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zeen kawee

2 Minutes Ago

อากาศแบบนี้ อยากกลับไปนอน #obtusa

Healing Calendula oil in the making. For cuts, grazes and scars to the skin. I’ve been so inspired by @rebeccadesnos magazine ‘Plants are Magic’ and now that the busy flower season is done I can slow down, pay attention to the details of plants, bring them indoors, be surrounded by them, take the time to enjoy them.

@tvojbuket Я ответственно выполнила все предписания по температурному режиму) 🌿

My happy place 🌿🕯

A nice harvest of Choc. Scotch Bonnet, Jamaican Bell, Patróns and Scotch Bonnets! Will be a spicy autumn 🌶🍂

Bath Illustration part of a sequence for University. Maybe more to come. #illustration #ink #watercolour #pencil #bath #witch #magic #plants #crystals

Comme chez nous ❤ #levante #λεβαντα #photography #plants (#littlethings that make me smile...)

Ödesblomma i en ampel från @makramebylinn 🌿 Tjusigt värre, eller hur?



1 Minute Ago

Ich weiß nicht wie sie heißt und woher sie kommt, aber sie musste ein Plätzchen in unserer Wohnung haben 😍 #plantstagram #beauty #greenlife #plants #pünktchen #nature #instapic

I just love the colours of both the leaves and foliage of heuchera. I’d never really noticed them before this year but I’ve put two in my new border and absolutely love them. They’re still flowering (along with most other plants) now - late October - but are starting to drop more leaves. 😍😍😍 - #garden #plants #flowers #heuchera #autumnleaves

Well this is an emotional start to the day 😭I've been asked to be @natalie.worrall's bridesmaid! I can't wait to be part of your special day xx #bridesmaid #bohobridewedfest @bluefizzevents #isaidyes #plants

I’ve been a little quite lately and.......A week and a half ago my hubby started back FIFO and just as he prepares to leave I get sick (perfect timing 😒) and of course the kids follow suit - sleepless nights and long days leave you feeling drained and inturn a longer recovery back to wellness. But you know what, I’m my own bloody medicine women!! I’m smashing ‘ALL’ the oils - Diffusing 24/7, applying them topically to the skin and taking them internally using Veggie Caps or honey to regain our health naturally, nurturing our Immune System to fight the virus and return stronger than ever 👊🏼These oils are supporting us physically, mentally + emotionally and spiritually- HOLISTICALLY! and not jeopardising our Gut Health! I have 22 oils and 2 books sitting on my dining table 🙈 The Essential Life + Emotions & Essentials Oils, single oils (the entire Home Essential Kit) blends and some concoctions I make up myself - but you know what else...we haven’t turned to a single drug or prescription medication - these incredible oils are at my fingertips to combat a runny nose, cough, sleep, headache, sore throat, moods and so on - whatever is thrown at us!! I’ve had to trial different oils with the kids this week and sometimes you need to go for an oil that isn’t typical for the symptom yet spot on for the emotion! So here’s to Wellness + Health 🥂 letting nature be thy medicine 🌿

Tim Wen

2 Minutes Ago

Twin Flowers #flowers #twinflowers #plants #buaa