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MANEL | Shot on Canon T5i - 50mm With the gorgeous @aphrodiiita DM me for shoots

Here's a sneak peek at how the photos will look like! Haw Par Villa was a popular paktor (dating) spot too. First go as a couple. Few years later, go as parents to scare their kids that their tongues would get cut off if they tell lies. Ah, romance and parenting goes hand in hand. Deanna Ng's parents in early 1970s. Photo on the left by Albert Tan and Photo on the right by Deanna Ng We are still looking for participants for our "Collective Memory" project. Will be scanning Haw Par Villa photos, Saturday 25 May from 12 nn - 6pm at Objectifs (155 Middle Road). Please join us if you're interested and have an image of yourself at Haw Par Villa from 1965-1985! Thank you! . . . . . #primeshots #fartoodope #instagoodmyphoto #shotzdelight #postthepeople #makemoments #streetlife #visualambassadors #stayandwander #everydayeverywhere #huntgram #thecreative #communityfirst #gameoftones #stylegram #_heater #singaporean #sgvsco #gf_singapore #sglife #yoursingapore #nikonphotography #nikontop #nikon_photography_ #thecollectivememory #hawparvilla

Hallo @instagram • • • • • • #sonya7ii #sonyalpha #sonyindonesia

L U C Y + T I M // In a break from tradition I'm posting a wedding preview in the morning, horrors! And even more shocking, it's because I'm going to be out this evening! 😱 Massive congratulations to Lucy & Tim on their wedding at @innatsouthstainley last weekend, thank you for asking me to capture it. And to Tim for organising a llama visit! 🦙More on my Facebook page if you fancy a nosey... Happy Friday all! x Suppliers: Venue: @innatsouthstainley Florist: @regal_florists Hair & make up: Becky for @brittanyjaemua Llama & alpaca: @nidderdalellamas Dress: @ladybirdbridal from @confettiandlaceleeds . . . #innatsouthstainley #innatsouthstainleywedding #innatsouthstainleyweddingphotography #harrogateweddingphotographer #yorkshireweddingphotographer #lookslikefilm #makeportraits #belovedstories #realwedding #justalittleloveinspo #postthepeople #peopleinframe #communityovercompetition #loveauthentic #radlovestories #photobugcommunity #makemoreportraits #lovecapturerepeat #loveandwildhearts #itsallaboutlove #belovedweddingstories #loveintentionally #emotionbeatsperfection #bridesupnorth #rockmywedding #belovedweddings #couplegoals #instawed #huffpostido #lauracalderwoodphotography

Enjoy nature 🌵🌵🌵

maybe someday I’ll post something other than grad pics🤷🏽‍♀️

Of course I can hurt you, simply with my point of view.

Представьте, что вы свободно общаетесь с малознакомым человеком, не на вымученные погодно-природные темы, а так, чтобы было интересно и полезно? ⠀ Картинка не складывается, правда? А вот для итальянцев это обычное дело, говорить и общаться, всегда и при любой возможности. ⠀ Очень часто такие болталки приводят к новым знакомствам, знаниям, дают пищу для размышлений да и просто расширяют ваши границы. ⠀ Только не говорите, что без знания языка сложно начать разговор. Вчера, например, в Аутлете Серравалле наблюдала картину, как один русский синьор дал 500€ в баре и ему... дали сдачу! И потом сам хозяин проводил его до двери с почестями))) Языка оба не знали, но все улыбались и были рады 😁 ⠀ Но мне интересно послушать мнение русских читателей. ⠀ А ВЫ любите «говорить разговоры»? Ответили бы что-нибудь в ответ любопытным итальянцам? #viktoriiait_жизнь_в_италии

Often the best things happen when everyone else is still in bed.....

~ ˈsistər [n] the best friend for life __ __ inframe : @cindaranii x @cynti.kawaii

Every act of love is a work of peace no matter how small. ~Mother Teresa

Fill the space between the lines

SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE!!!🌞🍍🌈anyone else's children scream like banshees when they go outside? Like I've been holding them hostige or something. No, just mine?🤡 Shout out to the neighbors for living next to the loudest house on the block🤪 #theygetitfromtheirmama #motherofgirls

It’s #friday and it’s #mybirthday so I’m doing a #flashbackfriday - plus I haven’t posted in forever, how are you all. Have some images of the beautiful Zuzanna.

Hi there! 👋🏼 I’ve been on and off social media for a good bit (and if we’re friends I’m sure that probably annoyed you trying to find me haha). I think we can all agree on that social media has its pros, but it also has its cons. And unfortunately, I got caught up in the cons of it that I was starting to lose a bit of myself in there. So I took some time, reflected with the Holy Spirit, and then told myself that I wouldn’t join anymore social media. But then I felt a tugging in my spirit that I should give it one more chance... which I thought was the enemy talking to me so I quickly rebuked it haha. But after some long talks with the Lord, I realized that social media can be used for good, if I made it to be. I often live life private and become a closed book to others which unfortunately can appear stand off-ish to others or come across unapproachable and intimidating — which if you know me, I am the most quiet and mellow person out there so I didn’t want to have people think they couldn’t approach me. So here’s the deal, I vow to come back on here and show my work and share a tiny part of my life with all of you (only a tiny because I still believe that certain parts of your life should be kept private) but to also always be 100% honest and real with you. I promise to never only just show my “highlight reel” but to also show you the mundane and messy parts. I want this to be a safe place for you and others and a place where you’re always welcomed. And I promise to keep the filters to a minimum (hey, whatcha want from me, I’m a photographer 😉) and to use this platform for goodness. Hello world, let’s do this.


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Colours on colours . . The buildings be expressing themselves 💛💙