come a long way this year. I don't think it's ever too late to try and push to become the best version of yourself you can be . 💪✌👍 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #flexfriday #strengthtraining #weighttraining #strength #getstrong #gettingstronger #muscle #gains #oldmangains #overfortyfitness #420fitness #legiogloria #operationwerewolf #surfthekaliyuga #becomingabarbarian


5 Hours Ago

Time to roll again. Off to another location where I can finish replacing the starter on this thing and get her running again. '82 POlice special. #operationwerewolf #harleydavidson #shovelhead #policespecial #harleydog #nomad


5 Hours Ago

@Regran_ed from @gritandfire - :EYÒFRIDR: ᚺᚺᚺ The Sigil of “Eternal Hostility” ᚺᚺᚺ We reject the world of softness and of slothful ease. ᚺᚺᚺ Our aim is not to “fix” the system. ᚺᚺᚺ We want to see it burned to the ground. ᚺᚺᚺ We have chosen our lot and declared war against this decaying age. ᚺᚺᚺ “We determined to go in her, make a black flag, and declare war against the world.” - Ned Low ᚺᚺᚺ #war #fight #violence #eternalhostility #spitonyourhands #raisetheblack #startslittingthroats #waragainsttheworld #fucktheirworld #starttheworld #operationwerewolf #opww #vengeancestrengthkvlt #ironandblood #wolfbrigade #thesect #support #likemissions #likeminds #gritandfire - #regrann


5 Hours Ago

"It's time to rise up, man up, get back up, never been and won't be broken Dust off and then come back for more You've gotta reach down, dig deep, and break ground, Show them all you won't be beaten Brush it off and then come back for more! Come back for more" #ffdp #backformore #getupagain #flaw #repost @vengeance.nashville (@get_repost) ・・・ . Attention seeking celebrities, fabricated outrage, selfish ambition, cheap science, counterfeit history, guilt laden politics, selfdepricating humor, nauseating distortion... . The noise is constant. It may tick down a few decibels or take on a new frequency from time to time, but the distraction apparatus seems ultimately immutable. . Stare too closely and you'll go blind. . Listen long enough and you'll forget how to dream; self-lost and truth-starved. . Don't hold your breath. . Dont wait for the fall. Life is now. . There are other games to play, other worlds to start. . Don't let theirs consume you. . FTW . . . #vengeance #strengthkvlt #nashvillegyms #operationwerewolf #strengthworship #thoughtcrime #builtforwar #ftw

Ready for butchering, mead crafting, soap making, tattoos and life long memories with some of the most influential women I know. #projectshewolf #truefeminine #opww #operationwerewolf


6 Hours Ago

Are you even a real powerlifter if you don’t wear a belt, knee-high socks, and chucks to deadlift? + 285 for a single. Uffda. Probably would have got 300 if I was wearing my elbow sleeves, knee sleeves, and wrist wraps. Until next time... + #powerlifting #deadlift #strongmama #pr #projectshewolf #truefeminine #risefromtheruins #operationwerewolf #opww #elitefts #revenantstrengthandconditioning #johnscrazysocks


7 Hours Ago

Just finished my first week of the Mad Cow program. I like it a lot so far. The first 4 weeks are a bit of a deload. I plan on running it for 12 weeks through the end of the year. + I like that Mad Cow is so similar to what I was doing with StrongLifts 5x5. I enjoy the graduated sets, and like having my squats be a little lighter on heavy deadlift days. Looking forward to seeing more gains, I will track and report my progress. * #madcow #madcow5x5 #madcowprogram #stronglifts5x5 #stronglifts #opww #operationwerewolf #alltrainingissacrifice #makingprogress #bodybuilding #weightlifting #stronglikebull

Runa trying to figure out the Old Ways. Her Barking galdr were beautiful. #shamanicdrum #operationwerewolf #bullterrier #spiritualdoggodimensions

6 months ago I started training again after 3 months of sitting around being a father to my new born daughter. The first video is my 3 rep max back then 150KG. Fast forward 6 months and my new 3 rep max is 200KG. I've managed to get stronger and prepare for my first powerlifting competition whilst juggling parenthood, lack of sleep and working 100 miles away from home. I'm not special, I'm not gifted, and I'm no different to anyone else. I just realise the majority of excuses in life are bullshit, and if you want something hard enough you'll bust your ass off to get it. Rant over.

This is my brother and best friend @paradise_rest ( left ) who recently started a website and business in which he photographs MMA and Combat Sports. He has been training Ju Jitsu for several years at the Renzo Gracie academy in New York City and is currently a Blue belt under the legendary John Danaher. Here his is pictured next to Renzo Gracie himself. Super proud of this dude and all he has accomplished this far. I know a lot of my followers are interested in and active martial artists who would definitely be interested... click through to his page and there is a link in his bio. ----------- www.COMBATFOTO.com


9 Hours Ago

I don't really watch superhero movies, or really movies in general lately but i have seen a spike in such movies, or movies where the main actor isn't a superhero, but he was someone most people would consider "pretty fucking bad ass" We all know this type of a dude, he is usually very fucking jacked, strong as a house, always looks apart with the way he dresses and always conducts himself in the "expected manor"(basically he is calm and polite but he also knows how to be an absolute opposite of that when time arrives for such behavior) And obviously this is nothing new, the movie Conan probably inspired more people to go to the gym then any health professional telling them do so, and the movie 300 (the first one) raised more testosterone on the global level then all of the trenbolone on the market would. This is all obviously very normal, people will always be attracted to this type of look, and men will always try to emulate that, to a point at least. The problem with most of us is that "to the point part" I know most of my friends have played the Video game Skyrim, and everyone i fucking know, no matter if he played a mage, or a dark brotherhood assassin made his character to be some extremely jacked dude. My question is, why not try to use that logic in the real world? No i am not talking about praising the night mother but i am saying actually trying to be a person like from a video game or a movie? Why don't you go to the gym and become jacked and strong? Why don't you work on being more comfortable around people, why don't you wear clothing that makes you look and feel great? There is nothing wrong about wanting to look more manly and better. Everyone does it to a point. Imagine how good it would be that you actually live the life you roleplay in a video game or see in a movie, why don't you become the bigger then life person that is only in the movies? #operationwerewolf #diredogs #aoc #anabolicoutlawcoaching


10 Hours Ago

Old timey Strongman stuff part 2; One hand deadlift on #flexfriday! Sorry for that weird smirk, it's hard to smile when you're lifting weights. . . . This is way too much fun to do! Any suggestions for stuff like this are more than welcome!


12 Hours Ago

So far I have visited three Werewolf moots and each time in a different place, as a stranger in a strange land, I still felt at home. Surrounded by very Real people who are unconcerned with the world that tries to impose its shallow "Walmart values" upon you. As I stand among these men and women in their cuts with various patches, bones, sigils and runes I feel more at home than ever. This feeling is refreshingly light and at the same time oppressingly clear and strong. × Here's to many more moots and their documentation in the future! Find us at www.thebirdprojects.com And like us on Facebook: "The Bird Projects" #thebirdprojects #bwphotography #photography #instaart #multimedia #aesthetics #documentary #streetphotography #rockphotography #documentaryphotography #reallife #hdr #pictureoftheday #valokuvaajahelsinki #operationwerewolf #opww #92 #militanstrengthculture #diredogs


14 Hours Ago

@vetrarmegin feeding the Wolf and meditating on sacrifice. Going to start a new article on the latest Dire Dogs event during this weekend. Share this around and spread the gospel of The Bird Projects! Find us at www.thebirdprojects.com And like us on Facebook: "The Bird Projects" #thebirdprojects #bwphotography #photography #instaart #multimedia #aesthetics #documentary #streetphotography #rockphotography #documentaryphotography #reallife #hdr #pictureoftheday #valokuvaajahelsinki #operationwerewolf #92 #diredogs #alps #italy

3 mile morning trail run and some calesthenics amongst some burnt out rusted automotive skeletal remains with miss @kerrinrose . --- #operationwerewolf #citadel #nordaustur #alltrainingissacrifice --- Follow me on Strava: Biker VVitch --- www.CVLTOVTHEBIKERVVITCH.com --


16 Hours Ago

Ulfhedinn, the singular word for one who is an ulfhednar. Ulfhednar are Odin's special warriors, elite Viking forces. They are known to wear a wolf pelt (in contrast to regular Berserkir who wear a bear pelt), and to be inhabited by the spirit of wolves. Ulfhednar are capable of performing feats far beyond the abilities of other warriors. They don't wear a helmet or a mailcoat, bit their shield in a rage prior to each battle, kill enemies with just one blow, and are immune to fire or iron. Ulfhednar are hamrammir (shape shifters), and thanks to @ulfhednarvinlands I am able to carry my claws wherever I go in the form of this Ulfhednar Amulet, swipe to see how it works . #ulfhedinn #ulfhednar #wolf #wolfblood #wolfcult #wolfpack #wolfkvlt #werewolf #shapeshifter #viking #warrior #berserker #opww #asatru #norse #tribalism #barbarian #feral #rewilding #operationwerewolf #wolfkin #wolfspirit #alphawolf #shamanic #pagan #paganism #vikings #toothandnail #boneart #bonejewelry


16 Hours Ago

All we get out of life are the stories we gather along the way. When we die, our possessions will pass on to whomever; but our stories are ours alone. Your narrative may be as boring as the coffee mug that someone throws away after you’ve been in the ground a few days, or perhaps you can craft a narrative so interesting that even a mundane coffee mug can hold meaning and power because it was yours. + The narrative won’t always be good, either. I’m not your guru nor do I know the meaning of life or the keys to happiness; but what I do know is that if you make it a point to get out there to do things that craft your narrative in ways that will always outweigh the bad, then you’re crafting a story worth retelling. + The brutal truth to it all is that the majority of the world will pick themselves over you—your happiness doesn’t matter to most people. That shouldn’t make you cold on the world, but at least consider doing things that make you happy. More than that, do things good for your soul. Travel, ‘meet people, wander the earth, get in adventures’, and own your own stories. Then use all of that experience to transform yourself into the person you’ve been striving to be. Make your dumbass coffee mug something that someone will want when you go back to the mud. Stay the course. Hold fast. Be the wolf. #adventure #travel #opww #operationwerewolf #92 #mountains #burzum #lifelessons


16 Hours Ago

2 down and only 1 to go. It's a Werewolf takeover. #recordbreaker #beast #powerlifting #operationwerewolf #smallbutstrong #egokiller


22 Hours Ago

- L'odio è un'emozione , e come tale, l'uomo deve esplorarla. Tuttavia, c'è un'enorme differenza tra il creare una cultura e una banda attorno all'odio, e semplicemente sapere come ritualizzarlo, in quali momenti e come, per comprenderlo. Un'intero progetto , obbiettivo, basato sul puro odio, è una sola cosa: pura paura. Paura di ciò che ci aspetta lì fuori, paura del giudizio, e ogni singola paura nutrirà un animo corrotto e fragile. Provare odio è un'avvisaglia sul fatto che dobbiamo lavorare su qualcosa di nuovo riguardo noi stessi e disciplinare, tramite Volontà, questo nostro nuovo lato, che va capito, vissuto e reso migliore. - Dopo ogni moot, torniamo a casa, ci facciamo una doccia e guardiamo con orgoglio il nostro sangue lavarsi via dal corpo e dai vestiti, ci curiamo le ferite e con enorme pazienza e stoicismo apprendiamo che nulla, nulla ci viene dato in cambio di questa vita e impariamo a vedere le nostre innumerevoli cicatrici, sconfitte e vittorie come qualcosa di sacro, più sacro del lavoro di qualsiasi dio. Ma vivamo delle nostre potenti emozioni, generate e celebrate nella marzialità, nell'apprendimento e nel rituale, nel raggiungimento di un Sogno. C'è una parte dell'archetipo che è indubbiamente il Distruttore. Ma anche nel distruggere, è bene ponderare e capire cosa e come va distrutto, per rientrare nello spietato ordine naturale che la terra ci ha conferito, dove questo ordine non è una favola per bambini, ma piuttosto un mondo dove è pericoloso, per la propria sicurezza e per le proprie emozioni, perdere il controllo. Perdere il proprio controllo per l'odio è una particolarità che vogliamo lasciare ai vigliacchi, ai deboli, ai paurosi. Il lupo odia forse la pecora? Il leone odia la gazzella? - C'è una cosa molto piu complessa che richiede molta piu volontà, autocontrollo e coraggio che possiamo fare: essere indifferenti a ciò che ci urta, ciò che ci offende, ciò che odiamo perchè è il nostro istinto ( a tutti è capitato di amare senza un motivo particolare, e questa è peculiarità di ogni emozione) a decidere di farlo. #diredogs @thebirdprojects #operationwerewolf


22 Hours Ago

Got to hang out with this legend of a man @son_of_the_hooded_wanderer. We got to watch some crazy death metal, drink and talk everything from training, to music, philosophy, Operation Werewolf, life and even dating. You are a solid guy mate. Looking forward to seeing you again. You always have a place to crash if you make it to Melbourne. Thanks for showing me around Austin. #opww #operationwerewolf #metal #austin #burgers #beers


23 Hours Ago

Wake up early, coffee, music & some literature in order... may Freya bless your day into a thunderous weekend!! Hail Freya! #operationwerewolf #nederland #deathinjune #boydrice #scorpionwind #werewolfmanifesto #paulwaggener #coffee #foodforthought #strongmindset #noexcuses #totallifereform #militantstrengthculture #starttheworld


23 Hours Ago

Fantastic recommendation by @paulwaggener @operationwerewolfofficial 👊🏻 I’m only an hour into the audiobook but I’m already hooked. Essential! #opww #operationwerewolf