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5 Days 11 Hours Ago

That feeling you get the morning after your birthday.. yay!


6 Days 4 Hours Ago

Birthday Girl!!! I’m treating everyone to a free Slurpee from 7/11 make sure u stop by your local 7/11 before 7pm!! 😂


14 Days 4 Hours Ago

It’s that time!! 💦💦 🙌🏽 @menchosworld and @nissathebully about to make some gorgeous puppies 🐶 We will keep you posted with any Info we receive. Stay tuned cause you don’t want to miss out!

Vonny K Wiyani

11 Days 13 Hours Ago

“I like dogs. You always know what a dog is thinking. It has four moods. Happy, sad, cross, and concentrating. Also, dogs are faithful and they do not tell lies because they cannot talk.” (Quote by Mark Haddon). "Aku suka anjing. Kamu selalu tahu apa yang sedang dipikirkan oleh anjing. Mereka punya empat macam suasana hati. Bahagia, sedih, marah, dan berkonsentrasi. Selain itu, anjing adalah makhluk setia dan mereka tidak berbohong karena mereka memang tidak bisa bicara." (Kutipan oleh Mark Haddon). NB: mereka yang ada di foto-foto ini bukan anjing saya. Saya hanya penggemar yang bertemu mereka di sebuah ajang pameran anjing internasional @pakuwonmallsby . Iya, anjing pun bisa berlaga dan berprestasi di kancah internasional 😁 marilah kita semua bikin prestasi internasional juga, biar difoto dan masuk kutipan orang terkenal 🤩 #dogofinstagram #doglover #mallamute #siberianhusky #samoyed #welshcorgy #dogshow #internationaldogshow #faithfuldogs #dogtellnolies #dogstory #dogsmood #puppy #fluffy #pecintaanjing #dogphotography #malamuteindonesia #alaskanmalamute #puppyforall #cutedog #dogappreciation #pawslover


2019-06-15 22:30:22

Mom meet this little cutie yesterday and her name is Inez 🥰 I’m a bit jealous but mom told me that we’re going to meet some day 😃


2019-06-11 16:51:38

Stay hydrated friends! We are in the triple digits and I am not loving it. Time to go inside and crank that A/C!!

Happy Birthday Baby Dog ❤️🎉 #happydoggy #happybirthday #puppyforall #1yearold #loveyou