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Monday reminder: You are beautiful You are needed in this world You are powerful beyond measure You are capable of anything It’s a new week, set out new goals, happy Monday!!


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Let’s See Who Can Do This Finisher 🤙 ___ Post up a video doing this finisher and tag 3 friends below to potentially WIN my AP Fat Loss Starter Pack that has every tool you need for your fitness goals. ___ 1. Tag 3 friends below 2. Do this finisher 3. Tag me in your post ___ Let the games begin 😎 #apperformance #transformyourlife • • • • • #patriotsupplements #fitquote #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #getfit#goalsetting #youcandoit #fitnessgoals #trainhard #noexcuses #cardio #cycling #elliptical #fitfam #fitlife #fitness #fitnessaddict @live_fit_apparel @aesthetic_revolution @gymshark @alphalete


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Happy Peak Week to all those competing this upcoming weekend at the Night of Champions!! I’m so excited to support everyone competing ❤️. • It’s time for you to shine and show off all the time, effort and heart you put into it. Push through this last week, I believe in you ❤️ #nightofchampions2018 #patriotsupplements #ifbbbikini #goalchaser #passion #wagthebooty

I question every part of who I am I question every part of who I am It's hard to tell which side of me is in the right With these two different people inside of me fighting for my life, fighting for my life I question every part of who I am #fitness #fitnessmotivation #weightlossjourney #bulking #weightlifting #cardio #nutrition #nutrishop #patriotsupplements #beast #postfalls #training #cda #instafit

@patriotsupplements has your contest needs covered. Get your @mpasupps #vasodryprofessional ONLY at #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementscda #patriotsupplementshayden #patriotarmy #mpasupps #mattporterapproved @mattporterapproved @maiwaldfitness #supplements @apperformanceofficial @mattgroganfit @bossyfitnessdiva #peakweek @ribic_productions #nightofchampions2018


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17 LBS in only 60 Days! ___ For those of you interested into joining the program here is an awesome testimonial from the wonderful @haileyjacksonnn . ___ She kicked but during the program and lost 17 LBS in only 60 days. She has went on to lose another 5 LBS which is totally 22 LBS! ___ Want to work with me? Click the link in my bio to fill out an application 🙏 ___ #apperformance #transformyourlife

Good boys deserve their treats! 🌱🌿🌲💚 #educateandadvocate #northwesthempcompany #hemp #cbd ##hempire #usdaorganiccbd #repost @patriotsupplements with @get_repost ・・・ For a happier Pet give your pet CBD Pets by @naturalnativecbd ONLY @patriotsupplements #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementscda #patriotsupplementshayden


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#soberoctober day 22! -Insert inspirational cliché- Impossible is nothing! Lets GO!!!!!! #presson #bemore #godisgood #patriotsupplements


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🐸☕️ What do you think of this Please follow me: -@patriots_eugene_ Via: -@patsk1ngdom


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Key Tips to Grow Your Chest ___ This is one of the most common questions I get. And the answer is usually lying within the form when pressing __ Have you ever felt like your shoulders are working more than your chest when working out? __ This is often because you don’t have your shoulders retracted and suppressed. The bench press is an awesome movement to build the chest but you will notice that my shoulders aren’t rolling forward when doing the movement __ Most times I see people locking out but going to for. You can lock out your elbows that’s fine but once you feel like your upper back spreads apart you’ve gone to far. __ Focus like your punching a marble between your shoulder blades. Keep that during the whole moment. Most people I work with are actually sore in their upper back the day after. __ Pushing your upper back into the pad will crest a small arch in your lower back. This is okay. Keep your chest high and your elbows slightly tucked and I can promise you, you will start feeling your chest like never before and that will be the moment it starts growing. __ Comment below someone that needs this advice 🙏 🎥: @ssgtjeremyreese #apperformance #transformyourlife


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For a happier Pet give your pet CBD Pets by @naturalnativecbd ONLY @patriotsupplements #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementscda #patriotsupplementshayden #patriotarmy #nativecbd #cbd #cbdpets @maiwaldfitness #supplements @apperformanceofficial @mattgroganfit @bossyfitnessdiva


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Build Those Bicepias💪 ___ First off I want to say that doing the heavy compound movements (like rows and pull ups) will activate your biceps but if you are trying to add a little edge I would add some extra isolated volume at the end of your workouts or a separate day completely. ___ Honestly I would find the movements you enjoy and you can feel the most. You don’t have to be doing these crazy variations. Just focus on planting that elbow and only using your bicep. If this means lowering the weight to eliminate the use of your forearm then do it! ___ Start tracking your volume and progress and keep adding more when you plateau. #apperformance #transformyourlife


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Shoutout to @ssgtjeremyreese for the dope edit 🙏 It’s Sunday Fam! Let’s prepare for another great week 👊 don’t complain that Monday sucks just because you didn’t prepare for it. Let’s go! #apperformance #transformyourlife


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ITS GAMEDAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! Who else wants this? ✔ Please follow me: -@patriots_gwyn_ Via: -@patsperfect


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#throwback to my first time doing my own diet and exercise for a photo shoot. ___ I’ve learned that every single time we start dieting or trying to make adjustments to our physique it will be different every single time. Just like in life, we are always adapting to new changes. ___ Most the time people post pictures like this for the attention. For people to comment “looking good man”. But that is not why I post things. Most people don’t realize the full context behind some of the pictures I post but this one has a lot to it. They say that a pictures is worth a 1000s words and I can guarantee you I learned a 1000 different things during that time about how nutrition and exercise strategy. ___ This was the first time I have ever successfully dieting myself to a low body fat percentage. I had to figure it out myself and I actually made a YouTube series on it way back when showing exactly how I did it. ___ Crazy to think how time fly’s by so fast but the moral of the story is to never stop learning. Being a student of your craft is the number one thing that will keep you growing. ___ Food for thought 💭 📷: @wainwrightimages #apperformance #transformyourlife


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Low Carb Diets For Weight Loss (Please Please Read) ___ I’m ready. I’m going to go on a diet and I am going to cut out all sugars, breads, and carbs. I think it will be perfect if I just eat protein and veggies so I can really kick this into gear. ___ Man I lost 5 lbs!!! This is really working this is awesome! Honey look I already lost 5 lbs with cutting out all my carbs! ___ “Yawn” Man I’m down another pound today! I am doing so good. ___ Honey where is the creamer? I am exhausted. I want to get some coffee in before work. Woke up another pound lighter though! ___ “Yawn” Hey Jeff if you are going to get some food can you just bring me back another coffee? This 2 O’clock slump is really killing me I’m almost falling asleep at my desk. ___ Honey are freaking kidding me you couldn’t even clean that up after using it. Are we pigs around here? My god clean it up just please get it done. ___ Thanks sweetie, yeah I would like some ice cream. I deserve it! This week has been rough but I have been killing it at the gym and have lost 7lbs already this week! I’ll just have a little bit. ___ Holy cow... what happened last night... honey did you eat all cookies? My god all the left over pizza is gone! “Yawn” Man my mouth is so dry I need some water. I am going to check how much I weigh really quick today is check ins. ___ OH... MY... GOD!!!!!!!! What happened!! how am I up 10 lbs!!! I need to go do some cardio I am never eating carbs again I’m so disappointed in myself... 👇👇👇 One question: Has this ever been you? Longevity and consistency will win in the end. Check if what you are doing is sustainable. ___ If you are wanting to learn the real way to lose weight, the way that will take it off forever please DM me. I’d love to help. 🎥: @ssgtjeremyreese #apperformance #transformyourlife


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Congratulations @patriotsupplements athlete @craigfeistner with a 4th round tko in his fight last night. Craig competed in the 155lb class. •Craig is trained by fight legend @pabloalfonsobjj through @360fitnessnorthid UTC Ultimate Training Center. ••We are all proud of you Craig•• #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementscda #patriotsupplementshayden #patriotarmy @maiwaldfitness #supplements @apperformanceofficial @mattgroganfit @bossyfitnessdiva #ufc #cagefighting #brazilianjiujitsu #cbd


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Facts or fiction: The Patriots will end the season with a top 3 offense in the NFL. Awesome image! 😛 Please follow me: -@patriots_nolan_ Via: -@patriots.united


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Dan The Unicorn says drink “Purple Haze” Bang when listening to @jimihendrix @patriotsupplements @bangenergy @vpx_sports #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementscda #patriotsupplementshayden #patriotarmy #bangenergy @maiwaldfitness #supplements @apperformanceofficial @mattgroganfit @bossyfitnessdiva


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Building Your Rear Delts __ The Rear delts is referring to the backside of your shoulder and this is a great area to build to create that “3D” effect. __ I like doing these high rope pulls. Some people pull to there face but I see them usually shrugging their shoulder blades together which works more of their traps. If you pull above your head I see it helps activate the rear delts a little more. ___ Try this out and see if you activate some muscles you have never felt before! #apperformance #transformyourlife


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Do you want this? ⏩ Go to the link to choose your favorite one ⏩ TO ORDER IT ! 🖐 Made in USA 👕 Shipping to many different parts of the world: 🕫 If you're not 100% satisfied, let us know and we'll make it right 😊 Perfect for your family members and friends. 🖙 Double tap & tag your friend Below! #patriotspoint #patriots🏈 #patriotshotties #patriotstrainingcamp #patriotswag #indonesianpatriots #patriotsupplements #patriotsgirlsdoitbetter #patriotsvseagles #teampatriots #patriotsplayoffs


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Good image! The G.O.A.T. @tombrady just hit another milestone with a spectacular TD pass to @flash. #patriots #tnf #patsnation Via :@wcvb5 Follow me : @HotNewsofPatriots #patriotsfamily #patriotswin #newenglandpatriotsnation #newenglandpatriotsfootball #patriotsfans #patriotssociety #patriotsupplements #patriotsgame #patriots4life


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“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” - Happy weekend peeps. Quick update: getting burnt out from the gym (never thought I would ever say that), decided to take 3 days off, I’m ready to jump back in this weekend 💪🏼 The golden rule: Always listen to your body


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Casual Friday.... Poppin bottles, Gettin Whey-sted. #presson #workout2 #patriotsupplements #bemore #godisgood


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8 days to go! First time competitor @colton.young.7543 getting better by the day! Really proud of this dude, super hardworker on the job and the gym, one hell of a Dad and just killing this prep! My kind of #mfer! 💪 #maiwaldfitness #maiwaldfamily #badmfer #beastmode #savage #shredded #ripped #spokane #spokanebodybuilding #npc #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #classicphysique #physique #figure #bikini #cda #dadbod #dadbodkiller #transformation #prep #onlineprep #onlinecoach #onlineprepcoach #prepcoach #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementshayden @patriotsupplements @ribic_productions #nightofchampions


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Hard to believe this was a year ago.. me and the client @cadenedwards117 taking home 1st and 2nd place. - So excited for this years NOC 😁😁


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#throwback to @henry_elliot taking first place in his class! Haven’t been able to see this guy in awhile but he is one of the most genetically gifted people I have seen I mean for gods sake he can walk around with shaker cups on his chest because of how much of a shelf he has 😂. Hope your doing well bro. #apperformance #transformyourlife


3 Days 4 Hours Ago

#flashbackfriday to my first year of Hip Thrusts. And this was my max for a few reps!! 175x10. About 7 years later I am now Thrusting 265x12 with full glute engagement!! 😎 • Before I would throw on heavy weight but only for the first few reps were my glutes the main muscle engaged before my quads or hamstrings taking over. • This is just a reminder to ALL that results takes TIME. ENJOY your journey but if you stay CONSISTENT, you potentially have the chance to speed up the process 😊 #hipthrust #bootyfordays #glutegains #wagthebooty #wonderwilson #patriotsupplements


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Very grateful that Patriot Supplements is keeping me stocked with supplements while I am working out of town. It doesn’t have to be a special time to start working towards your health goals, start as soon as the thought enters your mind. They will steer you in the correct direction! #fitfam #fitspo #fitness #fit #health #love #life #supplements #patriotsupplements #classicphysique #bodybuilding #physique #npc #ifbb #wbff #gym #friday #flexfriday


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@patriotsupplements athlete @craigfeistner fighting tonight. Craig is on his #roadtopro 👊👊👊👊👊 Trained by @pabloalfonsobjj #patriotsupplements #patriotsupplementscda #patriotsupplementshayden #patriotarmy @maiwaldfitness #supplements @apperformanceofficial @mattgroganfit @bossyfitnessdiva #ufc #cagefight @360fitnessnorthid


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How to Build Your Shoulders ___ This is the dumbbell lateral raise and it’s my absolute favorite exercise for building your shoulders. ___ Actually in this video you might see I have a slight imbalance that shows my right shoulder slightly elevated. I still want to post this however because I am always 100% transparent with you guys. ___ When doing this movement try not to bring your wrist above your elbows. Also try to not bring the weight above your head or honestly above the line of you shoulders because then you lose the connection in the shoulders and you start using your traps. (Shrugging up) ___ Try this out and comment anyone that needs help growing their shoulders! #apperformance #transformyourlife


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How to Grow Your Chest ___ I absolutely love this exercise with the fly machine because you can stretch and contract your chest so well. Yes doing presses should be in your program but try putting these in at the end of the workout to really shove as much blood as possible into the muscle. ___ Make sure to keep your shoulders back and focus on the contraction during the movement. Don’t go to far back or you might lose it in your chest and you will feel it more in your shoulder. ___ Hope this helps! Comment below someone that needs this help! #apperformance #transformyourlife


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Time to reach some goals! Staying fueled with only the BEST supplements on the market at @patriotsupplements 💪🏼😆 time to #grow !!!