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Being unappreciated.... Once in a life we all think , That all our efforts we make are unnoticed , The person for whom we do a lot of things , Doesn't appreciate , but starts criticizing ! It doesn't matter how much we give , They will always point on what is missing ! So let me tell you one thing , They criticize you inspite of thanking , Because of the negativity inside , they are holding ; They could not fight their negativity , Because they are weak , But you were strong enough to win , From your negativity and bringing , The goodness out from yourself and showering , On them kindly , So be proud of yourself because you are keeping , A heart full of kindness while theirs are empty , Do not stop yourself from doing good deeds , Even if people are not appreciating : ) - Nisa


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I'm a slow walker, but I never walk back.Slowly but surely I have been soaking Rilke up these last few months: the man, his work and his life. And that is probably the only right way with literature, with study, with people or with anything else: to let it all soak in, to let it all mature slowly inside you until it has become a part of yourself. That, too, is a growing process. Everything is a growing process. And in between, emotions and sensations that strike you like lightning. But still the most important thing is the organic process of growing.💯.💯💯 . . . Tell me how you feel, have I inspired you with this post? 😇 . . . Spread the inspiration by sharing this post to a friend😊 . . @thegoodquote @find.motivation @uplifting_quotations @the_white_beast1 @tyanndeclue @quotes.ndnotes @risechronicles @millionaire_mentor_il . . . #say #said #important #saying #quotes #quotestoliveby #quotestagram #quotesoftheday #quotesaboutlife #quotesandsayings #quotesforgirls #quotesaboutlove #tagsforhearts #lifeinism #sayings #quotesforlife #quotesdaily #quotesforyou #quotesofinstagram #quotesaboutlifequotesandsayings #quotesgram #quotesoflife #quoteofday #quotefortheday #quoteme #quote #quotetoliveby #quoted #tagsforlikes #tflers


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Night thinking: Sometimes someone take the time to listen when we are at the lowest is rare and should be valued. Not everyone will be there for you. So start appreciating people now! 🤣


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Anyone else live their Saturday this way? #weekendvibe


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You will remember exactly which date and what activity you had when you and your lover’s first met, even 10 years ago. How about what you ate last 2 weeks saturday’ dinner? Can you remember? #quotesaboutlife #quotesgram #quotesoflife #quoteofday #quotefortheday #quoteme #quote #quotetoliveby #facts #truth #life #fact #wisdom #mindcontrol #knowledge #wordsofwisdom #facts #didyouknow #belief


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Think Big, Dream Big, and the Results Will be BIG.


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Years ago after moving overseas I struggled with mild depression. I moved to a place I knew only from movies (reality was totally different than portrayed picture 🙈😂). I barely spoke the language, didn’t have family and friends with me. When went to see a doctor, he “offered” Rx for Prozac. With wildly open eyes I politely declined. 📍 I’m stubborn from nature and decided to take control of my depression in a totally different way: - I set a schedule for workouts (started with couple of fitness classes at local gym); - I made an effort to eat better; - I started going out more and meeting people; - made sure I hydrate my body enough; - I aimed to sleep 7-8 hrs every night; - went on walks. Of course I didn’t do everything at once. Slowly I was adding one thing after another and within couple of months, I started feeling much better. 📍 You see, once your body starts feeling better, the better we are. We start having more energy and feel happier. 📍 I get it. Maybe you aren’t stubborn like me. Maybe, you have 💯 things on your plate. However, the sooner you realize you need you body to be well the faster you start feeling better. 📍 Start slowly. Notice how you feel every day and what can you change. Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for you: -start positive self-talk regarding you and your body; -start moving more every day (trust me, those 10 minutes walks count); -start doing things that make YOU happy; -aim for 7-8 hrs of 💤 every night; -eat when you are truly hungry and focus mostly on food that nourishes you; -hydrate properly (reduce sugary drinks and alcohol) -dress up and put some make up on. Feel sexy. . Hope that helps. Have a question? Ask below or send me DM. 💕Ula . . . . . #selfmotivation #eatmoverevive #ulakfitness #quotetoliveby #selflovequotes #selfloveclub #noscalevictory #noscalevictories #mentalhealthsupport #wellnesscoachlife #feelgoodquotes


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There’s no magic, just self realization from inner point of view. Connecting the DOTS https://buff.ly/2LGnKGg ; ; ; #quote #quoteoftheday #motivating #inspiring #quotetoliveby #inspirational #yogalife #bloggerslife #digitalnomads #bloggerslife #inspiringquotes #goals

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