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18 Days 20 Hours Ago

This one always feels like an old faded postcard to me, from a road trip long ago on a two lane road. In reality taken Feb of ‘16 from Bridal Vail Viewpoint outside Portland. Looking North over the Columbia to the other side of the river.


2018-03-27 10:30:10

‘Pain’... today is one of those days where a morphine drip would be ok... as we continue to reach inward to deal with constant pain (whatever the reason) we arrive eventually at a crossroads... we either give in and let drugs take over, or we begin to understand that there is a learning journey available... (I’m not saying either choice is mas or minus )... this learning journey can enable us to continue this life without opiates... it is the more difficult path and requires focus, support and motivation... most people require external motivation of some sort... some, more rare individuals are intrinsically motivated, from inside, with very little need for help... it’s important to know which you are... if you need help to stay motivated then reach out... there are enough of us who live with extreme pain almost constantly but we rarely reach out because we are tired of being told ‘it’s all in your head’... there are not so many who understand what that’s like... we lose many ‘friendships’ from this misunderstanding... I now know that it’s no great loss, but until you identify with people that not only understand, but refuse to wallow in it... it hurts... ‘never give up’. I have met beautiful souls who hurt more than I do... I am grateful for all of it, have accepted it, own it and work with it... yes there are still days when I truly just want to ‘pack it in’... those are the days where a sincere smile or heartfelt unsolicited complement mean the world. Big love to all you beautiful hurting souls ❤️ #soulful_bnw #_edp_ #ofsaltyspeak #peterlerchphotography #turbulence #pain #unbearable #coping #strength #imokay #learntolive #dramaticsky #soulful_moments #soulful #tormented #ptsd #survival #intrinsicmotivation #motivation #journey #reachout #pnwph#pnwphotography #landscaoephotography #nikond810 #shadows #gallery_of_dark_arts


2017-09-20 21:51:33

In the '66 Ford 📷❤🖒👏


2017-02-13 15:28:38

Today on the way to the beach I stopped by Joanne's fabric to grab supplies to make my own styling boards! Why? Well, sometimes styling details at a wedding can be challenging depending on the space you're given to work in so this is a fun and easy way to make the details really pop and look gorgeous no matter where you are! I picked out five different fabrics so depending on the wedding/style I can choose accordingly to grab the best fitting option - along with my gorgeous @the_mrs_box 🙌🏻🌿📷 Stay tuned on my story for the behind the scenes of me putting them together hopefully tonight! Styling is one of my favorite things to do and now I'll have the proper set up to keep things consistent and gorgeous.


2016-07-11 21:06:11

Got to create some actor headshots with Marcus tonight! This guy is going to be famous someday!