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30 Minutes Ago

Happy FIRST BIRTHDAY Henry bear! Oh how dearly loved you are. You love to eat. And eat and eat and eat. You eat more in one sitting than your brother eats in an entire day. You are your sweetest when you see your family after naps and in the morning. You are insanely attached to your tag blanket and love to play shy and bury your face in Mommy’s shoulder and peek at people who want to talk to you. You have wicked stranger danger and will scream your head off when someone tries to hold you that hasn’t given you time to warm up to them. You can say “love you”, “hi”, “tickle tickle”, “no”, “brother”, “Aiden”, dada and mama”. You give the best kisses ever and love to snuggle. You are crawling almost as fast as big brother can run, took one step last night, can stand on your own, and walk holding just one hand. You’ll be running soon. You decided at 11 months you were weaning yourself, against Mommy’s hopes and wishes. But obviously you’re doing just fine. You hate shoes, socks, and hats of any kind. You love music and have started dancing when big brother practices for his play. You fit your name so well (Henry means ruler of the household) and we are obsessed with your fiery, sweet, hilarious little self. We enjoyed a low key dinner, presents, and cupcakes as a family to celebrate our not so little man! #firstbirthday


5 Hours Ago

It’s a RARE occasion that I take down a post...but I did just that a few minutes ago. I was sharing my post partum journey, put it up, and went to lay Henry down for a nap...only to think “dang, that was about as unhelpful as it gets Rachel.” So instead of coming across as tooting my own horn and all ra ra ra one year postpartum look at me...I want you to KNOW how hard this last year has been for me. One year. 365 days. Over 200 workouts. Probably 150+ treats. Delivery weight: 203 Current weight: 143ish (give or take a few pounds up and down) 11 months of exclusively nursing. Didn’t count a single calorie. Didn’t restrict ANY food groups or foods that I love. There were seasons that I stayed up after feeding Henry at 4am and worked out at 4:30am after a sleepless night. There were seasons that I gained weight. There were seasons that I didn’t work out at all. There were seasons I hated my post partum body. There were seasons I thought about quitting. There were seasons of joy as I began to feel like myself again. I battled post partum depression and life overwhelm. I started going to therapy. And to be honest? It was hard freaking work put in for the last year. But there’s a lot of you post partum mamas watching my posts. Something in you feels “less than” because you’re not where YOU want to be. It doesn’t matter if your baby is one or fifty one. Every day we are each given 24 hours. I want to remind you that it’s never too late. That your STARTING point doesn’t define your destiny. Maybe you’ve made more progress than me and maybe you’ve made less. My first post partum journey I weighed 200 pounds when my baby was six months old. My body didn’t snap back. I had to be patient, consistent, and trust that every hard day even if I took one step back for every two forward I was still closer to my goals than yesterday. We only get one life to live. Where could you be in one year of you decided to just START and give up the mindset that you aren’t strong enough? No matter how small you start, start something that matters. Now someone make me go workout because I really don’t wanna 😂


1 Day 12 Hours Ago

Be Kind to yourself.... “Excellence is doing what you can, with what you have, where you are, as you are.” #youarelovednomatterwhat

Thanks for the fun idea @laurastenstrom. I gave them some corn meal in the only basket I could find on hand. It was a mess, but I was able to make home made vegan Mac n cheese 🧀😋. So I’d say, #worththemess. I sweep on the daily anyways, 🤷🏼‍♀️. #sensoryplay #toddlerfun #sensorytoddlerplay #wonderbasedteaching #playbased #playmatters #playbasedlearning #preschoolmama #preschoolteacher #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhoodeducator #earlyyearsmatter #letthemexplore #toddlerlife #cornmeal #twintoddlers #littlerubenandmissvyolet #cornmealsensoryplay #ediblesensoryplay #playathome #homeschooltoddlers


1 Day 1 Hour Ago

And that's a wrap! 👊 I did it! I made it!! 🎉 21 days of cleanse/detox is done! This is my first time doing such and I'm so glad I did it, with the hubs support as well as he also ate whatever and everything I ate..😆 - 1. I feel great and amazing! I have energy without the help of any caffeine ☕ 2. This cleanse was perfect to help me go back to proper nutrition. My (tennis elbow) injury setback restricted me from weights and it all just went downhill from there as I couldn't do a specific program. I stumble and fall too, this journey is not perfect and I just continue learning from it. 👊🤗 3. My body got rid of crap and toxins that has for sure accumulated from processed foods and my giant bloating is gone! 🤗 4. It was tough for sure! 😫 I chose to do it where there are no travels or big events so I can really stick with it. But we watched movies, we ate out and so my will power got to the test as I turned down popcorn, desserts, bread, pizza, coffee, pancakes..🤣 it wasn't easy.. 5. At day 21, I lost 9lbs and about 8 total body inches 👊👊 weight loss is expected when doing a cleanse but hey that's still some weight loss and I am happy with that..👌 6. I will for sure gain some back as I transition back to normal eating pattern but I will continue to eat healthy and take all the things I learned from this cleanse. 👌 I will have a pumpkin pie for sure on Thursday 😉 8. I debated showing these to you because well it's not easy. There will be criticisms, bad and good..🤷 but you know what, I did something great for MYSELF and I am here to show you that it CAN BE DONE 👊 YOU can do it! If this helps one person to make that leap to get better for themselves then it's worth it..👌 9. Now how much longer are you gonna wait and watch? I am here to support you. My online health group is opening up again before the year ends. You can get healthy even on the holidays 🎄🎅 you will get one on one coaching from me, support and accountability, custom meal plans, tips for success, home workout of your choice, daily superfood shake without the crap in it and results if YOU commit..👊 message me and I'll share all other details with you! - - Remember, YOU can do it!! 👊


1 Day 3 Hours Ago

Life with a newborn has been a little too crazy for Craft Fun Friday’s, but since today is a little calmer, it’s just a little Thanksgiving Crafternoon! 🦃 Little coloring crafts, playdough mats, Swig dirtball turkey cookies and some game from my shop! * * #thanksgivingcrafts #gobble #thanksgivinggames #etsy #thanksgivingsnacks #sahm #wahm #crafternoon #swigdirtball #turkeycookies #thanksgivingwordsearch #imthankfulfor #etsyholidays #etsyshop #etsyseller #etsymama #thanksgiving #preschoolmama #thanksgivingideas #firstgrademama #


1 Day 4 Hours Ago

I know this video is long, but it’s too sweet not to share. Swipe! While I DEFINITELY prefer working out before my kids are up, we made it work today. Small space, active boys, mama getting sick, and we made it happen anyways with lots of modifications for tiny spaces and fingers! The reason I don’t workout with the boys is primarily because I quit wayyyy early on myself. I find it incredibly hard to be my best when I’m trying to divide my attention. I do love that both boys cooperated and played well and got out some energy! I can only imagine how cute it will be when Henry is walking! Aiden joined me for the first half then held his brother prisoner in the tent the last half. I’m thankful that Aiden WANTS to workout with me and that he thinks fitness is fun. I know that them seeing Mom and Dad workout is important for their future and it’s one of many reasons we do it! Naturally, Lexi couldn’t be left out 😉 day one of week two of my bootcamp complete! @thechrisdowning #shiftshop


1 Day 6 Hours Ago

The family that pilgrims together stays together. 🦃🍁❤️ If you know anyone in the area looking for an INCREDIBLE preschool, let me know and I’ll tell you about ours. This preschool has a huge place in our hearts. . . . #preschoolmama #thanksgivingcrafts #ilovemyfam #pilgrimfamily #begratefulforallthings #crossofchrist #sharewhatyoulove


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

Rise and shine Monday! 🌞 Up early to get back into working out like it was 21 days ago 👊 only to find out BOD was having some technical issues..😣 good thing it came back on after about 20 minutes and before I started getting ready..🤗 - There is just something about starting your day with something that makes you happy! Fitness makes me happy! I used to tell ME that I would never wake up early to workout but here I am, totally eating my words 🙊..it's not perfect by any means and I try every single day..but one thing is for sure that if you start your day with something that is meaningful, worth it and beneficial, go do it! 👊 Your day starts right and YOU ARE HAPPY and happiness is contagious and we need to spread that around..do yourself a favor, just go ahead and do it! It will be worth it I promise, you won't regret it..👌


1 Day 24 Hours Ago

New tradition: bedtime books in front of the tree ♥️ It’s been almost four years since this sweet boy made his dramatic entrance into the world. While I’m sad at times to see him outgrowing the ways that he needs me, I’m so thankful for the joy that he brings to our days. This morning I wasn’t feeling well at all. Donny leaves the house by 6:30am on Sundays and Aiden woke up to find me laying on the couch extremely nauseous while his brother played in the floor. (I had taken some cough meds in the middle of the night that left me all kinds of not okay) He seized the opportunity and crawled up into my arms and under the blanket and snuggled up close to watch Curious George. He leaned over and whispered “I love you so much Mommy” 😭 It’s 8:45pm and Donny’s busy Sunday is still going with the youth so I get to end my day the same way it started: with snuggles in front of the tree with my not so little boy. I’m thankful he gets his love of Christmas from his mama and plan to soak up every last second in front of this tree that I can! Almost makes me forget the antics in between the book end snuggles today...almost 😉


2 Days 4 Hours Ago

Simple & upcycled. ♻️ . I took our empty @bragglivefoodproducts nutritional yeast container, & @followyourheart pharm crumbles container, and cut some of our (long time) saved Starbucks straws. . What’s amazing is I didn’t even show the babies “how” to use these. I just handed the materiel to them and they placed the straws inside. It was so cool. . Check the next post coming for the full video. 🙂 . . . #upcycled #openended #toddleractivities #recycledmaterial #craftymama #reducereuserecycle #recycledactivity #teachermama #wonderbasedteacher #sensoryplay #wonderbasedteaching #playbased #playmatters #playbasedlearning #preschoolmama #preschoolteacher #earlychildhoodeducation #earlychildhoodeducator #earlyyearsmatter #letthemexplore


3 Days 3 Hours Ago

I'm so in love with them! 👪📸🐶 Our photographer send us a sneak peek of our family photos from yesterday! 📸 I can't wait to see the rest of them! Thank you @angie_cramblit_photography for a fun session, we loved it!! 💗


4 Days 7 Hours Ago

Call me stubborn or not because I'm not really suppose to be working out like this during this cleanse..🙊😜 but what can I say I love working the tush area..🍑 because through these years I've seen how mine improved..it's nothing like #nickiminaj but it's better than before..i never thought it would happen but slowly and surely with the numerous programs I've done, thousands of squats coupled with hardwork and dedication, it has gotten it's way higher and firmer 😉😜 - Rome wasn't built in a day. So is your body. I know a lot would quit after 30 days or one program when they don't see any changes..nnoooo, please don't do that..🚫 you didn't gain the weight overnight and you most certainly wouldn't lose it the same way..give it time..give yourself grace..trust the process..your body may not be showing it physically but trust me, it is working it's way out..JUST DON'T QUIT..👊


4 Days 10 Hours Ago

Soarin into the weekend like ✈️... Happy Friday friends! What do you have planned for this upcoming weekend? I’m going to do all my Thanksgiving grocery shopping and go to the local trampoline park with all 4 kids and the hubs (the 5th child 😂). How early do you do your turkey day shopping?


4 Days 10 Hours Ago

I may have sat and colored for 30 extra minutes after she had finished. Grateful for a slow down morning to just spend some time with my girl. #30daysofgratitude


4 Days 24 Hours Ago

This girl! 😍😍 Taking after her mama painting her feets. 💚💚. . . Check out more from the twins art adventures on my mama/teacher page 😙 ✨@myss_explorethemess ✨ . #toddlerpainting #toddlerpaintingskills #toddlerpaintbrush #paint #twinspainting #creativetwins #fingerpainting #childrensart #everychildisanartist #playbased #fairydustteaching #letthempaint #letthemplay #letthemexplore #messyart #processart #crayolapaint #preschoolmama #teachermama #homeschool #unschooling #preschoolmama #homeschoolpreschool


4 Days 24 Hours Ago

Brought out some paint for Vyolet & Ruben to play with. As soon as I gave the paint to Vy she lifted her foot to paint. 😂😍🙌🏼 #thasmagurl They explored with the paint brush so well from mostly finger painting, which they did as well in this project. 🤩🤩 They even went of the paper & painted themselves. I love it all 🙌🏼🙌🏼🤤 Ruben tasted a little and wasn’t fond of the the flavor so he tried to wipe it with his hands. That were covered in paint. (#oops 🙈) These are crayola paints I found at the dollar store, so they’re nontoxic. 💁🏼‍♀️ I was impressed at their dipping skills too. They totally grasp the concept of more paint 🎨😍. So so much fun. And what a mess. Paint everywhere, ah. But it was fun. It was worth it. And guess what, it’s okay. Everything came clean that they touched. It took a big chunk of time out of our evening. (#isitbedtimeyet 😴) Thank goodness. Because of all the smoke from the fires we haven’t been outside for a couple of days. It’s been a challenge. So we had fun switching it up for some art fun. ❤️ . . . #toddlerpainting #toddlerpaintingskills #toddlerpaintbrush #paint #twinspainting #creativetwins #fingerpainting #childrensart #everychildisanartist #playbased #fairydustteaching #letthempaint #letthemplay #letthemexplore #messyart #processart #crayolapaint #preschoolmama #teachermama #homeschool #unschooling #fairydustteaching #wonderbasedteaching


5 Days 4 Hours Ago

Oh hey 👋🏻 I’ve been quiet today. Truth be told I took the day for self care. Do you know how many times I’ve asked my clients if they are taking care of themselves outside of fitness? And in the same breath I’m so stressed out I can barely function? Yeaaa. That’s changing. I had therapy this morning. Cried the entire hour. Needed it. There are areas of my life I desperately want to overhaul...but it all seems so intertwined I don’t know where I start to begin putting the pieces back together. That’s where having a therapist who will guide me to which steps to take first is so helpful. It takes a LOT out of you emotionally and mentally when you’re having these lightbulb moments about yourself and the areas you need to change... So I crashed when the boys did. Gave my brain the rest and break it needed and took my own medicine of self care that I preach everyday. Shout out to my boss who gave me the afternoon off 😂🤔🤫 Another fun fact? Stress impacts your digestion. Imagine your insides all tight and cooled up because you’re constantly on edge. How is your body supposed to let go of the weight you’re trying to lose when it physically is so tense? THAT is another reason why self care matters - taking the time to allow your body to relax or refuel is key. Managed to fit in 25 minutes of lifting and core before my boys woke up and now it’s back to mom duties ✌🏻 Did you know I have a cat? Yea, I hate her but she’s pretty.


5 Days 4 Hours Ago

Turkey feather counting! Just add a number to that Turkey belly and you have a great counting activity. You can even use real feathers. #preschool_thanksgiving


5 Days 10 Hours Ago

Woke up feeling sluggish and then perked up right away because I'm on the last 4 days of my cleanse 👌 I'm definitely proving myself wrong the most because I have committed and I will finish and succeed it!! 👊It wasn't smooth sailing but the internal effect is worth it..👍 now go and prove yourself wrong as well..you have excuses? Why not for today, stop saying the word "but" in your responses and go for it!! 👊 It is quite liberating..🤗 - Enjoy your Thursday my friends!! 💗


5 Days 23 Hours Ago

It’s been fun watching Donny Baldridge really step into his role as youth pastor of MTP the last few weeks. I’ve seen him go from cautious as he was figuring out where he fits to really finding his groove both behind the scenes and in relationships. Last week he got his first phone call from a student asking for advice - it made me smile to know that they see how easy he is to love and are already connecting with him. Tonight he had a killer line up of games (check my IG stories for all the insanity) and it was fun to watch a piece of his vision come to life. He works really hard behind the scenes - and could easily work around the clock if I didn’t remind him not to 😉 It blessed my heart more than words can describe to see him back in an environment where he’s thriving and in ministry - where he’s called to be. I heard that his message at youth breakfast this morning was amazing too. I’m thankful to get a front row seat at watching God work in his life and use him at MTP. He’s got so many things planned for 2019 it will be epic. And yes, he fussed at me for having to be in the group photo. I put my wife foot down on that one. 🤪


6 Days 5 Hours Ago

What if we start now? ✔️ What if we stopped worrying how hard it is, or how long it will take? What if we stopped thinking it's expensive to bet on your health? 🤔 What if we just went and did it? Wouldn't it be nice to look back in 60 days or 6 months or 1 year on how far you've come when you actually started and didn't quit after 30 days? 🤗👌 It would be nice right? 🤗 --- I was hiding in the picture on the left, thank the heavens it was winter so I was able to layer my clothes..my son was about 6 months old at that time, I was recovering and in meds from the heart failure I suffered after delivery. I used that excuse and breastfeeding to find my way thru food and in the long run, my self esteem suffered. 😒 You know at times in our lives when we had to see and feel that wake up call to finally get up and see it? That's what happened to me when I saw a picture of me and my son and I was in shock on how I looked..😮 --- It's been 4 years for me. A lot has truly changed, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually..🤗 it hasn't been easy but it is truly worth it..while I haven't gained that 6 pack yet 😉😁 I gained myself back, my confidence, my glow and my life! I am at my healthiest point of my life! And I'm glad because I gave this home workout a chance, put myself out there, opened my life to other ladies in my online health group who by the way are my friends now and also crushing their health journey 🤗 it's been a crazy yet beautiful ride! 💗 --- So now my question to you is, as tough as it may sound, are you ready to stop the "what ifs" and start? 🤔 Because I know you are worth that little time in a day that you can spare to yourself, because you are important, because you deserve it..🤗 if you need help and guidance on how to start, I got ya..shoot me a message or comment below and we'll chit chat about it...🤗 I don't want you to wait for yet another New year's resolution, we can totally start now!


6 Days 10 Hours Ago

This weather seriously, I was so close like really close in skipping today's workout..🤣 I got up to the bathroom went back to bed thinking I have a few more minutes, then got up again to put my robe on so I can start, but I went back to bed again 😂🤦 haha I fell asleep for another 20 minutes and finally got up and started my morning 💁 oh those thoughts in my mind but I am glad the good voices won!! 👊 #strugglingtoday - My daily reading poked me right on the face because it was about discipline..😆 your motivation won't always be there, it will run out and that's when you have to dig in deeper on how bad you want it..your desire to change will have to overcome the excuses..your discipline to be in control of it will get tested and that's when the real thing happens..👊 it's no way perfect on my side, I still have bad days..but know that you have the choice, you are more powerful than you think you are..👊 - Focus your energy on the mental and emotional work to help you reach what serves you..👊 "YOU are a badass!" You can do this!! Tell yourself that and you will be it..🤗


6 Days 12 Hours Ago

I slept three hours last night 😭 Had nightmares for two hours. Stayed up to try to calm down for a while. Then read an email that there has been lice at Aidens school and felt like I had bugs crawling all over me all night. I’m dramatic, okay? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Truth be told I bet I couldn’t sleep because I had a migraine last night and took excedrin. It has made me so grateful for this superfood breakfast I’ve had every day for three years. I used to have migraines 15 days out of the month WHILE on daily preventative medications for over a decade. Now? No daily meds for three years and only 1 migraine MAYBE every 3-5 months at most. ...& at $3.80/serving it fits right in my grocery budget for breakfast. Cheaper than that $7 breakfast combo I used to get for sure. Grateful for a dramatically different quality of life. Grateful for kids that slept until 7am so I could get some work done. Grateful for the workout I’m going to do that will give me energy while Aidens in school today 👊🏼


7 Days 9 Hours Ago

We had breakfast for dinner last night: pancakes and eggs. My kids LOVE helping out in the kitchen, especially if it involves adding ingredients and mixing! Luckily for them we usually have to make 2 batches of everything since Teddy is dairy-free 😅 so they each get their own mixing bowl! This is a throwback to the last time we made pancakes (They were super special heart-shaped and Mickey-shaped pancakes!). . #ellekennedyphotography #ellekennedysweethearts #anaheimphotographer #breaphotographer #costamesaphotographer #fountainvalleyphotographer #fullertonphotographer #gardengrovephotographer #huntingtonbeachphotographer #irvinephotographer #longbeachphotographer #newportbeachphotographer #orangephotographer #sealbeachphotographer #tustinphotographer #ocmama #toddlermama #makingmemories #preschoolmama #kidsinthekitchen #ocfamilyphotographer #makemoments #southerncaliforniafamilies #huntingtonbeachfamilies #losangelesfamilies #losangelesfamilyphotographer #orangecountyfamilyphotographer #occhildphotographer #lafamilyphotographer #lachildphotographer


8 Days 1 Hour Ago

Pilates on a Monday 👊🏼 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I forgot how much strength I gained from p90x3 last year! Going to have to hit this program more often✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #sahmlife #athomeworkouts #naptime #preschoolmama #pilates #yogamat #yogalife #mumlife #momlifebalance #fitish #buildingstrength #postpartumexercise #postpartumlife #csectionmama #mamaoftwo #girlmom #3monthspostpartum #workoutideas #dairyfree #breastfeedingtips #breastfedbabies #momsupport #tennesseemoms #mamaonamission #naturalimmunebooster #fitinspo #healthyrecipes #dairyfreerecipes #madeupminds


8 Days 9 Hours Ago

Monday morning has been good so far! 🤗 It's the last week of my nutrition cleanse (day 15/21) and I am down 8lbs since day 1! 🤗 While it's so amazing to see and feel this physical changes, I am mostly seeing transformation internally and I love it!! 👌 - Today I tried to move more with this cardio plus core workout to see how I feel during this last week of the cleanse..🤗 I actually felt great during, I feel like my breathing is better compared to before..now I know the challenge is the life after the cleanse plus all the Holidays coming 🤨💁 - - Why don't we do it together? I'd love to have a buddy to storm the holiday foods 😁 my online bootcamp group is open and will stay open til the end of 2018..you will get one on one support and coaching from me, workout of your choice, daily superfood shake, support from other ladies, meal plans and some pounds to lose!! 👌 Not bad right? Whay do you say? You don't have to wait for 2019 to start, you can start with me now and I will only give you nothing but support and love, tough love sometimes too..😉 message me and I'd love to be your buddy!! 🤗


9 Days 3 Hours Ago

Last call for my FREE 3 day crock pot group that starts TOMORROW 🚨🚨 My time saving tip with dance 2x a week.. MY CROCK-POT! 😎😎 Do you eat out multiple times a week? Do you have very little time to cook? Do you struggle with meals the whole family will eat!? Do you like comfort foods when the fall weather starts coming around? But do you want to keep it healthy and not loaded with carbs, cream and fat!?! I am going to give you recipes, free meal plans and daily tips to get you on the right path with your nutrition with busy schedules and picky eaters!! If u want to join in the fun this week Comment below "add me" or send me a message 😁 . . . #crockpotforthewin #busymamas #firsttimemama #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #mommyblogger #momoftwogirls #csectionmomof2 #easyfamilydinnerrecipe #easyfamilymeals


9 Days 8 Hours Ago

I got a few interesting comments from people wondering why I share so much of my life. Why put it all out there? They were well intended - more curiosity than anything - and stemmed from recently talking about going to counseling. I choose to do so. A small piece of why is that I run an online business based solely off social media. But the truth at the end of the day is that I feel called to, not obligated to. As a pastors wife it’s completely unconventional. You are placed in a different light with a different set of expectations (a lot of which turn out to be your own!). The last time we were in ministry I was a fortress of bitterness and withdrew into my turtle shell for fear of getting hurt. As a wiser, older, and growth oriented person that I have become I can recognize that much of this was on me. I’ve been given a chance to be MORE in Christ and this community on my page is a big part of that. What you don’t realize? It’s not about me. This space that I’ve created on my page? It’s not about me! It’s for the mom that messages me in tears, who saw my post and it made her feel normal. It’s for the woman who wants to change but doesn’t believe she’s strong enough, but sees my hard days and knows it’s okay to struggle. It’s to shed light on imperfections and truth in a world that only shares the highlight reel. By being raw, authentic, in all the good and bad of this wild crazy momprenuer life? If ONE post inspires ONE person...or one post reminds ONE mom that she is worthy of self love... Than every time I hit post when I wonder what people will think? It is all worth it. (Cont in comments)


10 Days 22 Hours Ago

Pumpkin Name Puzzle! This is a great way to work on organizing the letters in your child's name. I just drew a pumpkin on orange paper and cut into 7 peices for my child's name. I wrote his name one letter on each peice. Then he glued it on green (his favorite color) paper. Don't forget to #preschool_pumpkins. For your awesome pumpkin ideas!!