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Time flies!!💞 When you are doing something you LOVE there is no better way to spend your days, but I'm still amazed at how quickly they pass by. 💨 Which is why I want everyone to have the very best, feel their very best, live their very best in this one day.... one life ✨. So who's choosing to live a #thrivinglife ? 💧toxic-free 💧holistically healthy 💧inspired & empowered YES this is for you! I'm here, ready to support you, all the way. Today's your day ~ there's still 70 minutes left~ choose well 💖 #chooseyourlife #choosebetter #chooseintentionally #toxicfreeliving #healthylifestyle #healthyhabits #plantbasedmedicine #naturalpainrelief #naturalhealthcare #naturalwellness #toolkitsforlife #xoxobogodoterra #xoxodoterra #poweredbyessentialoils #essentialoilsforlife #makethechange #liveyourbestlife #beyourbestself #aspire2inspire #aspiretothrive #aspiretothebestlife #aspiringoils #aspiringlifeconsulting

China top actress 2018 Chaoyue Yang #Chinese #Chinastars #Chinesebeauty

Chinese Dong Anzi Chicken #chineseculture #Dong Anzi chicken #chinese food

My Superpowers in a bottle!💥 That's right - these 2 blends are my EVERY DAY,🙌 EVERY WAY, oils that give me the supreme support so I can live and give my very best! 😍On Guard - smelling like Christmas, stregthening my family's immunity, banning the bugs & making cleaning a simply natural yet powerful TA DA on my list. This proprietary blend of Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon, Clove & Wild 🍊 is doTerra's highest researched EO. A 💧 every morning in my shot glass, a swipe of a roller up my children's spines, or diffusing & cleaning with it in my home and Early Childhood classroom....It's how even if we happen to get sick, it's over super quick! #healthylifestyle 😋Smart & Sassy says it all! Grapefruit, Peppermint, Lemon🍋, Ginger & Cinnamon Bark 💦. Bright, fresh and absolutely delicious whether you're diffusing or drinking it. Need a pre-workout or late afternoon boost? Pop 6 drops in a vege cap with some wild Orange and peppermint and nothing stops me til I. choose to drop💪. Let's get you #poweredbydoterra so you can feel the energy & vitality these essential oils bring. Cause everyone needs a superpower in their toolkits to thrive ✨💖 #poweredbyessentialoils #poweredbydoterra #xoxobogodoterra #xoxodoterra #lovebogos #winterwellness #healthyhabits #plantbasedmedicine #thrivingmom #essentialoilsforfamily #essentialoilsforthewin #essentialoilsforlife #immunitysupport #energybomb #boostyourmetabolism #maximizedliving #toolkits4life #vitality #naturalhealthcare #revolutionizehealthcare #aspire2thrive #aspiringoils #aspiringlifeconsulting

Day 4 BOGO has arrived and it is an amazing one for this time of year! The start of a new year usually means trying to take over your health and wellness either with supplements eating right and working out. 🥗💪🏼These two oils are great to add into any daily regimen to help kickstart your healthy journey. For today only purchase a 15 ml OnGuard receive a 15ml Smart & Sassy (slim & sassy in the us) for FREE. OnGuard is our protective blend 👩🏻‍⚕️ for all things immune boosting and germ fighting! This blend is great to support your body on the daily to help boost your immune system to help fight of winter illnesses that occur at this time of year. It is also great as an antibacterial & antimicrobial cleaner! I constantly use on guard through my house to keep all the ick out.🦠 Smart and sassy is doterras metabolic blend. This blend is great for helping reduce cravings. It can be added to your water. You can also add it to your body scrub and lotion to help with cellulite. These two oils are amazing to have handy in your essential oils tool kit! #doterra #xoxodoterra #xoxobogodoterra #poweredbyessentialoils #eos #essentialoils #natualsolutions #greencleaning #plantpowered #spoiledoils

Chinese style photograph15 #Chinese #Chinatrends #Chinaclassic

Day 3 BOGO! Purchase a 15ml bottle of oregano receive a 15ml bottle of melaleuca (tea tree) for FREE! These oils have some many great uses. Are great for immune support , cleansing. These two oils are included in our starter kits because they are so popular and are considered to be apart of our “Top 10” oils 😊🌱 Want one of these BOGO deals shoot me a message so I can save you a spot! What are your fav uses of these oils? #essentiallyobsessedteam #doterra #xoxodoterra #xoxobogodoterra #poweredbyessentialoils #spoiledoils #eos

Xoxo  BOGO day 2 💕 For today only when you purchase a cheer roller you will receive a motivate roller for FREE! These two rollers are all things emotions! Want to kick your day off with a boost of energy or get over those winter blues. This is a great deal for you. Cheer is an uplifting mood boosting blend. With a sweet citrus , cinnamon blend this will help pick up your mood when your feeling low. Motivate is great to kick off your day and get you in gear to conquer all the things. It has a spicy minty aroma. Will help provide that feeling of confidence to take on the day! Want more info about these two oils make sure to join my exclusive BOGO Facebook group Want these oils in your house make sure to comment below yes please and how many. I have a limit of 5 ! Only valid for 24hrs Happy bogoing! #doterra #xoxodoterra #xoxobogodoterra #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #spoiledoils #itsbogotime #alltheoils #naturalsolutions

I am so excited DōTERRA announced its BOGO week!!!! They always have the most incredible deals so it’s a real treat when they happen! It’s the best time for stocking up or for gift ideas! Here is how BOGO week is going to work! 👇🏼 • 1️⃣ THE DEALS- Each day I will post the daily BOGO in this group. If you do NOT have an account & would like the deal of the day please contact me (pm or text) by 8pm that day. • 2️⃣ MEMBERS- you have a limit of 5 BOGO’s a day. I HIGHLY suggest ordering it as an ‘LRP order’ (not one-time) & select ‘Process Now’ by 11:59pm. You will either edit that LRP order template the next day & repeat the process. After BOGO week you can delete the LRP order template. • 3️⃣ DELIVERY- Either $8 for shipping at the end of the week (regardless if you ordered 1 or 5 deals) OR pay no shipping by arranging pick-up with me in Tacoma, Gig Harbor or Auburn. • 4️⃣ PAYMENT- Pay via Venmo @BriMeade or cash in person no later then Saturday. 5️⃣ NON-MEMBERS- If you choose to enroll on my team by Friday, you will receive an ‘Essential Life’ book as a gift from me! Basically an oil bible! ALSO, for February DōTERRA is giving any new enrollers a 15ml of Red Mandarin when enrolling with 100pv or more AND for 200pv or more you would also get a 15ml of Serenity!! So if you’ve been wanting to enroll, this is the week since you will earn 10% points back (aka oil $) into your account. Just remember to order as a ‘LRP’ order. (See #2) • 6️⃣ RAFFLE- I will be doing a raffle with all those who participated in BOGO on my team. To submit, at the end of each day please send me your order # & how many bogos that day you ordered. Prize TBD but it will be a good one!! • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m here to help & educate! Sharing these oils brings me so much happiness!! Can’t wait for the week to begin! 🖤 • Learn more, shop or enroll: • #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #poweredbyplants #theresanoilforthat #doterrabogoweek #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #toxicfreeliving #poweredbyessentialoils @brimeade

Woohoo guess what starts Monday February 18th!!!! BOGOS!!!! What does that mean you ask? Each day a new deal will be released!! Buy one product get a second for FREE!!!! This is a great opportunity to get some items you may not currently have at a steal of a price or stock up on some of your fav items!!! These deals are only valid for 24hrs and then the new deal of the day will be released! Limit to purchase is 5 per account I will be sharing all my BOGO product tips and tricks in a private BOGO group if you are not currently in my BOGO group and would like to be added comment below or shoot me a DM so I can add you! Valid in the Canadian and US warehouse Sneak peak at Monday’s BOGO: buy a 15ml bottle of Pettirgrain get a 15 ml bottle of Lavender for FREE!!! #doterra #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #spoiledoils #eos #doterracanada #doterrabogos #bogosareback

# I LOVE subscription boxes and get a few every month from different companies 📦 but my favorite is my doTERRA Wellness box! Here’s why ... 🙌 1. CUSTOMIZABLE FOR YOU - I pick and choose what I need for the month. With other subscription boxes, many times the items are chosen for you and you end up with products you don't like or 3 bottles of shampoo that you don't need 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2. SPEND NO EXTRA - I buy what I used to buy at the supermarket with doTERRA instead #shiftyourshopping Items like cleaning products, handwash, toothpaste, body care, haircare, etc. I then use the points I earn to get essential oils for free 🤸🏻‍♀️. More on that below! 3. TEENY MINIMUM ORDER - unlike the other boxes I get, I can choose to purchase just one item (min $5ish) in my box each month. Ex. maybe On Guard toothpaste or deodorant is all you want. Of course that never happens 🤣 but that’s my choice 👌. 4. FREEBIES - Each month, I receive a FREE product with orders over 125PV🤸🏻‍♀️ 5. FREE POINTS - I get up to 55% off retail prices with my monthly Wellness Box as I earn points each month. The longer I’ve been with doTERRA, the more I get back 🤸🏻‍♀️. 6. FREE SHIPPING - when I spend $3.99 in shipping, I get at least $4 back to spend on future products, or more if I choose faster shipping 🙌. 7. CANCEL ANYTIME - no lock in sign ups, it’s easy to cancel anytime. We also offer “order anytime you want, as much as you want” options, but most of us order monthly because you don't get all of the free stuff. Who is as excited as I am to get their monthly doTERRA Wellness Box?! 🙋‍♀️ #doterra #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #spoiledoils #eos #doterraca #alltheoils #naturalsolutions

Valentine’s Day may be over, but here’s another #selflove or #selfcare tip comin ‘atcha. If you are getting out of the shower and NOT slathering yourself in one of the massage oils, you’re doing it wrong (especially in the winter). 🤷🏻‍♀️ #sorrynotsorry #luxurylifestyle #luxurious #bathtime #massage #winter #dryskincare #younglivingessentialoils #youngliving #allnatural #poweredbyessentialoils

Duane Hay

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When @thrivefamilywonderer saw the Troll dress up makeover experience she just had to get it! was for #emayabear but she refused the makeup 😂 So Jilene couldn’t pass it up! #socute #loveher #sillyismylovelanguage

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I'm so glad I get to teach my son the importance of cleaning and helping at such a young age without the worry of the fumes and chemicals harming him 🍃 #gogreen #letthemclean #nontoxic #plantbased #poweredbyessentialoils #shopclub

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Hey lovelies! In honor of Valentines Day I wanted to offer up my extra copies of the indispensable Lucy Libido book to whoever, and whomever is ready to grab any one of our Young Living Premium Starter Kits (PSK) right NOW! All that, plus my regular customized welcome pack! Hooking yourself up with a starter kit gives you full access to all of the life changing oils and Young Living products at member pricing! Woot-woot! PSK choices, choices: our brand new and improved 12(!) Everyday Oils and Diffuser Kit * Savvy Minerals Makeup Kit * Thieves Kit ( toxin-free household cleaning and body care ) * Ningxia Red Kit (essential oil infused wolfberry antioxidant powerhouse beverage)! I have tons of firsthand experience, useful info to share, and so much love for all of the above - so don't hesitate to ask about any and all of it! So, the Lucy Libido book is: 1) hilarious, 2) relatable, 3) a good mix of fun and science, 4) loaded with useful tips and tried and true oil infused recipes, 5) for guys and gals (50:50) - yeah, guys/dudes/boys/men - Young Living IS 100% for YOU too, 6) about bringing fun and sexy back between the sheets - but also, maybe more importantly about hormone BALANCE; harmony and confidence within our bodies and relationships; romantic and otherwise, 7) in depth FAQ about Progessence Plus with the Dr that helped to formulate it. Progessence Plus is our low dose natural progesterone from wild yam, plus Vitamin E, and several critical essential oils. Just about every woman of every age can benefit from it. It is hands down the best progesterone cream (in this case serum), that I have ever used. I use it every day and can't recommend it enough! 8) Sexy! Oh yes it is! * Ok, so I'm all about low pressure, but I just have a couple of these books left - so if you want one from me, act fast! * Oh! And to all of my horse peeps out there! Have a moody mare? Clean up the diet, rule out pain - but yeah! The oils can help! Dragon Time anyone? * And for everyone out there - if you need help or ideas on Valentines inspired oil infused recipes (food, beverage, rollers, diffuser, ...) - I got you! ❤️ Love You!️ Mean it!

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Ben’s been practicing his B’s with a sharpie on the hallway wall 🙄 #momwin #permanentmarkergone #nochemicals #poweredbyessentialoils #anditslessmoney

R E L A X & U N W I N D 🛀 . Ok, time out world! 🌎 Need a break? Take some time for a little #tlc. I love adding a few drops of #eucalyptus, Wild #orange, and #serenity into my epsom salt. A great #diy for when you just need time to just #relax and #unwind for the day. . Let’s talk about the benefits: . 🌱EUCALYPTUS🌱 💚Helps to #clear the #mind 💚Promotes feelings of #relaxation 💚Promotes feelings of clear breathing . 🌱WILD ORANGE💕 🧡Powerful #cleanser and #purifying agent 🧡Supports #healthy #immune function 🧡Uplifting to the mind and #body . 🌱SERENTIY🌱 💜Promotes relaxation and a #restful sleeping #environment 💜Lessens feelings of #tension and #calms emotions 💜Calms the mind and #soothes the #senses . . . . . #justbreathe #nomastae #poweredbyessentialoils #aromatherapy #spaday #detox #essentialoils #peace #balance

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And that’s a wrap on the 2019 Azarian Team Cup Gymnastics Meet!! It was an intense meet full of talent. Ryan hit a first place rings routine and medaled in three other events. Overall, he was 7th out of 43. Well done, @ryanbarela !! We couldn’t be more proud!! 💙❤️ #poweredbyessentialoils #mindsetmatters #sokauniversity #stillrings #team #ningxianitro #mensgymnastics

Bobbi Barela

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A little fun in the sun before the big gymnastics meet!! 🌞🌊 💙 #lagunabeach #champion #gravitymotorsports #mindsetmatters #rastaclat #poweredbyessentialoils #poweredbyningxiared

Who loves Turmeric as much as I do?👊🏼 I lost my sh*t at convention when this new oil was announced🎉 Whipped up my first turmeric bulletproof latte this morning and it was delicious! Turmeric kinda smells like a campfire, so with that scent, and the coziness of coffee, I felt like I should have been drinking my latte in a cozy cabin in Yosemite. It’s amazing how a scent can take us out of our world and dream up an experience. I am constantly blown away by the power of essential oils. # For the latte I used 2 drops. You can use this oil all 3 ways: internally, topically and aromatically🧡 If you’re not sure what Turmeric is great for, here’s a small list: decreasing inflammation, kicking to the curb fungal, bacteria, and viral infections, strengthening all parts of your GI tract, supporting oral health, and your respiratory system, to name a few! #poweredbyessentialoils

Shari Dean

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Channeling my inner Bronco as I buck that workout to the curb. #poweredbyessentialoils #doterra #weighttraining #girlswholift #fitchick #boise #state #broncos #broncoalumn #beyondfitlife


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Its a rather dodgy picture, but sharing another batch of Buchi going in for its second ferment. I chose to flavour these with - Blueberries and Ginger oil Passionfruit and Ginger oil . Apparently it's a ginger kinda day! 😀 . A spice lover from way back, I confess to loving the powerful kick 1 drop of ginger oil brings when added to a glass of soda water, some warm lemon and honey tea, or a bottle of Kombucha. . Essential oils are a super concentrated way to enhance flavours (vs dried or fresh spices) since they can be 70-80 times stronger. 🌱 . Have you tried them in your Buchi? Or in your raw recipes? . And did I mention Ginger and Cardamom Bliss Balls are literally to die for, especially when your a Chai lover like me 😍. . Yup, ginger oil rocks!

Meredith Dawson

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While this glorious sunset atop of Seymour took my breath away tonight I was anticipating the possibility of another such experience....💭 But it was in the hands of another....Hands that held 625 other names....📜 And only 270 could be drawn!!!😳 Who knew I could hold my breath that long!!! But as 257 rolled out my screams of delight made it clear...🎉 KneeKnacker is here...and I will be running this year!! 🏃💦💪 #ultrarunnerintraining #kneeknacker #14yearssince #bettergetrunning #trailgirl #takeadeepbreath #luckygirl #trailrunnersofinstagram #northshoremountains #aspire2inspire #aspiretothrive #livemybestlife #manifestandmakeithappen #essentialoilsforrunners #poweredbyessentialoils #lovemylife #runningmom #nofilterneededforthisbeauty

Declare your love affair with tea and essential oils with these fun "Powered by Tea And Essential Oils" tanks and t-shirts from (tap to shop) 😀💧☕ #essentialoils #tea #healthyliving #naturalliving #essentialoil #theresanoilforthat #tank #shirt #fashion #style #bohemian #boho #essentialoilstyle #poweredbyessentialoils #poweredbytea

Cooking with Essential oils 👩🏻‍🍳 . . ⭐️Only use oils suitable for cooking (most are a big NO!) I recommend dōTERRA.- read your labels, do your research. . ⭐️Start small! One drop is often all you need— sometimes even just a toothpick swirl! . ⭐️Add oils in just before cooking finishes, or if you’re using the Instapot, I put my oils in just before I close the lid. . . Tonight’s dinner was a Channa Masala/Quinoa in the #instapot 👏SO👏good👏 . . Along with the usual fresh garlic, onion sautéd, garam masala, and cayenne pepper— I added 2 drops dōTERRA Turmeric, Ginger and Coriander. 😍 . . I love the simplicity of using oils in cooking! No more dried herbs that are 5 years old AND no more chopping ginger. 😂🙌 . . EO lovers: which is your favorite oil to add into your cooking?!

Duane Hay

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💯 % one of the most stunning sunsets I’ve ever seen!

That time when you’re kids have a cough and you’re so grateful you have oils in your home to help them 💕 #poweredbyessentialoils . . “Breathe Easy” blend: Siberian fir, Frankincense, Lemon + Easy Air. . . “Tummy Tamer” blend: Zengest + wild orange. . . Dilute according to age range: anywhere from 2%-30% is what I use. Applying the respiratory blend to chest and back every couple of hours or as needed, Tummy blend on tummy— they both drank more pool water today than their bellies would like. 🏊‍♀️😬 . . —Feeling grateful for my oils and our wellness collective 💕👏

Duane Hay

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Words cannot express how excited I am to have an active indoor fireplace right now!! #tryingtoohard #hayfamilydrunkeye

Let the Fabulous February begin! There is SO much available this month, it’s mind blowing! . 💝If you would like to ensure your goodies arrive for Valentines Day / Sweetest Day, be sure to place your order NO LATER than ✨February 4✨ . Let’s start from the top: 💘February Specials will be available all month long. 👏🏼 💕Clearance items will be available all month long or until they are sold out 😢 💚 The NEW Bliss Box will be available until sold out, limited quantities available. 👉🏼 Side note, the bliss box contains THREE products not available in the catalog this month 🤩 💙 Lastly, we can’t leave out our MEN this month! I am offering 10% off ALL MENS KITS/ SETS for the entire month. To take advantage of this, you must message or email me 🧖🏻‍♂️🧖🏼‍♂️🧖🏽‍♂️ . If you are interested in any of our goodies for a Valentine’s Day treat, comment below with what you love. Feel free to message me your partner’s information 😉😉😉 . #lemongrassspa #fresh #clean #natural #februaryisforlovers #loveyourself #spreadthelemongrasslove #lovetheskinyouarein #lemongrassspablissbox #subscriptionbox #allthesmells #poweredbyessentialoils #ilovelemongrassspa #selfcare

🎊 24–Hour Blitz Sale! Make a $60+ investment in your wellness with #lemongrassspa goodies, and I’ll add in a FREE ITEM OF YOUR CHOICE ($10 or less)! . There are some BOMB 💣 January specials that are set to expire, so this is the perfect time to take advantage of them and get a little extra for you 😉 . Ask me how to take advantage of this spectacular offer! . I’ve got some month end goals and this is a great way you can help me achieve them! ❤️🙌🏼 #flashsale #snowmageddonsale #nontoxicbodycare #freebies #supportsmallbusiness #buildingacommunity #wellnesswithkacie #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #smellgoodwithoutthechemicals

Duane Hay

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This will be a great morning coffee spot for the next while here in Napier NZ area. This house sits on 20 acres overlooking this gorgeous river!

Wow! #doubtfulsound did not disappoint. We moved rentals to be closer but it was still 1 hr drive, 1 hr ferry across Lake Manapouri, 1 hr bus ride over Wilmot Pass to get on the 3 hr cruise! Then it was bus, ferry, drive home. A FULL day with kids 2-10 in tow, but SO worth it! To be on the water at sea level and have mountains 1500-2000ft high towering over you with cascading waterfalls along the way, it was totally surreal! My favourite part: the Maori (indigenous kiwi) description of doubtful sound is Patea or silence/freedom. They took us down “crooked arm” a ways, asked everyone to respect a moment of silence to experience Patea and shut off the engines. So cool to hear the waterfalls crash down around us and the chirping birds free of wind and other sounds! #emayabear could barely contain herself for more than 2 sec at a time 😂 “is it over yet dad??” That moment of silence was the hardest thing she’s ever done LOL. Would love to return one day on a kayak or on an overnight cruise. So so magical in there! Thanks @realjourneys

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Hey! It's the weekend! . FUN affirmation: I am pursuing the joys of life. Uplifting, revitalizing; promoter of pure and true bliss - I can't get enough FUN lately. I definitely feel more fun and carefree when I wear it. Spontaneous adventures happen. . . . #xcountryski #crosscountryskiing #snowdog #sundance #blm #publicland #winterinmontana #standardpoodle #fun #play #getoutside #explore #emotions #eneregy #health #wellness #exercise #prettyday #oola #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #aromatherapy #freshair #essentialoilsfordogs #poweredbyessentialoils


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LOOK! I ‘Believe’d my car had the ‘Highest Potential’ of winning and I was right!! 😊What a great afternoon, although I did panic a little bit when I walked in to the auditorium and could smell my car from the other side of the room! 🤭 Yikes! My 11 year old Webelo won overall speed champion for a car he built all by himself – he even learnt how to use my Cricut machine!  My 9 year old Bear collaborated and worked with his Dad to build an awesome submarine car and he (they) won overall best design. I placed second in the Outlaw division with my ‘powered by essential oils’ car.  It was awesome.  We have a race against cancer to beat and we would love positive thoughts from ‘y’all’ (can I even pull that off with an English accent)? 🤔 #pinewoodderby #younglivingessentialoils #believe #highestpotential #poweredbyessentialoils #familyfun #soproud #cubscouts #cancersucks #cancerwontwin #weneedyourpositivethoughts #dennisfamilyfights #dennisfamilywins

I can conquer the world now 🤷🏼‍♀️🌿 #poweredbyessentialoils . . Wanna know what my “Energy+” blend is?! Leave a 🌿 in the comments & Ill shoot you a message! . .


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It is THAT time of year again! But - this year, guess what?! Mummy is also entering a car in the Outlaw division of the Pinewood Derby for Pack 206!! It will be 'sponsored' by A New Leaf Essential Oils. 🤣🌿🎋💧 Dennis boys - you better watch out! Who knows what a car powered by essential oils is capable of!!! 🙃🤪⚡️💥 #younglivingessentialoils #anewleafessentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #pack206pinewoodderby #believeandhighestpotential

Duane Hay

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This is an Orc. His name is Brian. He is at the end of a #zipline called “Orc Chasm” he he get it? #boyswillbeboys @paradiseziplinesnz Amazing time today zipping through the woods with my lovely wife @thrivefamilywonderer , she killed it and conquered some huge fears to complete the course! Way to go love!

Nicole Switala

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Usually a pretty good indication of the week I've had when I make it to Friday and glance over and see the different oils that have accumulated on my desk! #theessentialsonly #tgif #whataweek #nostress #lessstress #oilsforthewin #peace #peaceinabottle #entrepreneurlife #workfromhome #buildingabusiness #letsdothis #runningonfaith #poweredbyessentialoils

Where are my pregnant & soon-to-be pregnant friends?? 🤰🏻🤰🤰🏾 . . You’re invited to this free virtual event...everything you need to know about using essential oils during pregnancy! There are oils to help with nausea, heartburn, itchy belly, aches & pain...I wish I had known about them when I was pregnant! . . This event is for current customers & those who are not yet Doterra members! 😘 . . Link in profile to join the event! . . #pregnancy #naturalpregnancy #holisticpregnancy #essentialoils #doterra #oilsaremyjam #oilypregnancy #holisticfamily #poweredbyessentialoils #nausea

Where my girls at? Can we talk about what some of us call ‘shark week’? It is HIGHLY likely during this week you will encounter heightened emotions or possibly turn into a complete B. 👿Also likely, to experience wrenching cramps & back pain along with the lovely sidekick of bloating. And you boys wonder why we’re moody….🤨 A couple oil musts for this lovely week are Deep Blue & Clary Calm. For real, these two turn it all around. I’ve always had a history of severe cramps & back pain. Where it literally feels like I’ve been impaled… and no joke 15 minutes or so after applying both of these I am relieved. 🙌🏼 So here’s the dirt: 💙DEEP BLUE is always my go to for sore, achy muscles & joints. It’s a blend of wintergreen, camphor, peppermint, ylang ylang, helichrysum, blue tansy, blue chamomile & osmanthus. It is also super helpful on the area surrounding the pelvic region & low back. Its going to assist in soothing the muscles, promote circulation & reduce inflammation. 🌸CLARY CALM is the monthly women’s blend of clary sage, lavender, bergamot, roman chamomile, ylang ylang, cedarwood, geranium & fennel. All these do multiple things. Helps balance mood & calm heightened emotions. Provides a soothing & calming effect during a woman’s cycle. Clary Sage in this blend helps stimulating obstructed menses & open blood vessels which allow for increased blood circulation. This helps by regulating your cycle which then provides menstrual cramp relief. ⚠️With that said- If you are an innocent bystander who struggles living under the same roof as one of the above described creatures… I promise you will have a better chance at surviving the week if you have the Doterra fairy leave these under her pillow! #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #sharkweek #auntflo #thattimeofmonth #womenshealth #tamethebeast #poweredbyessentialoils #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #wheremygirlsat

Duane Hay

2019-01-21 20:44:03

#wishbonefalls today with these 3 kiddos. Pretty beautiful waterfall. People were drinking tight out of it! On the road to #mountaspiring we stopped here and headed back after. Wonder how much further we could have went...we already forded 5 or 6 creeks with the rental minivan 😬😂 Roads were backcountry conditions so didn’t want to get into trouble out there alone with the kids! My favourite part of the drive to Mount Aspiring is how huge the mountains feel when you’re in a tight and flat valley and the rocks shoot straight up beside you. 3000m is the max height they go. Is that large on a world scale?

Made my very first sleepy time spray for the kids. Let’s see if lavender and grapefruit does the trick 🖤

Duane Hay

2019-01-21 11:58:08

Emaya always looks for a kids corner in every business we visit. A place with a mat and some toys. Well at this one whole Dad was talking she built her own! 😂 Not sure the significance of the pillow arrangement 🧐❤️✝️

Self care Sunday. Making my daily routines healthy habits starting with what I put on my body. Your skin is your bodies largest organ. Chemicals and synthetic compounds are easily passed through your skins barrier. I have decided to try some new products from DōTERRA to not only make my skin feel and look amazing but make my body healthier by my choices. Finding a natural deodorant that smelt great and actually worked was a big thing. DōTERRA has reformulated their natural deodorant to keep the stink down .... (if you’ve ever tried a natural deodorant you’ll know what it saying) And of course they created it with both my favourite oils balance and the beautiful blend which is what I opted for. And lotions 😳 those synthetic fragrances are made up from@sooooooo many chemicals it’s harsh and drying to your skin as well as bad for you and the environment. This Canadian winter has been taking a toll on my skin #ohsodry. So I’m testing out the new DōTERRA hydrating body mist which is also in the beautiful blend. And so far I have to say it’s making a huge difference you just spray on rub in and you have this beautiful moisturizer glowing skin!! What are some of your natural solutions to your skin care? And how are you making your 2019 better for you body! #doterra #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #eos #spoiledoils #doterraca #naturalsolutions #oilylife #betteringmybody

Duane Hay

2019-01-19 15:55:58

Raise your hand if you’re like me and can’t resist the urge to make airport security related jokes 😂 I love yelling out random things and embarrassing myself and the people around me. Here’s one...wait till you’re approaching the security lineup and it’s really busy and you yell “Oh THATS what a cavity search is? Well then I certainly do NOT want one.” Getting lots of practise this week! Safe travels out there all!

Lael Berner

2019-01-18 08:56:14

Its been so mild - but winter is back - and so are all of those critical layers like hats and scarves. Grabbing this bottle of Pine has become just as routine as grabbing some gloves when heading out to walk the dog or tend to the horses. I do a drop or 2 right on my chest or neck (dilute as needed; I don't) under my scarf or cozy fleece buff - or I'll rub together several drops in my hands and then smooth it over my scarf and bridge of nose. The scarf acts a personal diffuser! Wonderful, uplifting yet grounding respiratory support! Helpful relief for stressed muscles and joints/bones too! I applied 2 drops of Pine on the bottoms of each foot the other day, followed by cozy socks, and my whole body felt less achy - and fast! * I've been diffusing everything citrus, floral, and tropical in the house lately to help keep things happy and bright - but these woodsy conifer oils like Pine just feel cozy and wintery. I have fun going back and forth with both, and all! #diffusethemood * Did you know that our conifer oils are only harvested in the winter months under exact and specific conditions? In fact the Idaho Blue Spruce harvest just wrapped up; I believe. And then that's it. For the whole year! The right plant, grown in the right location, with extra special care given to the health and vitality of the soil ♡, harvested at just the right time, experty distilled and at just the right time (not all plants are distilled immediately after harvest), expertly tested for perfect chemistry and quality control, and then carefully bottled - just for you and just for me! Seed to Seal baby! Nothing else quite like Young Living! I feel the love, so I share the love! ♡ * * Also I often wear an oil right down on the crown of my head - this pairs wonderfully with a cozy winter hat! Frankincense or Sacred Frankincense are favorites here - but in the winter, at the start of a new year I love Abundance! A sweet and spicy blend of Orange, Frankincense, Patchouli, Clove, Ginger, Myrrh, Cinnamon Bark, and Spruce! This makes for a beautiful and pure perfume - I always get "WHAT smells so good?" and "you smell amaZING!". Yep, raising my frequency and that of everyone around me!

Duane Hay

2019-01-17 22:24:27

Car seat for kids? Now that seems super overkill 😂😂😂 Elden will tell his friends he learned how to drive at 2

Duane Hay

2019-01-17 01:37:20

Well when there are no laws, you make your own. I gave Eavan her boat lisence today! 😂

Carolyn Karr

2019-01-14 10:53:29

This morning in my stories I shared how I make my morning smoothie. It’s super simple and with @doterra’s TrimShake I know it’s full of nutrients. I fill a jar with whatever fruit I’m feeling, today I needed something tropical 🌴 . . I added pineapples, strawberries, banana, and mangos with almond milk and a scoop of vanilla from shake, blended it all up and enjoyed! . . I love the TrimShake blends because it’s full of 20 vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients. I love them for breakfast, snacks, and late night treats. . . . . #eathealthy #doterra #doterratrimshake #breakfast #offtoagoodstart #poweredbyessentialoils #happymonday #bossbabe #doterraessentialoils #doterralife

Why do our plates and dishes need to smell like a wild berry forrest? // I wonder if you've ever realised that fragrance doesn't clean dishes. Those fun and fruity flavours do nothing but add a whole cocktail of un-needed chemicals to our dishsoap. Chemicals that sit on our bowls and spoons and contaminate our food 😔 But hey, there are companies out there who have realised this bizarre phenomenon of fragranced food-ware and produced products that make a little more sense. My favourite naturally fragranced options are the dish soap produced by @ecostoreau . It is scented with essential oils which also add to the cleaning power. Another great alternative is the OnGuard cleaner concentrate from doTERRA. It doesnt bubble - surprise, bubbles are just fun, they dont clean either - and all you need is a small squirt for shiny clean dishes. To purchase the cleaner concentrate message me, comment below or follow the link in my profile 🌿

Tanya Vetri

2019-01-12 05:19:07

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter then her fears” ❤️ Fresh face and about to get my 🍑 kicked at the gym 💪🏼 #ambulanceonstandby #gym #motivation #nomakeup #fierce #womeninspiringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #passion #momsofinstagram #momofboys #boymom #thankyoufrankincense #poweredbyessentialoils #youngliving #younglivingessentialoils #mompreneur #bossbabe #quotes

I got hit with a ton of bricks and am SO so congested. All kinds of plugged up! 🤧 Buttt the show must go on. My go to favorite blend to assist with congestion & sinus issues is breathe + lime + frankincense. Mainly because it has never failed me! Here's why. 💧BREATHE is a blend of essential oils including Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom, Ravintsara, and Ravensara. Breathe maintains feelings of clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. 🍈LIME, due to its high limonene content, provides internal cleansing benefits* and can be diffused to help purify the air. 👑 FRANKINCENSE supports healthy immune function as well as cellular, nervous, and digestive function. Other thing I like to use are the peppermint beadlets. They are basically like an essential oil breath mint. Each one has 1/4 drop of peppermint. I pop 1-2 beadlets in my mouth then swipe my breathe + lime + frankincense roller over my sinuses, above brows, on temples & neck/chest. Not kidding you, I get INSTANT relief every time. Just remember to keep reapplying to kick the crud! Also, I highly suggest taking peppermint, lime & frankincense internally in addition! #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #openairways #doterrabreathe #novicksvaporrubneeded #poweredbyessentialoils #notimetogetsick

I thought they might be sad about missing the snow ❄️ this year. Somehow it’s so much more magical when you’re a child. Me...I would rather ☀️ 🏝 🌺 allllllll year long. However, they don’t seem too sad about it. And I’m not missing packing all the kids into all the snow gear and the never-ending struggle to find that one seemingly always allusive lost mitten 🧤 🤷‍♀️

Sorry, Elden. 🙈😂

Duane Hay

2019-01-08 12:25:59

Got my ride on yesterday after months of not being on a bike. #rotovegas did not disappoint! I barely scratched the surface but with the help of an e-bike was able to cover about 20 km of trails in 2 hrs. So so fun! Swipe left for some epic riding footage in my pocket! 🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️😂

The fun we got up to today...

Back on the mat for the new year! Do you use essential oils in your practice? What’s your favorite one to pair with your workouts? Share below 👇🏻 #essentialoillove #poweredbyessentialoils #yogapractice #essentialoilyoga #yogaoils #fitlifestyle #infertilitysisters #infertilitywarrior #beintentional #ttcjourney #fertilityhealthcoach #kaylabegleyhc

Lael Berner

2019-01-06 21:41:22

Peaceful Park. I love the quiet (relative) solitude of YNP in the winter. A great weekend of X-Country skiing up Mill Creek, and in YNP. Totally out of shape, and so sore this morning - but I'm feeling strong again tonight by staying well oiled up all day every day, drinking extra Ningxia Red; oh, and 2 long soaks at Chico Hot Springs didn't hurt. I really missed my celery juice today - can't wait for tomorrow morning to come. Yeah, it's that good. Try it. You'll like it. #staywell #staystrong #abovethewellnessline #thrivingnotjustsurviving #getout #explore #adventure #xcountryski #quiet #peaceful #winter #hotsprings #ynp #yellowstone #chronicillnesswarrior #ningxiared #antioxidants #essentialoils #celeryjuice #health #wellness #freshair #natural #poweredbyessentialoils #younglivingessentialoils

Behind the scenes of family travel meets entrepreneurship. Sometimes it means triple tech running all the things. Grateful for technology that allows us the freedom to keep in touch & continue supporting the growth of our team and our business even from the other side of the world. This picture was snapped by my sweet 10 year old who says when she grows up she wants to “be a mom and work in Young Living.” At least it’s safe to say that she has a pretty good idea what that looks like ❤️

Ladies. Let’s talk about those ta-ta’s for a minute☝🏼& how this trio of oils can help support healthy breast tissue and provide a detox. Each oil has fabulous properties such as purifying, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic, astringent, etc. making these essential oils effective when it comes to cleansing or detoxing in general, but more specifically to our ‘ladies’. 🧡Grapefruit supports not only the breasts but also uterine issues as it assists with progesterone balance as well as adrenal fatigue and lymphatic/kidney toxicity, sugar cravings, etc. ❣️Slim & Sassy is the metabolic blend of grapefruit, lemon, peppermint, ginger & cinnamon. This blend helps with balancing blood sugar, assists with weight loss, lymphatic stimulant, cellulite, high cholesterol, etc. 💓Pink Pepper is the queen of cellular health. Assisting with cleansing the body of unwanted or unhealthy cells. 🙅🏼‍♀️ Other then breast health, it can be used for PMS, cramps, menstrual pain. Also awesome for digestive & immune support so things like crown’s disease, nausea/vomiting, gas, bloating & respiratory issues. Breast Detox Protocal 👉🏼Apply 4 drops of each with fractionated coconut oil to breasts, massage in well. Do this twice a day for 30 days. For added bonus, add Frankincense to the mix! And take internally. #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #doterrawellnessadvocate #poweredbyessentialoils #breastdetox #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #breasttissuesupport #pinkpepperessentialoil #slimandsassymetabolicblend #grapefruitessentialoil #savethetatas #healthyboobies #breasthealth #breasthealthawareness

Duane Hay

2019-01-04 20:26:51

When you forget the #ylseedlings wipes, you improvise! Chocolate covered hands and the inside of a diaper 🤣

Lani Handley

2019-01-03 16:49:08

2019. We are purposefully entering into this new year with love, forgiveness patience, gratitude and thanksgiving. ‘Bold and courageous, with a joyful heart’ has become our family mantra. We are so excited for the growth, adventures and truths this year will bring. Also, I’m learning the challenges of pulling two sleds with blinding sunshine and embracing every minute of it. 👯‍♀️ • • • • • • #newyear #2019 #family #girltribe #getoutside #alaska #alaskagirl #wildandfree #lovingintentionally #momlife #allthethings #givemealltheoils #selflove #poweredbyessentialoils #daughterlove #plantedintheword #trustingod


2019-01-03 16:33:16

A tweaked workout is better than no workout, right? #thursdaythoughts #abfitapp #rezafit #workoutroutine

Duane Hay

2019-01-03 12:19:09

Only 2 more days until we get to visit Hobbiton! Elias and I have read The Hobbit together this past year and watched the 3 movies that go with it in prep for our trip so he can’t wait and his excitement is getting the rest of the kids going too!

Duane Hay

2019-01-02 22:21:07

The Hays love us a Duck tour! These amphibious craft were built in USA 75 years ago and were only expected to last 8-10 weeks in the throes of war. This beauty gave us a fun and exciting way to see a whole bunch of Rotorua on our first day to town. Besides being a MTB paradise with over 140km of trails 5 min from downtown, there are numerous lakes and tons of other adventure tours to go on. Like Zorbing! Looking forward to our week here! #rotovegas

Happy new year 🥳 ! I hope that 2018 was amazing for you but let’s make 2019 even better!!! And with a new year brings new promotions 😊 Are you currently a DōTERRA member but have been putting your membership on the back burner? Let’s kick off the new year by putting your membership to good use and getting a head start on a healthy and natural new year! If you haven’t used your membership in over 4+ months DōTERRA will gift you some “welcome back” oils 😊 place a 100pv standard order and get a FREE bottle of breathe. place a 100pv LRP order and get both Breathe & OnGuard for FREE. Place a 125 pv order on or before January 15th and get a FREE bottle of grapefruit also. Place a 200pv order get Frankincense for free too. Add a bottle of slim & sassy (smart&sassy) and you’ll get it for 10% off. So if you haven’t placed an order in 4+months here’s a chance to get four oils for FREE this month by taking advantage of your membership 😊 Happy shopping . Need help creating a new order or LRP order let me know #newyearnewyou #doterra #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #essentialoils #eos #spoiledoils #alltheoils #welcomebackpromo

Meredith Dawson

2018-12-31 21:58:21

Is it any wonder 6/9 has to do with being outdoors & active? 🌲💪😍 And my people!! These are only a few of my amazing, heartfilling tribe, some who I have had the honour of loving long time, others who are new but so ever essential to my journey! 💗 2019 is going to be MASSIVE!! Momentum in my running - back to 50 kms!! - Ignited in my business - so many to inspire & empower! And truly discovering how financially fit & fluid I can be💥📝🎆 Finally my word for 2019...featured in those pics...✨ILLUMINATING✨. This is my mission, to illuminate the ways to a THRIVING life. If you are ready for it, let's go for it together! 💫 Running is optional 😉😘 #liveyourbestlife #maximizedliving #thrivinglife #bethebrightestlight #last90days #100daysofhollis #thechoiceisyours #maximizeyourlife #chooseyourjoy #choosejoy #getoutside #trailrunnersofinstagram #aspire2inspire #aspiringlifecoach #aspire2thrive #poweredbydoterra #poweredbyessentialoils #essentialoilmama #empoweredwomen #empoweringyouth #aspiringlifeconsulting

Christmas has passed and New Year’s is around the corner. Which means…alcohol is usually involved. Pass the prosecco to mama please! 💁🏼‍♀️ 🥂 If that is happening for you, then you need to understand the benefit of the detoxification blend, Zendocrine. Zendocrine is a blend of tangerine, rosemary, geranium, juniper berry, cilantro. This blend does amazing things to your body. This blend supports firstly a HANGOVER. If you are not partaking there are many other things Zendocrine does such as: -heavy metal detox -weight loss endocrine/hormone balance -adrenal fatigue/exhaustion -kidney/gallbladder & liver cleansing Yes, true story. All these things. Just by simply add a couple drops to your water OR opt to taking the soft gel. There are 2 drops in each soft gel. I keep a small pouch of them in my purse & makes it so much easier to take internally when on the go. #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #zendocrine #detoxification #hangover #hangoverhelper #doterra #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #poweredbyessentialoils #poweredbyplants #toomanydranks #newyears2019

Are they really skin products without a little Frankincense..? Taking full advantage of my FREE December Frank. 😉Loving these easy and fun Bath & Body DIY projects, and would love even more, to make them with you. Let's chat!! #diybathandbody #poweredbyessentialoils #eotools #oillife #youroiltools #oilyali #funwithoils

It may not look like any Christmas I’m used to, but at least it smells like it. . . Did you know that smell is the scent closest linked to memory. And even wilder, in November 2017, scientists discovered something about the processes that make odor-linked memories so vivid: the memories may be saved in a part of the olfactory bulb itself. The part responsible is a complex structure called the piriform cortex. . . So there’s a reason smelling those Christmas cookies takes you right back to your childhood days. May your Christmas be full of new and old smells alike ❤️ . . We’re diffusing Christmas Spirit and Frankincense today. How about you?

Duane Hay

2018-12-24 02:50:04

One more sleep till Christmas!! (In NZ that is!) Merry Christmas to you and your family! We had an awesome Christmas Eve service at @cityimpactchurch We can’t wait to see the kids faces tomorrow morning! They’re going to love their lumps of coal! 😂

As some of you may have seen in my insta stories that little miss Maddison had a case of the 24 hour flu. She woke up in the night and started throwing up in the living room 🤢 and then in the morning had thrown up in her room and crib etc. So this momma had to get to work. Cleaning , disinfecting, sanitizing and making the house not smell like 🤮anymore. These are the tools I used to get rid of all the yuck. The most important is all things OnGuard! This powerful oil is very antibacterial, antiviral & cleansing. I took all of her clothes and bedding and threw it in the laundry with our OnGuard laundry detergent. This helped get rid of any germs off of her laundry. Next we sprayed her crib and mattress and anything she touched with the all purpose spray I made using OnGuard concentrate, vinegar, grapefruit & distilled water. I moped the floors with super hot water and a few tablespoons of the OnGuard cleaning concentrate. And last we diffused to get the smell out. I used a combination of purify to cleanse the air, OnGuard yo get rid of the germs and lemon for the extra citrus boost and it’s anti nausea properties! She’s now feeling perfect running and playing! What do you use to get the yuck out? #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #doterra #doterraca #essentialoils #eos #naturalsolutions #greencleaning #spoiledoils

Spoiled oils has been crafting up some essential oil shelves over the holidays. I’ve been playing around with a few colours, styles & techniques. Who doesn’t love pretty ways to store your essential oils and other goodies !! #doterra #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #spoiledoils #eos #handmade

Well Hawaii, thanks for the amazing memories! #emayabear said this afternoon “I’m going to miss this place.” Us too, sweet girl. But onto new adventures. Tomorrow we leave bright and early. Next stop New Zealand 🇳🇿. #emayabear

My daughter says there is this new trend where you take pictures of your shoes in cool settings 😂😂😂 . Really I just wanted to give a shout out to @allbirds because these shoes are literally the most comfortable slices of heaven I have ever worn on my feet. I bought them because they claimed that they were the world’s most comfortable shoes (even though I didn’t believe it) but the best part is they are sustainably made with some pretty awesome Merino wool, and trees and recycled bottles for laces. I only brought 2 pairs of shoes on this trip to save space. Some flip flops and these. And most days I am choosing these. So because I like sharing things I love, I suggest you check these out for your next pair of kicks. #notsponsored

Is this place even real???? 😳😳😳

Adelaide found this hat and wore it for a good five minutes or so😂😂✌🏻🌿💧 . . She and her sister are SO used to their mama rubbing oils on their feet, chest, and tummies. In fact, if they see me rub something on my tummy, they lift up their shirts. . . I love that being a mama means I get to show them healthy choices. Not that every choice I make is a stellar one, but I do try to be a good mama and role model to my little sugars. . . Start them young, y’all. . . . #startthemyoung #plantpowered #poweredbyessentialoils #wellnessjourney #iamwellandgood #holisticwellness #mindfulliving #holisticlifestyle #holistichealth #mindbodygreen #intuitiveliving #healthmatters #naturalhealth #nourishyourself #nontoxicliving #cleanliving #momlifeisthebestlife #honestmotherhood #holdthemoments #joyfulmamas #eternalmotherhood #letthembelittle #motherhoodsimplified #inbeautyandchaos #momentsofmine #candidchildhood #littleandbrave #childhoodunplugged #thesnapsociety #ipreview