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The great debut for the giant inflatable POOKY THE PANDA 🐼🐼🐼!!! . On 3/16/19, @pookythepanda will make an appearance at the @runproject Dash Down Greenville 5K in Dallas. There’s a couple more modifications but they are happening swiftly. Use promo code: GREENPINTS for a special discount to the race. . SEE. YOU. THERE!!!! . #panda #pandas #pandasofinstagram #pandalove #pandapandapanda #pandamode #pandarunner #pandasareawsm #pandaexpress #pandapanda #pandacute #pandamonium #pandalover #pandabear #pookybear #pookythepanda #pookythe🐼 #pandaman #pandalife #parkeralumni #parkeruniversity #parkerproud #parkertriathlon #pandasareawesome #ilovepandas #runpanda #chiropracticstudent #futuredoctorofchiropractic

Grey, White and Black x “wAy” long sleeves! With the awesome Carly, Christa and Kelly at our park day! #whoareyou #way #fitness #brand #lifestyle #slaying #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #growth #pandamonium #progression #selfbattle

#repost @bear__lover__ with @get_repost ・・・ ✔ Please doubletab and tag a Friend below 🐼 🐼 Cr:ipanda熊勒个猫 🐾 Follow us @bear__lover__ 💝 💕 Make sure you push like follow for daily pics! 😃 💞 Thank you my friend Via: @panda_sweetbaby #pandalover #pandamonium #pandastyle #pandas #pandafunk #pandan #pandabear #pandaeyes #lovebearsgirl #pandawa87 #pandapicture #pandainteresting

Close your eyes 😌 and make a wish💫❤😍 . Follow me➡️ @pandatiiii #pandalovers❤ #panda #pandapandapanda #pandababy #pandaparty #pandacute #pandamonium

Pandas are my jam! I definitely need some that aren’t black tho...


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Always on the look out for the mailman! #panthewalker #lookout #onguard

Panda Protection ,🐼🐾🐾⛰️ The giant panda is found in most Chinese gardens, due to the Han Dynasty province in China. The government and the environment seek to protect them from extinction and to allow them to live and grow in their natural forests without threat or threat through effective efforts in afforestation a large area of ​​land suitable for the natural environment of pandas #pandas #panda #pandalove #pandabear ##giantpanda #lovepanda #fun #bear #animal #pandawa #babypanda #pandalovers #cute #cat #drawing #lovepandas #pandamonium #dog #video #funny #pandabears #pandagirl #babygirl #zoo #babyboy #kitty #baby #outdoor #bhfypì

On my most recent trip to Japan, I went to Ueno Zoo hoping to see some pandas in real life. Sadly, everyone in the world was there for that reason as well and it was difficult to see them. I decided to design a shirt with everything I wished I could see—pandas bein’ pandas! Now available in my shop! . . . #panda #pandas #pandalove #pandaparty #pandacute #panda🐼 #pandamonium #pandalover #pandawa #pandalovers #pandabear #pandathings #pandatshirt #clothingbrand #clothingline #clothingboutique #clothingstore #cuteclothes #kawaii #kawaiifashion

Another pic with sheer 🐼 Love 💕 💗 #pandas #pandamonium #stuffedanimals #sewing DM me with your order. I can make it in an 18” or 14” Reserve on Etsy. #seamstressonduty✂️ #specialorder

When someone asks what your weekend plans are and you know you're planning to binge on Netflix all weekend. 😬 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Follow @thepandaworks Follow @thepandacrafts ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🖼 @meinplatycodon

Your morning sets up the success of your day. So many people wake up and immediately check text messages, emails, and social media. Use your first hour awake for breakfast and meditation to prepare yourself. Follow Us For Daily Panda Goodness. ___________________ @thepandalounge @thepandalounge ___________________ #pandalovers #meditationspace #giantpanda #pandalife #pandastyle #pandas #breakfastideas #pandatao #thoughtfulquotes #pandamonium

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How do you guys play suited connectors out of position? Do you think it’s more profitable to play aggressive or passive when out of position? What comes into play with the style you play? 🤔🗯 #suitedconnectors #nutcrackers #nutterbutter #nolimit #holdem #allin #shipit #hustler #hustlercasino #hustlercasinola #gardena #losangeles #lapoker #pandanutting #paypanda #pandamonium #hammertime

We go again! ⚡️🐼 The Lightning Pandas kick off day three of the #cwlps4 Pro League Qualifier with our match against @teamenvy. It’s time to cause some #pandamonium ⚡️🐼

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PSA for all y'all going to the game Sunday..pick up a little throat spray and you'll still be able to talk on Monday #forreals #whodat #choppastyle #pandamonium #superbowlbound #fromthediaphragm


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Ready for this 7-6 work day to be over so I can head home for some cuddles! #panthewalker #pandemonium #snuggles

Mum and I decided to go looking for real Great Crested Newts over at one of the ponds at the @vangardeyork We couldn't find the real thing...but then do newts hibernate? I have a feeling they might! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru #thegreatnewtroute

It's been a while since I shared a passage from my journal. Infact it's been 3 weeks since I told you about my time with @thedomesticsodthis and her gang. Since then my pal Edie has gotten herself an account of her own! go take a look and follow @ediebediesuperstar she's one brave, beautiful little gal! Then go make yourself a cuppa coffee...or something stronger cos I'm gonna tell you all about the time I visited my friend @tiddlybing and my trip to Kos! Ohhhh just a word of warning...some of Lady Tids notes might not be suitable for little ears...I'm gonna give her story a 18 rating 😂 Love Pru x🐼X #apandacalledpru #pruspassport #prusjournal

Well that walk certainly blew some fluff away! #apandacalledpru

Time for a bit of fresh air with Grandma, Tom and Daddy Paul. Mum says I need to walk off all this extra fluff I've gained over Christmas. Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

On the 5th day of #twelvedaysofplushiechristmas mum let me...wear five of her silver @rueb_york stacking rings. Although cos I don't have fingers I had to put them on a @rueb_york necklace! We like @rueb_york 💓 Love Pru.🐼X #apandacalledpru #challengecollective #amonthinchristmasmoments

Just for you @markettbear collection of #seaglass from Seaham beach 💗 #apandacalledpru

On the 4th day of #twelvedaysofplushiechristmas and after I knocked mum's cuppa coffee over this morning I'm sure I heard her mutter something about me being a fork holding girl. (Well I think that's what she said) Love Pru.🐼X #apandacalledpru #challengecollective #amonthinchristmasmoments


2018-12-05 05:17:55

Poor Pan, he does not like the big yellow box coming and taking his small humans away everyday! He barks and howls and carries on like I don’t know what. #panthewalker #wheredotheygoallday #schoolbushunter


2018-11-09 15:35:12

This is Pancake and he is a new wonderful rambunctious addition to our family! Nothing like a one year old puppy to shake things up and lift your spirits 🥰 #pantheman #panthewalker #treewalkercoonhound #puppylove

•26th April• #mystylephotochallenge = WRAP DRESS Mum has well and truly lost it! #apandacalledpru

Tonight is sadly my last night with the fabulous Ryan and gorgeous @xjust_michellex And, I've been absolutely pampered from head to paws. I've had my nails done, a facial and even a little drinky poo whilst flicking through @myshowcasebymichelle brochure. I may have spent all my pocket money mum! Now, I'm all relaxed and have headed to bed for one last sleep in Wales before I hit the road to visit @helenlucie and her girls. Thank you for being such wonderful hosts Michelle and Ryan I will miss you. Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Come on You Blues! I look like a Pru-fessional don't i! Tonight were watching the Everton v Newcastle game. Ryan has let me borrow his first ever Everton Football top from when he was teeny. It's a good fit isn't it! #evertonfc #apandacalledpru

I've been to visit Ryan's grandma today. She is lovely and let me help her choose a new lippy from her Avon book. I wonder what shade would suit me best? How about PrufectPink? 💋 #apandacalledpru

Happy Monday! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacallepru

Managed a spot of sunbathing in the gardens of #chirkcastle yesterday. @xjust_michellex made sure I was well protected one wants to see a sunburnt panda. #apandacalledpru

•22nd April• #mystylephotochallenge = STATEMENT EARINGS I borrowed these Pink Feathered beauties from @dawny_makes last week! #apandacalledpru

I've been to Chirk Castle today with Ryan and @xjust_michellex We had a wonderful time exploring the castle and playing in the gardens. I think I'd quite like to live here! It's been a beautiful day I hope you all are having a lovely weekend. Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Mum took the Noodles out for a walk in the sunshine earlier. They found a bug hotel and decided to check in for the afternoon! Looks more like the house of horrors to me! 🐼 #apanndacalledpru

Morningggg, I had a busy day with @xjust_michellex yesterday and last night we may have had a drinky poo or two. We're both feeling a little delicate this morning but it's a beautiful day so were gonna make the most of it by exploring the beautiful sights of Wales. (I hope I'm not sick in the car) Pru 🐼 #apandacalledpru

White sheets and Tulips...Insta Style! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

What a beautiful day! I'm sitting here watching Ryan on his scooter...boy that kid is good! I wonder of he will let me have a go? Mum @xjust_michellex has promised us ice-cream later! Yum Yum! I like it here! It's Prufect! Pru 🐼 #apandacalledpru

Sat patiently waiting for @xjust_michellex and Ryan to get home from school...they have promised me a trip to the beach. I can't wait to feel that sand between my paws. Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

•18th April• #mystylephotochallenge = ANIMAL PRINT I was gonna go naked for this prompt but @dawny_makes made me cover up! #apandacalledpru

Ryan's feeling much better today so we've been out in the car doing some errands with mum (@xjust_michellex ). Ryan was very good and made me sit in the booster seat...although I still couldn't see out of the window! Time for a little treat now me thinks...Ben & Jerry's and a Movie...Ryan...your ON! #apandacalledpru

Hi there, It's me again and it's Wednesday which can only mean one's time for Pru's #wednesdaywisdom Today I'm are capable of amazing things. Look at me I'm a teeny Panda called Pru and I'm on an adventure visiting people from the Insta World, if I can do this just imagine what your capable of! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Ryan's still not very well but he's really looking after me. I've had a lovely bath and Dotty Ryan's mum's teddy bear...that used to be her grandma's has let me borrow her dressing gown. She's so's pink and fluffy and I love it! We're having an early I'll see you in the morning. Love Ryan & Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

I arrived @xjust_michellex just in time to give Ryan a cuddle before he fell asleep...he's not very well but I'm hoping he feels better soon. I've travelled from Manchester to Wales to be with him and boy am I exhausted...I think I'll take 40 winks too! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes We're saying farewell little panda this morning as Pru is off on her travels again. It's been such fun and we're sad to her go, but more adventures beckon for this intrepid little traveller! . . . . ***********************🐼 ************************ Thank you for looking after me @dawny_makes @allsorts_of_kay and @carolife_vegan I've had a wonderful time with you in Manchester. I'll miss you but will always have my new bag to remember you by. Lots of love Pru.x 🐼x #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Good morning all. Pru wasn't sure she would want any breakfast this morning after eating so much chocolate with @carolife_vegan last night, but once she smelled the banana spice porridge she declared she was sure she'd be able to squeeze a little bit in. She is now helping Duncan hang some new doors, I've told her to be careful with those sharp tools though! It's Pru's last day with us today, we will really miss our little panda friend 🐼 #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @carolife_vegan Movie night! Letting @a_panda_called_pru decide what to watch and also eat all my snacks whilst (more) popcorn is cooking! First Tangled, then Brave and now Bridget Jones Diary! 💖 What good choices!💕 Disney faves and now a girlie classic. Fabulous! Pru is such a good friend swapping the disks over, shame she's getting crumbs everywhere, eating all the party rings oh and thats a second bar of chocolate for the day! Opps! Clearly not getting any encouragement or chocoholicness,from me... At all... 😅 🤣 Good job we're sharing it! #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @carolife_vegan So Pru made herself comfortable whilst I nipped out of my room for food! She seems to really like this Nailed it Netflix show and my chocolate! #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @carolife_vegan So whilst @dawny_makes was busy, @a_panda_called_pru decided to check on me and help decide what colours I should sew with. Now Pru is a panda on an adventure; travelling, going to various instagramers homes to have lots of fun, see what others get up to and maybe share some laughs over a beverage (or two). We had tons of fun yesterday, tramming into Manchester, meeting my best friend @kate.the.vegan and also joining in with choir ❤️, so I'm glad she also seems to be having fun today. Go see @dawny_makes for what Pru has been doing at ours during her stay, so far and also her adventures on her own page: @a_panda_called_pru #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Pru's been helping with chores today, once she'd had a quick shower that is, she was happy to see we have a shower cap for her as she reckons it's no fun if you get water in your panda ears. She sure knows how to wield that pink duster! Then she kindly sewed a button onto a new product I've been working on for My Sister Sews, she told me off as that button has been waiting for 2 days to be sorted (oops) and it looks like she's now checking out my online postings, I hope they're up to scratch! #apandacalledpru

I go Dotty for anything Spotty! Love Pru x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Pru says it would be rude not to sample some of my homemade damson gin, she's developed quite a taste for gin on her travels it seems 😉🍸 Cheers all. Happy Friday 😘 #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Good afternoon all and I hope you're all having a lovely Friday. After a long lie in this morning Pru was back out in the car for a couple of errands. Pru decided the weather was looking a bit dodgy, so popped her gorgeous pink raincoat on 'just in case' (always wise in Bury)☔☁ and we went to check out 'Bury's World Famous Market'. This had to include a visit to the black pudding stall and, of course, a small sample ..I think Pru preferred the fruit toast from yesterday to be honest! She spent a while helping out some of the stall holders and chatting to lots of old ladies and admiring their shopping trolleys. There was a bit of a crush at the cake stall and Pru nearly got run over - 'you've got to watch out for those OAPs when they spot a bargain' haven't you she declared! We called to see grandma Audrey on the way home and Pru is now firm friends with Molly dog, possibly due to Pru having a whiff of black pudding about her 😉🐼🐶 @a_panda_called_pru #apandacalledpru

Knee High, Short Arse, Fun Sized, Little Legs, Squirt, Pint Sized, Shrimp, Midget, Small Fry...however you say it...I'm Short Stuff! Love Pru x🐼x

Regrann from @dawny_makes Tonight choir were singing From Now On from The Greatest Showman and Pru enjoyed joining in but was so tired she fell asleep on the tram on the way home and had to be carried straight to bed. Night night Pru 😀🐼💗 @manchestershowchoir #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Good evening all. Well Pru has had a busy day in Manchester today. After seeing a few of the sights it was time to grab a quick meal, Pru chose Bella Italian as @allsorts_of_kay says it's one of her favourite places. (Yes those are diet chips if anyone is asking). Then it was time to dash to choir practice with Manchester Show Choir, Pru was so excited to meet musical director Daniel Wood as he's been on telly and is a particular friend of Jane McDonald (amongst others!). She even helped Helen on the piano by turning the pages of the music score, she's such a helpful panda. #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Pru is out and about in Manchester city centre this afternoon. She was excited to go on the tram and Caroline showed her some of the sights of the city, after which she needed cappuccino and some fruit toast in the company of the fabulous @kate.the.vegan (who is trying to get us organised for a few days away next month!). @a_panda_called_pru @carolife_vegan @metrolinkphotography #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Good morning all! @a_panda_called_pru is settling in nicely. Mornings mean a bit of exercise for us and Pru was keen to join in, although she needed a sweatband as her little legs were working hard to keep up, she says she now needs a lie down before heading into the city centre later. #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @dawny_makes Pru found a copy of Jolly Snow in the bookcase and enjoyed reading that at bedtime last night. It reminded her of the time she spent with Red Ted and the gang at Aunty Chris' house (@troo56) #apandacalledpru

•12th April• #mystylephotochallenge = ROSE GOLD Whilst at Kay's (@allsorts_of_kay) she let me try on her silver and chrome bracelet...It's so Pretty! #apandacalledpru

Eeekkk.....Thank you @threelittlepandas.tlp for my badge and tattoo. It's Prufect! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru #threelittlepandas #teampanda

Regrann from @dawny_makes I think @allsorts_of_kay has been telling @a_panda_called_pru fibs about my driving ability as she was hiding in her travel bag when I picked her up earlier today. So on the way home we called in on Nanny Bea so Pru could tell her all about her adventures so far, Nanny assured Pru that I drive carefully (and no, not like Sterling Moss at all really) and Pru was fine after that! #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @allsorts_of_kay Morning instafriends. I'm sitting in the local garden centre with little sis @dawny_makes and Pru. Pru is off to stay with Dawn for a few days now, you can follow her adventures @a_panda_called_pru #apandacalledpru

•11th April• #mystylephotochallenge = SOMETHING NEW My beautiful handmade travel bag from Kay & Dawn @my_sister_sews It's just perfect for my travels, I can fit my passport clothes and even myself in there...It's absolutley Prufect! #apandacalledpru

Hello it's Pru here! Mums mate @shirleyjan_777 very kindly sent her some lovely inspirational quote cards ~ so every Wednesday I'll share a little #wednesdaywisdom with you. Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @allsorts_of_kay Evening instafriends. As you can see Pru and I have been very busy today making a Pru Bag. Finding the right fabric was easy as Pru's favourite colour just happens to be pink 😄😃 but when it came to finding the perfect trim that was a whole other story 🤔and Pru ended up getting everything out and still couldn't make up her mind. But we got there in the end and thankfully Pru just loves her new travelling Pru bag, and it was finished just in the nick of time as Pru is off on her travels again tomorrow with my little sis @dawny_makes. I will be sad to see her go but a panda must do was a panda has to do, and as we all know Pru's mission is to see as much of the big bad world as she can with the help of all her instafriends. You can follow Pru's adventures on @a_panda_called_pru and if you would like to assist Pru on her adventures DM her mummy @theyorkiebarkid #apandacalledpru

Tex is a bit of an #dinosaur but I still love him! Love Pru.x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @allsorts_of_kay Evening all. As you can see Pru has had a fantastic day with Emmy. First thing they did together was make breakfast which they both decided really needed to be porridge with chocolate chips and as every good cook knows you should always sample the ingredients first, luckily they left enough chocolate chips to actually go in their porridge. Then it was off to the shops via the park where Emmy needed to show Pru how to go up and down the slide, I think Pru quite enjoyed that, I'm not to sure how she felt about the swing as Emmy was pushing her very high😲 But everything was better after Emmy shared the bag of mini chocolate eggs with her and let her have a well deserved nap in the pram with baby on the way home. Pru's now relaxing after having a much needed shower and I think perhaps an early night as Emmy really did put her through her paces today. #apandacalledpru

•9th April• #mystylephotochallenge = RAIN COAT My Pink PVC rain coat always comes in handy...expecially when I'm back home in York as it's always flooding! Love Pru x🐼x #apandacalledpru

Regrann from @allsorts_of_kay Morning instafriends. Look sunshine 😁🌞 Not quite bikini weather yet but at least it's going in the right direction! Another early start in my house today, Emmy wanted to help grandma do breakfast, so while my coffee's brewing and my baked oats are in the oven she's telling Pru how to make chocolate chip porridge and there both sampling the chocolate chips just to make sure there the right ones. I did tell Pru not to eat too many chocolate chips as there not really SW friendly and as we know are bodies are temples not old ruins. Then later were all off to the shops and by all I mean me, Emmy, Pru and baby in her pram, it's not going to be a quick nip to the shop's that's for sure 😕 #apandacalledpru