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5G is just another fancy way of saying "we have created even better technology to spy on people." That's all it is. GWEN towers are the name referred to these cell phone towers. Research is a must. "Silent Weapons for Silent Wars." Look that up👈 They are quickly being built on every major highway and soon to be on street corners. Yet millions of people have no idea what they are or what they are actually capable of. 🔉 These towers can literally send messages to people's brains and make them think a voice is inside their head. This is called "Voice to Skull Technology. It's like hypnosis on a large scale. They can hypnotize people to even commit criminal acts. Would you want to live right next to one of the 25 Megawatt towers or be forced to have a smart meter installed? Be sure to follow 👉 @lex_j_432hz for daily truth content 😎 YouTube: LexJ 432Hz 👈 link in bio #wakeup #awakening #research #history #information #learn #cars #trucks #healthylifestyle #5g #holistichealing #mindcontrol #manipulation #pinealgland #orgonite #orgoneenergy #truther #educateyourself #radiation #microwave #sheeple #staywoke #governmentcorruption #newworldorder #conspiracy #questioneverything #standup


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Concept drawing from an old series about endocrine system / communication / pineal gland ✨


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And carob/cacao!


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In our fast paced modern world it's all too common for people to pop a pill for a quick fix cure all, temporarily providing relief of the symptoms but ultimately causing the problem to persist as the root cause isn't addressed. Big Pharma is the perfect example of this, exploiting people through the fear based narrative that they know more about our bodies than we do. Instead of teaching us to nourish our cells, adopting a plant based diet, healing the gut, cleansing the colon, juice fasting, using herbal medicine and the body's intelligent ability to heal from within, the billion dollar business makes a profit from selling drugs with lethal side effects to unwitting customers, poisoning and causing untold damage to the body with toxic vaccines, all the while never actually curing disease. Ongoing research is still ongoing as it has been for the last 50+ years in the enigmatic cure for cancer, when the real cure has been suppressed for decades and will never be revealed unless Big Pharma wants to go out of business. It is by design to keep us stuck in a hamster wheel of always needing more pills, until we are on 10 prescription drugs just to combat side effects! Our bodies are much more intelligent than we have been conditioned to believe. When we consume the live enzymes and phytonutrients from raw foods, meditate and focus our energy on love and positive emotion, we vibrate at a higher frequency. Consuming dead flesh, taking prescription drugs and being a captive of fear and negative emotions lowers our vibration and allows stagnancy into our energy field, which creates the perfect environment for disease to manifest. Irritable bowel syndrome is just one of the many ailments caused by the body's intelligent immune system response to toxins from unnatural food that isn't designed to be digested or nourish our cells. The body communicates with us in many ways, if only we listen.


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#swissbluetopaz Necklace - Energetically, blue Topaz is associated with the #throatchakra, #thirdeyechakra, #solarplexuschakra and #sacralchakra. It is thought to sooth, heal, stimulate, recharge, and align the meridians of the body, directing energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness and brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known as a stone of love and good fortune. ✨ ✨✨✨ Click on the link in my profile to go to my shop - EarthEnergyGemstones.com ✨✨✨✨ #usmade #madeinusa #handmade #chakras #healingcrystals #crystalhealing #energyhealing #chakrahealing #yoga #pinealgland #ascension #kundalini #crownchakra #thirdeyechakra #heartchakra #throatchakra #rootchakra #sacralchakra #solarplexuschakra


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Charge your own batteries before you use external distractions, phones, television, negative self talk, use your time wisely, check your own priorities, focus on the present moment, because lost times gone forever 👌 spirit is more real than reality, because that is what remains after reality, so it important to try to be, spiritually real, stay ahead and not be fooled by the external world, because inside your world is all that exists 👌 reality is just a character we are when were not in our heads, a concept, all that we posses is a set of acting skills we have learned from are parents, peers and television so on, the real reality is waiting to be unlocked, and you've got the keys 👌the only thing you cant fake, is living, you can live in the now by training, sports, yoga, meditation, that won't let you be in the past present or future, so if you find it hard to meditate, or do yoga, do some form of exercise, meditation and yoga is the target you need to use eventually 👌 fight the past by being in the now, life is what happens while your making other plans, be clever 🔑 #gypsysoul #pinealgland #thirdeye #egyptology #knowledge #happy #free #meditate #mobiles #spiritual #motivate #hustle #stars #yoga #grind #health #gym #woke #hiphop #mind #bodybuilding #rap #mma #gain #love #boxing #hotyoga #artist #eatgood #fitness 💯🔑❤🌎👌


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Ross is a 34-year old with no criminal history who is currently serving a double life sentence without parole + 40 years, for charges associated with creating the Silk Road website. All his charges are non violent, and no victim was named at trial. The Silk Road anonymous market was an e-commerce website with an emphasis on user privacy. It was based on a free market philosophy that allowed people to buy and sell items anonymously, using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin on the Tor browser. The guiding philosophy of the site was that it is no one else’s business who you are or what you’re buying and selling so long as the transaction is voluntary and no third party is harmed. Users were not told specifically what to list for sale but some items were prohibited including stolen items, weapons, child pornography, counterfeits, and generally anything used to harm or defraud others. Many legal items were exchanged such as antibiotics, books, art, clothing. However, some vendors quickly realized that the site’s anonymity made it an ideal platform for selling illegal drugs. Do you believe he should be in jail? Or do you believe that he should be free? 🤔 • #mindbodyspirit #bodymindspirit #thirdeye #pinealgland #raiseyourvibration #higherconsciousness #consciousness #awakened #ascension #perception #facts #truth #quotes #wisdom #doyourownresearch #questioneverything #thinkforyourself #truthseeker #collectiveconsciousness #enlightenment #4biddenknowledge #manitribe #manination #manimovement