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Voice Update: 12/14/17 - 16 Weeks (When I hit 6 months, I'm only going to do voice updates once or twice a month btw) Well, my voice is officially okay, in terms of I know how to use it. I saw a couple of old choir mates the other day and they said that my voice was completely different. Of course that just made me ecstatic! MY EYEBROWS ARE THICKER???😍 I almost panicked when i noticed this, but at around the 15/16 week mark, my hairline is officially starting to recede. I'M HAPPY, BECAUSE THAT MEANS THAT THE TESTOSTERONE IS DOING IT'S JOB, BUT MY HAIR IS VERY IMPORTANT PLS. (Especially now that it is ponytail length again😄). I've been having a lot of heartburn lately and when I told my father he just looked at me and said "Welcome to manhood!". That being said, I'm not sure how true it is that higher levels of testosterone makes one more prone to heartburn, but think about it- do you know more women with heartburn or more men? *I was mindblown when I realized too lol* I've officially begun working out again, and I swore I wasn't feeling anything, until I put my hands at my side just about 30 minutes ago and realized that everything felt...dare I say, tighter? I know that this isn't testosterone related, (actually testosterone and my laziness has made me gain weight) but I feel like it's important to keep this on record somewhere lol. Coolio, Julio!🤙 . . . #puberty #imlovinit #transmasculine #ftm #transguy #transpride #thisiswhattranslookslike #ihopeicankeepdoingtheseupdatesiftheinterwebsdies #ripinterwebs #squigittysquawk


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I ended up taking a 'selfie' so I could compare my 18 y/o puberty with my 21 y/o puberty #puberty #christmas #books #selfie #reading #myperfectcolor #bookalcoholic #pink

I just wanna show what just a year and a half difference can look like, on the left I was 5’5, 95 lbs and a lot less attractive. On the right i am 5’8 139 lbs (from 2016, I am currently 157lbs) and this was around the time I started to get a text back from any girls😂 point is, things take time and you just have to trust the process #puberty #whateven #yikes


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Sorry for the spam but thank GOD for puberty. #alittlelessuglynow #puberty #ew #youngvsnow

#tbt to a selfie I took with a Gameboy camera in 1999. #8thgrade

Tak tau lah nak cakap ape😂 #puberty

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2012 vs 2017 18 yo vs 23 yo Skinny vs fat 😬😅😂 . . . . . . #asian #asianguy #transformation #puberty #skinny #gain

Agreed? Agreed. ❄️📷:@seventeen

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❣️ Preach beautiful ❣️✨@jenny.tangg Ladies you all beautiful out here❤️It breaks my heart when I heard people are judged based on their looks. Everyone is beautiful, you just have to wait for the time . . . . . . . . . . #glowup #puberty #asian #makeup #meme #radiantbeauty #beautiful #asiangirls #naturalbeauty #selflove #selfcare #confidence #woc #womenofcolor

Thank you puberty a lot can happen in 8 years 😳😂😂 #mess #funny #puberty #pubertychallenge

Grandma says she likes me even with a weird haircut. #itsjustaphase #puberty #latepuberty #pseudopunk #selfie #lesbianlook #bisexual #curitiba #parana #brazil

Mum always told me I was special... 🙃🙃🙃


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"You haven't heard from us in a while---we've been perfecting our #egg!" #puberty #angrychix #feminism #femalebodybuilder

I was in a writing mood, so I decided to do... something "unique". I quickly grapped 10 pictures of myself. From when I was a kid, to now. Back when I was a kid, I was practically an extrovert. If you met my mom, she'd tell you the story of the first time I went to kindergarten. I walked up to the caretaker, presented myself AND my family! My brother was cowering behind my mom, so yea. I was a rather special and naive kid! As I got older, I began realising that image meant everything to the world. My peers would harass me if they found out I played with legos for instance. I began thinking who I wanted to be. At first I tried being like the guys. But I hated it. It felt forced. Not right. Then, I tried being nice! It worked for a while, until people found out that they could abuse it to hell. I struggled really hard finding out who I was. Now? I know exactly who I am. I am me. I aint a cool kid, I aint a handsome thug, I aint a nerd. I am me! As I post on every thought of the day Be the best version of yourself. For in the end? All other identities are taken. #iamme #bethebestversionofyou #childhood #upbringing #puberty #whoami

It's amazing how much 7 years do #7yearsago #tbt #puberty


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