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Cari hotel pada saat liburan tuh sebenernya seru banget lagi.. kita bisa pilih kita mau nginep dimana, sesuai sama keinginan kita.. Kalo aku, pasti pilih hotel yang ada cafe yang hotelnya, jadi klo udah capek dari jalan2, balik ke hotel masih bisa lanjut mimican dulu sblm istirahat.. hehe Misalnya kamu mau cari hotel yg deket sm transportasi umum? bisa juga.. dan di jamin lebih mudah cari hotel pake booking.com , karena ada fitur filter pada saat kamu cari hotel.. Buat kamu yang mau dapet cashback Rp. 300.000,- dr booking.com , langsung pesen dari link ini ya.. https://www.booking.com/s/3bc13b5a (link on bio 👆).. Mari kita rencanakan liburan kita


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Let’s go 🐾


2018-08-20 14:07:13

The African Big Foot 🐘 An Absolutely Fantastic 📸 by @trippingwithtoni


2018-08-27 17:08:08

The higher you go, the better the view 🏞 A Phenomenal 📸 from @miss.rennn


2018-09-11 18:25:20

There’s no place like home 🌅 An Absolutely Phenomenal 📸 by @carlos.carvajal.o


2018-09-13 17:20:43

Call me Photogenic 🐆 A Spectacular 📸 by @nathaliemountain


2018-09-17 19:48:23

Start your day the right way - with views 🌄 An Amazing 📸 by @emuzes


2018-09-22 18:56:45

Who doesn’t like views for breakfast 🏞 An amazing 📸 by @angelafama


2018-09-25 17:32:25

Young, Wild and Free🐘🌄 An Absolutely Superb 📸 by @joehanlyy


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Te conviertes en una persona madura cuando tienes todas las armas para herir a alguien, pero no las usas, solo depende de ti si me provocas... . . . . #photo #photography #photos #pic #pics #picture #photographer #pictures #beautiful #instalike #instagood #picoftheday #photogram #photoofheday #photooftoday #instagram #igers #tagsforlike #followme #follow #instadaily #color #portrait #portraits #portraiture


2018-09-30 15:16:37

Smiles are the receipts of an amazing experience🏞 An Absolutely Stunning 📸 by @fenella14


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The Best Thing Ever - A Zimbabwean Sunset 🌅 An Absolutely Phenomenal 📸 by @beata_happy


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Sometimes you need to get up close and personal with Nature 🏞 An Absolutely Fantastic 📸 from @carolinesolvsten


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Patiently waiting for lunch time🐊


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For the love of the Zimbabwean Sunset🌅❤️


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It’s mandatory: When you jump out a plane, you have to take a selfie📱 An amazing 📸 from @thingutravel


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If I could have one wish, I would be here right now 🌄 A Phenomenal 📸 from @myguidezimbabwe


2018-09-21 00:26:43

Sunbeams and Sailing


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James Street Southampton


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