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16 Hours Ago

You can’t use up c r e a t i v i t y. The more you use, the more you have. - Maya Angelou // I’ll share essential oil tips, inspiration and some of the behind the scenes in the Wear Art Tho studio this Tuesday. // Studio sounds so fancy. Can I just call it my desk? // Plus, this pic reminds me of one of the kids I Spy books! // Join me this Tuesday night on Facebook. Link in bio.


12 Hours Ago

Sunday + Weights = A great way to get this new week started 💪 #mycurvyfitlife #fitmom #poweredbyessentialoils #selflove #selfcare #fitbitversa #anytimefitness


14 Hours Ago

Shiny happy pony! Sadie loved her bath today with our Animal Scents Shampoo. Conditioning and soothing for skin and coat; plus a soothing dose of aromatherapy for both of us! You guys! It smells SO good! ❤️ 🌞 🐎 - and I'm always amazed at how such a small amount of shampoo can successfully wash a whole horse! Her coat feels so soft and healthy - naturally. No icky chemicals here. * I mixed up a spray of Lavender, Tea Tree, and Ylang-Ylang with Apple Cider Vinegar and Coconut Oil as an after bath Mane, Tail, and Body Spray. It worked SO well. Check out her tail!!! * Oh! And for those that know her story, check out her fit and healthy looking body - plus clear and happy eye. This is ALL due to diet (not a lot of exercise yet, just walking) and eliminating toxins in her life. Plus of course, YL essential oils - and not completely freaking out (with unproductive interventions) and just allowing her body the time it needs to heal, while giving it as much support as possible all along the way. She is still healing. But she IS healing. It's beyond remarkable, and this whole journey has been life changing and eye opening for all of us. * #poweredbyessentialoils #essentialoilsforhorses #younglivingessentialoils #animalscents #bathtime #shinyhorse #healthyhorse #toxinfree #chemicalfreebarn #mane #tail #shineon #bloomfromwithin #pinto #horse #partarabian #sportpony #holistichorsecare #naturalhorsecare #naturally


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

My cut-up soap so pretty😍😍😍 since i know what’s in it I can use it on my kids! 👶🏻👧🏻👦🏻 One more month and i get to try it already! #organic #natural #poweredbyessentialoils #spoilyourselfalittle


1 Day 20 Hours Ago

summer citrus series! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ tangerine is a sweet, tangy citrus oil that balances mood and boost the immune system. for a slightly sweeter take on wild orange oil, tangerine pairs well with mint and floral oils for a rainy day diffuser blend, or add a few drops to water as a pre-workout boost✖️


2 Days 21 Hours Ago

Friend. Let’s do this. Are you ready to start your wellness journey? Because I can’t wait to help you learn about how cool these little bottles of plant juice are! The Young Living Sale was extended - today is the last day !! 🙌💃🏼🎆 THAT MEANS you can get TWO diffusers and the entire Premium Starter Kit WITH 2️⃣extra oils (so 13 total oils and two diffusers with samples) for $198, minus $25 credit from me to make it only $173.25!!! . . Link in bio to order: you need to go to “other Premium starter kits” to find the diffuser duo kit. Check it out for yourself! . . #plantbasedpower #plantbasedliving #poweredbyessentialoils #liveyourhealthiestlife #healthandwellness #healthandfitnessjourney #frugalmomma #happyfridayfolks


3 Days 16 Hours Ago

Something I’ve learned from years of using essential oils is that when they’re out and ready to be used, I actually use them more! If they’re hidden inside a drawer or tucked away in a cabinet, I won’t see them and then I don’t use them. 🤷🏼‍♀️ • So what works for me is to have several oil stations set up around my house! My main stash is in my kitchen, but I also have a stand in the upstairs hallway between the kids rooms and beside my bed. When I see them, I use them during the day! • So get those oils out of hiding and put them in the open where you’re more likely to see them! Find a pretty shelf or tray to display them on! Let us know what works for y’all in the comments! • Pro Tip: Keep a pretty carafe of water beside your diffuser to easily refill your diffusers through the day or before you go to bed! Mine are from old bottles of lemonade I bought at Aldi for $2! Yummy lemonade and pretty bottle - win/win! • • • • • #ylessentialoils #yleos #myoilyday #essentialoiltips #oilylife #oilsmadesimple #oilsfordays #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #oilsforeverything #happyoiler #oilyfamily #oilup #plantjuice #poweredbyessentialoils #ohmyoils #oilstotherescue #essentialoillove #houseplantsofinstagram #naturalliving #journeytowellness #intentionalliving


3 Days 18 Hours Ago

Guys. Young Living is changing the way you care for your face, especially if you have acne prone skin. If I only had these products when I was a teenager! (Or pregnant!) starting today I’m offering a deal until the end of the month. Sign up with a basic membership (read: no commitments, no gimmicks, no fees, ever) grab any facial cleanser, moisturizer, and treatment (acne, aging, etc) and get entered to win a $50 account credit from me! Drawing will take place on the first of August. Not sure what to grab? Personal consultation is on me. I promise you won’t be disappointed!! #skincarechallenge #naturalskincare #poweredbyessentialoils #acnetreatment #youngliving


3 Days 22 Hours Ago

summer citrus series! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ah, grapefruit. unlock a bottle and you’ll experience the juiciest, most divine grapefruit scent that will give you instant feelings of happiness. grapefruit pairs well with fir and wood oils creating an ideal diffuser blends for that signature anthropology vibe✖️


4 Days 12 Hours Ago

My littlest bub is almost 4 months old so it’s about time I share this surprise pregnancy/postpartum hero!! For that itchy, stretched and confused skin, this body butter has been lifesaving! And the coconut-lime combo seriously smells like a beach vacation! High-five, buddy! 👏🏻Thanks for making life-back-to-normal a little better! • • • • • #momlife #oilymomma #oilybabes #oilykids #mompreneur #letthembelittle #healthykids #mytribe #naturalmotherhood #ylessentialoils #yleos #younglivingmama #plantbased #myoilyday #ihavemyoilsnowwhat #oilsforeverything #happyoiler #poweredbyessentialoils #ohmyoils #oilstotherescue #essentialoillove


4 Days 20 Hours Ago

Seed to Seal... what does that even mean?? * 🌿 It’s a promise and there’s only one health and wellness company that provides this guarantee. It means that they oversee Every Step Of The Process, from the SOIL the SEED is planted in, to the SEALED bottle that is delivered to your doorstep. * And WHY is this important?? * 🌿 Not all essential oil companies are created equally. Other companies may add synthetics, contaminates and cheap fillers WITHOUT REGULATION (even essential oils found online and in health food stores) * Ok, what ARE the regulations?? * 🌿 An essential oil company only has to contain 10% essential oil to be labeled as an essential oil. BUT the alarming part is that according to the FDA’s website, that 10% can be 100% synthetic. * What does that mean?? * 🌿 As long as a synthetic lavender meets the chemical profile for the “actual lavender plant,” it can be labeled Exactly The Same Way. There is NO differentiation. * Ok, who is the amazing company, give me all the details?? * 🌿 It’s Young Living of course. They go above and beyond not only these FDA requirements, but all of the Organic Certification requirements as well. When YL says their essential oils are 100% pure, it means 100% pure — not the FDA’s definition of purity. #seedtosealguarantee * #organicmom #organicoils #plantbasedhealth #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #makeachange #mindsetshift #momtrepreneur #momboss #youmatter #youneedthis #youareworthit #organiclife #organicbaby #organickids #thisismylife


4 Days 21 Hours Ago

Well, that's a wrap. My seasonal job is done for this year. On to the next thing! I'm feeling healthier and more capable than I have in my whole life, so the door really does feel wide open. As long as I avoid all of the nos (certain foods, toxic chemicals); and continue to bring in all of the yeses (healing foods, herbs, minerals, life changing beneficial chemicals (yeah, you know I mean Young Living Essential Oils here!), solid self care; plus purpose and passion in life), I know I've got this! * Healing does not mean going back to the way things were before. That said, I am as always, available to help professionally with most any gardening, horse keeping, or health and wellness goals you may have. Or better yet, if you just need a riding buddy, dog walking and talking session, or someone to sit and sip lemonade and Ningxia Red in the shade with - I'm a little more able, and frankly interested in doing that now too. Time for this introvert to get out of her comfort zone. * #lifewideopen #ontothenextthing #thefutureisnow #onward #tallyho #freetime #freedom #creatingthelifeivebeendreamingof #takeaction #makeithappen #purpose #passion #hardwork #lifechangingfoods #chemicalfreehome #chemicalfreebarn #healthandwellness #abundance #gardening #horses #equestrianlife #younglivingessentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #medicalmedium #chronicillnesswarrior #mysteryillness #healing


5 Days 23 Hours Ago

summer citrus series! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ lime oil screams everything summer. it’s the citrus oil that is sweet, fresh, a little sour, and pairs well with an adult beverage – can we get a drop of lime with that corona? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ today only when you purchase a spearmint oil you will get lime & tangerine for FREE. the best deal yet for serious summer vibes✖️


6 Days 12 Hours Ago

Not my best workout tonight but got it done #noexcuses #mycurvyfitlife #fitmom #poweredbyessentialoils #selflove #selfcare #fitbitversa #anytimefitness


6 Days 13 Hours Ago

Peggy’s Cove...iconic Canadian landscape. It is a beautiful location. Albeit I spent the time trying to keep my 4 little explorers alive and navigating the tourists. Thankful to connect with our friends Emma and Andy Wolff who showed us the BEST spots to see this beautiful location. And yet again...Emma!! No pictures of us together!!! Grateful to @younglivingeocanada for the plethora of friendships we have because we all like oils 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻


7 Days 11 Hours Ago

Got in a great workout this morning before enjoy this beautiful Sunday with my daughter 🦋 #mycurvyfitlife #fitmom #poweredbyessentialoils #selflove #selfcare #fitbitversa #anytimefitness


8 Days 11 Hours Ago

What are YOU doing on your Saturday night in?? Ever done a DIY hair mask?! It’s so easy and with ingredients found in your kitchen! . I know you love how your hair feels after going to the salon. I sure do (when it actually happens for myself)! I have some pretty bomb, natural hair treatments available in the salon but if you can’t make it in, you can get some pretty amazing results by treating your hair at home. The avocado and coconut oils are going to provide tons of moisture while the egg will give your hair some good protein to remain strong. . What essential oils you ask? I really love Lavender. I mean, who doesn’t?! It’s great for hair. Ylang Ylang will help the cuticle on your hair shaft lay down (frizz fighting!) and Rosemary and Cedarwood can be added to promote healthy hair growth! . All you need is to whip this up in a bowl and apply to damp or dry hair! Yes, it will get sticky and once it dries, will feel absolutely DISGUSTING. Just shampoo really well after 20-30 min and enjoy that great feeling hair. Rock your Saturday night in girlfriend!


8 Days 16 Hours Ago

Everyday’s a roller day! Love the convenience of these prediluted, ready-to-roll-on oils (there’s also Stress Away and Valor ones)! Today’s roller of choice is Deep Relief. Rolling it over those knots in my back! 😫


8 Days 21 Hours Ago

This is as green as my laundry has ever been! I’ve ditched all toxic, synthetic detergents and fragrances found in most common store-bought laundry products and switched them for safe ones that I trust or that I now make myself. Instead of regular fabric softener and dryer sheets that irritate my kids’ skin and mess up with my hormones, I make my own softener and I use wool dryer balls. These leave my clothes soft and smelling fresh, and reduce static, lint and drying time. #yourewelcomeplanet Here are the recipes! Natural Fabric Softener In a 16oz glass container, combine 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil and white vinegar. I like to use peppermint or lemon. Add 1/4 cup to each large load of laundry - either on the softener dispenser or in a downey ball. Wool dryer balls + Dryer Ball Spray In a 2 oz spray bottle, combine 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (for fragrance) and filtered water. Spray the dryer balls and toss in your dryer (I use 6 dryer balls per load). Favorite oils to use are lemon, lemongrass, lavender or wild orange. #greenlaundry #poweredbyessentialoils #shareoils #diylaundry #diyfabricsoftener #dryerballsareawesome #essentialoillifestyle #nontoxicliving #flosoils


9 Days 18 Hours Ago

Diffusing is my jam! It not only makes my house smell awesome but it also purifies and cleans the yuck out of my air AND it benefits my body! • Y’all! Did you know that most candles and plugins are filled with synthetic fragrance -which aren’t just chemicals and toxins but also hormone and endocrine system disrupters! (Feeling out of whack much?) They make their way into our bodies as we breathe in those scents. 🙅🏼‍♀️ No thanks! Pass me the Citrus Fresh and Lavender! (It’s my current fav!)


10 Days 24 Hours Ago

Starting our day over here making rollers (hi, 👋🏻 my names’s Aubyn and I’m addicted to essential oils...)! • My little girlie has been in need of some extra emotional support these days, so gonna try this roller out for her. • T A N T R U M T A M E R 10 drops Joy 10 drops Orange 5 drops Valor In a 10ml roller and top with carrier oil. (My roller is smaller so I did about half the oils and I added Surrender for good measure! 😉) • Anyone else have a good blend they use for their kiddos? Help a sista out and leave in a comment! 👇🏼 • Side note: that bottle of Joy is from my original Premium Starter Kit! 3 years ago! 🤭 Note to self, maybe you need a little more Joy in your life! 😂 • • • • • #momlife #oilymomma #oilybabes #oilykids #mompreneur #letthembelittle #oilandglass #healthykids #mytribe #naturalmotherhood #ylessentialoils #yleos #younglivingmama #plantbased #myoilyday #alltheoils #essentialoiltips #oilobsessed #oilsmadesimple #oilsfordays #oilsforeverything #happyoiler #rollerblends #oilup #plantjuice #poweredbyessentialoils #oilstotherescue #essentialoillove


11 Days 11 Hours Ago

These oils fill my cup in so many ways!! ✨ It's days like these where from my first waking moments the weights aren't in my hands but feel like they're on my heart. Everyone has them, no matter how positive we can seem. So I make a choice....simply inspired. 🙏 Roll on the Motivate and put one foot in front of the other... And before I know these feet are killing it! Need a sample or a swipe? Just ask, cause sharing is caring! 💜 #poweredbyessentialoils #poweredbydoterra #motivate #makeachoice #moveforward #attitudeofgratitude #lovemydoterraoils #doterraliving #doterrafitness #aspiringtothrivetribe #aspiringoils #aspiringlifeconsulting


12 Days 13 Hours Ago

Beach day!!! This water was like nothing I even knew existed in Canada!! White sand beaches and glorious clear water. It’s like we were sitting on the sands of the Caribbean...if it wasn’t for the ice cold water, I almost would have believed it.


12 Days 22 Hours Ago

My girl picked me the cutest little bouquet of flowers and this empty bottle of lemon is a perfect little vase. 😍 So many uses for these little bottles...even the empty ones! 🤗 • • Pro Tip: To help extend the life of your cut flowers, add 1-2 drops of Purification to a pinch of salt before filling your vase with water. 💐 • • • #momlife #littlebeauty #oilymomma #oilykids #letthembelittle #mytribe #naturalmotherhood #daughterlove #ylessentialoils #youngliving #yleos #younglivingmama #plantbased #myoilyday #alltheoils #essentialoiltips #oilylife #oilobsessed #oilsmadesimple #theresanoilforthat #oilsforeverything #happyoiler #vibrantessentials #oilyfamily #plantjuice #poweredbyessentialoils #ohmyoils #oilstotherescue #essentialoillove


13 Days 4 Hours Ago

I'm EO baby.. Nota kaki: no hate just love ❤️ #poweredbyessentialoils


14 Days 21 Hours Ago

Look Nova Scotia made a travel guide perfect for us!!! 🙌🏻 What’s top on your travel list? We’re exploring Nova Scotia for the next 1.5 weeks.


15 Days Ago

I love to workout, run and push my body to be better, stronger and faster 🏃‍♀️💪🏼 I have never understood why I would push body hard to be strong and healthy but fuel it with artificial colors, sweeteners and other junk. At 47, my body doesn’t always want to move as smoothly and quickly as it did when I was younger. It needs a bit more support in the joint and mobility and recovery departments 😆 Love that I have natural options to support, fuel and recover. Join me, from the comfort of your own home, as I share how Young Living helps me stay active and well 🌿 Link to Facebook class in bio.


15 Days 20 Hours Ago

Last workout for the week is done, now to enjoy this beautiful Saturday 🦋 #mycurvyfitlife #fitmom #poweredbyessentialoils #selflove #selfcare #fitbitversa #anytimefitness


18 Days 12 Hours Ago

Happy 4th of July, hope everyone's had a wonderful day! Made sure to get in a workout before enjoying a yummy cookout with family 💥 #mycurvyfitlife #fitmom #poweredbyessentialoils #selflove #selfcare #fitbitversa #anytimefitness #happy4thofjuly


18 Days 14 Hours Ago

My workout took 3 times as long this morning as I had to keep stopping to cuddle my unwell little guy. Being up since 3am was no match for a few doBongs either!! Now I have a clear head and can tackle #mumlife and working on my big biz goals.