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. The 2 Rumpus Room various artist compilations on Don't are pretty badass. Full up of grunge-y, distorted, oddball Techno from the likes of Jerome Hill, Paul Birken, Michael Forshaw, Edit, Dj Periferico and of course TSR who knocked out this stomper. "Press Play on Tape" . . Syntax Error, error, error #dontrecordings #tsr #ottotsr #techno #vinyl #hamont #hamiltontechknow

Отличная посылка пришла с ацидоз и вонки техно, спасибо Томасу #ottotsr .))

. If there was a group of artsy fartsy (emphasis on fartsy) Techno and Chip-tune fanatics from Sweden, what do you think they'd call themselves? #techno #chiptune TSR, that's right. Tomas(@ottotsr), Fredi (@askebrisen), and Robi (@blues4d) have made some of the most fun Techno this side of the year 2000. From crooning about Arnold's wet dreams to bemoaning onions tied to belts, these guys have a solid sense of humour and have great ears (6) for the bass heavy, tweaky funk they've become known for. #tsr #ottotsr This particular track "Monkey Suit Party" is a great example of that aforementioned humour jammed into a track with some of their trademark sounds. The wee-woo is in full effect, the Chicagoan drum patterns are ace, and nipple tweaking is relentless. #hamont #vinyl #podcast

Linus Vallin

2016-09-17 05:12:50

Livet deluxe!

Kvällens sängkamrater #otto #tsr #linse #ottotsr