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Our #familyfridays wraps up with a final cartoon from Emily Flake dealing with every parent’s fear: bullying. Swipe ➡️ • She writes: “There’s a scene in the brilliant film, “Let The Right One In,” where the little girl vampire counsels her human friend about his bully situation: “You have to hit them back. Harder than they hit you.” It’s advice that speaks to the law of the jungle that dominates the playground—that law, like fairies, might be invisible to grown-ups, but it’s very real. It is not, however, responsible advice for an adult to give (even if it’s better advice than I got as a kid). So what do we do when our kid is being teased or bullied? And how do we advise without replaying our own past traumas? • LSTers, thanks for joining us and head over to @eflakeagogo for more cartoons and humor.


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Literally me every Friday night. hahaha 📷 by @lifeofdad

Continuing with our #familyfridays with Emily Flake (@eflakeagogo), she writes: “This is a drawing from my book, Mama Tried, which is readily available from The Store, by which I mean Amazon. Truth be told, I did not doodle this while on the phone with the pediatrician; I doodled it while on hold with my insurance company, who had just blithely informed me that my daughter was not, in fact, covered for a month after her birth, but rather 48 hours. That’s less time! It all got sorted out in the end, but if you’ve ever tried to navigate the byzantine maze of insurance with a head full of hormones and tits (full-ish, and rather suddenly) of milk, you’ll understand why we need single-payer in this country, like, yesterday.


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Who else agrees?! 😒  Comment below with an example! 😉 Credit: @stayhomemama

We couldn’t think of a better way to kick off the weekend than with a #familyfridays takeover with #newyorkermagazine cartoonist Emily Flake, who’s also the mastermind behind our dinosaur dick-punching a bear pin (obviously, link in bio to get yours) • • Emily (@eflakeagogo) says: “I write a parenting comic/column for the New Yorker online called “Parent as a Verb”; this one started out being about sleep training and took a hard left into visions of the end of the world. I mean maybe your kid goes to sleep without using you as her personal human stuffie, or maybe you can perform said human stuffie duties without having your thoughts run apocalyptic, and if so, well, good for you. You and I will find different things to discuss.”


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Stop rubbing it in, @2ndtruth & @judithmarilyn_ , I know your stay at @dewittamsterdam was unreal. #jealous #partner #kimpton 〰〰〰〰〰 Credits to: @witanddelight_ Follow them now! 〰〰〰〰〰 Follow us: @nordic.snuggle Follow us: @nordic.snuggle Follow us: @nordic.snuggle 〰〰〰〰〰 #nordicsnuggle #parentinghumor #parentingislam family #familylook #interior4all #lifestyleentrepreneur #homeinspiration


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What do parenting & rope climbs have in common? Clearly I’m losing my grip on both... #flashbackfriday . . . . . . . . #crossfit #crossfitchicks #ropeclimb #abs #strength #gripstrength #reebok #fitspo #yoga #parenting #parentinghumor #fitness

Today was one of those days- one of those days where it’s Friday but it doesn’t feel like it, and you’re not sure how on earth you’ll make it through the day. Alas, with the help of the great outdoors, random things we found in the sand, and selfies of our frustration behind our toddlers backs we were able to make it. Now to get through dinner and bedtime!! #wishusluck #kidsoutdoors #outdoorparenting #gooutside #saveyoursanity #tourismabbotsford #abbotsford #parentingunplugged #reallifeparenting #thisisreallife #parentinghumor #momlife


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Never compare your story to someone else’s. Comparison is the thief of joy 💛 Love where you’re at and look forward to where you’re going. WORTH LIVNG ✨


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How did you "ruin" your kid's life today? By asking them to brush their teeth? Turn off the TV? Eat broccoli? #parentlife #kidslife


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And how do you feel about glue guns? Because you wouldn't BELIEVE what I can do in a craft room. Sorry, I'm taken but man, what a missed opportunity. 😉 Tag someone who should have this as their dating profile. #swipeleft #whatadelight #tinder #pof #totalpackage #justkidding #onlinedating #dpics #cooking #cleaning #sahm #wifey #putaringonit #motherhoodthroughinstagram #parentinghumor #momlife #memesdaily #memes #funnymom #meme #instadaily #yqg #hinge #housewife #wifematerial


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Putting my career on hold for almost a year now to raise my twin preschool-age grandsons means I'M EXCITED about preschool starting in TWO MONTHS!! I'm going to miss being with them every day but I'm also looking forward to: 😴sleep 💃alone time 👧 more time with my granddaughters 💏 more time with hubby 👩‍💼working my business 🙏more time to meditate ✍️ more time to write/journal 🏞️time spent in nature What about you? What is something you're looking forward to in the coming months? #grandparenting #raisingtwins #workfromhomemum #workfromhomemom #workingfromhome #stayathomemomlife #grandmalife #onetiredmomma #onetiredmimi #parentinghumor #meditationeveryday #writinglife


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Are we there yet? (And by there I mean back home...) • • Why is it so hard to make beautiful and wonderful memories for your kids? And why do we always want it more than them?? Like “We are going to Disneyland, BE HAPPY DAMMIT!” 😂 • • I feel more and more like Clark from “Vacation” with every trip we take 😂 • • Pray for me y’all! Three babies taking turns crying on a 6 hour car trip is starting to drive me a little insane...


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Parenting Badge # 603: running errands with a rambunctious toddler. There may be blood, sweat, tears, a million snacks, no adequate potty in sight, a ton of heavy bags, non-stop toddler chatter, and the passing thought ‘why did I even leave the house today?’ But if you get one thing on the list done and make it home alive then you deserve a medal, and this parenting badge! #fiveminutemomjournal #alldonewithlove #parentingbadge #honestparenting

There is no greater blessing for parents than seeing their children come to the Lord