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Hot Mess Mom over here 😂 I literally showered and dressed in 5 minutes and ran out the door for pre-school pick up 🤷‍♀️ what you don't see is my slippers 🤣 Serious procrastination on my part this morning was to blame for running late🙄 I mean I am the Queen of procrastination 👑 but I didn't skip my work out or any part of it. I still got it all done. 💪 and it feels amazing to have it done! Drop an emoji if you are a procrastinator like me 😜 #hotmessmoms #procratinator #queenofprocrastination👑 #mamaofmany #mamaofgirls🎀 #preschoolmama #tiredasamother #coloradoliving🗻

The little got to finally try Tahó 🍵 it's a Filipino snack made of soft or silken tofu with syrup and tapioca pearls which we call sagó 😋 we see these around by street peddlers where they carry the bamboo rod on their shoulder or back and two aluminum buckets are suspended on each end that contain tofu and syrup and pearls..👍 one small cup is about $.25 🤗

It's DANCE NIGHT so guess what that means I'm at the studio at 4:15 and don't get home till after 7pm! #dancemamalife and Wednesday is even later! . I could just get fast food on the way home - which we do sometimes but I'm trying my hardest to stop doing that ! Hey that's $$ I could go spend at Target!! . If there's a WILL there is a WAY to choose better options. . The Crock-Pot is my go to! This meatball dinner took me maybe 15 Minutes to prep and throw into the Crock-Pot. Add some zoodles and spaghetti when I get home tonight and DONE! 💕 . . . #busymamadinner #kindergardenmom #crockpotforthewin #crockpotfamilyfavorites #crockpotmoms #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #afterschoolsnacks #secondtimemomma

Does this count as veggies 🥗? It's green right? 😆 Pistachio Matcha Green Tea donut? Uumm yesss 😋🍩

From fresh to sweat 😅🤣 Day 1 of our newest program by Shaunt T and it definitely left me sweating and gasping for breath 😄 I was both excited and scared at the same time because it's only for 20 minutes 👊 I was done in no time but kind of dreading it because if you know Shaun T, it will be insane..😫 and it was, I had to take off my headband because it was full of sweat and making me so hot 🔥😄 but seriously, who knew you could get a good workout in 20 minutes..?!? It is perfect when on vacation and traveling 😉 👊 If you're looking for a quick workout that delivers, this one right here is your bet! our VIP group starts today and you can still join us! 🤗 Message me and I'll give you the details 📱

I took my before pictures for my six week test group starting tomorrow and decided to recreate the ones I took almost one year ago to this day. There’s a lot of Facebook comparison photos going around right now asking you to share your very first profile picture and your current profile picture to see how much you’ve aged... Some of you won’t even put your face as your profile picture because it is a kick in the gut every time you see yourself in a picture. Hello- that was me! For a long time I had pictures of my baby or my dog as my profile picture so that no one could see how round my face had gotten. Some of you pulled your old picture and then inwardly gasped when putting them side by side not realizing how different you look now - and not in a good way. Yet that smaller, happier, less chunky version of yourself from ten years ago feels 100% impossible to achieve again. So instead you roll your eyes at the people sharing those transformations and continue to dwell in your misery. WAKE UP FRIEND! 2019 is the year you take control and change your life forever! I want to help you commit to a lifetime of healthy habits with my support and guidance because I’ve walked this path and know how crucial accountability can be! TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to save your spot in a our nutrition boot camp or our fitness test group. For details comment below with which you struggle with (fitness or nutrition) and why - and I will contact you with info! LAST DAY! This is your year!

Not how I expected to spend Sunday morning but I’m treasuring it. I’ve got two boys with cold symptoms and we are keeping our germs home instead of spreading them at church. Miraculously they have been playing nicely and I was able to get Turkey Chili cooking for lunches this week and have Creamy wild rice chicken and veggie soup in the crockpot for dinners. We pulled out Christmas toys and they are so far meltdown free. I mean, it is only 9:30am so I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch (is that the saying? 🤔). Today is the last day to get signed up for my nutrition FOOD FREEDOM virtual boot camp or my virtual transformation test group for the 20 minute fitness program. I will be taking my before pictures and stats today and the groups are blowing up with excitement to get started tomorrow! Shoot me your questions if you want to see if one of the last three spots are a good fit for you and I will get back to you during nap times ♥️ Thankful for a slow morning when usually there’s not a single day of the week we aren’t running like crazy. Hoping these cold symptoms go away and we are well tomorrow!


3 Days 15 Hours Ago

Practing Letters and Mark Making 🏜 Desert Style! . Use the snake to write and use your finger. 🌵 Cactus letters are free I'll put them up on my blog tonight. #preschool_mama #preschool_desert #letsplayatoz_m

How cute does Sarah daughter look playing with my ABC's!! #erikaslearningresources @s.price15 @erikaslearningresources This picture touched my heart ❤️. I love to see her playing with my ABC 🐻 Do you want to see more ABC's Bears?

Is there anyone out there who still likes to write things down and hold a book to read? ✏️📚 - One of the biggest goals we, hubs and I 💏, have is to be more mindful of our budget this year..we had a valuable talk on our anniversary to have more awareness with the ins and outs of our spending for our future..👪 then I am maintaining and will put more on personal development and daily gratitude thru journaling.. - I have these tools that I got to bring with me on this trip ✈️ - 1. You are a Badass Every Day - I am starting this one after finishing and falling in love with the prequel, You Are A just speaks the truth about a lot of things in REAL life..🤗 - 2. Five Minute Journal- I am carrying this one on for 2019 after starting it towards the end of the year. It has been a game changer for me esp on how I became a morning person. It also has daily quotes that are helpful.👌 - 3. Budget book- it has monthly spots for expenses, extras to make it more visible for awareness. The hubs actually gave this to me..💗 - 4. In The Meantime- this is a more personal development type of read. I finished the author's other devotional book called Until Today and read great reviews about this new one so I want to more forward with it..thanks to seester @jemax for this gift..🎁 - 5. My Daily Organizer- I love to write things down from appointments to reminders, to do's, activities because I can remember it more #mombrain 😁 the digital one still doesn't appeal to me as much as writing them down..✏️ this one is from @michaels @the_happy_planner and I love that it was ring bound so I was able to bring this month's and Feb's tabs so I can still keep up with everything that's going on at home 🇺🇲 and here 🇵🇭.. - - How are you similar to me? Do you have any of these as well? I'd love to hear!! 🤗


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🏜 Desert Theme Inviation to make a Shape Lizard! . Working on shapes and colors with my 2 year old. This mama woukd love some more desert/desert animal ideas! Make sure to share yours and tag them #preschool_desert . My 4 year old was not intrested but figures he knows all his colors and shapes already. Plus I think he gets a little sick of doing these all the time when he could just play legos. #preschool_mama

Today let's have fun with transportation!! #erikaslearningresources Let use our imaginations to travel to far away lands. Here are some ideas for using transportation!! First, make some triangles and they can become pyramids. Next, add proms and they can pretend to travel to Egypt 🇪🇬. They can learn about Egypt 🇪🇬 !!! Another idea 💡 is to add vehicles 🚗 and they can pretend to visit Safari!! You can add lions 🦁, cheetahs , and safari hat. Little's can make believe they are on a safari adventure. They can tell you what they see. Lastly, you can have them visit the city 🌃 You can add box 📦 to become a building. You can add trees 🌲, water 💦, and little people. Do you have more ideas?

I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes I’m seeing emotionally and mentally from therapy. This week my therapist asked me if I knew how to NEED people. I’m an independent, go getter, strong willed, feisty spirit kind of girl. If I want something I’m going to figure out a way or else! It’s served me well in life and business but when it comes to relationships that matter it really made me pause and think about it. ...because if I don’t allow myself to NEED anyone, than I can’t get hurt. Gulp. It’s crazy to me that I resisted going for so long. I don’t know how people function that don’t get outside help - I thought I was a pretty high level functioning person but I’m more dysfunctional than I realized 🤪 I’m grateful that I committed to taking care of my emotional and mental health a few months ago because it’s bringing a depth and beauty to relationships I hold dear and is helping me become a better version of who I was created to be. This week I’ve done a much better job at balance. I’ve been twice as productive in my dedicated work times and twice as present in my dedicated family and Mommy time. My therapist challenged me to work less and I took the challenge to be more productive in a smaller amount of time 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ So far it’s working. I love what I do and I have goals to reach so I’m committing to being intentional with the things that matter (my family) and productive in the areas I need to be! A few months ago I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious, the gloom cloud of depression on the horizon. I was constantly frustrated and felt a huge disconnect with my relationships in life. I’m grateful to see a change in all those areas in just a few short months and feeling more at peace with my life than ever before ❤️


6 Days 10 Hours Ago

Snake 🐍 Counting . We used pipe cleaners as snakes and rolled the di to see how many beads to add. I gave my son two choices a di that went to 12 and a clear di with another di inside to work on adding. . You could also play a game like we did. One person rolls and puts one color of beads on then someone else rolls and puts another color on. After 3 rounds see who has the most beads. #preschool_mama #preschool_desert

Seeing that smile makes my world go round! . She was so proud of the castle she built with her @picassotiles These definitely have been helping her build her imagination even further. Her brother is joining in on the fun and laying them out on the floor and doing his own 2D buildings. These #tiles are going to be so much fun!! . For a while, I had been trying to figure out how to teach the kids while they’re at home with me. Everything I was trying wasn’t working until I changed what I was doing. I had more of a plan and roadmap for what to do and how to do it, and more importantly a community of other people willing to share and help along the way. I’m forever grateful for @busytoddler and @dayswithgrey for getting me through mornings and making it to nap time with a plan, all while keeping it fun! If you’re a parent, Give them a follow and you’ll be so happy you did! In the meantime, we’ll be having more fun over here! . . . #earlylearning #playislearning #teachermom #playbasedlearning #learningthroughplay #playmatters #invitationtoplay #diymom #earlylearning101 #kidsactivities #childhoodunplugged #preschoolready #toddlerplay #preschoolplay #stayathomemom #sahm #homeschool #homeschoolpreschool #wherelearningmeetsplay #letthemplay #preparedplay #intentionalplay #playathome #playathomemommy #letthekids #everydayplayhacks #preschoolmama #invitationtolearn #homeschoolmom

Today let's work on number recognition!! 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣5️⃣6️⃣7️⃣8️⃣9️⃣🔟. #erikaslearningresources I believe each child develops at their own pace. Therefore you can teach these numbers one at time, or all at once. What is your lucky number?

#tacosanyday Taco Night just became bell Pepper Nacho tonight! (One serving) 1 bell pepper, any color 4.5 oz ground 🦃 turkey 2 oz moderate fat cheese 1 tsp taco seasoning 1/4 c diced 🍅 tomato 1tsp sliced green onions 5 olives sliced Directions: Cook meat till done, add taco 🌮 seasoning and a little water. Cook for a few more minutes. Slice and quarter bell pepper into chip size pieces. Using a cookie sheet or individual dish layer in order; peppers, meat, cheese, onion. Bake at 350 for 13 minutes. Top with tomato and olives. 1 ♥️3 💚 1 🥄 1 💙 I also use the taco seasoning recipe that is on my nextflix of fitness and recipes. as the packaged stuff is usually LOADED with sodium 🧂& sugar 😷 if u want it just send me a message and I'll send it over 😘 . . . #momalwaysontherun #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #tacosnight #bellpepperdinner #easyfamilymeals #cleanplateclub #easyweeknightmeals #postpartumnweightloss #firsttimemomproblems #secondtimemom

Jessica Koski

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This is what the favorite part of my day often looks like...snuggled up with my preschooler for story time. #momlifeisthebest #snuggletime #storytime #preschoolmama

I am reunited!! 🤗😉 - - One week and a half of hibernation is over! 😆 Was it ideal? Probably not and possibly yes..but hey, life happens.. - - I expected some of these to happen, we coped with jet lag + tiredness, gave more time to family after arriving, settled in for a bit so we can create a temporary routine after..👍 but what I didn't expect was the back to back illnesses I had from stuffy congestion to stomach issues, and then add to that a lot of internet connection issues..😫 - - But I am happy to be back! 👊 Because fitness is my therapy, it's my ME time...💗 although I missed over a week of working out, it doesn't mean I'm a failure, or that I probably gained 5 lbs (which might be the case, hello it was the Holidays 🎄) it's okay though, it's just a number, we won't get defined by it because we are worth more than that..I workout because I love it! It's my self-care, my medicine, my release and because it's good for my health..🤗 - - It's okay to take a step back if you need to, when you need to rest, take care some aspects of your life, recover from sickness and so forth. Your workouts will always be there, resting won't make you a loser..👊 but one thing is for sure, it FEELS GREAT to be BACK!! 👊 Let's do it again tomorrow, who wants to join me?


7 Days 9 Hours Ago

Started our 🏜 Desert Animal Theme today since we live out here in the Sonoran Desert. Today we talked about reptiles especially rattle snakes! Stay away. . Today we used some bubble wrap wrapped around a toilet paper roll. We also focused on mixing colors my son chose blue and yellow cause he knew they would make his favorite color green. He cut the plate in a spiral, added eyes and a tonuge now it's the cutest pop up snake. I am going to hang it over his bed. #preschool_mama #preschool_desert

This week's theme will be transportation!! #erikaslearningresources I will be doing play based learning activities around this theme. "C" is for car !! 🚗🚘🚗 What is your favorite car?

What are your kids favorite toys?? The girls LOVE playdough. Give them my pots and pans & it's entertainment for hours! And yup Kylie is wearing a bathing suit in January! I've learned to fight my battles with the fashionistas! 🤷at least she's wearing clothes! . . . #playdoughfun #pickyourbattlesmom #playdoughart #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #workathomemomprobs #favoritetoys #toddlerfashionistas

I noticed that I have gained new followers!! #erikaslearningresources I want my Instagram community to get to know me better. I'm a former preschool teacher 👨‍🏫, who loves learning and teaching through my Instagram and with my early learning resources!! I enjoy watching Disney movies 🎥 with my family. I like to watch Netflix shows and movies. I enjoy 😊 baking , reading 📖 and painting. I enjoy doing crossword puzzles to keep my mind sharp. I love ❤️ to save money 💰, so I save my change. I enjoy shopping 🛒 at Target 🎯 and Michael's ✂️✂️. I like exercising, so I like running 🏃, dancing 💃, and hula hooping. I have a sweet tooth, so I eat chocolate 🍫 cake, cream puffs, and chocolate 🍫 mint ice cream 🍦. I enjoy eating bacon 🥓, eggs 🍳, and French toast. Some of people I admire are Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther king , and Mother Teresa. Now I'm going to share what I dislike. Please don't comment anything negative. I will delete the comment. I dislike when others Billie others. I have encountered more than one Billie in my life time. I get so many ideas, that I sometimes have difficulty relaxing 😎 Now tell me a little about you?


8 Days 16 Hours Ago

Back to the grind! Added a “new” planner to the rotation.... I’ve had this planner for about 12 YEARS 😮 I’ve decided to try it out as my catch all. One of the issues I’m having is figuring out what size inserts/refills it needs 🤷🏻‍♀️ Luckily it still had inserts in it and they’re UNDATED 🤗 so I’m using them for now 👍🏼 #backtoschool #backtowork #winterbreakisover #crazyschedules #backtoreality #preschoolmama #selfemployed #cambridgeplanner #2006 #recollectionsspiralbound

Stop comparing yourself. Stop comparing your life to hers, your relationship to theirs, stop holding your life up against someone else's because it doesn't serve you in ANY way. Comparison is the death of joy and the only person you need to outdo is whoever you were yesterday . . . #girlwashyourface @msrachelhollis #cheerstoanewyear #visionboardgoals #momoftwogirls #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #busymamas #sweatpantsandhoodies #mommybloggerlife #mommyinfluencer

I’ve been feeling EXTREMELY grateful ✨ I never thought I’d be living this life that I’m living today. _ 3 years ago, we were barely scraping by after paying bills & living off of 1 income. It was hard and we made a lot of sacrifices, but I wouldn’t trade the hard times for the world. It made me stronger & i worked harder because I never wanted to go back to that place. _ We went from never being able to afford a vacation or any extras to traveling multiple times a year on trips that I was able to either earn or pay for with my coaching income. •Nashville•PuntaCana•LaJolla•NOLA•RivieraMaya•Indy• _ From being in so much debt to not being stressed about finances. To putting our daughter in our first choice school without worrying about how we’d be able to afford the tuition. _ It’s pretty awesome how working hard on myself {mentally & physically} & paying that forward to other women out there has drastically changed my life for the better. _ It fills my cup when I see a woman love themselves again after babies, when I see a woman ditch the fad dieting & learn to eat for life. When they too know that they are capable of achieving whatever they want in life regardless of what others think. _ It’s pretty damn empowering that I get to share that with other people 💕 _ If you.... Want to reach your health goals 💪 Have a passion for helping others ❤️ Want to earn a part-time to full-time income 💰 Would like to earn paid vacations 🏖 Want to surround yourself with people who will lift you higher 👯‍♀️ _ Let’s chat or fill out my form in BIO 😘 BUT, you MUST be willing to work for your dream life 🙌 . . . . . #livelovedream #preschoolmama #girlmom #growth #fitspo #motivation #workhard #selflove #determination #workforit #positivevibesonly #confidence #onlinebusiness #myjourney

I’m not skinny or “fit”. I have rolls. I have a tummy. I have curves... • I do this for the women who need to know they don’t have to be in shape. They can do this too! • If this was easy, everyone would do it! It is going to be hard. There are going to be difficult times. Times where you want to throw in the towel and give up. • It all starts with the first step! And trust me, it will all be worth it😉 • #healthylifestyle #weightloss #curvywomen #ihaverolls #fitnessjourney #homeworkout #sweatyselfie #momlife #preschoolmama #workinonmyfitness

Katie Moore

11 Days 8 Hours Ago

As we walked into the grocery store today, we were greeted by a sweet employee who asked how our day was. ⁣ ⁣ McKenzie: “it’s my daddy’s birthday, so we’re here to buy all your alcohol”. 🤦🏼‍♀️⁣ ⁣ McKenzie insisted we decorate the whole house, so we headed to the dollar tree. $7 later, we had everything we needed. ⁣ ⁣ “Mom, this party is divine”. Thanks, Fancy Nancy. ⁣ ⁣ Truly, we are forever grateful for “daddy”. ⁣ ⁣ It’s been such a blessing meeting this boy at 18 and watching him grow into a man and become the best dad. ⁣ ⁣ Happy birthday, Russell.


11 Days 10 Hours Ago

My 2 year olds loves to work on his motor skills by playing with stacking cups! He gets so proud when he gets them stacked. Check out the cute video! #letsplayatoz_l #preschool_mama

Today, the Lord told me to workout. I said: “Lord, if my Old Navy shipment comes before the boys nap I will get my sweat on. But if not, you can find me taking a nap too.” I shut the door to Henry’s room as he started his nap and I heard the footsteps of the Lord on my porch via the UPS man...”okay Lord, I hear you. I’ll workout today.” Kidding aside, my eyes filled with tears when I realized that every single item I ordered fit like a glove. I can remember when dressing rooms gave me anxiety and I’d break down from shame as I tried on size 16s and they didn’t fit. I wouldn’t order online because I knew nothing would look good so why bother? Today was monumental - the first time I’ve ordered online and everything fit and I LOVED them. I felt like a queen in my new workout gear. Who doesn’t feel like a bad mama in lightening bolts ⚡️ It feels so good to feel good. I’m not where I want to be but I’m 60lbs closer than I was when I had Henry a year ago. Never have I ever worn a high neck top because I hated my arms...not no more! My Food Freedom bootcamp kicks off on Monday and my Trasformation Center test group the following Monday. Clocks ticking! If I had a dollar for every person that said “I’ve been watching you and too afraid I’d fail to even reach out” I’d be reach. Let me answer your questions- you don’t know if you don’t ask! I want YOU to feel this incredible! I want you to be able to order and shop from any store you want with confidence! 2019 can be your year, and I’m here to help you ❤️ Now lest you think my life is glamorous I’ve got a hiney to go wipe. Getting Aiden to wipe his own rear is proving to be a battle 🤦🏻‍♀️


12 Days 14 Hours Ago

My two year old loves playdough and loose parts! He couldn't wait to get his hands in this one. We love to use Dad's tools as loose parts. What is your favorite looose part??? #letsplayatoz_l #preschool_mama

#momlife real talk edition! Woke up early, got 30 Minute workout in, read some PD, packed lunches, packed backpacks, fed kids breakfast, telling girls to go get dressed for the 10th time, find finding the lost shoe, and breaking up the girl drama! 4 years ago that would of ment no time for me to eat too & stealing bites of the leftover Kodiak pancakes or not eating till much later and starving Game changer 🍫 superfoods for breakfast as we head out the door for the first day back to School BOOM! Anyone else rocking the first day back to school after winter break? . . . #momsbreakfast #krogerrun #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #wearerealmoms #crazytoddlers #quickbreakfast

Malia Waller

12 Days 20 Hours Ago

Could not have said it better myself! 😂 . This morning started with Grayson loving and hugging on my belly talkong to his baby sister and now we’re in the time to get dressed knock down drag out fight. ❤️😭 . The preschooler crazy gets better at 4 right? 🤞🏻😉 . #soontobepartyof4 #preschoolmama #rainbowbaby🌈 #thatmomlifetho

These girls turn FIVE tomorrow. 😱I think of them as toddlers still but they’re BIG kids! Where has the time gone? The first event of their birthday was a shopping date to get some new clothes. I would have loved to just order all their clothes online but they wanted to pick out DIFFERENT things and be a part of the process. (No more matchy-matchy or sharing clothes for them!) It definitely took five times longer with two almost five year old girls calling the shots, but it was worth it. I could tell they felt so mature and empowered trying things on and choosing items to purchase. It was exhausting. 🤣 But I figure— if I want them to shop with me in ten or twenty years, I should start the tradition now— even though it may seem like more trouble than it’s worth! . . . . . . . . #twingirlmom #identicaltwingirls #twinsmama #twinmama #twinsplusone #girlmama #momofgirls #shoppingdate #motherdaughtershopping #toddlermama #preschoolmama #homeschoolmama #twinstagram #twinproblems

Cara Harvey

13 Days 12 Hours Ago

Added a new hands on activity today to help Arianna learn to spell her name! What have you done to help your littles??? #totschoolathome #preschoolmama #readingfortoddlers

Have you ever wondered what would happen if INSTEAD of saying “I never follow through anything I do” you instead said “I can do anything I COMMIT to.” . What if when things got difficult instead of stopping, you pushed through and FELT the feeling of VICTORY!!! . What if you just took the leap of faith, invested in yourself and said “TODAY IS THE DAY I COMMIT TO MY HEALTH AND FITNESS... IT WILL BE HARD, IT WILL BE UNCOMFORTABLE BUT I WILL CONTINUE!”. . Look I never thought in 100 years that being so in love with the struggle, the triumph, the burn and the COMMITMENT to FITNESS would BE ME! . This is not a FAD or “diet”... IT’S A LIFESTYLE!!! Join me... click the link in my BIO now! #fitblack #fitblackwomen #fitblackgirl #blackfitnessmoms #fitteacher #fitteachers #fitin2019 #2019 #transformyourbody #momlife #momoftwo #boymom #preschoolmom #preschoolmama #mawma #homeworkout #workoutfromhome

A New Year. 🎆 A fresh start. New and same dreams. 🌟 New challenges. Take every opportunity you get. Enjoy your own company. Love and give to yourself more. Have faith instead of giving up so easy.🙏 Impress yourself instead of impressing others. Give without expecting anything in return. Feel the fear and DO IT anyway. 365 new days. 365 new chances. What's your plan? Let's make it count, TRULY, this time..🙏👊

To every New Years resolution-er out there: YOU CAN DO THIS. Focus on habits that make you WHOLE... Your mind needs to be fed love, not guilt or shame. Nurture a positive heart and be quick to forgive yourself. Your body deserves a challenge but be smart - everyone starts as a beginner but injuries can take the wind out of your sails. Your relationship with food should be one of balance not restriction. Take time to grow in your knowledge of what you’re fueling your body with and choose things that heal it from the inside out. Your support system matters. If someone is razzing you about “another New Years resolution”? They don’t deserve to be in your circle of trust. Seek out people that lift you up and be an encouragement to others too. Picture your life at your goal weight...what would it feel like to wake up and step out of bed with a bounce in your step? What would it feel like to have endless options in your wardrobe? Picture how happy and proud you’d feel as you walked down the hallway at work, feeling lighter physically and mentally. Every day you will face a decision: will your past dictate today’s actions or will you treat every day as if it’s the first day willing and excited to begin a fresh chapter? 3.5 years into my journey and forever to go ♥️ Left is my first sweaty selfie I ever posted online. I was 30lbs down already and starting to feel hope. Right is today after choosing a workout over a nap and reflecting over what an incredibly hard but beautiful journey it’s been. & if you need help getting started, I’d love to chat! Fill out the link in my bio for info ✨

Ringing in the New Year with my family whom I have not spent the Holidays with for the past 10 years 👪👨‍👨‍👧‍👦🎉 it's such a blessing to be together to celebrate my Dad's birthday 🎂, sharing my Mommy's cooking our favorites, singing and dancing thru the videoke while we wait for the countdown 🎆🎉 what a way to end 2018 and welcome 2019! - Wishing you all a happier, healthier, loving, kind and peaceful New Year!! 💗🎉

Happy New Year's Eve from our family to yours! . Rhett's heading to bed and we've got bowl games on, family here to drink champagne at midnight and the amp set up for music. . It'll be a fun night ringing in the new year, here. What are you doing to celebrate? . #wahm #execute #excel #reflection #workhardplayhard #2018 #happynewyearseve #wifelife #matthewteel #entrepreneuerwife #smallbusinesswife #wifelifestyle #georgiawife #laughdaily #myboy #boymom #boymomadventures #activitiesdirector #momlifebestlife #familyofthree #preschoolmama #fournado #unitedinmotherhood #georgiamom #newnanmomlife #momtrepreneuer #youroilyfreek #mommingessentials #oilyfreeks #anoilyfreekcommunity

Goodbye 2018. Bring on 2019. . I can't believe everything we did this year. The accomplishments blow my mind, and looking back, I didn't think we'd do it. Limiting beliefs can cripple some, but we took some big goals by the horns and said, "watch this". . As I was driving down the road this evening, I stopped to thank the Lord for what he taught me this year, and I prayed over some BIG, AUDACIOUS things on the list for this year! I have to say, it's hard to put all my trust in him and truly BELIEVE that He can and He will, but... He is helping me with that part too! . Not sure if you make resolutions or set goals for the new year, but focus on the good, doing more of what you should do and what makes you happy, instead of all the things you didn't do this year or shouldn't do again next year. Focus on the positive and there will not be as much time for the negative. Glass half full, not half empty! . Cheers, friends! I love you! . #wahm #execute #excel #reflection #workhardplayhard #2018 #happynewyearseve #wifelife #matthewteel #entrepreneuerwife #smallbusinesswife #wifelifestyle #georgiawife #laughdaily #myboy #boymom #boymomadventures #activitiesdirector #momlifebestlife #familyofthree #preschoolmama #fournado #unitedinmotherhood #georgiamom #newnanmomlife #momtrepreneuer #youroilyfreek #mommingessentials #oilyfreeks #anoilyfreekcommunity

I am ending my 3rd FULL year on my health journey (halfway through my 4th) feeling full of joy, gratitude, and clarity for the year to come. 2019 is going to be epic. I feel God stretching me outside my comfort zone and challenging me to dream big and take ACTION. The energy is tangible in my team. The rush of new clients is magnetic. The excitement I feel is growing daily. This morning instead of starting a new year with a thousand different changes and commitments to myself and my goals (which inevitably leads to overwhelm and then I freeze and just don’t do anything), I decided one small change I am making is the use of a planner. I found one that is focused on mindset and productivity vs schedule and I’m excited to see how it helps me organize my thoughts and review my day throughout the next two months. I chose my word for 2019. COMMIT. I want to commit to growth, change, and doing things that require sacrifice and hard work both in business and relationships. What’s your word for 2019? Snuck in a 20 minute workout with this step and a shower before the boys woke up from naps! Happy New Years Eve!

The last few days have been HARD! BUT I wouldn’t wish the chaos away for the world. The sassy attitudes, not listening, constant messes it's hard. But at the same time the I love you Mom you're the best mom is all worth it. There are no perfect kids and there are no perfect Moms. We are all here just living and doing our best to survive the day even the days that we want to throw in the surrender white flag. Some days aren't all happy smiles, glitter & unicorns. Give yourself a break followed by a pat on the back for surviving these years! . . . #momofgirls👭 #girlmomproblems #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #mombloggersunited #mommybloggerlife #secondtimemom #firsttimemomproblems #toddlersareassholes #momsaresuperheros

Isn't it amazing how different 10 pounds can look on someone? 😁 - Those 10lbs didn't happen over night. They actually came off, some came back, I shredded it again, etc..🙄😂 but I'm happy to see that I've kept it off for the longest time..👊 - While it's nice to see the numbers on the scale go down, I've never been this healthy in my whole life! My blood work is all normal. My heart is in pretty great shape after suffering from heart failure 2 weeks after I delivered my son. My mindset is so far off from where I was a year ago. 💗👊 - There is a 3 year difference in these photos. A lot of blood, sweat and tears in between. And I'm crushing this fitness journey at 41 years old than when I was at 21..👊 I became a coach to hold myself accountable and that picture on the left was my starting point. Now I get to share my journey, help women and people like me find their journey in a healthy way..🤗 - Don't let the scale define you. Be obsessed with your transformation INSIDE and OUT. Put your blinders because not everyone will "like" what you're up to. 😉 Love the journey and be your own mission. 👊

It's the big travel day and still doing our last minute of the last minute packing #itneverends 🤣😄 that big luggage definitely has a big cube filled with workout stuff 😉 because they are my necessities now 👊 I was able to get in a 20 minute workout which is so perfect when you are crunch in time and still want to get in a great sweat session 🤗 now time to get ready! - - I might be traveling but my online health group is still gearing up for the new year! 🎉 I will be doing this new 20 minute workout program that includes a flexible, simple meal plan, daily superfood shake, recipe tips, me as your personal cheerleader and support/accountability when you get to be a part of my group 🤗👭 if you want more details, message me! I want to bring in 5 people with me who want to commit and be a part of the VIP group that starts in January 14th..👊

“I never would have gone to therapy if you hadn’t shared your story” There have been many times before I hit post about my therapy journey that my hands started to sweat and my heart would race. My mind filled with the thoughts of people judging me or what I’m trying to express coming across wrong. Or what will my extended family think or my new church friends? And every time I took a deep breath and reminded myself that if I help one person by sharing than it’s worth it. Going to therapy has a yucky stigma attached to it - and it has been an eye opening, painful, beautifully perfect experience for me that I think everyone should go through. Yesterday may have appeared perfect from the outside but in full transparency I needed a full 24 hours to process before I opened up about what my birthday actually looked like. Yes it was filled with sweet gestures from friends and family and so many things that touched me. But the day began with a disappointment I didn’t see coming. Instead of lashing out and getting angry I took myself out of the situation for part of the day and processed. I prayed and just kept repeating in my head “what of this is truth and what of this are the lies you’ve created that you’re choosing to believe?”. I expressed myself with grace and patience. I shared what I was feeling and how the situation hurt me. I did so in a way that helped fuel growth and change and didn’t leave a path of destruction in the wake of my anger. My feelings were valid and I coped in a way that was healthy. I don’t share this to boast. I share because the change I’ve seen in how I approach relationships is being overhauled every single day. I feel like I understand myself and why I react the way I do. I am starting to navigate conflict differently. I no longer withdraw or explode- neither of which were healthy for me. I still mess up but I’m working hard to understand that I can accept people for who they are while also putting boundaries in place and learning to share my needs in a productive pattern. (Continued in comments)

Who else has had a great few days with family!! And who else has eaten #allthethings!? 🍪🍷🍰 Christmas calorie don’t count let yourself enjoy all those teats you love then start back on track today! After all the playing with toys 👭 now it's Mama's turn with a good sweat and drinking a ton of water today to flush out all the cookies! . . . #christmaswithkids #christmascookieswap #christmastraditionsarethebest #babyjesusbirthday #mommybloggers #mommybloggerlife #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #firsttimemama #secondtimemom


22 Days 12 Hours Ago

Who's tracking Santa? We are and we read this cute book "Santa Track" by Heather Brown. I made this cute pre-writing activity to go with the book to work on pencils skills. It's free on my blog (link in profile). It's simple just print it and have your child help Santa see all the animals and creatures! #preschool_christmas #prewriting

What are your healthy Holiday plans? 🤔 I'll tell you one of mine, working out!! 👍 - Now back to my usual workout clothes selfie 😆 I might be traveling here and there but as long as I have a space, WiFi connection, any device I can stream my workout, and you bet I packed my workout clothes and #morninggogojuice, I am good to go!! 👍👊 - Looking back about 2 years ago, when I was already doing this coaching thing, I still have excuses like it's Christmas 👆, I'm traveling ✌️, it's okay not to workout or eat my heart out 👌. I agree, life is balance right. But because this makes me feel good, accomplished, I do it..👌 it took years to build it, change the mindset but it's worth it..🤗 - I had steak, mashed potatoes last night..🥔 we also had Korean BBQ the other, plus cookies and more and I'm sure there will be more coming in the next few days..I love eating great food and I also love to sweat and yes, to burn those out especially on holidays like these..👍I have choices and you do too. And you definitely can start now! 🍾🎉

Early wedding anniversary celebration and the best thing, we are kid-free for 24 hours 💏 🎉 ..........but really, we are missing the little one so much already 😁

You know what I’m NOT doing? Trying to get my pre-baby body BACK. My body and skin bounced back a lot faster after my first child. The second almost 10 pound chunk? Left all kinds of carnage. But you know what I’m not doing? Comparing my new mom bod 2.0 to the old body. You’d think I’d go into all the things my body has accomplished and sure I’m thankful and proud of the fact I’ve grown, birthed,and fed two boys 4 out of the last five years. But what you can’t see is the mental transformation. I am so proud of the change in my mind and my heart since having Henry. This last year was so hard in many ways. I look back at posts from a year ago and I can feel the depression sitting on my chest again. I remember it like it was yesterday. Yet in the last year I’ve taken my focus from the scale and my body and shifted it to my mental well being. I’ve learned how to start my day with Jesus by MYSELF even when I was tired and my house was asleep. I’ve learned to say no to things AND people that didn’t bring me value to my life. I’ve learned to become more gracious, kind, and patient. I’ve learned to own up to my own patterns and reactions and self reflect first before pointing a finger. I’ve learned that it’s okay to ask for help. I’ve learned the power of personal development and how to overcome limiting beliefs. I’ve learned how growth can be uncomfortable but so empowering. I’ve learned how to share my story - the hard, ugly, painful parts - in a way that has helped me encourage and inspire other women that they aren’t alone. I’ve learned for the first time how to overcome emotional eating. I’ve learned how starting therapy has overhauled my emotional well being in the most beautiful way. My body looks different now than it did one kid ago. But it is so STRONG from the INSIDE out that I can now learn to accept and embrace the things that are different yet STILL chase after the BEST version of who I was created to be...STARTING with my mind and trickling into my physical body. There’s no pre baby body to “get back”. I’ve got a body and it had two babies...and it’s conquered a heck a lot in the last five years.


24 Days 11 Hours Ago

For #childledchristmas my son really wanted to do a wax resist painting. Well we totally failed at that! Whenever we try to do a wax resist the wax never shows through!! What am I doing wrong????? Well we turned this wax resist #fail into a tracing activity which my son actually loved. He loved tracing the star cookie cutter and than using our glitter markers. #preschool_christmas


24 Days 21 Hours Ago

This is parenthood. First day of Winter Break: 7 am Tea Party. Send sleep! #foodlovetog #preschoolmama #thisisparenthood

Danielle Gambino

25 Days 12 Hours Ago

Crafting + Snacking 🤗 It is cold, rainy and crowded outside so we are officially only leaving the house for necessities. Santa visits and light shows. Other then that we will be inside...doing ALLLLL the activities 🌲🙌🏼 #christmasbreak // And YES, I let Gio paint 🎨 See my stories to watch 😍

last minute teacher/holiday gift = on guard sanitizing mist + a visa gift card for the win 🤟🏻🎁✨ . ICYMI: on guard sanitizing mist + a ton of other winter wellness products (swipe ↞ to see them all/see list below) are on sale until midnight tomorrow! ..time to stock up! ..if you already have an account just login to place your order. if not, hit me up to get in on this deal! . 15% off winter wellness items: + lifelong vitality pack (aka LLV aka high quality, whole food, non-GMO supplements that help keep your body running smoothly) + turmeric (antioxidant support) + oregano (‘nature’s antibiotic’) + stronger (protective blend - pre-diluted, so safe for kids) + copaiba softgels (like CBD) + on guard softgels (major immune support) + on guard throat drops + on guard sanitizing mist (the most moisturizing, most natural, most effective hand sanitizer you’ll find on the market) + breathe drops + breathe vapor stick (natural alternative to #vicksvaporub & my fav. product to use when i have a cough) . xx


25 Days 13 Hours Ago

Day 21 Stocking For #phonicsonfridays and stocking theme #dec_playalong. We pulled pictures out of a stocking and sounded them out. I got this wonderful board @target clear back in August. But this stocking activity could be done with printed pictures and letters or toys and scrabble letters. #preschool_christmas

I looked at him and said “Henry, sit down”... He looked at me and farted, then bust out laughing. Who needs Christmas presents when you have farts and plastic bins? That boy mom life. #fartsarenotfunny

I’m reading the book Rising Strong by Brene Brown (highly recommend) and it is really interesting to be able to start to see through the fog of selfishness and recognize your own behaviors or patterns. First step: recognizing that you’re FEELING something. It’s very easy to skip this and go straight to pointing fingers at the world, but I’m learning instead to take a beat and get CURIOUS about how what I’m feeling is connected to the situation and what triggers that thought process I’m experiencing. Next: I’m learning to get honest about the stories I’ve made up about my struggles and in Brenes words am “willing to revisit, challenge, and reality-check those narratives.” Lastly: I am working towards owning these stories and the truths I believe about myself “in order to write a NEW and courageous ending that transforms who I am and how I engage with the world.” An example of this that happened just a few moments ago. After my workout I made the boys French toast, showered, and then got to run errands by myself since Donny has meetings late tonight. When I got home we were unloading groceries and I suddenly felt this anxiety and like Donny was judging me for what I bought. The story I told myself in my head was that he thinks I’m frivolous with our money and was inspecting every bag thinking I shouldn’t spend so much. My knee jerk reaction was to ask him what was bothering him. Naturally he looked at me like I had four heads because he was completely fine. This isn’t rooted in reality. The only non-list item I bought was a bottle of hairspray and some hair color. But because we have such past history and tension surrounding money I had all kinds of anxiety and thoughts - yes! Even years later and radically different finances now I battle this daily - that were my own stories. But because of therapy I’m learning to get in touch with my emotions and start to re-write this narrative. Instead of it tail spinning me into being short tempered with Donny I was able to see through a different set of eyes. Last night I received a handful of messages of women asking about therapy. I can’t encourage you enough to go. It has truly helped me!


26 Days 9 Hours Ago

Egg Cartoon Candy Canes I know candy cane overload. We just had so much fun with this theme. Painted half the egg cartoons red. We built all kinds of things with them and worked on patterns. #preschool_christmas

I had ALL the excuses today, and truthfully they almost won. I went to therapy and had the most eye opening session. It rocks you to your core when you’re learning who you really are deep down inside. What your core beliefs about yourself are. How that directly impacts how you receive and give relationship. It was like for the first time I understood WHY and then was able to create a game plan to tackle the things that aren’t productive in my relationships so that I can be able to express my needs and feelings in a healthy way and also give love to those I care about in ways that they desire to receive love. I began going because I was really struggling after our second son to be the kind of wife I knew I was capable of. I knew that I had stuff I needed to work on but I also knew I had needs and trying to navigate that on my own wasn’t working. Not only am I feeling better equipped as a wife and mom but I’m seeing and understanding the way I’m wired and how it impacts my entire life - not something I thought would happen. I sat down and shared about my session with Donny tonight and his wheels were turning as I explained my a-ha moment. He could see directly that because of my own past hurts even though he has never had any intention of hurting me, that the patterns we are fighting to get out of deeply rely on two of us working towards a thriving marriage. It really gave him a deeper understanding of WHY how he navigates relationship impacts me the way it does - which was so freeing for both of us. I’ve also learned so much about him in the process and it’s helped me be less selfish and more compassionate. I have a lot of work to do, but even so I’ve graduated to only going every other week 😉 I desperately want to help in some way break the stigma of therapy. You go to the doctor for your physical well being, why would you not go to a therapist for your mental well being? Today was about balance. I went to therapy to take care of my mind. I enjoyed a Chikfila treat meal. I got in a workout when I didn’t want to so that I could fight the anxiety I was feeling. & you know what? It definitely helped. 20 min step workout finished and it kicked my booty

Another #momwin family approved dinner! Prepped the stuffing on Tuesday and threw in oven to cook tonight! SO EASY!! And just a little tweek to get the girls to eat it! They will eat anything in a 🌮! Not much makes me as happy as seeing the girls willingly eat dinner without any complaining!! 🙌🙌 What healthy dinner do you make that the kids love? . . . #kidsdinner #tacosanyday #toddlerapprovedfood #kindergardenmom #preschoolmama #momoftwogirls👭 #csectionmomof2 #easyweeknightmeals #mommablogger #mommybloggerlife #mommyfood


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Candy Cane Nature Style! Do you like crafts that take some time or ones that are super quick??? Looking for a quick craft this is it. Last night I cut these out of cardboard. Today my son picked some plants in our front yard and we placed them on the cardboard and wrapped them on with a peice of string. That easy! #preschool_christmas #tucsonmoms

A sister is god's way of saying "thought you could use a lifelong friend." 👭👑🎀 💕 . . . #sistersarefriendsforlife #sistersquad #momoftwogirls #kindergartenmoms #preschoolmama #csectionmomof2 #familymealideas #mommybloggerlife #sweatpantsandcoffee #mombloggersunited


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Candy Cane Cookies We made a sugar cookie dough and mixed it with a cherry dough. #preschool_christmas

I want to thank my Instagram community for showing me so much love and support this year!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I will be back next year with new play based learning activities and with play based early learning resources. Happy Holidays from @erikaslearningresources I will be setting my shop on vacation mode.

Oh it's gonna be a kicking ass kind of New Year! 👊 - My step is here and it's gonna be life changing! 👊 I am starting a new program next month while I'm traveling and this step will change the course of everything..😩😉 it's only gonna be 20 minutes a day, 6 days a week for 6 weeks! It's a new workout by @shaunt and if you know this guy, it will be an insane one, plus only 20 minutes? It's gonna be work work work for sure! 😩😫 - I'm trying out a sample of this workout tomorrow and if you want to hop in with me and see how you will be catching your breath within 5 minutes to swearing and calling all the gods out there, trust me you will 🤣😉 message me and I'll hook you up for free! 👌 - My VIP group also starts on January 14th, so jump in now to prep if you want to kick it with us next month 🤗 I want to start this with 5 women who wants to commit and I'll be with you every step of the way, you bet even if I'll be traveling..👊 message me and we'll chat..🤗


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We went to this girl’s preschool Christmas party yesterday. She knew I was going but when we were walking in, Daddy just walked up beside us in the parking lot. She just looked up and said, “Hi Daddy”, like she knew along that he was coming. 🙂 She loves having us there, and I love seeing her at school, but that wasn’t quite the reaction we were expecting. 😜


27 Days 7 Hours Ago

Day 20 Candy Canes Tomorrow is candy cane day but today we worked on symmetry. I put the candy canes on one side and my son matches it on the other. You can also use a hand held mirror to "see" what it would look like. #preschool_christmas