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“First class service, first class osteopath, really takes time to understand everything, even what’s happening in life now, like exams, stress. Really out Sophie at ease” Always nice when patients and their relatives share their positive experiences under our care at Hardiman Performance. Our treatment approach aims to be informative, reassuring, empowering and fun. We use a combination of different modalities to ensure that we are doing what we consider best for our patients and their goals. One modality shown here is Spinal manipulation. This is a safe and effective treatment tool which can be used in conjunction with exercise to help manage common painful conditions like back and neck pain. If you would like to know more about the services we offer, have a question or would like to book an appointment at Hardiman Performance feel free to message us on this platform. The full review based on the video shown above is included below. —————————————————— *****Review***** Huge thanks to @1dalehardiman from @hardimanperformance1 today, who took time to understand Sophie’s @sxph___xox background, her complaint on her hip and back, after making her feel comfortable, Dale explained in detail the causes, gave solutions to help and rehab, went through some mobility and massage, and then some cracking ! (Technical Term). First class service, first class Osteopath, really takes time to understand everything, even what’s happening in life now, like exams, stress. Really put Sophie at ease. Especially reassuring her that things will get better, and not the dread diagnosis that the doctor gave her 🙈 Guys, seriously I cannot recommend Dale and his Team at Hardiman performance highly enough, not always about high level athletes although I would not send them to anyone else now, seeing the difference some Physios do for the same injury is massive, and some do not even take the time to understand in depth their requirements. Thank you again Dale and Team at Hardiman Performance ——————————————————— #osteopathy #osteopath #osteopathyworks #spinalmanipulation #hvt #backpain #pt #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #physio #movementculture #movementlifestyle


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In an industry in which the usual goal is to cram in as many patients as possible each day in order to be profitable... my private practice is proof that this old way of doing things won't get you anywhere in the future of healthcare. #businesstips #bizpt #privatepractice


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Earlier this year, I was offered and accepted a spot in the Class of 2021 Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Western Carolina University. 3 years dedicated to furthering my education and an opportunity to experience and explore a new city. #dpt #physicaltherapy


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Don’t let CARDIO kill your gains, turning you into a tiny, frail, fragile weakling. Here’s how to intelligently program cardio to SUPPORT the development of muscle and strength: LINK IN BIO


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Piston Science Part Two Online: Bridge the Gap Between Rehab and Fitness is here! Want to learn how to work with fit females to help them get back to any level or type of fitness? Need an example of how to blend pelvic, musculoskeletal and performance health in client assessment and treatment sessions? Wish we could work together on a patient? Ready to get PS2 and any other online course in my library at 20% off? Now’s your chance! All online adult, individual,, and pediatric courses, including already discounted bundles are on sale! (Active link to Online Courses in bio) Piston Science Part Two provides a clinical reasoning framework that will enable clinicians to think through the needs of patients with fitness goals at any level. Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of how, why and when to implement the strategies discussed in Part One to build programs that prepare women for a return to any task, fitness regimen or sport demand. To celebrate the launch ALL online courses and already discounted bundles are on sale! 20% off with code: LetThemPlay20 Sale lasts until June 26, 2018 at midnight PST. We will be pursuing CEUs for this course, if successful they will be approved retroactively to June 15, 2018. #pistonscience #educatedhope #continuingeducation #professionaldevelopment #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #dpt #letthemplay


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Гакк машина хороший тренажер для профилактики, и в некоторых случаях лечения коленных суставов. . 😉Просто на заметку. Отойдя от банальных 4х8-10. . 20 приседаний + 20 наклонов = 5-10 подходов. . Вы получите взрыв эмоций на следующий день😆 . #спорт #сила #здоровье #здоровоетело #тренировка #здоровыеколени #strong #motivation #качаемспину #сильнаяспина #фитнесзал #videobeauty #physicaltherapy


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Don't give up the activities you love just because you experience pain in certain parts of your body. Let us show you the many options you have to return to a healthy, pain-free life! 😄 #nvcpc #lasvegaspainmanagement . . . . . . . . . . #chronicpain #chronicpainrelief #chronicpainsucks #painfreeliving #livegoodfeelgood #achesandpains #paincenter #paintherapy #lasvegas #nevada #sincity #painsolutions #physicaltherapy #backpain #jointpain #bodymaintenance #restoringlives #livepainfree #fathersday #lasvegas #lasvegaslocal #lasvegasbusiness #vegaslocal #vegasbusiness


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🔊Continuing our assessment of the lumbar spine, we have to continue looking up and down the chain. Two big things that play a factor are hip flexor tightness and hamstring tightness. 📝 1st: Thomas Test - To assess hip flexor tightness this assessment is used. As the client lies back onto the table with the right knee pulled into the chest, the left leg should be able to rest on the table. If not the client is showing signs of hip flexor tightness. 📝2nd: Hamstring Tightness - Here we are looking to see if there is tightness in the hamstrings that might be pulling on the low back. When the client moves into an active range of motion we are looking for about 70 to 80 degrees. We can then move the leg passively and are hoping to see about 80 to 90 degrees of motion. ‼️It is important to note in both of these where you start to feel resistance from those muscles. The goals here are to not only check range of motion, but to note if anything is painful or if there are any imbalances from one side to the other. 🔎Stay tuned to learn more on how to loosen the hip flexors and hamstrings to correct some of the low back pain you may be experiencing!

One thing that always makes us smile is hearing from a client just how we've been able to help and assist them. Whether it's over just a couple visits or it's over ten years, we hope we leave a lasting impression in how we serve you!


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Cleaned this up by working on shoulder strength and flexibility. Pleased that the work has paid off. Still more to improve, of course. 😉 #selftrained


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Going fishing in Lake Michigan 🐟


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Special Needs Mom Confession: I’d say this picture is a pretty accurate representation of our last month. Since Ellis’ hospitalization it’s been a whirlwind. She had her eye specialist appointment & got her glasses. She gained 3 new pieces of therapeutic equipment to add to the mix. She had a yearly check-in with Neurology. They want a follow up EEG in the next month. Today she has yet another check-in with her Orthopedist specialist. On top of that we’ve also been shuttling her around for her physical & occupational therapies. We also have one more specialist appointment with Endocrinology next month. Exhausted just reading this? Yeah. ______ Guys, it’s so much. And we Mom’s of a unique child-well, we don’t talk about how it’s so much. And we don’t talk about the endlessness of it all. We don’t talk about the wear & tear it puts on our bodies. Our emotions. And how you hate that your child has to endure so much. And how you hate that you’re having to endure it right along with them. We don’t talk because we don’t want to sound like we’re complaining, when in reality-most days we’re drowning. ______ I get messages from Special Needs Mom’s telling me “thank you for saying this is never the way you would’ve chosen for it to be.” I’ll say that 100xs over. I would’ve chosen the easier path because no one ever willingly chooses the hard one. Yes, I’ve learned & grown & all the things. But it’s been the hardest teacher I’ve ever known. ______ So this is for every family who has a special needs child. I see your weary faces in Dr’s offices & therapy lobby’s. I get your emails sharing how your heart is shattered. How I wish I could, but I can’t make it better. What I can say is you’re not alone in your feelings. Sometimes, just knowing that, is enough. You guys are my hero’s. Let’s all link arms & keep going-together. #ellisclaire #wonderwoman #movingmountains


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That’s right #stopmakingexcuses I’m ready to #crush #tuesday after my #physicaltherapy #sportsmedicine #busyschedule and #iloveit #bringiton #noexcuses #nonegativity #justresults #boom #100x #nevergiveup 👊✅🔥💥🌪🥇📈💯☀️🏆


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What is your goal? Is it to run in the next marathon? Walk your daughter down the aisle at her wedding? Or to just move better in general? As humans we are unique in our ability to develop different levels of physical strength, mobility, power, and endurance in a variety of activities and environments. We are here to help you get back to moving forward! #movement #physicaltherapy #valeopt


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☑️Ruptura do supraespinhal: As causas da lesão do tendão do supra-espinhal podem ser diferentes, em alguns casos, o indivíduo é predisposto, em outros é o resultado de um trauma ou alongamento, mas também pode ser um lento processo de inflamação crônica do tendão e degeneração devido ao desgaste. Se uma pessoa tem o acrômio muito perto da cabeça do úmero (distância inferior a 1 cm), o supra-espinhal tem menos espaço disponível e esfrega durante os movimentos, causando atrito e inflamação, é definido como síndrome do impacto (ou choque) subacromial. Durante a flexão ou abdução do braço, o deltoide realiza uma força no sentido superior que eleva a cabeça do úmero, em contrapartida, os músculos do manguito rotador se contraem de forma a centralizar a cabeça umeral e deslizá-la inferiormente, impossibilitando assim um atrito ou impacto da cabeça contra o arco coracoacrômial ou sobre o próprio SUPRAESPINHAL. Desta forma, qualquer alteração anátomo-patológica que interfira nesse mecanismo de sinergia muscular ou que comprometa a biomecânica normal do ombro, de forma que o músculo deltoide prevaleça sobre o manguito rotador, poderá ocasionar microlesões traumáticas de origem inflamatória, favorecendo as lesão mais graves. Geralmente, se forma uma lesão parcial e incompleta que com o tempo aumenta até tornar uma ruptura máxima de toda espessura se não for tratada. Se o tendão se rompe completamente o músculo tende a se retrair e a degenerar em tecido adiposo. Em idosos o tendão tende a envelhecer e degenerar, formando calcificações ou esporão ósseo porque o tendão inflamado tende a depositar sais de cálcio. #repost @fisioterapia.hospitalar ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #anatomy #cinesioterapia #ombro #fisioterapia #treinofuncional #physio #fisioterapeutas #academia #fisio #fisiocomamor #anatomia #fisiopilates #quiropraxia #chiropractic #pilates #educaçãofisica #pilatesbrasil #pilateando #physiotherapist #enfermagem #medicina #ortopedia #fisioterapiacomamor #educaçãofísica #manguitorotador #educacaofisica #fisioterapeuta #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy


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YOUR DOC’S IN June 26 from 9-11am @powerhousegym_oc 💥Thank you, @tidewaterphysicaltherapy for sponsoring and lending your expert opinions to athletes at the SWEAT SHOWDOWN! Stop in after class or your workout in the gym to meet with Dr. Billy Hamilton @whjr16 💥Ask about Direct Access to see Billy 💥Any questions you have on injury, soreness, mobility, and PT exercises to help you in your health and fitness journey. 💥learn how to recover, pre hab, rehab, and make healthier choices for your body! . . #educate #physicaltherapy #teamwork #lifeaftertherapy #powerhousefitfam #injuryprevention #healthierchoices #takecareofyourself


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Trying to convince my students who graduate in August to attend @zaccupples ‘s course. I’ll be helping with the hands on portion 😘 . . Are you attending?!


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⭐️ Practitioner spotlight! ⭐️ Dr. Lindsay is one of our Physical Therapists in Lacey. Her desire to become a physical therapist began in high school after a swimming injury required therapy. This allowed her to witness first hand the success and improved quality of life that physical therapy can provide. #passionandpurpose

Use the deep squat to mobilize your thoracic spine ✔️ ➡️ Mobilizing into an overhead squat position from the bottom is a great way to open up your thoracic spine (mid/upper back). The deep squat is ideal for this because it prevents the low back from extending and compensating for lack of T-spine extension - you can’t cheat. This is because the low back is neutral/slightly flexed here, just by being in a deep squat. ➡️ The goal is to slowly work your way into the overhead position as seen in the video. I take it in phases: ▪️ Actively try to extend through the entire mid/upper back. Get yourself into a better position then pause. ▪️ From there, take a deep breath. On the exhale, actively try to extend and improve your position even more. Pause and hold. ▪️ Repeat, slowly improving your position. 🔑 Try to bend the stick and create additional tension in the shoulder girdle to help you improve your position as you actively posture up. ↪️ Take it slow. If you can’t achieve this position, you may have to backtrack and work on the hips and spine independently first. ———————————————— #spine #posture #movement #mobility #fitness #stretching #strengthtraining #training #therapy #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #fit #flexibility #yoga #crossfit #weightlifting #powerlifting #gym #fitfam #strength #barefoot #challenge #stretch #ottawa #human #lifestyle #health


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A big congratulations goes out to one of our @vaultrecovery members😊🙌🏻. @rachel_tones_it_up has been firing on all cylinders. She understands the benefits of @vaultrecovery and has made it a key part of her routine in her fitness journey. No words are needed to explain the hard work and discipline this girl has thrown down to achieve her goals. This photo speaks 1,000 words. We're so proud of you Rachel! Keep crushing it🙌🏻 ----------------------- #lockinyourrecovery #vaultrecovery #cryotherapy #cryo #training #relax #fitness #murph #murphchallenge #memorialday #memorialdayweekend #america #therapy #healing #rehab #physicaltherapy #fire #fullertonfirefighters #orangecounty #costamesa #huntingtonbeach #sports #athlete


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La trombosi venosa profonda (TVP) è una patologia causata dalla formazione di un coagulo di sangue (trombo) in grado di ostruire il torrente circolatorio in una o in diverse vene profonde dell’organismo. I coaguli si formano quando il sangue si addensa e le piastrine aderiscono tra loro anche quando non sarebbe necessario. La maggior parte degli episodi colpisce la parte inferiore della gamba o della coscia, ma può di fatto verificarsi anche in altre parti del corpo. Il coagulo è in grado di occludere la vena del tutto o solo in parte, determinando un ostacolo alla normale circolazione venosa con conseguente aumento della pressione della zona e possibile comparsa di dolore alle gambe e gonfiore, anche se in realtà di solito non è accompagnato da alcun sintomo. La gamba sinistra è colpita con una frequenza 5 volte superiore della destra (fisiologiche differenze di afflusso delle vene/arterie dell'emibacino di sinistra). ⚠️ PUNTI DOLOROSI *Segno di Payr: dolore alla pressione della pianta del piede; * Segno di Homann: dolore al polpaccio durante la flessione dorsale del piede; * Segno di Meyer: dolore alla pressione del polpaccio. #physio #pt #physicaltherapy #physiotherapy #fisioterapista #physiotherapist #medicine #internalmedicine #medicina #medicinainterna #osteopatia #osteopathy #anatomy #anatomia #manualtherapy #knowledge #learning #study


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Do more. Build more. Change the status quo.


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A lil Tuesday throwback with one of my fav dudes @zach.anner. Guess how many times we were interrupted this night, in which Zach was inquired if he was the “rainbow bagel guy”? (SO MANY TIMES! ❤️). If you haven’t seen the rainbow bagel video that was released by @yourcpf last summer to highlights all of our favorite gluten( ‼️), but most importantly serves as a catalyst for change by showing how difficult it can be to navigate major cities with mobility aids, and how we MUST change this- check it out! • I’ll let you guys know a little secret: Zach made fun of how many rainbow bagels I ate last summer! 😂 but, I’d do it over and over for ACCESS 🌈. ALSO, Zach said that his bagel tasted like play dough.... I don’t know what bagel he was eating because I’ve literally met a NEW YAWK bagel I didn’t enjoy 😂 🌈 🍞


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#repost @stjoechiro - HERE'S AN EASY WAY TO GET SCIATIC NERVE RELIEF 😌⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ The sciatic nerve is the most common nerve issue I see at SpineCare in St. Joseph, MI. It's a major cause of sharp, shooting pains ⚡ in the lower back, butt, legs, and feet.⠀⠀ .⠀⠀ A sciatic nerve floss is a super easy way to help relive tension to this nerve. This particular one can be done at home, since no equipment is needed and it can be done on any flat surface (including in bed).⠀⠀ .⠀ HOW TO GET RELIEF:⠀ 1️⃣ Lie flat on the back, bend the hip to 90 degrees⠀ 2️⃣ Try to straighten the leg as far as feels comfortable⠀ 3️⃣ Bend the ankle forwards and backwards ⠀ 4️⃣ Progress by straightening the leg even more⠀ .⠀ There should be a good stretch felt in the back of the leg. Continue doing this movement until a good release of tension on the sciatic nerve is felt.⠀ .⠀⠀ ⚠️Please note that this SHOULD NOT make pain worse. It should not be excruciating or reproduce numbness or tingling. Simply put, do not go further than the body is able to go. Some won't be able to extend the knee all the way at first, so work into it slowly. .⠀⠀ If the sciatic nerve pain is debilitating, it's always best to get a professional opinion. .⠀⠀ 📣 Don't forget to spread the good word with someone that needs some help with sciatica. . ##disc #herniateddiscs #backpain #injuries #piriformissyndrome #physiotherapy #osteopathy #training #injury #physicaltherapy #sportsmedicine #sportstherapy #sportsrehab #chiropractic #fisioterapia #rolfing #blackroll #yoga #pilates #crossfit #gym #stretching #piriformis #sciatica #treatment #fascia #sport #rehab #pain


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Did you know that Matrix Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy opened its doors on June 19, 2006?! That’s 12 years that Matrix has been serving the town of North Smithfield and surrounding areas! Tory has made a name for Matrix through her excellence in Physical Therapy and dedication to her patients! 🎉 #happyworkanniversary #matrixsportsmedicine #dedication #physicaltherapy #sportsmedicine


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Anbefaler #fysioterapeut @mirachels .👌. Er hos Anne Rachel 1x i måneden og jeg er veldig fornøyd.hun kan jobben sin...tommel opp 👍🙂 . . . . . . . . . . . . #fysioterapi #fysio #flink #dyktig #fornøyd #physicaltherapy #physicaltherapist #pic #bilde #foto


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Introduced hip CARS followed by 90/90 PAILS and RAILS to induce an increase in rotational hip capacity ⚡ Hip CARS utilized to : -Screen for articular motion -Engage mechanoreceptors in end-range motion (maintain ROM with affarent input) -Increase articular health and longevity -Rehabilitate through our natural anti-inflammatory : movement ⚡ PAILS and RAILS used next to EXPAND range of motion by allowing us to build strength and adaptation in both progressive and regressive ranges. This enables us to TEACH the nervous system how to control the newly acquired range so that our brain doesn't shut it off as soon as it feels unsure of movement variation. ⚡ Using markerless objective screening technology @kinetisense , we were able to see an increase of almost 15 degrees of internal rotation on the right hip after our work.


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Extremely appreciative of Chelsea and Laura with the Gaithersburg-Germantown Chamber of Commerce for helping R2P2 host “Business Networking Before Nine” this morning. With over 40 attendees, great coffee and breakfast from Panera and 2 highly beneficial demos from Dr. Caleb Fatzinger and Dr. Anthony Iannarino, the morning was a huge success!!


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#truthmoment I have a condition called #diastasisrecti where the #stomach #muscles have separated ☹ which is why even tho I've lost 35 lbs in the last 9 months, I still have this bulge in my stomach that won't go anywhere 🤷🏽‍♀️ the #doctor said I'd need #surgery to correct it. He also said certain #excercises can help. I'll try the #natural way first #naturalremedies #holistic #holistictreatments #selfcare #spiritualawakening #spiritualjourney #awakening #svaroopa #svaroopayoga #yoga #healing #empowering #flexibility #fitness #physicaltherapy #physicalhealth


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There are numerous applications for KINESIOLOGY TAPING - scar management is just one of them. Our physical therapists are CERTIFIED in taping to help you fully recover, optimize mobility, improve muscle recruitment, and enhance performance! #sstrehab #kinesiologytaping #rocktape #scarmanagement #injuryrecovery #mobility #adhesions #physicaltherapy #d1orlando #yes,thisincisioniscrazy #harrypotter