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Mind over matter. Do you know the power of your mind? You can change your destiny by believing in it. All physical reality is made up of vibrations of energy. Your thoughts are vibrations of energy. While it sounds like a concept or theory, this is actually a reality that quantum physics has revealed to us. Your thoughts have a powerful influence on your life. @sanja_tesic_author used her mindset to excel. Instead of choosing to be a victim, she chose to be a victor. 🙌🏽 📸: @ranson_media

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@sanja_tesic_author told her experience of escaping to Australia from war torn Yogoslavia. She she chose to change her mindset and focus on being a victor not a victim. Whatever you focus on grows. So she grew to be a victor! 🙌🏽 Focus and mindset is a big attribute to embody. 📸: @ranson_media

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Triumph over adversity. @sanja_tesic_author migrated to Australia from war torn Yogoslavia and chose the mindset of a victor not a victim. Have you heard of positive growth mindset? How manifesting positivity will make you excel and push you to success? Manifesting is also a great way to learn how powerful mindset truly is!! 💪🏽💪🏽 📸: @sanja_tesic_author

When was the last time you put yourself first? The last time you stopped living up to everyone else's expectations but your your own? On the 27th of April we are hosting the biggest LOVE FEST you'll ever experience. THE ULTIMATE SELF LOVE EVENT OF THE YEAR! Are you ready to fill yourself up? The time is NOW. ❤ Get your tickets before FOMO gets real.

Are you ready for this? The ultimate biggest self love event of the year! 🌹 You don't want to miss it! Tag the girls who you'd love to bring. Tickets on sale now! Link in bio.

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Build your mental self-discipline by inhabiting a positive mindset link on bio !!! Start building #positivemindset #millionairemindset #growthmindset #positivegrowthmindset #excellence #mentalexcellence #excellenceguru

[ W O R K S H O P ] EMPOWER YOUR SENSES 💕 Self Care Through Tea Blending Can't believe it was only last weekend that we held our very first workshop for the Wonder Women Project. 🌸 In collaboration with @theteabooth with china ware sponsored by @glamorouseventsperth, we enjoyed an afternoon filled with tea and learnt how to practice self care in the beautiful space at @ribbonsofgreen. 🌿 📸: @sociallaura_

Happy Sunday y'all! 💕 If 'you' could put the word 'you' into a positive affirmation sentence, what would it be? You are amazing. You have a great smile. You have achieved so much. I love you. You are worthy. YOU GOT THIS! Tag a friend and play along.

Sometimes we 'got' to stop to smell the roses. If you 'got' to put the word 'got' into a positive affirmation sentence, what would it be? I've got it all. I got to smell the roses. Got to smash it! I'm thankful I got to breathe today. YOU GOT THIS! Tag a friend and play along.

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The sky is the limit... or is it? Set your own limitations and set them high. Visit https://excellenceguru.com/millionaire-by-retirement/ for more information #positivemindset #millionairemindset #growthmindset #positivegrowthmindset #mentalexcellence #financialexcellence #becomeamillionaire

Delegate I can’t stress this enough!!! Wedding planning is NOT meant to be a one (wo)man operation. Enlist the help of your nearest and dearest! With fewer of the to-dos on your plate, you’ll have more time and energy to focus on the big-picture items. #delegate #weddings2019 #weddingsaremything #inspiredbridetobe

If you could put 'this' word into a positive affirmation sentence, (see what I did there 🙊) what would it be? This is how I do. This is my life. This is me. Can't touch this. This! YOU GOT THIS! Tag a friend and play along.

🍃 Our biggest stressors reside in the mind. Lessen the load and we’ll all feel lighter, right? If it were only that easy. We truly believe in the power of meditation, spiritual connectivity and positive-growth-mindset. We’ve committed ourselves to the practice of daily meditation, reiki healing and energy light work. “Healing Work” is a long term commitment, not an overnight fix. It’s having that positive mindset daily and choosing to use each experience as a teaching tool for growth, rather than punishment and failure. Begin changing your thought process, looking for the positivity in each day and really believing that there is good in everything that is brought to you. Spending even 5 minutes a day in a meditative state can help immensely with reducing stress and will help improve focus and clarity. It’s never too late to begin a daily beneficial practice. 📿#healing #dailyritual #positivegrowthmindset #spirituality #meditation #meditate #sistermediums #atribecalledblessed

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Focus on the solution. Anxiety and fear are emotions that can be avoided.#positivemindset #positivegrowthmindset #growthmindset #determination #success #millionairemindset #excellenceguru #excellence #drive

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Maintain mental discipline in stressful situations takes practice. #positivegrowthmindset #positivemindset #growthmindset #grow #excellenceguru #selfdiscipline

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When someone throws up in your seat so plane is delayed and your 50 minute layover turns into 10 minutes and you sprint the whole dang airport for them to shut the door in your face, you gotta turn lemons into lemonade... or just use your awesome #starbucks giftcard and get some #teavana happiness. Thanks for supporting the happy today @k.brozak3 #teavanacitrusmint #3rdlevelconsulting #mgckids #positivegrowthmindset #layoverlife

. . ★·.·´¯`·.·★ sᎬᏞf-ᎪffᎥᏒmᎪᏆᎥᎾᏁs ★·.·´¯`·.·★ . A positive self-affirmation mini project planned since last year. . . I had in mind to do up a self-affirmation anchor chart, for D, from A-Z. I also wanted his physical participation in anchoring the positive affirmations, but haven't thought of a way yet then. Hence, it was put on hold till now. . . When I saw the fortune cookies by @chalkacademy last month, I knew I could incorporate them in my project! . . . So here it is.... Daily after lunch & dinner, he'll "crack" open a fortune cookie (which I called them the 'I Am' cookies) & read aloud the affirmation. He'll then write them down on the anchor chart. Once we've completed the 25 letters (I couldn't think of one for 'X'), we'll frame it & put it up on the wall. . . Through this, D gets to learn some new words & their definitions - some words as long as 5 syllabus. 😁 . . . #thehomeschoolerpreneur_positivegrowthmindset #affirmations #selfaffirmations #positiveaffirmations #positivegrowthmindset #homeschooling #homeschooler #homeschoollife #homeschoolmum #personalgrowth #rainbowcolours #fortunecookies #colourcoordinated #handmadewithlove❤️ #diyteachingresources #diymom #ikeaframe #atoz #learningnewwords #anchorchart #dailyaffirmation #homeschool

Our speakers are so inspirational, talking about grit, determination and just showing up! If you are anything like myself, sometimes it takes a bit of effort to show up but once you're there - it's all good. 😎 Who suffers from serious FOMO if they don't show up? I do!! 😣 @jaycrispcrow taught us that resilience is important and that by just showing up, you are setting yourself up for good things. 🙌🏽 So just show up today! 📸: @ranson_media

Tag a friend who needs to see this!! I've been exhausted from the week and packing too many things into my weekend that I burnt out really quick. The fact that I have a long to do list doesn't help, that I put pressure on myself to do it all and that when I couldn't do it all because we ran out of time, I allowed it to annoy me so much. But when I stopped and listened to my body, I knew it was too tired to do what I wanted it to. So I accepted that, shifted my mindset and told it that it was ok to take it easy. We need to learn to listen more to our bodies and that we need to appreciate all that it does for us whilst focusing on what great things we achieved anyway. I got to spend time with my family out in the sun, hearing their laughter and seeing how healthy they are in mind, body and spirit. That is so much more rewarding than completing a to do list at the expense of my tired body. 💕

Our guest speakers are so inspiring, they talk about triumph over adversity in their lives. @sanja_tesic_author migrated to Australia from war torn Yogoslavia and told how she chose to change her mindset and focus on being a victor not a victim. This mindset change made her excel and push her to success, what a great way to learn how powerful mindset truly is!! 💪🏽💪🏽

“Are you the adult you want your child to become?” Brene Brown. . This is sometimes harder than it sounds. . Yesterday I had one of ‘those’ parenting moments. One of my daughters said something that stopped me in my tracks. She completely echoed words of negativity that I sometimes find myself muttering and it made me feel so sad. Sad that she had witnessed this from me and sad that she had heard it enough times that she was now copying my actions. We talked and cuddled and I made a promise to myself and to both my children to never display that trait again. ... . I often talk with my girls about how I make mistakes as a parent and this was definitely one of those times. ... . As parents we are always learning, I think it’s important for parents to evolve and not to fester on the mistakes. Acknowledge them, forgive ourselves, learn from them & move on... . . . #brenebrown #brenebrownquotes #brenebrownquote #parenting #parentingmistakes #imperfectparenting #mistakes #imperfect #parentingjourney #mindset #positivemindset . . #positivegrowthmindset #positivegrowthmindsetforyourchild #confidentchildren #selfbelief #mindsetforyourchild #mindsetforchildren #imperfectparent #parent #growthmindset #growthmindsetforyourchild #growthmindsetforchildren #mindful #mindfulparenting #mindfulparent #mindsetmatters #mindsetgrowth #themagicofmindset #mindsetmagic

Today I am planting the seeds of growth in my life. I am absolutely committed to watering them every day.#toddlersofinstagram#gardening_love#positiveseeds#positivegrowthmindset#photooftheday

If you aren’t growing today, how can you prepare from tomorrow?✨ . I heard this on a podcast going into my substitute teaching job this morning (Ms. S in PE has been fun😂) and it really stuck to me. . If we don’t work on ourselves, each day, how can we hope to grow and pursue different opportunities if we aren’t learning about what may be out there?🌟 . Sometimes growth doesn’t feel good but it ALWAYS is. ☀️ . Make good use of today in the pockets of time you have. Read a personal development book (dare to lead is one I’m reading now👌🏻), listen to a podcast (Rise Podcast by @msrachelhollis 🙌🏻) or talk with some friends who are positive and uplifting. . What can you do to grow today that will benefit your future? 💥 . . #positivegrowth #positivegrowthmindset #thejourneyneverends #winelover🍷 #followyourpathtohappiness #inhaleconfidence #growthmindset🌱 #personalgrowthjourney #alwaysmovingforward

This is the year for growth. It’s the year to say yes to the things that you’ve wanted to do. It’s the year to commit, to manifest, to literally call in the abundance that has been ours all along. . . . . . . . . . #theworthmovement #abundance #transformyourmoneymindset #knowyourworth #freedomlife #manifestyourreality #visualizewealth #moneymagnet #positivegrowthmindset #beyourowncreator #embodyment #selfworth #businessminds #visionaries #soulfullqueens #knowyourpurpose

Have you ever come to realize That you are enough That everything you are And everything you do Is exactly the right amount Because it’s you. Today I was worrying Thinking that I had to do something extra BE something extra Say the right things Be seen in the right light Work, hustle, be driven But today I woke up and told my mind NO No I don’t I don’t have to be, or do any of those things. Give your self permission to just be you. The you that’s a bit emotional The you that feels more tired than usual The you that slept in and didn’t go to the gym today The you that missed morning meditation The you that is more real and more than enough than any other YOU that you know. 🙏

When you get to work with your besties, and work doesn’t actually feel like work 👩🏽‍💻🌈❤️

Don't allow your focus to be taken by something negative. If you focus on negative things it will grow and consume you. Instead shift your focus to all the positive aspects of your life and you will find good things will come your way. Have you ever focused on something negative and allowed it to consume you - what was it?What is something positive you can focus on today? 💕

WHAT DOES ONLINE BUSINESS LOOK LIKE IN 2019? ⁣ ⁣ Think about all that you actually purchase online & how much time is spent on there. ⁣ ⁣ We shop for EVERYTHING. We can get food delivered, buy whatever product takes our fancy, even order a car to take us anywhere at anytime...⁣ ⁣ And it’s all done with the click of a button. ⁣ ⁣ The reality is, that having access to things online gives us choice. Constantly I will find something I want online, transfer over my money & trust that my product will arrive just as I imagined it. ⁣ ⁣ So why is it that when we see a post about someone making decent money online, we’re so shocked? ⁣ ⁣ How many times have you seen that lately & thought, “well could I do that”?⁣ ⁣ Now let’s go back & think about what having a traditional online business looks like: ⁣ ⁣ You need a company, a product & you need to advertise. ⁣ ⁣ You need a stocked warehouse & a team of people that pick & pack orders to be able to deliver to all the clicks made by every person that purchases a product. ⁣ ⁣ All of this equals a lot of time & financial output before you can even start. ⁣ ⁣ But what if you didn’t own the company or the product? ⁣ ⁣ What if your business was in Affiliate Marketing, & your job was matching consumers with a company that is aligned to them, & that allows you to make the choice of who you partner with? ⁣ What if you had a training academy that supports you on how to grow an authentic online brand & teaches you how market through social media so you can have your own online business without a huge start up cost?⁣ ⁣ How cool is that ?? ⁣ ⁣ The company that I have chosen to align myself with have products that match my love of the planet & health. ⁣ ⁣ It has high ticket items which means high ticket commissions. ⁣ ⁣ And it matches people who are seeking those products & this business. ⁣ ⁣ I don’t own the products or the business training. But what I do own is my personal brand which allows me to make juicy commissions. ⁣ So when you see that people are making money online, when you see their success & wonder if you could do it too...⁣ ⁣ The answer is hell yes, you can. ⁣ ⁣ If you’ve got 45 mins to learn more, reach out!

✨ BODY POSITIVITY ✨ . My seven year old daughter came home from school the other day and said “Mummy, what is dieting?” . . It made me feel sad that seven year old girls are talking about dieting at school but it did open a dialogue about diet culture and we sat down together and talked about healthy eating, healthy lifestyles and how we are not defined by the way we look and should not judge others for the way that they look either... . As a parent I never talk about calories, dieting, weight loss and bad body image in front of my children. I feel that is so easy for that narrative to become the voice of a child’s if they hear a parent using those terms... . I feel this is just as an important conversation to have with boys too. The increase in anorexia, bulimia & self-harming in boys is increasing. We also need to instill in our boys a respectful view of the body image of others, especially girls... . Does the impact of Body Shaming on your child worry you? . Have you noticed a decline in Body Positivity as your child gets older? Particularly in the teen years? . Illustrations by Andrew Richard via Buzzfeed. . . . #bodypositive #bodypositivity #bodypositivechildren #bodypositivechild #positivebodyimage #bodyimage #positivity #youareenough #positivegrowthmindset #bodyshaming #diversity #confidentchildren #mindset #raisinggirls #mindsetforchildren #parenting #parent #growthmindset #growthmindsetforyourchild #raisingboys #mindfulparenting #mindfulparent #imperfection #dietculture #mindsetmatters #mindsetinschools #mindsetgrowth #growthmindsetparenting #themagicofmindset #mindsetmagic


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Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday! Pick three things that inspire you or bring you joy and say them out loud. Tell yourself something you love about YOU! If there is a looming project taking over your life...how can you start it? What part can you do first? Break it up into manageable pieces in your mind and just start. The day is waiting! You can do it! #positivevibes #positivegrowthmindset #youcanit #metime #loveyourself #findthegood

Edited post: Some extremely concerning and shocking research about Dr Seuss has just been brought to my attention by @wild.wood.childhood I will spend the next few days reading and then respond in full... . The truest of life lessons from Dr Seuss. . . Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive Who is Youer than you. . Every time I read ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’ to my daughters I never fail to shed a tear and my voice gets choked up... . . . . #drseuss #drseussquotes #drseussquote #drseussbooks #drseusswisdom #drseussclassroom #drseussfan #ohtheplacesyoullgo #believe #mindset #positivemindset . . #positivegrowthmindset #positivegrowthmindsetforyourchild #confidentchildren #selfbelief #mindsetforyourchild #mindsetforchildren #parenting #parent #growthmindset #growthmindsetforyourchild #growthmindsetforchildren #mindful #mindfulparenting #mindfulparent #mindsetmatters #mindsetgrowth #themagicofmindset #mindsetmagic

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Sometimes it's nice to just sit. To be present in the moment. This morning we visited my parents at their house and before we left I decided to sit in their sunroom and look at the lake. Those 5 minutes I spent thinking about the beauty of our world and the beauty of my family. It's nice to be reminded of all your blessings because it's easy to want what you don't have and forget what you already do. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #reflecting #positivegrowthmindset #family #peace #blessed #thankful #stayhumble #love #spreadkindness #lka #selflove

✨ G R A T I T U D E S ✨ . . On my Instagram Stories today & on my IGTV, I am talking about a magical moment that I witnessed this morning (Check it out on Stories now before it disappears! IGTV will be available for longer!) ... . Overhearing my husband talking about Gratitudes with my two young daughters, made me grin from ear to ear! ... . Do you practice Gratitudes with your children? Would you like to? I try so hard to implement it into our daily routine but it can be easily forgotten in chaotic family life. ... . I have definitely noticed a difference since practicing Gratitudes in my own positivity and that of my children. Have you noticed a change too? ... . Check out my IG stories & my video on IGTV for more on Gratitudes. ... . I have a Facebook support group dedicated to bringing mindfulness & mindset into family life. Please join us if you are interested. It is a safe supportive group and non-judgemental, after all non of us are the perfect parent are we? ... . FB group: Mindfulness & Mindset For Your Child. . . . #positivegrowthmindset #positivegrowthmindsetforyourchild #positivegrowthmindsetforchildren #familygratitude #thanks #mindset #mindsetforyourchild #mindsetforchildren #practicegratitude #thankful #parenting #parent #growthmindset #growthmindsetforyourchild #growthmindsetforchildren #mindful #mindfulparenting #mindfulparent #gratitudes #thegiftofimperfection #mindsetmatters #mindsetinschools #mindsetgrowth #growthmindsetparenting #themagicofmindset #mindsetmagic #gratitude #positivity

Put your hand up if you have a sticker addiction in the classroom🙋🏻‍♀️ Thankyou @stickyboostickers for the latest additions to my collection. #teachersofinstagram #iteachfoundation #teacherstickersarefun #iteachtoo #positivegrowthmindset

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2019-01-21 04:37:10

Anyone else gettin’ after it this morning? #starttheweekoffright #positivegrowthmindset

Little Ladies Crew. A group of Little Ladies that love spending quality time with each other. #friendsfunfitness #kindnessmatters #positivegrowthmindset #bffs @philtoronto @mikevacanti @syattfitness @therock @theellenshow @garyvee @itsjojosiwa @drock @teamgaryvee @fightlikeagirlclub @thesasha_group

First Day Gifts, does anyone else welcome their students with a gift? Share your ideas with us! #teachersofinstagram #iteachfoundation #positivegrowthmindset

Hi Ladies!! 😍 I am Mastura, the founder and sole woman behind the Wonder Women Project! I thought I would post up the reason WHY I started this project as I constantly get asked what made me want to create this platform. 🌸 I felt like I didn't belong to certain groups or that the type of groups I was involved in only served one aspect for me. 🌸 I wanted to create a safe place for women to connect genuinely and share their personal and professional journeys, struggles and hurdles, love, achievements and wins. 🌸 I felt that we needed a platform to highlight the amazing women and their experiences, businesses and stories on, to inspire others to chase their dreams. 🌸 It was important that the platform was extremely welcoming and a safe place so we could discuss any topic without it being taboo to talk about. 🌸 I have always been big on giving back, the project was an avenue to start conversation, create awareness, focus on philanthropy and social change. 🌸 We are driven to ignite inspiration and empowerment, educate in regards to organisation and minimalism, sustainability, financial well being, health and wellness, positive growth mindset, confidence, mindfulness and self love. 🌸 As I evolve and find myself as a person, sharing this with a group of like minded females meant we could connect, share, learn, support and grow together as a community and tribe and this is what I want for everyone who is involved with the WWP. 2019 will be bringing you more events, more collaboration, more small and intimate meet ups, workshops and casual catchups. Thank you for supporting my project and being part of this journey, community and tribe thus far! We hope to bring it to another level. Tell us what you would love to see next from us! 💕 We lift each other as we climb. 💖 📸: @ranson_media _____________________________________ #liftasweclimb #wonderwomen #wonderwomenproject #creative #party #women #strength #womenempoweringwomen #beauty #queen #anotherlevel #community #worthy #feminist #philanthropy #females #women #support #wonderful #tribe #platform #empowerment #inspiration #why #journey #struggles #hurdles #together #grow #positivegrowthmindset

Growth mindset helps us develop the psychological factors that contribute to a well lived and fulfilling life. 💪🏽 Mindset plays a prominent role in self-motivation and this is imperative in achieving your goals and completing your set tasks. 🙌🏽 With a positive mind and positive body, you attract positivity. 💕 To be surrounded by positivity helps to elevate your emotional, mental, spiritual and physical states. Who would love to learn more about Positive Growth Mindset? 😊 _______________________________________ #positiveattitude #positivity #positivegrowthmindset #positivemind #positivebody #elevate #levelup #strength #growthmindset #grow #positive #impact #selfmotivate #selflove #selfcare #attract #welllived #fulfilling #fillyourcup #cuphalffull #yasss #psychology #psychological

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2019-01-10 10:13:47

Several of you asked how to be supportive with CPTSD. From my research and from my own experience, this is a list of DON’T and DO’s that could help nurture positive growth. (Again, not an expert, opinions are of my own) DON’T: -Ask about the past. If we want to share with you specifics, we will. We are not a show you get to just watch from the sidelines. We are survivors. And our stories are our own. -Expect us to just “get over it”. Loss is loss and it sticks with you for a lifetime. By pushing it aside like triggers are something we can control, you are losing that persons trust and putting their health in jeopardy. -Give unwarranted advice. This should just be a general rule for common courtesy. DO: -Respect our boundaries. Triggers are tough to escape and the boundaries we set are to keep us calm, rational, and safe. If we set a boundary it’s because we WANT to maintain our relationships. If they are disrespected or ignored, it can feel devastating. -Check in. A simple, how are you feeling today, goes a long way. CPTSD is a constant battle. Your words of support and just dialing in helps remind us that we have chosen family who care, it helps ease the void that might be there. -Take cafe of yourself! The last thing your CPTSD friend/partner will want is to be a burden. Sometimes the talks get real rough and takes a toll on everyone. If you aren’t available to be leaned on, that is completely understandable. Better you take care of yourself than become resentful. Hope that helps! For those with CPTSD, or really for those dealing with any kind of trauma, please feel free to share any of your DON’t and DO’s.

So often we speak about ‘The Future’. When you realize that the future is just actually your now, you start to live every moment in the now. Don’t wait for the future, live in your now ! X . . . . . . . . #manifestyourreality #abrahamhicks #positivegrowthmindset #choseyourmindset #abundance #visualizewealth #moneymagnet

Dale Van Staden

2019-01-07 08:28:16

What are you reading right now? Currently busy with Trevor Noah's born a crime. Then I'll get stuck in with 50 cent and Robert Greene's "The 50th law" Leaders are readers. #trevornoah #bornacrimebytrevornoah #the50thlaw #50cent #robertgreene #leadersarereaders #positivegrowthmindset #thedaleexperience

What is Positive Growth Mindset? ✨ Growth Mindset is a way of reframing experiences. It is best explained by comparing it to a Fixed Mindset. ✨ For instance if a child has a Fixed Mindset they believe mistakes are bad and chastise themselves for failure. They can give up easily and avoid challenges for fear of failing. ✨ By reframing failure through Positive Growth Mindset a child will embrace challenges, as they realise that they can learn from failure. ✨ . As a parent I feel that it is important for me to show my children my own ‘failings’ and how I am not perfect. ✨ . There is so much more to expand on here, which I will do in future posts. ✨ . As a parent have you adopted this technique with your child? Or have you any experience of this or ‘perfection’ with your own parents? . . . . . #positivegrowthmindset #positivegrowthmindsetforyourchild #positivegrowthmindsetforchildren #confidentchildren #selfbelief #mindset #mindsetforyourchild #mindsetforchildren #learnfromfailure #embracechallenge #parenting #parent #growthmindset #growthmindsetforyourchild #growthmindsetforchildren #mindful #mindfulparenting #mindfulparent #imperfection #thegiftofimperfection #mindsetmatters #mindsetinschools #mindsetgrowth #growthmindsetparenting #themagicofmindset #mindsetmagic #thegiftofimperfection #positivity

Who Am I? ✨ My name is Julie, I am the founder of Dot Kids. I am also an IMPERFECT WOMAN & AN IMPERFECT PARENT. Why am I telling you this? Because one of the key lessons in Positive Growth Mindset is to embrace & accept our “imperfections”, learn from failure and welcome challenges. If we are to teach this to our children it is important for our children to see our own imperfections, struggles, failures and achievements... ✨ I am also revealing my imperfections to you because yes - I am *definitely NOT PERFECT! And I’m sure that neither are you and I’m also sure that NO ONE IS PERFECT! It’s so easy within these wonderful squares of Instagram to see others as having it all sorted, the perfect family, the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect parent. In starting this Mindfulness & Mindset Instagram page my aim is to never make you feel inadequate about yourself, your parenting or your children. I make parenting mistakes ALOT!!! As someone who works with children it is often difficult to admit this! ... ✨ So welcome to my shiny new, imperfect but supportive Instagram feed... . . . . . . . #themagicofmindset #mindsetmagic #thegiftofimperfection #positivegrowthmindset #positivegrowthmindsetforyourchild #positivegrowthmindsetforchildren #confidentchildren #selfbelief #mindset #mindsetforyourchild #mindsetforchildren #learnfromfailure #embracechallenge #parenting #parent #growthmindset #growthmindsetforyourchild #growthmindsetforchildren #mindful #mindfulparenting #mindfulparent #mindsetmatters #mindsetinschools #mindsetgrowth #positivity #growthmindsetparenting

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2019-01-02 01:12:28

2K19 has begun. I told myself #noresolutions but forever seeking a #positivegrowthmindset

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2018-12-28 17:22:29

My holiday reading.... well listening!!

There’s no ‘luck’ when it comes to growth.⁣ ⁣ It’s a combination of our own energetic vibration paired with The Universe, ⁣ & splashed with a heap of hard work. ⁣ ⁣ Don’t leave yourself to chance. ⁣ ⁣ Work on the areas you need to. ⁣ ⁣ Be deliberate, be real ✨ ⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ .⁣ #theworthmovement #choseyourmindset #positivegrowthmindset #manifestyourreality #chooselove

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2018-12-19 12:58:36

I finally completed my masters degree! And in the process, I started working towards my Ph.D.! I'm extremely grateful for this opportunity. God has been good to me. 🙏🏾 #educationalpsychology #multiculturaleducation #selfregulation #delayedgratification #processgoals #positivegrowthmindset #grit #resilience #compassion #babysteps


2018-12-01 19:36:21

All you need is Coffee, Love & Inspiration! ☕️❤️📖 THE FOUR AGREEMENTS 1. Be Impeccable with your word 2. Don’t take anything personally 3. Don’t make Assumptions (Ass out of you and Me) 4. Always Do your Best Your Word is your power to create, it is a powerful, magical force. What are you creating with your words? (Are you building up or breaking down... Think about it?) #morninginspiration #inspiration #girlpower💪 #lovelife #speakwithintegrity #doyourbest #coachingtogreatness #coachinglife #coaching #positivevibes #positivethinker #feedyoursoulnotyourego #feedyoursoul #inspirationalreading #selfdevelopment #selfdevelopmentbooks #watchyourthoughts #positiveselftalk #poweroftheword #powerofwords #ladyboss #spreadingpositivity #positivegrowthmindset #positivemindset💯 #positivethinking #bekindalways

Hazel’s Hits

2018-11-29 01:47:08

Oooh stretching well outwith my comfort zone at the moment 💪 🔷3 circles 🔷comfort 🔷stretch 🔷panic #challengeyourself #positivegrowth #positivegrowthmindset #challenge #youaregrowing #targetsetting #goalsetting #writedownyourgoals #smartgoals

Jennifer Sze

2018-11-15 17:21:46

Currently doing my second day of the Singapore Maths and dyscalculia course, and reflecting on this quote from Carl Jung. For me, it simply means I MUST send the message to my students that I love maths and maths is not boring or ‘scary’. #maths #positivegrowthmindset #teaching #loveteaching #teachingismypassion #neverendinglearning #carljung #carljungquotes #knowoneteachone #teachersattitude #attitude #attitudeiseverything

So proud of this group for completing Part 1 of my 8 week mindfulness Course! Their commitment of time, energy and their understanding of mindfulness and positive growth mindset is outstanding! 🙌🙏 #mindfulness #positivegrowthmindset #growthmindset #knowyourworth #positivethinking #kids #mindset

This young student rounded out her first year of competition dance quite nicely winning first for both her lyrical and contemporary solo, making the top 10 for her age division, coming second runner up for Miss Teen and winning an invite to Hollywood. Her determination for practice and calm preparation has paid off. She has a very strong focus on positive growth mindset. #kar #dance #positivegrowthmindset #rockitperformingarts #rockittribe #hardworkpaysoffs #practice #preparation #adelaidehills #mountbarker

😍 Happy Friday lovers! This post makes me happy and I hope it makes your Friday happy too!! 😁💕🐝 #positivity #beehappy #positivegrowthmindset #fridayatlast #tgif #friyay #weddingcelebrant #happy #love #geelongweddings #geelongcelebrant #melbournecelebrant #lovelovelove #happiness #marriage #samesex #australia #geelong #elopement #husbandandwife #couplegoals thanks for sharing @sarah_jane15 😁🙌🏼

You can’t change what god has dealt you but can can change how you turn it around to use it as a gift:) #mountainfit970 #keepmovingforward #positivegrowthmindset #empowerstrength

Tyler R.

2018-07-30 14:57:47

PositiviTEE ———————————————— I don’t always wear positive message shirts on Mondays, but today I did thanks to a session on #positivegrowthmindset during the TYHO conference in Vegas last month. I love this idea because when I wear my teacher t-shirts, people always comment on them which means people read them, and we all need reminders to think, speak, and act positively toward ourselves and each other. Today, be the person that helps people remember that there is still goodness in the world. ———————————————— 📸: @ksarahbeth

PositiviTEE ———————————————— I don’t always wear positive message shirts on Mondays, but today I did thanks to @4sheilak. She talked about it during her session on #positivegrowthmindset during the #tyhocon in Vegas last month. I love this idea because when I wear my teacher t-shirts, people always comment on them which means people read them, and we all need reminders to think, speak, and act positively toward ourselves and each other. Today, be the person that helps people remember that there is still goodness in the world. ———————————————— 📸: @ksarahbeth

Dot Kids

2018-05-13 10:51:05

✨Do you wish to bring dedicated child focused MINDFULNESS & MINDSET into your family life? ✨Do you want to provide your child with the tools to relax, unwind and deal with anxiety & stress? ✨Do you want to increase your child's confidence, improve their self-expression and self-belief? ✨The Dot Kids Closed Facebook group MINDFULNESS & MINDSET FOR YOUR CHILD, is a safe, supportive space to help parents do just that. ✨Please join us in this incredible journey. ✨What is MINDFULNESS & MINDSET? ✨MINDFULNESS is a way of thinking that focuses on the present, without judgement. ✨When you are mindful you accept your current emotions as you become aware of them. ✨Mindfulness can aid positive thinking. Studies have shown that Mindfulness increases general well-being. ✨Here we will explore dedicated child focused Mindfulness; breathing techniques & visualisations which will enable your child to have the tools to relax, unwind and deal with any anxiety & stress. ✨MINDSET is the set of beliefs that we have about ourselves and of our potential. ✨If a child's mindset is fixed that child will doubt themselves, feel negative & consider their own potential as limited. ✨In an age appropriate manner we will concentrate on Positive Growth Mindset; helping your child to develop their confidence and to believe in their potential. ✨We will explore and discuss self-expression, self-belief, friendship, gratitude, empowerment & equality. We will make Gratitude Lists and we will learn how to Journal. ✨I would love you & your child to join us on this incredible journey! Julie @ Dot Kids x ✨REQUEST TO JOIN: via the link in profile (link tree) or search MINDFULNESS & MINDSET FOR YOUR CHILD on Facebook. . . . . . . #mindful #mindfulness #mindfulparent #mindfulparenting #mindfulnessforkids #mindfulchild #mindfulchildren #mindset #mindsetforchildren #parentingsupport #confidentchild #confidentchildren #empowerchildren #selfexpression #mindsetparenting #mindfulmotherhood #mindfulmothering #mindfulmother #positivethinkers #tomorrowsleaders #mothersofdaughters #mothersofsons #motherload #confidentkids #positivegrowthmindset #positivemindset #destress #mindfulnessforchildren


2018-05-12 08:12:20

This is exactly how I am feeling!!! It has take me a while to get to a place of peace. Yes there is still stress in my life however not allowing the small petty things to take up space has been absolutely life changing! . I used to worry about other people's lifes, what they should be doing, and how they should have done it. Tension was so bad you could cut it with a knife. When I would try to reach out and remove the tension only to get a negative out come. I had to chose to walk away from it! Those people have to deal with the consequences of the choices they make. I can't help them like I thought I could. . That was the turning point and learning point for me. I was so busy focusing on everyone else that I forgot to focus on me. I have goals that are going to take up a lot of my time over the next year and I will not allow myself to be side tracked!!! Here is to a new me!!! . . . #workingonme #excellent #blessed #personalgrowth #lettingthingsgo #metime #goals #peaceofmind #mibdset #growth #oneyearplan #busy #busygood #lovemylife #nonegative #positivevibrations #happy #findingme #positivegrowthmindset #positiveenergy #findingmyhappy