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Alhamdulillah. . September. Always an 'eventful' month for me. The month I framed this picture of my graduation back in 2007. My niece, Ayin's birthday 🎂. She's more like a sister to me. And also.. the month of my late dad's passing. Definitely a month where I'll have mix feelings about.. every single year. . Late Dad, I miss you dearly. Thank you for educating me AND spoiling me as the youngest child should.🤗 I thank Allah for lending you to us. At least you got to see me doing pretty well in my career & was always supportive in whatever I decided to do at the time. I used to believe that I was a 'Jack of All Trades'.. Still am, hopefully 😛 . 7 years since you're 'away' to be with the Creator. Slowly, I understand that everything does happen for a reason & Allah is the Best Author. . I know you'll be proud of me, old man, if you're still around. I'll be speaking & moderating a panel next month in Singapore, insyaAllah. And the book I wrote, will be printed by then too. Can't wait to see my name on a book cover! . I'm (co) championing a roadshow team & so thankful for this opportunity to work with awesome colleagues. Will be going to Penang tomorrow for Matta Fair at Setia Spice Arena this weekend. All penangites who love to travel, do drop by booth 44, yeah? 🙂 . #positivevibesonly #happymaus #staystrong #imissmylatedad #septembermusings #septembertragedy #septembertravels #travel #tripfez #itchyfeet #jackofalltrades #multipotentialite #panelist #panelistwannabe #authortobe #author #writer #content #contentwriter #eventmanager #eventplanner #hijabster #talented #multitalent