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Student, do want to participate in shaping the future? At @demola.tampere you get to take part in creating a more meaningful future as you solve compelling real-life cases with a diverse team, consisting of professionals from partner companies and other students from various disciplines. And yes, you'll earn credits too! Apply to 2nd period's projects by next Monday, 15 Oct and be one of the future shapers! #piceasoft #businessparksyke and @tuomilogistiikka among others are waiting to solve their challenges with you! ##demola #demolatampere #ykampus


2018-09-16 03:10:21

Yrityksen vihersisustamista 🌿💚 #vihersisustus #viherkasvi #greendecor #pihanatampere #julkinentila #piceasoft


2018-06-10 04:00:42

Pirkan pyörĂ€ily polkaistu đŸ’ȘđŸ»đŸ˜Ž#pirkanpyörĂ€ily2018 #klassikko #poljepoljekyllĂ€ketjuariittÀÀ #piceasoft


2018-03-28 23:06:33

”Vanha Ă€lypuhelin jĂ€tetÀÀn usein laatikonpohjalle, koska sitĂ€ ei uskalleta antaa kiertoon”, sanoo Jyri Roselius, Piceasoftin toimitusjohtaja. Yrityksen ohjelmiston avulla puhelimen sisĂ€llön voi helposti siirtÀÀ uuteen laitteeseen. LisĂ€ksi ohjelmisto analysoi, milloin puhelin tarvitsee huoltoa ja lopulta sen avulla puhelimen voi puhdistaa luotettavasti. ”Kahdenkymmenen vuoden kuluttua siirrettĂ€vÀÀ ja puhdistettavaa muistia on joka paikassa.” Kuva: Emilia Anundi @emilia_anundi Julkaistu Good News from Finlandin www-sivuilla. #piceasoft #data #Ă€lypuhelimet #100kuvaa “When people stop using a phone, they often put it in a drawer somewhere as they aren’t comfortable with giving it away,” explains Jyri Roselius, CEO of Piceasoft. “We can transfer the content from your old device to the new one and finally, people can confidently give away their devices as they know they have certifiably been erased clean. There will be more data to erase and transfer in 20 years’ time because data will be everywhere.”


2017-03-02 08:31:49

#piceasoft thanks #mwc2017 and #barcelona! Over 70 sales meetings during 4 days. See you in #mwc2018 !


2014-02-27 03:43:48

Last day at the Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona. It has been fun! Love everything #piceasoft does to simplify our mobile life and big thanks to #sofica for helping to improve camera performance and allow us to have the best photos! #mwc #barcelona