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Part 17 Our car silently pulled up and parked in a dark garage. We didn't want to drive down Parker Lane in case that's was too much of a give away but we didn't want to park too far away either. "You ok?" Haz's voice sliced through the silence. I take a deep breath I finally answered "yes. Are you?" He looked down the road "I suppose so." Our footsteps crunched loudly on the gravel and I'm pretty sure I could hear Haz's heart. Suddenly, a girl not that much older than me appeared from an alleyway. She had a red dress on and a bottle of alcohol in her hand. She staggered towards me and grabbed my arm almost pulling me down. "Omigod hiiii...i-imm Allllvvvahh. Did-chu came fwronmm...that paartyyy? It wasss...greeatt wasnttttt... it?" She was obviously drunk out of her mind. "Umm---" I started I looked at Harrison for help. "Are you ok? Do we need to call someone for you? This is a dodgy road you know, you shouldn't be alone." Said Haz. She started laughing hysterically, almost falling over in the process. Me and Haz just looked at eachother unsure on what to do. Abruptly, her laughing stopped and as quick as I could blink a gun was pointing to my temple. I froze with fear. "How lovely it is to see you Olivia. And Harrison." The woman in the red dress stared deep into my soul with her black eyes. Haz moved slightly but her gun found its way to his head too. "Now I don't want to make this hard for us, but if you would just listen it would be easy for everyone. Now, I want you two to separate and we will take you in." I had no clue what she was talking about but then another woman appeared with two black bags pulled them over our heads. I could see nothing and I dare not to speak for I could feel the gun still pressed against my temple. A bony claw-like hand grasped round my upper arm and I was led through many doors, stair cases and rooms. Finally, we came to a halt and I was forced down on to a chair. The mask was ripped off my face and my hands tied to the chair behind my back and I took in my surroundings. Next to me was an equally as scared and confused Haz sitting in a chair. We were in a small dark cellar with stone walls and a narrow staircase leading (CIC!)


19 Hours Ago

Who did you survive/die with? Also I’m back and also alive and well(ish) lol. I’d say I missed a lot but I really haven’t since I also run a marvel account and kept updated through that 👌🏻😍🙃 • • • • • • • [tag me if you repost] • • • • • #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandmeme #meme #quackson #quacksonklaxon #quacksons #hollander #hollanders #tomhollandimagines #peterparker #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #chaoswalking #theimpossible #intheheartofthesea #howilivenow #harryholland #samholland #paddyholland #tessaholland #hazosterfield

hey everyone! sorry for not being active recently. i haven’t been feeling the vibe on this account so i needed a lil break. but hello im back & i’ll try to be as active as i can :)

Swipe till end for the cutest pic of all time ~ Do u ship Tomdaya? I think even if Tomdaya isn’t a thing they’re still rlly cute besties ~ @tomholland2013 @zendaya ~ #tomandzendaya #tomholland #zendaya #tomdaya #fangirlmodeon #fangirlmode #fangirl #fangirling #fangirlin #quacksonklaxon

Part 16 It's been a full 8 hours since Haz last saw Tom. The house has been quiet as Haz and I didn't talk much, no one has eaten anything and we were scared sh*tless. All I could think about was that text from the unknown sender I stg it was from Oli but is he sober enough to send a text? Or why would he still care about me when I saw him with my own eyes replacing me with another woman. I was so confused and upset. I was distraught. When Oli was feeling down he would drink... A lot. Not that I'm planning to get drunk or anything but maybe one glass would do... I went to the wine rack and selected my favourite bottle, just as I unscrewed the lid a strong hand cupped over mine. I looked up and Haz was looking at me with pleading eyes. "Please Olivia, don't." I suddenly came back to my senses and realised what I was about to do was stupid. "Yes...umm...right no, sorry." I put the bottle back. I checked my phone for the one millionth time. "Anything?" Asked Haz. "Nope." I sighed. "What are we going to do Haz?" There was a pause for he was searching for the right answer. Then he said quietly "I don't know." I watched his face as a single tear ran down his cheek and as quick as it appeared he wiped it away. "Oh Haz" I went over and hugged his torso then all of a sudden he just started to sob, his whole body shaking. "Oh Liv, *sobs* I pray that's he's ok *sob* he's my best friend! I can't believe that I was prepared to go behind his back and try and take you! I knew he liked you but..." The tears became less regular and his breathing slowed back down. "But what, Haz?" He looked at me with  a sad smile "it doesn't matter, not right now anyway. Maybe another time." Suddenly, my phone pinged. Me and Haz rushed to it. It was a text, only not from Tom but the unknown number. ---> (swipe) I heard Haz inhale sharply. My mind was a war debating on what to do. What if it's a trick? What if Tom's not even there? Will he actually be killed? Will WE be killed!? "What do we do Haz?" "I say we go." "Really?" "Yes. Tom's my best mate and your boyfriend and I don't think either of us is prepared to lose him." "How long do we have?" Haz looked at his watch. "We have (CIC!👇👇)

Part 15 *(LIV'S POV)* (Present time) He's gone. He's actually gone. I feel as if this was all to do with Oli. I mean Tom could just be in the toilets but you know when you just have that gut feeling...that's what I felt. I did a double check and called him so many more times but with each answerphone my heart shattered into more pieces. My head hung low as I walked slowly to the car. "Did you find him?" Haz asked full well knowing the answer. I just shook my head. "oh shit." He said, he voice cracking. I looked at him and Haz's eyes were glassy with tears. Seeing him so upset literally broke me apart. (Sorry it's so short🤷‍♀️ I'll promise I'll make it up to you all!! ❤️)#tomholland #hollander #quackson #quacksonklaxon #anotherhollander #tomhollandimagine #tomhollandedit #thepoweroftom #fanfic #imagine #peterparker #jacobbatalon #zendaya #harrisonosterfield #hazandtom #tht #theholytrinity #oli #love #relationships #secrets #lovenote #marvel #activeuser2k18 #likesforlikes #followme #followforfollow

Does anyone know who made this?? ~ OMG 100 FOLLOWERS I’m so happy!!! Thank you everyone for getting us this far in such a short amount of time!! ~ Who else has 1 Instagram board devoted to Tom and another devoted to Zendaya? Just me? ~ @tomholland2013 @zendaya ~ #fangirlmodeon #tomholland #fangirlmode #farfromhome #tomhollander #tomhollanders #quacksonklaxon #zendaya #zendayaandtomholland

Hi guys, this account was originally just literal spams of Tom, but I changed it to my backup account for my other account @thomashollandspidey because Instagram's being a little shit and deleting accounts lol bye😂 . . . . . @tomholland2013 #tomholland2013 #tomholland #tomhollandumbrella #tomhollandmeme #tomhollandmemes #tomhollandspiderman #tomhollanders #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfanpage #tomholland1996 #spidey #spiderman #spidermanhomecoming #spidermanfarfromhome #spidermanmeme #spidermanmemes #marvel #avengers #infinitywar #theimpossible #quacksonklaxon #quackson #quacksons #quacksonator #quacksonators #hollander #hollanders

Part 14 *(TOM'S POV!)* (10 minutes earlier) Hmmm which one should I choose? The sushi? Or the meal deal? To be honest, Liv would probably prefer the sushi and it IS less expensive plus it's limited edition...f*ck it, I'll get the meal deal. I turned round and a woman was standing behind me with her phone clutched in her hands. "Oh my god! Hi! You're Tom Holland! I'm Alvah but my friends call me Ali not that you would like to know but if you could call me that it would be great but not if you want to be my friends only if you want to but you probably won't because you have a lot of fans." She gushed. She took a deep breath obviously from talking so fast. I smiled "Hi Ali." "Omg!!! I cannot believe that I am meeting you right now! I lovvvvveeee your work and everything an---" "I'm sorry, but was there some reason you came to me? I'd love to chat but I need to be somewhere in like 5 minutes." I interupted. "Ah oh my gosh yes! Um can I take a picture?" "Sure!" "Could you possibly come outside and do it? My friend is in the car and we are both MAJOR fans of you and it will mean the world to her!" "Outside?" "I mean she's in the car that's in the car park and she couldn't come in as she has recently broken her leg." "Ummm ok...I guess. I just need to pay for these then I'll come right out." Alvah started tugging on my arm. "PLEEAAASSEEE?? We need to go somewhere soon I'm already late as it is so you can buy your meal deal after." Ugh. "Fine. Show me." I said with a fake smile. She lead me out of the building and round the back. It looked kinda deserted and for a car park there didn't seem many cars... A shiny black car with tinted windows stood infront of us. "Here we are. This is it." "Um ok. Where's your friend?" "In here." Alvah opened the car door and there sat...Oli. "Well hello Tom! Nice to see you." My eyes widened and I tried to turn and run back out but Alvah was there blocking me. She was surprisingly strong and held me. With a smug look on his face Oli punched me in the side of my head. Then Every...t...hin...g...wen...t...bbb...lac...k. (😱😱😱)

Part 13 I woke up to an empty bed yet again. Tom had texted me to say that him and Haz have gone down to the gym and they will be back soon. I made myself some breakfast and decided to something productive. I tidied up the flat a little and went to put the dirty clothes in the laundry room but my phone beeped. It was an unknown number and it read --> (swipe) Oh. Shit. Wtf. I stg this is Oli. What the actual f*CK. F*ck! My heart beated so hard my whole body throbbed with every beat oh sh*t I'm so scared a lump appeared in my throat and my mouth went dry. I kinda started to hyperventilate and that's how Haz found me when he came home. He immediately rushed to my side "Liv? Oh my god! Are you ok what's happened?" I just stared at him, my eyes unseeing. He saw my phone grabbed it and read the text burning its way into my brain. His eyes grew large as he took in what it says. "Um r--ight *ahem* right. Umm?" "Haz, what do we do?" I whispered terrified. "Um well, I'm sure that whoever this is, is probably bluffing. I'm sure they won't actually KILL Tom. Um...oh! And no one knows where Tom lives and uhhhh---" "We need to find Tom. Where is he?" I interupted. "Um he left the gym to get some luch or something." "Oh my goodness Harrison! We need to get him and we can't leave him alone. Even if they are bluffing, we still can't take any chances!" We both hopped into Haz's car and sped off to the mini Tesco. I jumped out of the car and looked up and down the aisles as Haz waited outside. He was no where. I tried to phone him but there was no answer. F*CK. (I wonder what will happen?🤷)

Part 12 "Hey I'm back!" I heard him call from the hall. He was greeted by silence. "Liv? Haz? Hello?" I stayed curled up in my bed with nothing but my underwear and t-shirt on. The door etched open slowly and Tom poked his head around. "Knock, knock. Hey Liv! Wait are you ok?" I just continued to stare at my wall a million thoughts buzzing around my head. "I bought you some chocolate. I know it's your favourite." He walked up to my bed and sat down next to me. He put his hand on my bare back which made me flinch as it brought back bad memories. "Sorry." He said. "No it's my fault." Silence grew between us. Suddenly it was all too much for me thinking about the things Haz has said and I burst out; "I'm so sorry for everything Tom!" My tears yet again made an appearance and I threw my arms around his neck. I buried my head in his shoulder sobbing. How can a man like this be so nice but break girls hearts?? Tom is such a nice person, I can't ever begin to believe that he's done things that Haz accused him of. What if it was all a lie? I suddenly thought, what if Haz WAS lying!? He was just trying to get me to be with him and not with Tom!? "Hey, hey, Liv there's nothing to be sorry about." He said with a small chuckle. 'Little he knows' I thought. I needed some answers. "Tom?" I whispered. "Yes?" "Be truthful when answering this many girls have you been with?" He seemed unfazed by this random question. "Only one other." "Truthfully?" He grabbed both my hands and stared deeply into my eyes. "Truthfully." I knew from this that he wasn't the one that was lying. His eyes shifted to the floor and he continued. "Her name was Mariell. She was so beautiful but she moved abroad a couple years back. gradually stopped talking. It wasn't until I started filming Homecoming I saw on her Instagram she had met someone else and seemed quite happy with him. It broke my heart but I knew it was... coming to an end." He reattained eye contact, "But Liv, now, I only love you and you only and nothing should ever stop you from believing that." He scooped me up in a big hug and kissed my cheek. I turned my head and kissed him on the lips. (CIC!👇)


5 Days 21 Hours Ago

i love you💜 inspired by @movies.ofmarvel ac: s.oftparker, pitch edited by me dt: my fav potatoes, anne, amanda, madi, and lorraine! my first video edit! please share! i’m proud of myself for this one! i use video star⭐️


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look at that power family, i aspire to have a family like theirs when i grow up

Part 11 A couple days passed and I was so tired. Mainly due to the fact I haven't been able to sleep because of what me a Haz almost did. Even though we haven't done anything since, (Tom hasn't left us alone) I can't stop feeling guilty. Tom did say that he loved me and I told him I liked him too so how is this fair to him? I know how hard it is to live when someone you love breaks your heart and now I'm no better than Oli, atually I'm worse! At least Oli didn't try and hide his affections for other girls but I'm trying to act like nothing has happened. Ugh! I don't know what to dooooooooo! "LIV?" Tom shouted from the front door. "YEAH?" "IM JUST POPPING OUT TO THE SHOPS, DO YOU NEED ANYTHING?" "UM, NO THANK YOU!" "OK, BYE!!" I heard the front door shut and if on cue, Haz poked his head round my bedroom door. "Hey love, can I come in?" "Yeah sure." "What you watching?" "Netflix." "Ooh great. We can Netflix and chill...if you know what I mean." He said winking. I didn't reply, unsure of what to say. Do I listen to my heart? Or my head? Haz's hand started creeping around my waist and up to my chest, with his other one, he locked fingers with mine and gently pushed me down flat on the bed. "Now we can finish what we started." He whispered softly. He started to undress himself and me but I felt uncomfortable. "Haz sto---" I was interupted by another kiss, more hand grasping. His head moved lower down my stomach and his hands stroked my upper thighs. I have to stop him otherwise I'll regret it. My leggings were suddenly were pulled down and..."Stop." I said firmly. He looked up at me. "What? Stop?" "Yes Harrison, stop. I can't do this. Not to Tom." He looked irritated. "So you're preventing this from happening just because of Tom even though he will treat you like sh*t and won't love you like I do." "yes." I said meekly. "Fine." He put his clothes back on. "Just don't come running to me when he breaks your heart." With that, he stormed out. All I ever do is cry and that is precisely what I did until Tom came home. (Little short one🤗)

the trailer was so good omg i loved it, but was anyone else raving about betty and ned more that peter and mj, or just me? just me, okay...


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Part 10 Tom still wasn't home when me and Haz got back. Haz texted him to make sure he was ok and Tom replied that he'd be home at 9pm the latest. I kinda was dreading facing him again wondering what I was going to do and how to act around him. "What's up? You look a bit nervous." "Haz, how do I act around him? Like do i pretend everythings fine? Or should I tell him I know?" "No! Liv you promised me that you're not to tell him!" "What do I do then?" I threw my hands in the air with annoyance and flopped onto the sofa. He came and sat next to me. "Just do what you think is right." He said quietly. Wow. That helped a lot.😑 "You know I had a really great day with you Liv. I haven't had that much fun for a long time as my work eats it all up. So thank you." "Aw Haz, I too had a great time and I haven't had the chance to have fun either. Thank YOU!" "Do you like Tom?" He said randomly. Quite taken aback I hesitated "Um, yes I do. Why?" "No, but do you love him?" I stared at Haz, thinking about Tom. Do I really LOVE him? I mean, I really really like him but after what Haz has told me today I'm not quite sure if I can ever love him incase I get my heart broken. Again. Do I love him? I don't know!! "Harrison, I'm keeping your secret so please keep mine. I'm not sure I can ever love him incase I get my heart broken. So no, I don't love him at the moment." I spoke softly and looked at my drink. A hand tilted my head up so I was looking into Harrison's beautiful eyes "thank God." He whispered. "Why thank god?" "So I won't feel guilty doing this." With that he leaned towards me, closed his eyes and his lips touched mine very softly. I instantly felt impassioned. "don't stop." I whispered. He was kinda surprised as he probably thought I wouldn't want him to do this, but he kissed me again and again each time more passionate than the last. I suddenly longed for him, I was desperate! He started kissing down my neck "you know...I have...yearned...for this...for a...very long...time." he said between kisses. He started tugging at the bottom of my jumper. "yes!" I whispered knowing what he was implying. He pulled my jumper over my head and began to gently kiss my chest, (CIC!)

Okay I’m so mad about this @tomshollxnd couldn’t have said it better!this is regarding this photo were this guy is grabbing toms butt and has admitted to it! I am discussed by people like this who take advantage of people (Tom) when he was kind enough to take a photo with them! SMH Tom we love you and we apologize for people like this❤️ #spidey #peterparker #mcu #marvelstudios #zendaya #thomasstanleyholland #hazosterfield #nikkihollandphotography #harryholland #samholland #quackdaddy #tomholland #tomholland2013 #tomhollandphotos #tomhollandfan #tomhollandfanpage #hollanders #hollander #quackson #quacksonsquad #quacksonklaxon #spidermanhomecoming #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #avengers #spiderman2 #avengers4 #avengersinfinitywar #marvel #marvellengends

i’m seriously disgusted with people. in the photo i posted earlier with tom wearing zendayas jacket, the man was apparently gRABBING HIS ASS! idc whether you’re a man, woman, both, or neither, sexual harassment is NOT OKAY! no one deserves it, and even if it’s something as simple as grabbing someone’s ass, it still makes people uncomfortable, even celebrities. yes, tom is a chill dude, but no one ever has the right to touch him without his consent especially in places like that. i literally want to rip someone’s head off

Part 9 I woke up in my bed with Tom still in his clothes next to me. Woah! We...didn't...did we? No... we can't have. We both still were dressed. I don't remember the drive home I must've fell asleep on him. Poor Tom, he looks shattered. He drove all that way home and managed to put me to bed but then was too exhausted to move. I looked at him asleep amazed that Tom Holland is sleeping on my bed and Tom fricking Holland actually kissed me!! His eyes opened and he yawned. "Oh hey love. Sorry I must have fallen asleep next to you." "Anytime." I winked suggestively. "Oh sh*t! What's the time!?" "9:56am, why?" "I need to be at a photoshoot today and need to be there at 11!" He jumped off the bed, turned and gave me a quick kiss then ran off to get ready. Ugh I'm so tired I'm sure a couple minutes more won't make any difference. I woke up to a smell that smelt good! Someone was cooking. I looked at the time 2:30pm! Wow I've never slept this late. I brushed through my hair, put on some leggings and a cropped jumper and walked towards the smell. "Haz! Hey, what you making?" "Stir fry." "Ooh yummy! Can I have some?" "Sure." "Hey, you ok?" He seemed a little down today. He sighed "Yes I'm f*cking great(!)" "Woah woah, Haz what's wrong huh?" "I just love it how my two best friends leave in the middle of the night without telling me." My heart flipped. He knew. "You...*ahem* noticed?" "Oh yeah." "Sorry Haz. Tom said that you wouldn't mind and---" He cut me off "It's fine Tom does this all the time with girls." My mouth dropped and so did my heart. Tom does this with other girls? How many other girls? Other girls?! "Um sorry, what?" I said. "You went to that place with all the stars right?" I nodded. "Yeah he takes loads of girls there, makes them feel special and then dumps them because a new prettier girl comes along." I literally felt like I was being torn to a million pieces. I couldn't stop the tears. "Hey, it's ok love." Haz said once he saw my tears. He held his arms out and I ran into them and sobbed onto his chest. He picked me up in a bridal style and took me to the sofa. He went back and got our stir-fry and some chocolate to cheer me up. He's so sweet. (CIC!)


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okay i have a lot of (good) things to say: one: the little kid looks so happy tom made her day ugh i love that two: toms hair with tHE SUNGLASSES PUSHED BACK ARE AHHH I LOVE IT and three: tom crouching down to take a picture with her is everything to me ugh what a mAN

it truly makes me sick to my stomach how ignorant and mean people can be. people are asking “where’d toms abs go?” it doesn’t matter, he doesn’t need abs to be a good person, he is such a kind and sweet man who is so considerate of all of his fans, and some of them are walking all over him, and body shaming him. i am disgusted about how that’s one of the thoughts going through peoples minds. he does amazing things for everyone in his life, stop bothering and potentially making tom feel insecure about his body, he is perfect inside and out and if people only like him for his looks, they can leave. the fandom is so toxic sometimes, it truly makes me sick. just please, be kind and stay positive and DON’T BODYSHAME!!! @tomholland2013

This is the best thing i've seen all day 😍😍😍 @tomholland2013 #tomhollandlove #tomholland #tom #holland #surfingholland #hawaii #quacksonklaxon

i’ve been so caught up in new content that i’ve kinda forgotten about rare photos 😬 whoops

Part 8 I sat down with my chicken selects, fries and a drink of Diet Coke. "What shall we watch?" Asked Haz flicking through films. "Uhhh...oh I know! Infinity War!" I said excitedly. He looked at me, "You know Tom has put a ban on films with him in. He can't stand watching them." I laughed "Who cares! Play it!" "Ok, your fault if he asks." The Marvel theme tune started playing and in came Tom. "What are we watching then? I hope it's nothing with me in it." Me and Haz just looked at eachother. "Wow. It's infinity War." Tom squinted his eyes at me. "Fine. We can watch it, I'm not in it that much but I look like f*cking Prince Charming! Liv! I hate you." I laughed. I couldn't help but cry at the end when Peter died and Tom saw. He softly stroked my forearm and whispered "hey, it's ok I'm here." I gave him a little smile, rested my head on his shoulder and linked arms with him. After the film finished, I got ready for bed but couldn't sleep. All I could think about is Oli and this other woman. It broke my heart to see him with someone else even though technically we were still together and it made me wonder had he'd been cheating on me whilst I was still living with him? I mean he did go to the pub a lot when I wasn't allowed to go and sometimes he would go when football wasn't even on. I think deep deep down I knew something was up but I chose to ignore it scared of what Oli would do to me if I asked questions. He didn't like me asking questions, if I did, I was punished. Then I started thinking about Tom and what if he did vanish like Peter did? What would I do then? I would be homeless without him! I realised I actually really care for him, like REALLY care. He's just so nice, sweet, funny, kind and just an amazing human. And Haz, he was pretty much the same as Tom. I am so so so grateful for the both of them...I need some water. I got out of my bed and walked to the kitchen only to find Tom staring out the window. "Jeez Tom!! You almost made me have a heart attack!!" As I spoke, that too made him jump. "Same here Liv!!" "What are you doing up?" "Can't sleep." "Neither. Why can't you sleep Tom?" He hesitated, opened his mouth then closed it again (CIC!!👇👇)

UPDATE: Tom with a fan in hawaii looking like a schnack okay, but tom looks sO AMAZING


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he’s so passionate about his job it’s amazing :))

Part 7 The drive seemed to last forever so Tom put on music to try and ease the fear. Butterflies raced around my tummy colliding into one another and ricocheting off the lining of my stomach. I tapped my fingers against the armrest, even Haz was quiet. As we neared the street, it was quiet. Too quiet. Absentmindedly, Tom turned off the radio and the car silently sailed down the street. "Look there's someone up ahead." Tom said. I looked at the hooded figure and recognized him immediately. "Tom pull in this driveway now." I said sternly. "What? Who's drive is this?" "Tom, I said NOW!" He swung the car in and turned the engine off. "Is that Oli?" Haz asked quietly. "Yep. At least we know he is going to be at the pub. He's a bit late leaving tonight so good job we came when we came." Once Oli had disappeared into the alleyway, Tom drove the car up to your apartment. "Right, I'll need someone to be with me, to help and someone stays here and keeps a look out and pack the car ok?"" I said. "I'll come!" Haz announced. "What!? I don't wanna keep look out! What if he comes back!?" Said Tom. "Tough. And if he comes back, you warn us Tom(!)" I took the key out of my purse and slid it into the keyhole. *CLICK* "At least he hasn't changed the flipping lock." I mumbled to myself. I looked round the flat, not sure what I was expecting. Nothing had changed. My cold coffee was still sitting on the kitchen counter from where I left it 5 days ago and my slippers still kicked off on the sofa. I went into our bedroom to collect my things but I was stopped. On the floor lied a red dress that looked like it had been thrown hurriedly away and on the unmade bed was a black bra. None of these were mine. Haz cleared his throat which made me snap out of my thoughts "I guess that these aren't yours judging by the way you are looking at them." Haz said gently. "No." I whispered. I cleared my throat "No. These are not mine at all." "Come on Liv, let's get packing." He said rubbing my shoulder. "Yes. Ok." I started with my clothes, then makeup, shoes, underwear, toiletries, hair products and lastly my tech stuff like my laptop. "Is that it?" Haz asked worn out from(Continued in comments)

A Spider-Man Homecoming appreciation post 😂 I made this while on the school bus today hope you like it #spiderman #spidermanfarfromhome #spidermanhoco #spidermanhocoedit #spidermanfans #tomholland #hollander #quackson #quacksonsquad #quacksonklaxon #tomholland


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okay but look at these kings and how aesthetic they are ugh i love

Part 6 I woke up in the comfiest bed ever. I was used to sleeping in cheap beds, or sofas, not anything as luxury as this! That's was one of the best night's sleep I've had in a long time. I checked my phone and the time read 9:13am. Ugh I have to get up. Then a small tap came from outside the door. '"Liv?" A whisper came. "Olivia?" The door started to open slowly. "No Tom! You can't see me looking like this!" I said flinging myself underneath the duvet. "What do you mean. I don't care what you look like love." Tom said laughing. "I've just woken up and look like utter sh*t, and I need a shower." I called from beneath the covers. "Ok, here, I brought you a towel to use." Tom placed the towel on my bed and exited the room. When I got to the bathroom, I was taken aback how aesthetically pleasing it was. Obviously, someone had a theme going on. The flooring, and tiles on the walls were dark grey, the toilet, bath, shower and sink were white and the towels, sponges, hand soap and even shower gel and shampoo were yellow. It was cute even though the shower was literally a jigsaw to figure out. Once I had finished, I wrapped the towel round me and looked to see if the coast was clear of boys, it looks clear. I sprinted from the bathroom to my bedroom but before I got to my door, Harrison, stepped out from the laundry room. I froze and so did he. We both stared at eachother, his eyes moved up and down my body, realised what he'd just done and slammed his hands over his eyes "God, sorry Olivia." "No, it's my fault." I called as I quickly ran into my room and shut the door. Wow kinda awkward. After I got ready, I went to the living room to watch TV and found Harrison lounging on the couch. "Hey Harrison." "Hi Olivia." he said without looking from the TV. "You can call me Liv." I said politely. "And you can call me Haz." He said looking at me with a grin. I grinned back. "Why hello 'Haz'." I said jokingly putting my hand out for him to shake. "Oh hello dear 'Liv'." Haz replied in the poshest accent he could do and shook my hand. We both burst out laughing and carried on watching TV. You know, I've never noticed how stunning his eyes are. (Continued in comments!)