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2018-10-06 14:20:54

Simple meal days... pan seared locally fished greater amberjack or yellowtail with roast squash and potatoes. Delicious. * * * * *


15 Days 17 Hours Ago

Dinner time. Traditional Cape Verdean food done my way with dried and salted fish. Growing up, on my island, I remember eating and seeing salted fish once a year, around the Lenten and Easter season. It was cooked very plainly, simply boiled to remove the salt and served with boiled vegetables like kale and potatoes, sprinkled with salt and drizzled with olive oil. But I still liked it. I made my salted fish a little different with potatoes, sautéed onions, red peppers, and chickpeas. I sautéed the onions separately with the red peppers and assembled everything and baked it to finish it off (Swipe to see before it went in the oven 🙂) Delicious! * * * * *


11 Days 18 Hours Ago

Dinner time 😊... chickpeas with squash, potatoes, collard greens and salted and dried fish. * * * * *


28 Days 17 Hours Ago

Today the spotlight is on my love and biggest culinary inspiration by far, Chef Joao. This dish was cooked 6 years ago in September 2012. It is an original dish of his own creation that he called “Ras Salmon Papaya.” The first picture is the finished product and the second picture is a process shot. As you see in the second picture, he baked the salmon INSIDE the papaya on low heat for a few hours, then he used the papaya as a serving dish adding rice and fries for the final presentation. How is that for creative plating guys? Even though all these years have passed I still remember this dish clearly and can you tell that it is the most delicious salmon dish I have had in my life. You can feel the passion that he has for cooking in every dish that he makes. Love goes out to you babe, you never cease to amaze me. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *


24 Days 19 Hours Ago

Dinner tonight... pan seared salmon with baked daikon and sweet potato. Delicious! As always the salmon is fresh and locally fished from Cape Verde oceans. 🌊🌊🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *


1 Day 19 Hours Ago

Today in my kitchen we have SENEGALESE food! This dish is called “Poisson Yassa” or fish Yassa, and I used salmon in my version, with baked potatoes. See recipe link below 👇🏾. I’ve made this dish a few times before with chicken, fish and even a vegan version with BREADFRUIT [SWIPE to see], but I think this is my best attempt so far. 😋 * * Link: http://www.congocookbook.com/fish_and_seafood_recipes/poisson_yassa.html * * *


2018-10-02 14:15:30

Traditional Cape Verdean food for dinner today. This dish is called “catchupa” pronounced “cah-choo-puh.” The two main ingredients are corn hominy and beans. ALL catchupa must have corn hominy and some kind of bean or it is not authentic catchupa 🤣. With these two base ingredients you can customize and make it as you like. You can add your choice of meat or fish or make it vegan and your choice of vegetables. You can also mix it up and add meat and fish together to make “catchupa rica” or “rich catchupa.” There are many ways to make catchupa and that’s what makes it such a fun but simple dish. Depending on how you make it, it can also be VERY healthy. I usually make mine vegan, with chicken or fish. I made today’s catchupa with pigeon peas, carrots, cabbage, kale and mackerel. And it is delicious!! * * * * *


29 Days 17 Hours Ago

Earlier today I left my apartment with the intention of buying balsamic vinegar to make my own balsamic glaze. The plan was to make a pan seared balsamic glaze tuna. When I got to the supermarket where I usually purchase it however, there was none! I looked around at a couple of other places but no balsamic vinegar. I really wanted some kind of sauce on my tuna today, idk why guys I just did 😂, and it was too late to change dinner plans. So I had to find an alternative. I remembered that I had some “Mel de Cana,” sugarcane molasses, at home and started to wonder if I could make something for my tuna with that. The result is this pan seared tuna with a sugarcane molasses glaze that I made by reducing wine, sugarcane molasses and margarine, (a cool trick I JUST picked up the other day watching one of hubby’s Facebook live cooking vids), with baked yucca and squash. Even though I was really in the mood for balsamic glaze this sugar cane molasses glaze was the perfect substitute. The second picture is from last year when I used sugar cane molasses to make my own brown sugar. I just wanted you all to see what it looks like. The taste and texture is lighter than the regular molasses you may be used to seeing. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *


21 Days 19 Hours Ago

Dinner time ... fresh and local pan seared tuna with mashed potatoes and baked eggplant. I made the mashed potatoes by hand with a wooden spoon so I couldn’t get all the lumps out but it still came out fluffy and delicious. I also made it with 2% milk and margarine for less worries while enjoying. I don’t know about you guys but I am always down for less worrying 😅. * * * * *


8 Days 18 Hours Ago

Dinner time 🙂. I finally got to satisfy my balsamic glaze craving today with this delicious pan seared balsamic glazed CV tuna with roast potatoes and daikon radish. Yumm! * * * * *


2 Hours Ago

Bochoy with tofu and shiitake mushrooms sautéed in garlic sauce. Over brown rice😃#sarcopenia #pescatarianrecipes


3 Hours Ago

Late post ... purchase of the day! How cute is this ancient Egypt themed bag? I bought it from a lady a couple of weeks ago during one of my trips to the fish market here in Mindelo, and have been meaning to post it for you guys. It was only 50 cents 😄! I will be using it as a produce bag when I go to Praça de Estrela for my groceries 🥥🥑🥝🍈🍅🥔🍠😁. * * * * *


2018-06-07 18:30:55

Last of Chef Ras cuisine for today. This one was breaded fried fresh cod with potatoes. Delicious. As I told you guys before my fiancee is a chef and definitely one of the main influences for many of the foods that I share with you guys on this page. * * * *


2018-07-09 20:05:55

Hubby in the kitchen serving up the deliciousness today with some fried cod and our special family recipe round cut potatoes. 💓💓💓 * * * *


2018-10-04 14:16:39

Dinner time ... pan seared locally fished tuna with pan “roasted” carrot strips and a cucumber and tomato salad. Delicious! * * * * *


6 Hours Ago

Last nights dinner was one of my favourites - this was a (very spicy) homemade vegetarian chilli. Served with long grain rice & some tortilla chips and salsa dip. 🌶😋 Did have to add some natural yogurt as I definitely cannot handle spicy foods like I used to 🤦🏻‍♀️ . . . . Method: - fried off leftover onions & peppers and some spinach - added chopped tomatoes, chilli seasoning & water - added quorn mince & 3 bean medley and let simmer for about 10 minutes


13 Hours Ago



21 Hours Ago

Cristina prepared a seafood pasta dinner for her family today . Lobster Ravioli and brown butter shrimp in a pink sauce . . Lobster Ravioli: store bought stuffed with lobster meat and crab meat . . Butter shrimp: Garlic , butter , salt , little bit of sugar . Pink sauce : crushed tomatoes, basil,garlic, Parmesan cheese, salt , pepper, heavy cream , and sugar #lobsterravioli #brownbutter #garlicbuttershrimp #pescatarian #pescatarianmeals #pescatarianrecipes #pinksauce #ravioli #basil #seafood #food #meals #lobster #foodporn #italianfood #butter #foodie #cheese #parmesan #shrimp #grilledshrimp


14 Hours Ago

Wild Rice & Mushroom Soup 😋 Yum Yum! #planetpescatarian #pescatarian #pescatarianrecipes #ilovefood #ilovecooking #foodie #instafood #healthyeats #liveloveeatwell Recipe: teaspoon of olive oil Half of a red onion 5 cups of portobello or curmini mushrooms diced 4 red potatoes diced 2 cups of wild rice 1/3 cup of dry white wine 3/4 cup of sour cream 1/4 cup of all purpose flour 1/2 cup of chopped parsley 4 cups of chicken broth Salt & pepper to taste Heat oil in a large pot. Add onion, mushrooms, cook a couple minutes til softened. Then add flour & white wine. Cook til wine disappears. Then add broth. Cover on medium heat, bring to a boil. Add cooked rice, cooked potatoes, sour cream, parsley, salt & pepper. Let simmer for 5-7 minutes. Serve.


15 Hours Ago

Salmon: Salmon filets skin off Complete Seasoning Salt Pepper Vegan butter 1. Preheat oven to 400° 2. Lightly season both sides of salmon filets with complete seasoning, salt & pepper. Top with a little bit of butter. 3. Place filets in a large cast iron skillet with foil and fold up sides to enclose the fish. 4. Bake for about 15min and then open foil packet and broil on low for a couple minutes if you want a crispy finish. Asparagus & Green Beans: courtesy of @dariuscooks 🙌🏾 3 cups of fresh green beans 3 cups of asparagus, cut into similar sizes as the green beans 2 teaspoons of olive oil Pinch of salt and pepper Pinch of brown sugar 1 tsp of chopped shallots 1 tsp of pressed garlic ½ cup of vegetable stock 1 tbs of vegan butter Zest of 1/4th grapefruit Zest of a lime Zest of a lemon Zest of half an orange 1. Bring a large skillet to medium heat and sauté the green beans and asparagus in olive oil for 2-3 minutes. 2. Then add the shallots and garlic. Cook for about a minute more 3. Add in the salt, pepper, brown sugar and vegetable stock. Cook until the stock has just about reduced. Then add in the butter and all the citrus zests. 4. Cook for another 45 seconds and serve. (This recipe called for a bit of rum and flambé but I wasn’t about that life lol) Mashed Potatoes: 6-7 medium sized golden potatoes peeled and chopped) 1tbs of vegan butter 1/2 cup of half & half 1/4 cup-1/2 cup of room temp cream cheese Salt to taste 1/4 pack of chicken bouillon 1. In a double boiler steam potatoes until fork tender 2. Add potatoes to a large bowl, mash or use a hand mixer( I prefer hand mashing cause I like the small chunks for texture). Then add the butter, half & half and cream cheese until thoroughly mixed and you get your desired texture. Add salt and chicken bouillon to taste. #salmon #greenbeans #asparagus #mashedpotatoes #andaglassofwine #healthy #pescatarianrecipes #soooogood #nomz


16 Hours Ago

Don’t let the snow get you into staying in and eating crazy!! 😩 Dinner is served!! Pan seared tuna steak with brown rice and quinoa 😋😋😋 #eatclean #itsalifestyle #nodaysoff #noexcuses


16 Hours Ago

Did it again!!! #pescatarian lasagna Salmon, Sweet Plantains, Mozzarella Cheese 🤗 #snowdays #comfortfood #pescatarianrecipes


16 Hours Ago

What do you make when you have extra apples? 🍎🍎🍎 Here’s my new favorite thing-- an APPLE BRIE TART on puff pastry! It’s fast, easy, and any leftovers make an extra-tasty breakfast! Recipe in profile ☝️


19 Hours Ago

::: s p i c e u p y o u r l i f e ::: 🌶 Salmon & Spinach Madras with Quinoa and a side of Coriander Flatbread 🌶 A great dish for winter...even if my mouth is on fire 🔥🙄 • 📸 @kookinwithkelly . Recipe info; - Blitz 1 quartered red onion, 2 garlic cloves, a thumbsized slice of ginger and ½ red chilli together in a food processor until it becomes a coarse paste. - Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan and add the paste and fry for 5 mins. - Next add in ½ tsp of turmeric, 1 tsp of ground cumin, 1 tsp of ground coriander and 2 tsp of hot chilli powder and cook for a couple of mins. Then add Salmon fillets (I baked mine in the oven first for 18 mins) and cut into chunks. Stir and make sure everything is covered in the spice mix. - Add in chopped tomatoes, and a handful of spinach and coriander and stir through until the spinach has wilted. - Serve with a side of quinoa and coriander flatbread and a dollop of yoghurt (disclaimer: it will be needed!)🔥 . . . . . . . #food #foodie #tasty #friday #fakeaway #eeeeeats #weekend #nutrition #salmon #green #instafood #instadaily #indian #spicy #pescatarian #pescatarianrecipes #spinach #green #eatyourgreens #fire #spice #indianfood #fishcurry #salmoncurry #quinoa #cooking #kookinwithkelly #winterfood #winter


1 Day 3 Hours Ago

🐟|| OUR FAVOURITE Salmon with baked potatoes, fennel, mixed greens with caper & dill butter. It’s our favourite little “go to” dinner and we 💗love it💗. A quick and easy #onetraybake and a delish one at that. 🐟💗🐟💗🐟💗🐟💗🐟💗🐟💗🐟💗 QUICK RECIPE HERE: ✨Salmon with Baked Potatoes, Fennel, Mixed Greens with Caper & Dill Butter✨ 1. Preheat oven to 180-200 degrees celsius. 2. Toss wedges of fennel and pieces of potato in some olive oil. Season and bake for 30-40 mins till cooked through and just beginning to brown. 3. Next add halved asparagus, and other thinly sliced greens of your choice (tonight I added kale, but usually it’s zucchini) and lay salmon in the middle. 4. Season and bake again for 10-15mins or until salmon is just cooked through. 5. Serve with caper and dill butter (mix softened butter with chopped dill and caper earlier and return to fridge) and fresh fennel fronds. Enjoy! . . . #bakedsalmon #easyrecipes #onepanmeal #sheetpandinner #colessupermarkets #foodideas #dinnerinspo #homemade #cookingram #recipeblog #pescatarianrecipes #recipeshare #yummo #instafoodie


2018-10-12 20:55:17

Thank U!...Enjoy! #baetrayusa🇺🇸🦀🦐🐟🌽🥦 www.CharlieCookItWrights.com Call Toll Free🇺🇸 1️⃣➖4️⃣8️⃣4️⃣➖2️⃣3️⃣8️⃣➖0️⃣8️⃣8️⃣1️⃣ @nikkoel_leokkin #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthy #healthyeah #healthylife #philadelphiafiredepartment #pescatarian #pescatarianrecipes #pescatarianlife #glutenfree #hero #likeagirl #seafood #womanstrong #baetray🇺🇸


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

My sweet mom volunteered to cook our dinner tonight, and it totally hit the spot. It also reminded me that it’s actually been a while since we had salmon for dinner, which is surprising for us!😲🐟 . . #whatsonmyplate : baked salmon on top of buffalo cobb salad & topped with 🥑, roasted asparagus, & chili lime sweet potato slices. 😍


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

Pipis Pescatarian, Ketogenic I’m always learning about food/ produce and my takeaway this week is that pipis live in a sandy environment unlike rope grown mussels so you have to purge them of sand in their preparation, basically they have to spit out any sand. Using olive oil, shallots, garlic, parsley and dried chilli with a splash of white wine over a bed of finely sliced fennel this was brunch and yes I ate the lot! 🛒Partridges of Nedlands. #shellfish . #pipis #westcoastliving #ketoflex #pescatarian #pescatarianrecipes #seafoodie #brainfood #ketocooking


1 Day 14 Hours Ago

Pesto Salmon: okay by far my favorite dish it’s so easy to make too!! Salmon: wash, preheat oven on 375 degrees, season salmon w/ dash of salt & pepper, smother it w/ a generous amount of pesto (costco brand), top w/ parmesan cheese, bake for 25 mins Veggies: Sautée snow peas, green beans, red/yellow bell pepper, broccoli, & season w/ pepper, salt & 21 seasoning from trader joe’s white rice: google it lmao p.s top it w/ paprika lol


1 Day 15 Hours Ago

🚨Video is OUT NOW🚨 Link in bio! Check it out now!!


1 Day 15 Hours Ago

🚨Video is OUT NOW🚨 Link in bio! Check it out now!!


1 Day 16 Hours Ago

Vegan dinner 🍲 Sautéed tofu, fresh peppers, carrots and peas in coconut aminos, sriracha, salt, pepper and red pepper flakes over basmati rice made in veggie broth #pescatarian #pescatarianfood