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Away we go 🍂


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Breathe Take air Into your lungs. Be reminded of His Love. Breathe it out. Let It Go 🍃 -Morgan Harper Nicholas


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Fall is falling. Get some while it lasts 🍂


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Seems that I got more likes on pictures of myself, so here we go... 😛


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Last one from this beach set I promise. I’ll stop being basic now 😝😝😝


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I’ve had so many fun weekends teaching climbing these past couple months. 🤘


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I was running down this trail, jumping rock to rock, when Adam said “Stop trying to show off before you hurt yourself.” [Says the pro motocrosser that jumps hundreds of feet in the air 🙄] . I immediately thought, yeah, he’s right. I probably shouldn’t be messing around or I will end up twisting my ankle or something. But then I remembered my vision. . I had this vision a while back, and it’s a vision I share with with my mastermind girls that I want to share with you. I envision life as a show. A real deal, full-on production of a show, and YOU are the star of that show. When you step up onto the stage to put on the show, who will you be? How will you act? What will everyone in the audience see? . When I imagined this vision, I realized I wanted to step onto that stage and give people the show of their lives! I’d want to see people up on their feet and smiling and dancing! I’d want a full-on, entertaining production...the lights, the music, the acrobatics. I wouldn’t hold back on anything, I’d want to give it all! . And it hit me...if I had it my way in my show and I gave it my all, why the hell wasn’t I giving my all in this show?...the show of my LIFE?! . When I thought of life as a show it seemed ridiculous to step out on stage and half-ass it. So why was I? Why was I being so timid? Why was I being fearful? . It was time to quit half-assing it and go all out. It was time to step up and onto that stage. It was time to overcome the fears, stop holding back, and give it my all. . Any time I catch myself in a circumstance where I’m holding back...and I don’t care if it’s as tiny a circumstance as happily skipping down a trail or as big a circumstance as getting up on that stage...I check back in with that girl. That girl I would be if I were stepping into that stage and giving my audience the show of their life. Who would she be? How would she act? What would she do? . Then, I do what that girl would do 🔥💖


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*Do you think Chick-fil-A delivers here?* #eatmorchikin


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Repeito mas não entendo essa gente que conta vantagem dos bens que tem. Carro, roupa de marca, perfume caro não significam nada para mim, afinal, são apenas objetos que o tempo faz questão de uma hora estragar. Pra mim a vida é feita para se sentir... O que importante é aquilo que ninguém pode arrancar de mim! Sentimentos, experiências, conexões, aprendizagens,lembranças de tudo que já vivi e tudo que ainda está por vir! 🍀 #bianatrilha #mulheresdasmontanhas #menosémais #vidaaoarlivre #avidaéaquifora #éoquesesente #climbing_lovers #mountainlovers #outdoorwomen #mountains #mylifestyle #freedom #nature #felicidade #desapega #lovemylife #abreajaneladeixaavidaentrar


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Whatcha looking at? | Spotted this dirty fellow past Leprechaun Lake last week


2018-01-28 10:48:39

Ice Ice Baby.🌬


2018-01-27 15:51:27

I’m AttiTRASH at snowboarding⛷🏂 #butitry


2018-05-16 12:07:22

Our little family👨🏽‍⚕️👩🏽‍⚕️🐕🌸 #camping #dogsofinstagram #dog #familytime


2018-07-14 17:58:22



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Idk what was worse my family trying to row together or the rapids 🥇


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🐝utiful day with the sunnies! #colbyfarmsunflowers #sunflower #sun #dog


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🍖🔒 Enjoy FREE? For our loyal followers on instagram ◼️◼️◼️ Smash the link in our bio to get yours!🍍 🍍 _ 🍚 > 🍖 > ♑️ _ 🔍➬ > " It's a win-win situation. The workers don't only come for adventure. Many have trouble getting jobs back home." (Authored by - Sreeram Iyer) #travel #trailchat #hills #gogetlost #mountainphotography #stealthcam #backpackersworld #ourlonelyplanet #nationalparkcentennial #yosemitefalls #liveyouradventure #outdooradventures #alpes #backpackerlife #pedraforca #mtbscotland #waterfalls #onewithnature #middleofnowhere #tallulahgorge #modernoutdoorsman #earthpics #enjoynature #outdoorwomen


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37. Chasing Waterfalls 🙌 Accomplished the 17.6km Coomera Circuit Yesterday. Definitely one of the Gold Coasts hidden gems. Had an amazing day with like minded women !! #coomeracircuit #hiking #happyhikers #hikeaustraila #wildernessbabes #mountaingirls #wild #outdoors #waterfalls #adventure #livelife #thisisliving #goexplore #wanderlust #adventureseeker #outdoorwomen #girloutdoor #girlsgoneintothewild @womenwhohike @hike_australia


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From summer to fall, and we love it all!! All new ASDT apparel is back in stock and going fast! (link in bio) #andshesdopetoo #outdoorwomen #womenwhohike #womenwhoexplore #choosemountains #livewylder