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More than 70 years after serving in World War II as a bombardier and pilot for the Army Air Forces, Walter Kloc traveled some 1,500 miles to take part in the graduation of his grandson, Joseph, from the Air Force Academy. But the elder Kloc wasn't just there to watch the Class of 2019 graduate last week in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The 101-year-old was on hand to commission his grandson as an officer in the Air Force! 🇺🇸✈🇺🇸 #slotcanyon #localaz #mesaaz #azlife #hikingtheglobe #peoplewhohike #hikingbuddies #hikingtrip #hikingvibes


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Born and raised in AZ so I’m basically part cactus. Here’s my impression 🌵

Mystery of mysteries .. A true Lover is proved such by his pain of heart; No sickness is there like sickness of heart. The Lover’s ailment is different from all ailments; Love is the astrolabe of God’s mysteries. A Lover may hanker after this love or that love, but at the last he is drawn to the King of Love. However much we describe and explain love, when we fall in love we are ashamed of our words. Explanation by the tongue makes most things clear, but Love unexplained is clearer. When pen hasted to write, on reaching the subject of love it split in twain. When the discourse touched on the matter of love, pen was broken and paper was torn. Naught but Love itself can explain love and lovers. ... ... ... ... #travelblogger #sheisnotlost #wearethewild #hikingworldwide #peoplewhohike #amongthewild #sheadventures #travelguide #choosemountains #etribune #travelbeautifulpakistan #storiesfrompakistan #travelislife #travels #mountainadventures #travelbucketlist #traveladdicted #shemovesmountains #shigar #serna #baltistan #pakistan #tlw #thelocalwanderer #wanderer #promotingtourism

The clouds were angry but I was happy 😆

Tag a service member or veteran who needs to go for a hike and find a view like this one ☝🏼⁣ ⁣ 📷: USCG @wilderness_chick 🇺🇸⁣ #hiking4heroes#motivationmonday

Getting all limbered up in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness for my upcoming SOBO CDT thru hike. Not too shabby, Denny Creek. #dirtbagdarling #hikertrash #ultralightbacking #pnwonderland #alpinelakeswilderness

Thought for the day: it’s none of my business what someone else thinks about me. Finally free of self hate and giving any fucks what people think. You should try it. 💗✨

This monolith has been a steady buddy for the last almost 4 years of my life. I will admit I’m going to miss it and its ability to capture my camera’s attention for this long. This is the seat of Mohave County as seen at sunset on a breezy evening in June. #kingmanaz #mojave #summerinthedesert

Simple and little rivier in Austria. Looking forward to see these nice spots in the south of France in the mountains of the Vanoise. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #hikingadventure #peoplewhohike #hikingadventures #hiker #hikingislife #hikinggoals #austria #villach #allnatureshot #landscapephotography #landscape_lovers #sonybelgium #sonyalpha7iii #sonyalpha

Quién quiere aventura aquí? Esta agua se ve increíble • • • 📸@veganbrendalopez 📍Grand Canyon National Park

PACIFIC CREST TRAIL | DAY 47 | 11 miles || I woke up surprisingly not sore after the 30 miles at 6am. I quickly went off trail, to go off on my own adventure for a few hours. I just wanted to get into the middle of the beautiful basin, exploring near a river, paralleling the PCT. I was off trail for about 2 hours and 5 miles, and felt like I was in nature, not on a highway through a nice area like before. I saw giant boulders, nice rivers, pretty forests, and views that very few of the thousands to walk through here actually see. I joined up on the PCT and cruised through more meadows and forests all the way to mile 700, then to Kennedy Meadows, arriving in town at around 9:45am. I relaxed for a while, then got a burger and chips for lunch. More talking with lots of hikers filled the afternoon, and also looking at gear. I bought new shoes, the same model, just blue this time instead of orange. At 4pm or so Britney and Tommy showed up, as they camped 12 miles behind us. We chatted with them for a few hours, then I went to Grumpy Bears, a restaurant about 2 miles away. The car shuttle dropped us off at 5:30pm, and the eating started. I had half of a thin 16” cheese pizza, a big hamburger, and a load of fries. My stomach was about to burst, but it was worth it. At 7:30pm we got a ride back to the general store, I set up my tent, and talked with even more of the 50 or so hikers that are camped here tonight. So excited to be done with the desert and onto the Sierra! We got a preview of what is to come, and it’s gonna be good!

PACIFIC CREST TRAIL | DAY 46 | 30 miles || First 30 miler this year! We started in the desert and it got hot early today. A quick thousand foot climb led us to a shaded descent to water, then back up a humid, hot, and steep 2000 foot climb. Tommy and I took a break at the top for an hour, then continued 8 more miles mostly downhill to a nice creek where we caught Josh and Mason. We took a nice 2 hour break in the shade there talking with some other hikers, then left at 4pm to do more miles. At the beginning of the day we had no plan of where to camp, we figured we would just do 20 or 25 miles, then the idea of camping in an awesome basin at 30 miles became the plan for 3 of us. Another slightly mellower 2500 foot climb led us to following the sides of tall mountains for many miles, with views of the Sierra even closer now. It was 6pm when I got done with the 6 miles of uphill and was starting the downhill, so the temperatures had cooled off nicely. At 8pm I arrived at the campsite in Rockhouse Basin, where about 10 other hikers were already camped. I assume Josh went even further, since he’s not camped here and I know he’s ahead. After I set up my tent and started cooking my Mac and cheese, Mason showed up right before it got dark, and we ate dinner together while talking about the day. 10 quick miles into Kennedy Meadows tomorrow, then we get some time to relax!

If anyone needs me, I'm not here ✌ 📷: @sethanmorgan

PACIFIC CREST TRAIL | DAY 45 | 13 miles || We all woke up super early, moving by 5am, since we had to catch an early bus into Ridgecrest. The bus was late, but we got into town at 7:00am. We first went to a diner for a meal, where I had chicken tenders and fries(never too early for that). It was already 90 degrees in town when we left there, so Mason and I went to the McDonalds to sit and relax. We met a group of retired engineers, with the average age of 80, and they were asking us questions about our hike. One thing led to another, and a very kind lady named Betty drove the two of us to her home to shower and charge our electronics! Today made me really grateful to have people who welcome our stinky bodies into their house to shower, all just for a nice conversation. At 11:00am she dropped us back off at the natural history museum, so we toured it for about an hour. It was cool to learn about an area that I have researched so much with hiking. Next door was also the military museum for the local base, but we just looked at the 3 jets they had on display outside. Next we went back to McDonald’s for lunch, then to Dollar Tree for a resupply with the rest of the group. I bought dill pickles, and ate them while we waited for the bus, and drank the juice too. So good. At 3:00pm we got dropped back off at the trail, and started walking the 12 more miles for the day, mostly uphill. It was warm, but I could tell the pickle juice gave me a giant boost. On the hike I realized how cool it is that anyone can simply walk their body into an athlete, to the point where a thousand foot climb is easy and you don’t breathe hard. We walked with great views of the desert below, then went into a valley where we saw the sunset as we came down into camp. We cooked dinner as it got dark, and Mason, Josh, and I talked about life stuff for another hour or so until we got tired. No more long water carries for the foreseeable future, and only 2 short days to Kennedy Meadows!

I am currently descending into Denver, CO for Outdoor Retailer. If you are headed there too, I hope that we bump into each other. The first thing I do as another Outdoor Retailer approaches, is make my schedule around panels and education sessions that are of interest to me. What always takes priority in my schedule is anything related to public lands. If you’re at all interested in tuning in and following along this week, here are a few things that I will be attending: Climate Neutral, about how brands can act for the sake of climate change OIA Lunch with Camber Outdoors, about how to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion Leave No Trace 25th Anniversary Party Conservation Alliance Breakfast Plastic Pollution with 4 Ocean, about marine debris as a global issue Impact Friendly Adventure, about how we can leave a lighter footprint during our outdoor adventures Opening Up The Lands We Love, about access on our public lands And… I am VERY excited to share that I will be on my first panel this year, all about advocacy. I will be joining the Nature Conservancy and the Teddy Roosevelt Conservation Partnership on my experience in using social media to advocate for public lands. It’s called Clicks For Conservation, and it is on Wednesday at the Hyatt, 2 PM MST. It is an honor to be joining these two orgs that I am a huge fan of, and also a member of. I am not sure if you can tune in anywhere yet, but if so, I will share how to do that in my IG story. Other than that… you can also find me wherever there is beer! I never miss a Happy Hour during Outdoor Retailer. Come say hi at both the @merrell and @hydroflask booths tomorrow eve! Here’s to (and cheers to) another summer OR Show! - 📷: @morganayres

The days are so long here and I couldn’t be happier

haters will say five guys is better, in n out’s fries are trash, burgers are average & that’s fine ... people are entitled to their own wrong opinions

Ett år sen vinden på Nuolja. Tänkte försöka åka tillbaka i år, så lämpligt nog hittade jag en tävling där man kan vinna tågbiljetter. Och skulle jag inte vinna någon tågbiljett skänks åtminstone 100 kr till @naturskyddsforeningen så chansen ökar för att det fortfarande är i fint skick när jag väl kan åka. #forcefornature #godelisverige #resmedsj

The San Antonio Ridge! Yi and I hike it from Iron Mountain, but Irish did it the other way around, I don't know what's harder but this day was super hot! 👉🏼📸 from Verdi! #womenwhohike @oc_happy_feet #thetraverse . . . . . . . . . . #hikingbabes #hiking #peoplewhohike #peoplewhoadventure #wonderlust #irongirl #mountains #adventure #girlswhohike #girlswhohikela

San Gabriel mountains, I took this shot from Big Horn. I just like the way the #clouds and the sky looks in top of Mt. Baldy and I think Telegraph is on the right side? #mondayvibes✨ . . . . . . . . . . #peoplewhohike #mountains #nature #bluesky #wonderlust #womenwhohike

I have been asked several times, “what makes the freedom hiker community so special?” . . I often answer with this. We do hard things and we do it together. We are a community of people that inspire each other to live on mission and with purpose.

Above the clouds! ✌️😊 Greetings from the beautiful island of Madeira! 🏔️📷😍 #madeira #hikinggirl #hike

La felicità è un percorso, non una destinazione.

🍎🍏🍎🍏 #applebottom #bodysilk after shower #bodyoilsforwomen 💃 Argan and Jojoba oils lead this light yet nourishing compliment to your after shower routine! Scented with Red Delicious Apple and Sage. 🍎🍏😈🍏🍎 #amazeballs . . #boiseidaho #boisebeardsmen #berefined #beardedandsexy #beardedbrothers #handcraftedsoap #skincareproducts #beardedgang #soapmaker #cuttingsoap #homemadesoap #hikeon #refinedheretic #hereticsrule #peoplewhohike #hikertrash #hikersoap #idaholove #idaholife #eagleidaho #martialartlife #stayhumble

Nature brings peace to your soul. pc:@emmalha #hikerlife #nature #hiker #optoutside #hikerlifemag #hike

I promise I'll get back to posting Hawaii photos again... starting now 🌸


It takes a few hours of hiking to get there, coming up Grand Wash, but the view from Casdidy Arch is worth it. This shot was taken above the arch looking back down into the canyon... @capitolreefnps #capitolreef #capitolreefnationalpark #cassidyarchtrail #cassidyarch

Lovely post from our ambassador @adventurelikeagirl in response to our latest episode! #repost @adventurelikeagirl with @repostapp ・・・ In the newest episode of @outtherepodcast, the storyteller talks about connecting to nature through her love of trees - and how she doesn’t really like to camp or sleep outside. I’ve been thinking on this episode and how it relates to the hiking and backpacking communities which I’m a part of. Unfortunately, there’s a dark side of outdoor adventure sports that sounds like this: “you aren’t doing enough miles in a day. Your pack is too heavy. You’re not using the right gear. You’re too out of shape.” ——— Here’s the thing: these attitudes breed elitism and exclusion. The outdoors is for everyone, but not only that, it is for everyone to enjoy the way they choose. The trail runner isn’t missing out on something the saunterer is secretly tuned in to, they are just out there for different reasons. The #thruhiker isn’t more important to the ecology of a trail than the avid #dayhiker. The #peakbagger in Colorado and the mom of three who’s trying to visit every state park in Florida with her kids are made of the same stuff. ——— The #outtherepodcast ambassador theme for this episode is #myownway. It is my hope that anyone who decides to take part in enjoying the outdoors does it their way, on their terms, and feels GOOD about that. I want to issue a challenge to anyone still reading: find one person on @instagram who is enjoying the outdoors differently than you and make a comment to them about how what they are doing is awesome. You’ll feel good about it, and so will they. ——— 📷 by @curiousbehavior (I think lol) . . . . . #14kers #coloradical #girlswhohike #womenwhohike #adventurelikeagirl #optoutside #forceofnature #sweatydirtyhappy #elevatedperspective #altitudeadjustment #rockymountainhigh #summitseason #fatgirlshiking #fatandoutdoorsy #takingupspaceoutdoors #outdoorwomen #hikerbabes #hikelikeagirl #gooutsideandplay #getoutstayout #getoutthere #peoplewhohike #grayspeak

Happiest on a peak 😌 Bagged an alternate for the 6POP challenge. Strawberry Peak is such a sassy broad with multiple false peaks and a heck of a climb in the last 1.25 miles. She makes you WORK for her beautiful 360 views of LA and surrounding San Gabriel Mountains. 🍓⛰️ • • • • • #discoverla #optoutside #lahikes #outdoorwomen #peoplewhohike #girlswhohikela #gwhla #exploretocreate #ourplanetdaily #californiathroughmylens #hikingadventures #osprey #6pop #6packofpeaks #strawberrypeak

Distance has the same effect on the mind as on the eye. Samuel Johnson

- Challenge Yourself - 🙊 How do you push your limits? Sometimes for it can be anything from doing the shopping to hiking a mountain 🚶 It all depends on the state of mind. Do what you can within your limitations ❤ . . . . . . #dolomitesunesco #dolomiti #southtirol #südtirol #cortinadampezzo #altabadia #letsgosomewhere #welivetoexplore #wildernessculture #finditliveit #agameoftones #natureformywellbeing #timetoplay #touchingthesummit

Have you ever watched the 🌞 rise over the valley in Yosemite? I had the privilege of seeing two beautiful sunrises here. I definitely recommend it! . .. . This is a bracketed set of 4 photos composed into 1 🤗 . .. . 📸: Sony A7rii w/ 28-70mm . .. . #optoutside #hike #pnwwonderland #landscapephotography #yosemitenps #seattle #nationalparkgeek #yosemite #pnw #yosemitenp #nature #landscape #pnwcollective #yosemitenationalpark #nationalpark #seattlephotographer #cascadiaexplored #wildernessculture #pnwonderland #pnwisbest #thatpnwlife #naturephotography #photography #idhikethatcrew #californiaexplored #sunrise #peoplewhohike #goldenhour #pnwphotographer #yosemitefalls

stay hydrated this week with a new water bottle from @quebottle!

Best feel ever ? What you think ?💙 is Canadian Rockies on your bucket list ?❤ Tag your friends and share this post. @reneeroaming thanks for this amazing shot ! - Follow for more ! 👉@naturaladventures_ 👉@naturaladventures_ 👉@naturaladventures_

My heart feels too full every time I see a new place for me to ever stop exploring... God gave me this adventurous spirit and it would be an insult to Him if I didn't embrace it wholeheartedly. I don't ever want to look back at life and think... what if... . #hikingfever #hikinggoals #hikingbanff #hikingdays #hikingtheworld #hikingtherapy #hikingismagical #jasper #hikersofinstagram #hikingadventure #hikingaddict #hikinglovers #jasperhikes #hikevibes #idhikethat #spartanracetraining #ocrlife #travelgram #discovercanada #jaspernationalpark #adventuremore #adventureon #freshairandfreedom #findmeoutside #peoplewhohike #menwhoadventure #hikinglove #menwhohike #hikingviews #malignelake

***GIVEAWAY*** I'm super stoked to kick off the summer season with this giveaway from three of my favorite outdoor brands! I'm giving away a @gregorypacks Maya 16L or Miwok 18L pack, @adidasterrex Free Hiker Hiking Boots, @kleankanteen 16oz TKPro, 8oz Insulated Food Canister, 16 oz Insulated Tumbler, 5 Pack of Straws, and Straw Lid. All items combined worth over $400! Rules are simple: 1. Like this post 2. Follow me @jesslikestohike, @gregorypacks, @adidasterrex, and @kleankanteen 3. Tag a friend in the comments below. Multiple entires allowed, giveaway starts now and ends 06/20/19 at 11:59PM PST. Winner will be announced 06/21/19. Open to U.S. residents only. Winner will be randomly selected and can select size, style, and color of final prize. GOOD LUCK!

What a weekend! Kayaking. Climbing. Cliff jumping. Camping. All the -ings. Don’t think I stopped laughing either. #tequilasunset #campbuttercup #sleepingonglass #caramelmachiato #threemankayak

Every fight is a food fight if you're a cannibal - Demetri Martin

▪️ Golden Hour ▪️ A few days ago I spontaneously decided to go on a mountain, that‘s been on my list for too long. After a steep hike and some climbing parts, I finally reached the summit. I couldn’t have been more happy as I was rewarded with this stunning view over Lake Lucerne. Definitely worth the effort 😌 • • • #mountaineering #mountainstories #thegreatoutdoors #peoplewhohike #beyondthesummit #neverstophiking #orangeandblue #wilderness #bealpine #wanderlust #welove_mountain #agameofdrones #alpinism #alpen #mountainlove #myswitzerland #inlovewithswitzerland #visitswitzerland #1000schweizerorte #swissalps #suissebook #20min_heimat #20min_swissplaces #amazingswitzerland #lakelucerne #peoplewhooutdoor #gipfelstürmer #hikingadventures #blickheimat #bergsucht

Our flowers are full of tiny little beetles so the kids got out their insect books to try and identify them. Proud mum here. Although I’ve only used my Biology degree to teach my kids, I love that they know things that I didn’t learn until I was in university. #ecologistsintraining #homeschooling