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46 Seconds Ago

You better believe I wanted to NAMA-STAY IN BED today💤 To be 110% honest, I was looking for EVERY excuse this morning (& had some pretty good ones🤷🏼‍♀️). The power was out all night (hello crazy flash-flooding😳), my body & hormones are still feelin’ the post-nursing/ weaning imbalance😭, I was tired & just felt straight blaaah! BUT then I reminded myself of something: our minds are p-o-w-e-r-f-u-l💪🏻 We can use them for or against us. Think about that, we tell ourselves something & immediately have a reaction to it - whether it be good or bad. Every day, especially right when we wake up, we have a CHOICE to tell our minds something positive or something negative. So when you think about it like that, why wouldn’t you want to choose positivity to start the day off right?!🙌🏻 _ #fitmamaessentials #myessentials #fitmama #momfuel #momlife #positivemind #mindsetwork #motivation #mamamotivation #workout #wakeup #grateful #morningmovement


49 Seconds Ago

أنت الشخص الوحيد الذي تعرف نفسك وقدراتك وقادر تخوض تجارب كثيرة وتبدا خطوات عملية للتغيير نحو الأفضل .. #عواشركم_مبروكة #سمارى_تيفي #التغيير #الحياة #picoftheday #leardership #leadershiptraining #lifecoatch #positivequote #positivemind #instapic #instasamaratv #morroco #dubai #uae


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N’attendez pas d’occasion particulière pour vous faire plaisir. Hier j’ai proposé à @aistou_cuisine et @corinne_erambert de déjeuner avec moi. Elles sont blogueuses culinaires et travaillent essentiellement avec des produits locaux. Aissatou habite à Paris, Corinne à Dakar, et nous nous croisons uniquement dans les #event de #blogging. J’ai voulu les rencontrer pour en savoir plus sur elles et savoir comment chacune peut être utile à l’autre. Ce n’est pas la première fois que je fais ça avec des personnes que je connais uniquement via les #reseauxsociaux Je trouve dommage qu’on ait autant de points communs et qu’on ne prenne pas la peine de se #decouvrir humainement Ne soyez pas surpris si je vous invite à un #meetup incessamment sous peu. L’idée est de rencontrer plus de belles personnes avec des parcours atypiques, des personnes ambitieuses comme ces #superwomen mais surtout #positives car la bonne humeur est contagieuse #😊 #whoisnext ? #womenempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #empowerment

Lunch Milky tea part (heA) Tuna (p) and sweetcorn (f) lighter then light mayo (1.5syns) Carrot (s) beetroot (s) Cherry tomatoes (s) cucumber (s) bistro salad (s) #swweightlossdiary #swweightlossjourney #swmember #swjourney #swinspiration #sw #swspeed #swneewbie #swfooddiary #positivevibesonly💯 #positivethinking #positivemind #positivevibes #positivevibes


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Ostatni „klimatyzowany” trening i będzie można wrócić na parkowe ścieżki. Trochę czasu mi zajęło, zanim to truchtanie weszło mi w krew i organizm sam zaczął przypominać, że potrzeba pobiegać. Ale się udało. A skoro mnie się udało, pomimo lenistwa, wielu wymówek i oczekiwania natychmiastowych rezultatów, to Tobie tez się uda! 🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️🤸🏻‍♀️ #slowjogging #ruchpozdrowie #biegambolubie #zdrowysport #insulinooporność #ruch #insulinoopornosc #wrocław #zdrowie #wewroclawiu #slowjoggingwroclaw #sportstyle #bieganie #wewrocławiu #bieganiejestfajne #sportgirl #fitmind #fitbody #plussize #bodywellness #positivemind #mindandbody #slowjoggingpl


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Dzisiaj jest Międzynarodowy Dzień Optymizmu! To zdecydowanie moje święto ❤️ Odkąd pamiętam zawsze staram się dostrzegać dobre strony danej sytuacji i na ich się koncentrować, zamiast szukać negatywów. Co więcej, cały czas towarzyszy mi wiara, że wszystko się ułoży najlepiej jak może, bo przecież z każdej sytuacji jest wyjście. A każda porażka jest dla nas lekcją na przyszłość. 🌼 #pozytywnemyślenie #kochajżycie #optymista #szukajpozytywów #wgórach #górysowie #poozytywka #positivethinking #optimistic #positivemind #optimistday #staypositive #behappy #happyme

29 days. Twenty nine days between these two pictures. The me on the left was miserable. I was spending $40 a month ($480 a year) on a gym membership I absolutely NEVER used. I might not have kids, but my round trip commute to work is 3 hours. I had so little down time I didn’t want to spend another 30 minutes driving to and from the gym. So I never went. And I kept losing and gaining those measly 2-4 lbs, not really getting anywhere in my fitness journey. . i kept hearing about an at-home fitness program that so many people saw results from in the test group. And instead of telling myself I’ll never get there (which I usually always did) I told myself I CAN be there. I CAN have the same successes as her and her and her too. So 29 days ago I went online, spent $140 on early access to the fitness program and a month supply of breakfast, aka my superfood shake. And it was the best money I ever spent 💪🏻 . $140 isn’t cheap by any means. Should I have spent that kind of money? Not really! I’m getting married in 416 days (who’s counting?!👰🏻) But I’ve spent money on things I didn’t need before, and more importantly, things that didn’t better ME. Manicures, expensive lunches with friends, coffee every morning before work, target runs (am I right?🤦🏻‍♀️) . Halfway through this fitness program and I’m still honestly shocked by some of these side by side pics because my body is changing SO much that I don’t even realize it and still think of me as the me on the left. I’m SO excited for what the last half of this program is going to bring and how I continue to change & grow on my fitness journey after it’s over. If you’re hesitating to make a change because you’re afraid to take the leap or worried about spending money, just do it. You’re going to spend that money at some point anyway, and sometimes the scariest leaps open the greatest doors. 🧡—————————————————————————- #homegym #transformation #weightlosssupport #fitnessjourney #positivemind #strongnotskinny #eatclean #balancedapproach #mindfulnutrition #futurebride #endorphins #beachbody #loseweight #hiitworkouts #bridetobe #sweatingforthewedding #fitbride


7 Minutes Ago

I’m so mortified at how much I screamed last night but I’m so proud of u as a friend and colleague, well done trendvision winner, now off to London with you ❤️💯💪 @aileen_hannan

"I am happy out here. Messy hair, dirty feet & wild water on my skin. Out here with the wild things; this is where I belong." - Brooke Hampton . . . Take me back the Uintahs. I miss it more and more every day. Everything was so simple out there.⛺❤️


10 Minutes Ago

Sending out some love and motivation to my amazing family and friends!!! Tackle Your Tuesday with enthusiasm!!! ☺💖⭐ #positivemind #blessed #terrifictuesday


11 Minutes Ago

Laughter is good for the soul!! So is sunshine and margaritas too!! ☀️ . As a business owner I have a hard time shutting off my brain and unplugging! I can easily go into overdrive bc there is always another creative idea or post to be done! I love my job and it totally fills up my soul. But what I love even more is that I have gotten to a place through lots of personal development and practice where I can put my phone away and just be in the moment and not worrying about a thing!! I laughed! 🤣 I danced! I swam! I was present in the moment and guess what... it’s all ok today too!!! So for all of you workaholics out there like me... learning to unplug is soooo good for your soul!!! Make time for purposeful recharging and know it’s not being lazy but being smart!!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


29 Minutes Ago

Someone will always be more attractive, smarter or more outgoing than you. That’s just the way of the world. But they will never be YOU. Spreading positive energy and showing empathy is not only a caring act to others, it’s an act of self-appreciation. Allowing yourself to reach your full potential of compassion is one of the greatest things you can do. It feels amazing. ❤️


11 Minutes Ago

Productivity 🙌🏼 we can all lose our way sometimes, after such a whirlwind year it’s strange when thing Plato, motivation can sometimes dip, it’s impossible to be 100% motivated and positive all the time right ? We can learn valuable lessons in these dips. So time is not wasted, it’s just how you look at it . Well things are about to ramp right back up, new visions new goals. I’m coming for you. #positivemind #postivequotes #quotes #bannatyne #eastbourne #gymlife #girlsthatlift #blackandgreen #pt #fitness #fitfam #productivity #refocus #stepitup #newvision #goals


14 Minutes Ago

G U I D E D M E D I T A T I O N 🙏🌿🌸🙌🏼😊🙏🙂 come along and join our taster session on TONIGHT 21/08 BOOK NOW online at Fysikal.co.uk 🙂🌸 See info below from @silvia.freeman ・・・ Hi Lovely People! 🧘‍♀️ I will be running a meditation taster session on 21st August from 5pm-6pm at the @fysikalwellness in Lutterworth. It’s a beautiful space with very welcoming and warm energy, you will have a great experience. This Meditation, will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated. If you are interested please make a booking via Fysikal Wellness Center. Looking forward to sharing the energy and the space with you 🧘‍♀️#meditation #calm #centered #wellness #wellbeing #wellnesscentre #nlp #mentalhealth #calmmind #positivemind #om