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What's Your WHY ? DO YOU KNOW (YES or NO) you should really ask YOURSELF and think about why you want to do it and not what you want to get out from it. Life is about fulfillment what you become and not what you have! . Just take a look to those who's creating innovating business that really change the world they don't do it for the WHAT they will get but for this big WHY, THIS BETTER WORLD THEY WANT TO CREATE!


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All about the #summervibes☀️


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“The Crucifixion of Jonathan Lulgjuraj”


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Your circle should decrease in size but increase in value ever so often


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#mondayinspiration Kindness makes you beautiful 💕✨


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Take it day by day and be grateful for every breath...😘❤❤❤ #quotesaboutlife #selfieday #mornings #pagi


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~ Even when it hurts 🖤 Leave a comment and follow @__quodophile for more


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Tell me what freedom means to you! ☺️💕 In work or in life generally!