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Everyone has probably heard of how awesome Tumeric is. Most of the time when you think of Tumeric you think of that yellow powder that you add to your diet or in supplement form. Most tumeric is a Co2 extraction which gives it a poor absorption rate as we don’t get the full chemistry profile with Co2. Digging deeper, Co2 extracts contain lots water-soluble CURCUMINOIDS and little TUMERONES. This basically means you are not getting the full benefit because the chemistry is inconsistent. Doterra’s Tumeric essential oil is steam distilled and contains high levels of TUMERONES. These tumerones are high in antioxidants and readily absorbed and cross cellular membranes to provide a positive immune response and is neuroprotective which assists in brain function. It supports stressed neurons, improves neuronal response & resilience. Tumeric essential oil also benefits natural tissue support and cardiovascular support. So great for post-workout recovery. Ways to use.. 🧠Take 1-2 drops internally a day either under your tongue or in a veg capsule. Combine with DDR Prime (cellular complex) for extra support. 🧠Dilute with fractionated coconut oil & apply topically to affected area and/or bottoms of feet. 🧠While Tumeric does not have the best smell, you can diffuse with citrus oils like Green Mandarin to support your respiratory system. #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #poweredbyplants#theresanoilforthat #doterrabogoweek #naturalsolutions #holistichealing#toxicfreeliving #poweredbyessentialoils #tumericessentialoil #tumeric #tumerones #curcuminoids

Lavender is one we use daily. Like all the time. Especially for our little one. I diffuse it every night in his room. Along with vetiver, roman chamomile or cedarwood usually. I start diffusing a half hour before bedtime so he (and we) can enjoy the aromatic benefits while getting that bedtime story in. 👌🏼 One thing to remember with little ones is to use less drops then you would for yourself as an adult. For newborns with teeny tiny lungs only put 1-2 drops in depending on the size of the room. Now that Sawyer is 14 months I’m adding 4 drops which is just perfect. Raising a babe with these tools is everything. He likes to point at the diffuser & put his hand over the mist. It sure does put a big ‘ol smile on my face. #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #poweredbyplants #theresanoilforthat #doterrabogoweek #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #toxicfreeliving #poweredbyessentialoils #oilybaby #babesandoils #lavenderessentialoil @mrsbrimeade

Pretty excited about today’s BOGO!! We use lavender ALL the time & Tumeric, a newly launched oil, is now being incorporated into my daily regimen because of all its incredible benefits! • Buy a 15 mL Turmeric and receive a 15 mL Lavender for free! • TUMERIC, capable of promoting feelings of positivity, is beneficial both internally and aromatically.* It can also be advantageous to the immune system, as Turmeric has soothing benefits that promote a positive immune response.* 💛Helps support healthy glucose and lipid metabolism* 💛May enhance cellular antioxidant enzymes* (e.g. glutathione) 💛Helps support healthy nervous and cellular function* 💛Post-workout recovery 💛Has been shown to increase curcumin potency and absorption* 💛May promote healthy immune function and response* 💛Supports clean and healthy-looking skin while reducing the appearance of blemishes • LAVENDER is considered a must-have oil to keep on hand at all times because of the variety of ways it can be used. One such use takes advantage of Lavender’s calming and relaxing properties to promote peaceful sleep and ease feelings of tension.* 💜Promotes deep, restful sleep. 💜Helps calm anxious feelings. 💜Calms skin redness/irritation & supports healing process 💜Add a few drops of Lavender to pillows, bedding, and bottoms of feet at bedtime. 💜Keep a bottle of Lavender on hand to soothe occasional skin irritations. 💜Freshen your linen closet, mattress, car, or the air by combining Lavender with water in a spray bottle. 💜Use Lavender to calm and relax in stressful situations. 💜Put a couple drops in your bath with epsom salt for a calming, soothing soak. • The BOGO is for TODAY only. To Order your BOGO: Create loyalty order (date does not matter since you will process today) & add SKU 60206973 Tumeric 15ml to your cart. If you do not have an account, go to my.doterra.com/brimeade to 'Become a Member'. • **Limit of 5 per household. 24 hours, while supplies last. #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #poweredbyplants#theresanoilforthat #doterrabogoweek #naturalsolutions #holistichealing#toxicfreeliving #poweredbyessentialoils #tumericessentialoil #tumeric #lavender #lavenderessentialoil


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This morning I woke up with that heavy feeling on my chest & lungs . That awful “A” word that I’ve dealt with my whole entire life (asthma) has somehow snuck up on me and making it not only hard to breathe but to be active plus eventually it will turn into a cough right on my chest #momofaoneyearold #alwaysonthego. So I turn to my tools. And what better way then to use the oils that can help me feel better but are today’s BOGO items as well. Today’s buy one get one free items are DōTERRAs OnGuard and easy air (breathe). So how did I use these today? First I take my OnGuard and apply it on the bottoms of my feet and up and down my spine. I want to get all the effects of OnGuard to help boost my immune system and fight off any germs that may be around. Second I take a carrier oil (I chose fractionated coconut oil) and add a bit to my hand and add two drops of easy air to my plams rub my hands together and apply to my chest then inhale any of the left over oils on my hands. Third I fire up my diffuser. I add a few drops each of OnGuard easy air and lime. All three combined are great for supporting and boosting the immune system as well as cleansing the air, opening the airways and soothing. It’s incredible how these oils work. How do you use your bogo items? Did you snag up this deal? #doterra #doterrabogo #buyonegetonefree #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #spoiledoils #plantpower #eos #essentialoils


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Today only when you can buy OnGuard & you will receive a Breathe for FREE! • 🍊 OnGuard is the protective blend of wild orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus & rosemary. Supports a healthy immune system. Protects against environmental threats. Supports the body’s natural antioxidant defenses. Prompts heathy circulation. Energizing & uplifting aroma. • 💧Breathe is a respiratory blend of laurel leaf, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca, lemon, cardamom, ravintsara & raven Sara. It helps open airways and support coughs & congestion. Promotes a restful nights sleep. Helps minimize the effects of seasonal threats. Both of these are a MUST for cold & flu season! You can use both of these to take preventative measures in not getting sick! • The BOGO is for TODAY only. To Order your BOGO: Create loyalty order (date does not matter) & add SKU31100001 OnGuard to your cart. If you do not hava an account, go to my.doterra.com/brimeade to 'Become a Member'. **Limit of 5 per household. 24 hours, while supplies last. • #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #poweredbyplants #theresanoilforthat #doterrabogoweek #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #toxicfreeliving #poweredbyessentialoils @brimeade


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Don't let you and your family be without these essential oils this winter! Use one of drop of each to boost your immune system and give that feeling of clear airways 👊🏻😌 #doterrabogo #beyourownhealer #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #onguard #breathe #doterraonguard #doterrabreathe #stayhealthy #immunesupport


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I am so excited DōTERRA announced its BOGO week!!!! They always have the most incredible deals so it’s a real treat when they happen! It’s the best time for stocking up or for gift ideas! Here is how BOGO week is going to work! 👇🏼 • 1️⃣ THE DEALS- Each day I will post the daily BOGO in this group. If you do NOT have an account & would like the deal of the day please contact me (pm or text) by 8pm that day. • 2️⃣ MEMBERS- you have a limit of 5 BOGO’s a day. I HIGHLY suggest ordering it as an ‘LRP order’ (not one-time) & select ‘Process Now’ by 11:59pm. You will either edit that LRP order template the next day & repeat the process. After BOGO week you can delete the LRP order template. • 3️⃣ DELIVERY- Either $8 for shipping at the end of the week (regardless if you ordered 1 or 5 deals) OR pay no shipping by arranging pick-up with me in Tacoma, Gig Harbor or Auburn. • 4️⃣ PAYMENT- Pay via Venmo @BriMeade or cash in person no later then Saturday. 5️⃣ NON-MEMBERS- If you choose to enroll on my team by Friday, you will receive an ‘Essential Basics’ book as a gift from me! Basically an oil bible! ALSO, for November only DōTERRA is giving any new enrollers 50 points (aka $50 in oils) for enrolling with $100 or more. So if you’ve been wanting to enroll, this is the week since you will earn 10% points back (aka oil $) into your account. Just remember to order as a ‘LRP’ order. (See #2) • 6️⃣ RAFFLE- I will be doing a raffle with all those who participated in BOGO on my team. To submit, at the end of each day please send me your order # & how many bogos that day you ordered. Prize TBD but it will be a good one!! • If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me! I’m here to help & educate! Sharing these oils brings me so much happiness!! Can’t wait for the week to begin! 🖤 • Learn more, shop or enroll: my.doterra.com/brimeade • #youressentialhealth #doterraessentialoils #poweredbyplants #theresanoilforthat #doterrabogoweek #naturalsolutions #holistichealing #toxicfreeliving #poweredbyessentialoils @brimeade


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To shrink wrap, or not to shrink wrap, that is the question! Busy making up our auction items for Southampton Road School’s Quarter Auction tonight at the Tekoa Country Club from 6-9pm! Want us to make you your own custom gift basket? Email us at RelaxRinseRepeat@gmail.com or comment below! #giftbaskets #giftsforhim #giftsforher #giftsforpets #allnaturalproducts #allnaturalpetcare #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #chemicalfreehome #chemicalfreeliving #safeforall #holidayshopping #holidayshoppingmadeeasy #christmasshopping #hostessgift


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Come out tonight to Bismarck Place from 6-9pm to support local artisans and the Westfield Food Pantry! Mention this post for a free gift with your purchase tonight 💕#pilgrimcandle #supportlocal #shopsmall #holidayshopping #womanpreneur #natural #essentialoils #poweredbyessentialoils #safeforall #giftsforhim #giftsforher #giftsideas #giftsforpets

Morning mixing🌱💧🙏🏼💜 $10 each, message if you’re interested in these natural tools for wellness! 💧🌱💧🌱 #poweredbyessentialoils #immuneboost #respiratorysupport #plantoils #doterra #doterraessentialoils #certifiedpuretherapeuticgrade #wellnessadvocate #doterramom


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Hi lovers!! This is me sharing a bit of life realness with you this evening. It’s 10:15pm here in Australia... I finished a 10 hour shift, ate a quick dinner and then chatted with my fiancé back and forth about wedding accommodation (she’s still away in the mines for work). My bin was overflowing and stinky so I chucked a couple of drops of thieves oil in there (ahhh better- can ignore taking the rubbish out until tomorrow now). My hair is crazy and I’ve just made myself a strong cuppa coffee for a night ahead of assignments. The peppermint oil is pumping at full volume in my diffuser to maximise assignment brain (can someone please remind me to order more pep in my monthly wellness box?). A couple of drops of frankincense under my eyes to ward off preemptive dark circles for my 10 hour shift tomorrow. But I am ready to smash it out and am happy to have my essential oils help me out. To all of my fellow students finishing off their degrees and diplomas whilst working full time, let’s do this 🙌🏽 #reallife #poweredbyplants #poweredbyessentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #procrastinationgotmehere #studentnurse


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Kids Collection is NOW available!! These wonderful kid-friendly oils can also be purchased individually if you are just looking for one of the specific kids oils!!! Made up of six unique kid-friendly blends, the Kid’s Collection is perfect for using with little ones on-thego! It contains blends formulated specifically for navigating the ups-and-downs of childhood. Use these blends as powerful daily affirmations as you care for your child. Item: 60207646 Size: 6- 10 mL Roll on bottles Retail: $161.00 CAD Wholesale: $120.75 CAD PV: 90 Limited time offer, while supplies last. Limit 1 per household, per month. Want to get this kit in your hands for your kiddos shoot me a dm I’d be glad to help and fill you in on all the amazing oils combined in each roller and how they can be used for your littles!! #doterrakidscollection #doterra #oilsattheready #poweredbyessentialoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #spoiledoils #doterraca #essentialoils #eos


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two #thekitbyhawa have been purchased.. this kit is not fix.. it is crafted by you and based on your needs..why?? because all of us are not the same our needs are not the same.. so #thekitbyhawa id an essential oil kit which consists of 6 5ml bottles roll on that is crafted based on your requirement.. i will asked you a lot of question.. and i will want to get to know ur problem.. basically i will made you as my friend 😂😂😂.. in hoping that i can help atleast to ease your situation.. so thank you for trusting me ti created this kit for you #thekitbyhawa #argentdrops #poweredbyessentialoils


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Day 2 of the gym complete!✅ The first day in the gym was alright, but today was awesome!😎🏋🏻‍♀️it felt great to get a solid pump and accomplish my fitness goal for the day!😁🔥 . . . #oolafitness #poweredbyessentialoils #youngliving #aminowise #valor #northernlightsblackspruce #highestpotential #presenttime #essentiallydylan #oolabalance #workout #fit #weightlift #bodymass


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A few sights from my weekend! Downtown Stuttgart, wine, walking, beautiful buildings, wine, people watching, beer, window shopping, wine, food. Yeahhh 😎🍷🍂 swipe to bless your ears. Currently sitting in our freshly cleaned apartment and diffusing the blend in my last post! Contemplating a lavender soak for my achy feet now haha. #stuttgart #selfie #goodweekend #wine #poweredbyessentialoils #mykindofwellness #treatyoself #streetmusicians #music


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WE NEED YOUR VOTE!!! Support Southern Illinois’ very own Olympian, and Young Living Member, Deanna Marie Price, who has been nominated for both the prestigious Jackie Joyner-Kersee & Wing Awards. . VOTE AT THIS LINK: . https://usatf.wufoo.com/forms/wlntrk00jdkshw/


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Jumping into the weekend like 🙋🏼‍♀️ who else loves weekends? 📷: @michellecoppini #whitesands #newmexico #majestic #myself #blog #poweredbyessentialoils


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🍎😍 I love that my house smells mildly delicious while not having that overwhelmingly clean smell. All the spiced apple things I got free yesterday smell amazing and so appropriate for fall! 🍂 I’m glad this little bottle of concentrate will make 6 bottles of cleaner because I don’t want to run out anytime soon! 😂 #spicedapple #moneysavingmom #shopclub #nontoxic #nochildproofcaps #poweredbyessentialoils #healthylungs #healthyhome #cleaningwithkids


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Have you ever had a decent night sleep but still feel tired or just not in the mood to get your butt into gear #happyhumpday #wednesdayfeels Well for me today is one of those days . First thing I did when I felt those feelings of just wanting to crawl back into bed to maybe catch a few more 💤 even though we all know that doesn’t help I turned to my oils. For all the mood boosting and energizing pick me up things I need I took my wild orange and peppermint. Add a drop of each in the palms of my hands rub them together and inhale then rub my hands over my heart and on the back of my neck. Instant wake up. These two oils combined not only smell amazing but have such great properties in uplifting your mood a giving you the energy you need #noredbullneeded. Once I was up and dressed with tea in hand ☕️ I took my motivate roller and applied it to my pulse points for that extra boost of get up and go I needed !!! What do you use to get you out of the Wednesday slump? #doterra #poweredbyessentialoils #doterraca #spoiledoils #essentiallyobsessedteam #eos #essentialoils #naturalenergyboost


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One tiny little sand dollar white on the sandy beach. A six year old prairie child with no understanding of its delicacy. It broke in half nearly immediately. 😭 But we shall be thankful for the opportunity to view Gods creation even in its part form! 🙌🏼 This is what we have left of it after our beach combing. ❤️ And then 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 this mom stood at a hotel sink and washed shells 🐚 while the girls dreamed ocean dreams. 😴 I would NEVER 🚫 have done this for the million ROCKS they’ve stuffed in my pockets over the years that they just had to have 🙄 But somehow this is different 🧜🏼‍♀️🐚🦀🌊


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Well, it’s been a couple of VERY exciting days for us!! The girls have only been on one other flight before which they don’t remember so this was like their first time. Restaurants and hotel living is soooo enchanting for them! Vancouver downtown is something very different and it’s interesting the things they see and the things they don’t. We spent the good part of yesterday exploring Stanley Park and the Van Aquarium👉🏽👉🏽incredible!!! 🦀🐙🐢🐠🐬 In the evening we got together with 100 or so teammates and celebrated the beginning of this Canadian 🇨🇦 Convention! Heidi did not last 😴 Today the learning begins! Girls are headed to Oily Kids Camp while we go to General Session! Stay tuned for more! #sorrynotsorry #ylfutureyou #ylunites #clanmacleod #girlmom #livelife #timefreedom #timeflexibility #ichoose #oilyfamily #younglivingproud #oilinfused #entreprenuer #poweredbyessentialoils


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It's basically Christmas - no, better than Christmas - when the hot off the press, latest in the Medical Medium series of books "Liver Rescue", AND your October Young Living Essential Rewards order arrives on your doorstep on the same day! Yes, I am THAT excited and more, for Dishsoap, Lip Balm, Probiotic, MSM, Blush, a few essential Essential Oils I was out of - oh, and life changing, life saving information! Can't wait to dive into this book! Reading (NOT just the same old recycled garbage and misinformation - *that's what I had expected out of the first book when I got it - I was wrong...) and diffusing the good stuff - that's where you'll find me! #liverrescue #medicalmedium #anthonywilliam #younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #essentialoilsforanimals #essentialoilsforhorses #ditchandswitch#livefree #chemicalfreebarn #toxinfreebarn #chemicalfreehome #toxinfreehome #poweredbyessentialoils #christmasinnovember #specialdelivery #excited #lifechanging #real #honest #good #helpful #answers #chronicillness #chronicillnesswarrior #health #wellness


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Getting my coffee in still while whipping up some brownies for my daughter's bake sale...yes she is helping....yes that means more mess! . . . #makingmemories #bakingwithkids #homeschool #mathandscienceclass #measure #count #brownies #makersgonnamake #bakersgottabake #foodporn #poweredbyessentialoils #gottahavecoffee #coffeefirst #bakesale #cupcakesarenext


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Kejadian dua minggu lepas rasanya. Hafiyya ada masalah pelaburan 😆 Masa tu cepat2 la grab air ning xia red sepeket dan sapu minyak tummygize (memang untuk anak2 2-12tahun) 10min selepas tu Alhamdulillah pelaburan berjaya.. Dan selepas tu sampai ke hari ni, setiap kali nak buat pelaburan Hafiyya akan mintak ning xia red dan minyak. Hafiyya pun tau dah cara pelaburan yang mudah dengan minyak! Ahaha #mylittledroplet #poweredbyessentialoils


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😅 Time heals wounds. Thyme disinfects bathrooms. 💁🏼‍♀️ #plantderived #poweredbyessentialoils #shopclub #moneysavingmom #nontoxic #nodramamama


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All the kids means all the germs! Goood thing we're covered with FLOOM + MC (frank, lemon, oregano, ongaurd, meleluca + melissa and copiba)


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Antara minyak pilihan apabila bawak anak ke playland.. 😍 #poweredbyessentialoils


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❤️ “You can, you should, and if you’re brave enough to start, you WILL.” ~ Stephen King ❤️ • • Happy Friday friends! Set goals for yourself; big goals, little goals, any goal! Write those goals down and crush them!!! The feeling of achieving your goals is so rewarding on its own, but motivate yourself and get them done! Get out there and kick butt! • • My hope for today is that you all crush at least one goal today! My goal was to get up and crush part 1 of arm day nice and early before a work meeting....well I dabbed some Raven on my chest, some Oola Fitness on my wrists and crushed it! 💪🏽 #motivated #crushyourgoals #armday #pushyourself #growstronger #goalcrusher #oolafitness #raven #healthyalternatives #poweredbyoils #poweredbyessentialoils


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Sadie LOVES her Thieves water! * One week post surgery she is doing far better than I ever hoped or dreamed - and I had high hopes! * * * #horse #pintohorse #sportpony #sporthorse #hearthorse #cancersucks #chronicillnesswarrior #canary #canariesinacoalmine #chemicalfreebarn #toxinfreebarn #poweredbyessentialoils #essentialoilsforhorses #younglivingessentialoils #vitality #thievesvitality #thieves #holistichorse


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I love breeches with pockets so that I can still have a pocket stone or 2 while I ride - because #frequencyiseverything ! Of course I was well oiled; Joy, Acceptance, Clarity, Abundance, Breathe Again. I'm so grateful to be back in the saddle again - I even got to hop over my first "real" jump yesterday for the first time in 17 years! #ride #backinthesaddle #walkon #tallyho #hunterjumper #equestrian #equestrianstyle #breeches #pocketstone #hematite #jasper #poweredbyessentialoils #younglivingessentialoils #oilup #mountup


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With all this nasty cold & sinus crap going around, this is a MUST! 🤧 Diffusing doTERRA Breathe with Frankincense is a respiratory support bomb. 💣 Breathe (also known as respiratory blend) is a combination of laurel leaf, eucalyptus, peppermint, melaleuca, lemon, Cardamom and ravinstsara leaf oils. It has a minty fresh aroma and helps maintain clear airways and easy breathing while minimizing the effects of seasonal threats. Frankincense essential oil has a warm spicy aroma that promotes relaxation and supports healthy cellular, immune, nervous and digestive function. - - 🌿Breathe •Retail: $26.66 •Wholesale Members: $20 🌿Frankincense •Retail: $93 •Wholesale Members: $69.75 - - #doterra #essentialoils #respiratory #health #wellness #holistic #living #breathe #frankincense #giftoftheearth #oilmom #poweredbyessentialoils #immune #airways #breathing #cold #sinus #sniffles #diffuser #blend #aromatherapy #mint #naturalsolutions #oilymama #family #sick


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Magnolia Essential Oil is new to dōTERRA and hit shelves Oct 1! I personally LOVE the scent of this oil! 😍 The magnolia flower is said to be a well-traveled flower with species scattered throughout South Asia, the Pacific, and North America. Also called white champaca or white jade orchid tree, magnolia flowers have been used in Chinese traditional health practices to help create a sense of balance within the body. Steam distilled from the sturdy petals of the magnolia flower, Magnolia essential oil has a fruity and floral aroma that helps promote a relaxed atmosphere. Like Lavender and Bergamot, Magnolia is primarily Linalool, which may help with feelings of stress or anxiousness. Expertly combined with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Magnolia Touch is moisturizing and soothing to the skin. Add to your daily routine to help keep skin clean and hydrated. As a personal fragrance, Magnolia Touch gives a constant comfort to your mood while uplifting and refreshing. For a calming, relaxing sensation, roll onto the bottoms of your feet. 🤗 🌿Available NOW 🌿Retail: $37.33 🌿Wholesale: $28 - - #doterra #magnolia #touch #new #essentialoils #oilmom #poweredbyessentialoils #holistic #health #living #wellness #skin #calm #relax #mind #body #aromatherapy #diffuser #perfume #natural #giftoftheearth #naturalsolutions #rollerbottle #welloiled #family #oilymama