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34 Minutes Ago

When things doesn’t seem to go your way, you always have a choice, you just have to choose wisely. 😉 #memacaptionlang #chooseday


9 Hours Ago

Jangan pelit ilmu Berbagi ilmu yang kamu punya kepada orang lain tidak akan membuat dirimu terlihat lebih bodoh dan dia terlihat lebih pintar. Sama halnya dengan bersedekah berbagai Rezeki yang kamu miliki tidak akan membuat mu miskin. . . . morning everyone 💓💕 . #positifthinking #like #like4follow #like4like #likeforlike #likeforfollow #me #myboy #selfie #instagram #instaboy #instalike #instagood #bandung #bandungpisan #bandungpunya #bangkok #bangkokboy #thailandboy #thailand #pinoy #pinoyboy #beautyful #love #instamood #hitamputih #blackwhite #lembang @orchidforestcikole #wisatabandung #eksplorbandung


12 Hours Ago

GNight 😉 Zzz...😴


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#littlerichi #pinoyboy


16 Hours Ago

First time at private event 😂


17 Hours Ago

I'm enjoying traveling to dreamland with this @adventuretime pillow 😘


17 Hours Ago

Be sexy for a day 💪


17 Hours Ago

You know my name not my story . You saw my angel part but promise u don't wanna see my DEMONYO part . #poiy #pinoyboy #sarawakian #malaysianboy #dancer #fighter


18 Hours Ago

Bathroom hooliganship, feat. My Hot Pink Holographic Junk. I’m thinking the shoulder strap open bind is gonna be my thing. I’m digging the “Backpack or BDSM” vibe it’s throwing me. #lucasprince #pinoyboy #dragking #dragkingsofinstagram #bathroomselfie #boybrowpower


1 Day 1 Hour Ago

Into the blue! 💙💙#mondaymood #engageph


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

This is a story about shoes and mothering third-culture-kids. I get asked all the time about education in Manila from foreigners or Phil-Am’s moving to Manila. Our education choices here are many, costly, but many great choices. While our education choices are fabulous I have always gotten hung up on the rigidity of uniforms. I didn’t grow up with uniforms so it really is a foreign concept to me. As an educator myself and a very American mentality, uniforms, especially big leather clunky shoes, have always gone against my personal grain. For someone who touts open-mindedness that was one thing I could never comprehend because honestly speaking, they are so uncomfortable for kids and don’t encourage proper mobility. But I digress, I always found my way around those darned clunky leather shoes. It was my mentality and cultural bias that I would never let die- 😂. So I found my way around the system with all back leather Converse 🤑 for my boy to wear, or all black Crocs/Natives. I’m never one to give up on a challenge so I found a way. Until...one day last month when @theplaygroundstore offered for my #3pinoyboys boys to come pick out a pair of shoes to their liking. I decided I was going to be so free and let my kids choose their own style. WOULD YOU BELIEVE KUYA PICKED OUT MY ARCH-NEMESIS OF SHOES?! He saw them from a distance and instantly knew. “Hey Mom, I’ve been needing black leather shoes like these for school!” HAY. FREAKING. NAKU. You’ve got to be kidding me!? And with my ‘hands off parenting’, oh the irony, my son picked out his black leather school shoes. I was slapped square in the face with a lesson I’ve tried so delicately to walk, letting my children be exposed to different cultures without weighing in on what is ‘good/bad’. Grabe, the irony is real. And that is how I learned to be a bit more open minded from a visit to @theplaygroundstore. Thanks to Kuya and children for being open to the world, I sit at their feet and learn. I’m so grateful and fortunate we get to do that learning right here in the Pinas. Love you each forever! Have a wonderful week. #momsohard #thirdculturekid #expatmom #foreignayforever #pinoyboy