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27 Minutes Ago

Just Bc I love this sweater 🤘🏽

Francisco - Lately my friend @stilian_stilian and myself did some volunteering @bahnhofsmission Berlin Zoologischer Garten. Not only that he was cutting hairs, but we met some amazing people with loads of stories about their daily fight to survive in Berlin. The pictures of the next days will be about those people and the people volunteering. Feel free to support any Bahnhofsmission nearby; they need it! Vielen Dank 🙏🏼


26 Days 4 Hours Ago

Thinking about chocolate 🍓 wbu?

"Que haya sueños es raro, que haya espejos, que el usual y gastado repertorio de cada día incluya el ilusorio orbe profundo que urden los reflejos." Borges

Even Mr. Camera needs a glass. Follow : @thegreenvent . . . . . . . . . . . . #portraitmode #portraitphotography #photobooth #potd📷 #uniqueportrait #amazingportraits #fashionphotography #naturephotography


3 Days 8 Hours Ago

Should I start a YT makeup channel • si 💋💄or no try again 🖕🏽

abby x hair

Walk on to your next adventure

Another one of my favorite shots from my shoot with @faith_italia at the abandoned barn.

The Smile

The wound is the place where the Light enters you.- Rumi Photo from my most recent shoot with @erekwest 😊