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And in other parts of the world this one amazing young man, growing pains and all, is out and about on road trips with the coolest uncle and aunt. β™₯ #raisingdreamo

And now we'll always have this, son. And me, you'll always have me. Always. #raisingdreamo

we can all fly and that's the truth. πŸ“· @glyphic_dream #raisingdreamo

i pray son that you remember these moments until after all and farther into ever after. β™₯ #raisingdreamo

this man with his all raised up to beautiful starry sunset skies has sharpened me like iron sharpens iron, his prayers, faith, and servant leadership have seen a lot of people through happy, steady, and high waters. his walk seems to most at church as amazing and we call him a world changer yet it's not always been easy (its not meant to be). his tender heart has learned how hurtful people can be and how ill judging the world is, how his papa can fail him, how he does stumble even on the times he thought he had already learned, and how this single custodian parent mom, can fall short of expectations too. --but in every leg of disappointment and every season of refinement, every day of restoration, and every moment of repair and revival God has shown his son how different His love is from all the world gives. people say his wisdom is beyond his 14 years and so is his mum's and unconventionally smarty his sister is as well, but really every time people see that we know it's only who God's love makes us be (a portion of his grand plans for every moment we are being, yay). Today is none special but now is an extraordinaringly ordinary moment I'd like to take to honor you Dreamo. It is an absolute privilege to love you and walk with you and grow up with you. I appreciate all that you are, all of it babe, I appreciate you.--let's just keep yielding, the best is already here and yet to come in the arms of a sovereign God. β™‘ Woohoo. #raisingdreamo

I cherish that laughter of his that finds joy when i'm being silly or I get whoozy from twirling around and throw a happy fit giving up on something β™₯ #raisingdreamo

my son channeling uhmm, see, uhh me? Or no maybe some sort of sexy tilapia lels. gaaaah. who to blame. nuninuninuuu.. #raisingdreamo

times your parenting would be easily questioned is when your son wants to experience old school rugged Filipino transportation ways ("sabit" or "angkas" both denotes hanging on to something or being hung) and you let them. the point is not to inhibit who they are by black and white rules and instructions although some core values are immovable and non negotiable for us but mostly the aim is to guide them as they make life choices and as the execute them--as they succeed, fail, get hurt, rise back up again, and face consequences from their minor decisions. ❀ #raisingdreamo

The force is strong on this one. Been through so much this year that's opened his eyes and heart to the truth about us and love. It will hurt. It will be exciting. It will be worth it. And it will be one to let go in order to keep growing. ❀ #raisingdreamo

I saw my son taking photos of this child during the loot distribution. in all its commotion, heat, and emotion, I saw him and his heart. He was being changed at that moment as he realized those avengers jammies were his. his he no longer wanted was the same pair this kid who doesn't even have slippers needed. ❀ #raisingdreamo #justshutupandlove

someone's hard at work and fully committed in launching his t-shirt project soon to help me out with family expenses. what a heart. ❀ #raisingdreamo

He started skating when he was 7 but not all day. #raisingdreamo #streetphotography #itsmorefuninthephilippines

you deserve the world and over my main man. ❀ #raisingdreamo #bookworm #boats #adventure #traveller

I watched Dreamo chase him. he couldn't help but touch it. he couldn't help but take the chance. he couldn't help but learn his lesson well even without being issued a fine. he couldn't help but learn more that rules and boundaries in life are there to protect you because you are loved. ❀ #raisingdreamo #whaleshark #epic #adventurer #philippines #beautifulplaces

i see a tiny boy who couldn't pronounce his own name and at best could only say "beamo is my noime". i see a tiny boy going "awooo (i love you) mummy!" i see a tiny boy. ❀ #raisingdreamo #timeflies #growingup #lifeisbeautiful #loved

The reason why mommies are required to exercise. You know, in case Dream manages to topple his kayak over and get tons of water in it and you need to drain it....manually. Yup, we had to lift that up over our heads to get the water out and 2 gecko's in it as well. And yes, one almost landed on my face. And super yes, I threw the boat over when I saw it coming. We had to be lifting it all over again. after all of it you go, good times ❀ #wandering #raisingdreamo #adventure #camping #kayaking #lake #philippines #roadtrip #makingmemories

he's going through so many new things, he's making so many mistakes. he's also realizing God's amazing grace. i wish i could keep his adventures the same way they are in this wonderful but parametered camp, but that is to take him away from the path that has been paved for only him to take. i want to hold his heart and guard it, but someone best already has it. Jesus. #raisingdreamo #growingup #adventure #camping #loved #journey

The binata sa bintana. ❀ who could ignore you? #raisingdreamo #light #love #growingup

The most gentleman gentleman I know (that's not a typo). He'd take everything from me, possibly including my very self, just so I wouldn't need to carry anything. woot! He falls silent if needed which is a real effort on his part because he's talkative like ahem, me, because he can see that I'm busy to epic levels and think that any spare time I might have for him I could just give to attend to his sister ben or myself. ❀ what a giver. what a what a, got no words!! anyhoo it's this guy's first time to meddle with floor polish, he did the in to outward wax on wax off strategy (pagbubunutin ko sana para math to talaga but I don't have the classic shelI one, next time muwahahahah lol) anyhoo it's this guy's first time to meddle with floor polish, he did the in to outward wax on wax off strategy (pagbubunutin ko sana para math to talaga but I don't have the classic shelI one, next time muwahahahah lol) and then this!!! --laughed my heart out because this seriously happened at one point to all of us growing up eh diba. that point when you, or he in this case, realize he's backed up into a tiny corner with less than one sqm of his feet that's the only unwaxed part to stay until the application dries out nicely for a bit. rock n roll noon rock n roll ngayon, it's great to see the tiny experiences we still share as common to this day's tribe. hoohah. ❀ #raisingdreamo #thankyoujesus #growingup #makingmemories #love #home

"Dreeeeeeaaam-dream-dream-dreaaaam (2x) whenever I want you all I have to do is dream, dream, Dream..." used to sing him to sleep with that, the last time I did was last year around this month. Now I see him across the room and looking out from the window the whole world ahead of him. With God by his side. Who would've thought we'd make it this far. ❀ #raisingdreamo #makingmemories #visualsoflife #love #memories

white wash Sundays before fammy brekky and then disperse, them to churchey thingies and i to working it worky worky. ❀ #raisingdreamo #mornings #growingup #timeflies #makingmemories

it took him forever and a day. #raisingdreamo #herewego #teen #growingup

Weekly date with this one and some Yakee!!! I was a bit younger than this man when they released these local sour gum balls, it was a small something for us to be able to have it together today. yes, babaw hits :) of course I'm the one who got disturbed, he enjoyed it. 🎈 #raisingdreamo #life #love #play #memories #freeze

Life schooling plus tagalog practice let's go street fighter haduken combo!! #wanderingb #raisingdreamo #streetstyle #visualsoflife #growingup #school

shopping stuff for use with Ben πŸ’– because what's your childhood without the loving plastic centipede or ipis (roach) scare from your older bruh? the operative word is love. #raisingdreamo #tradition #streetstyle #boo #visualsoflife

Dream goes to Life Project every Friday where a bunch of youth hang out & discover life together. πŸŽ† At our date today he was eager to tell me about this one that happened at Toby's Estate. It was about children without fathers or mothers, families that are broken & how rampant it is. He learned that there are children without fathers because this is what happens when men void responsibility in order to remain boys. πŸŽ† He said he sees so many broken families even inside church & he could tell with the unusual pure silence that most everyone could deeply relate to the topic. πŸŽ† He continues "from a very young age I knew of our family situation because you & I would always talk about it during bed time (we started when he was 3). for me it wasn't much of an issue, i just wanted to understand why from your end & papa's, i didn't really feel the "broken" word there. But as we said in the group, we don't want to add another broken family to this nation or world. so do i, but what I do want to contribute is mine that would be a solid one. I also want to do something to mend the hearts that have been broken of others. you know I might not be able to change their past because that is done, it is what it is, but at least I'm able to show them that the future can be different". πŸŽ† We processed why belonging to a broken family didn't result to him feeling broken by asking him questions that made him dissect layers of his reality.-- all of his answers pointed to LOVE. πŸŽ† D: (wide-πŸ‘d) ...yeah because I have always known and felt strongly loved by you & papa & everyone around me, i couldn't see the brokenness even if I knew I was part of what they call a broken family B: (teary-πŸ‘d) right and God affirms that in scripture and through Jesus and the cross himself πŸŽ† D: yeah yeah, love covers a multitude of sins. Love covers it so well for us πŸŽ† B: or in our case failures, incompatibilities, ill decisions, separations & so on..because of love you grew up being whole. And then he went on to ask if I would mind it if he became a missionary. My heart smiled as I replied pray about it and no, me & your papa wouldn't mind. #raisingdreamo #realtalk #allheart

morning walk with my dreamo shot by our blooming photographer cutie pie, Ben, that doesn't happen as much of late. yup, we've entered the autono-me zone already. it's his time to be apart from me πŸ’– while being with me, wait whutt? parents of teens so totally get this tho. B: I haven't seen the movie IT, still D: let's watch it!! B: but that'll be like the 3rd time you'll see it D: are you kidding me moooom, i haven't gotten tired if it! It still gets me kilig about it!! B: kiliiiig? do you know the meaning of that word sweets (legit thinking that he misused it) D: no, mom, it's a romantic horror flick. didn't you know that? B: errr no, you know me i never know anything trending D: starts screaming like a gurrl "you gotta waaatch it!!!" (x5) B: (screaming back happily) is it still out there? (x3) #raisingdreamo #growingup #timeflies #walk #moments #streetphotography #love

catching up with my main man. talking about vegetarian longganisa and how to distract yourself from pain to make room for healing heart hurts 🎈 waaaaattttuupp yo, here we gooooo... #raisingdreamo #catchup #besties #love

10 year old son's genius and leadership potential uncovered in 2013 ❀ . . . . . #raisingdreamo #tootfairy #memories #moments #forever #letter #truestory #visualsoflife

hindi magmamaliw ang aking pagmamahal anak (my love for you will never diminish, it is unchanging my child) ❀ . . . . . . . #raisingdreamo #filipino #love #sundayfunday #morningmotivation #visualsoflife #classic #oldschool #film

someday we'll look back to all these days and we'll remember not only the recipes but what timeless and timelessness means. πŸ’š #godisgood #memories #bunnyskitch #cooking #chill #saturdaynight #raisingdreamo #love

this man's whipping up his own brand of "snackwiches" and "presswicheeses" (we're not sure what to call it yet xD). i'm so proud of you Dreamo, i learn so much from your tender and humble heart. ❀ what a sight. #raisingdreamo #bunnyskitch #create #foodie #proudmom #love

pressing on, everyday. with love. teehee ❀ i'm kilig. . . . . . #raisingdreamo #kidswhocook #parenting #training #cheese #foodie #homemade

dreamo's grilled cheese with bologna and herb omelette. i love sharing the kitchen space with my kid, i think it's so special to have some cooking time with your boy. either that or ill have to endure skating for hours, surfing, parkour-ish street walks and sprints, so yeah. happy days! . . . . #thankyoujesus #raisingdreamo #foodie #homecooked #fresh #moments #cleaneating

dreamo made this for me today, his first stargazer flower origami using ordinary construction paper. for those who know of this art would nod at the importance of using the right paper. it makes creation a lot of minutes and patience beads quicker. so proud of the time you invested in this today. and most of all i admire you for your easy obedience on our gadget&internet detox so much so you picked this up. you are my bunch of flowers daily sweety! πŸ’ πŸ’š #raisingdreamo #origami #art #detox #makeithappen

Dream wanted to get closer to the water so I took him. It required for me to go barefoot to be side by side my then 10yo. inquisitive boy. And there we had our moment worth more than gold. Free of charge. best Manila bay visit ever. #godmakesamazingtimes #raisingdreamo #visualsoflife #adventure #moment #love #wanderlust

stood right next to my boy as he experienced his first major "letting go" ❀ he's been with long hair since he was 7. Now it could seem like just a haircut but there's a great deal he's learning in the very process that's happening right now. it's beautiful. #raisingdreamo #goodbyelonghair #letgo #love #adventure #style #beautiful #godmakesamazingtimes #visualsoflife

to see through your eyes is magic, to know your heart is to be grateful to the Lord everyday since you came and forever ❀ Dreamo, no other. #raisingdreamo #photography #magic #moments #life

he had a lot to say, this boy and that leader's summit camp ❀ while I was just glad to have him back and that fire #raisingdreamo #home #love #camp #fire

chatterbox dreamo and mum, more food more to yap about ❀ #foodie #korea #love #raisingdreamo

sunrise early bird's price as Dreamo goes for a road trip with a couple more fishermen in tagaytay (tuh guy thai) the chill land of the best rising ones ❀ i super love my Pilipinas. #thankyoujesus #raisingdreamo #sunrise #roadtrip #coffee #philippines

Here's Saiah today praying and speaking blessing, success, covering, and protection over Dreamo because someone told them about Jesus. ❀ huge shout out of hooray to kids church volunteers and everyone who heeds His call to disciple ❀ "Yes, β€œeveryone who trusts in the Lord will be saved.” But before people can pray to the Lord for help, they must believe in him. And before they can believe in the Lord, they must hear about him. And for anyone to hear about the Lord, someone must tell them." Romans 10:13‭-‬14 ERV #jesus #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #prayer #victorygreenhills #church

there he goes, seeing God's wonders and experiencing them first hand. may you never get enough of Him beyond any mountain or majestic views he has in store for you πŸ’š #raisingdreamo #mountain #climb #up #godisgood #adventure

this time fourish years ago i took 8 year old dreamo to LU to surf for the first time. I'll never forget this moment of being side by side with my eager son waiting for the swell, reminding him of his life lesson number one - "remember there's a time for everything, just wait..just wait.." (this later on would be my life verse) while he said back "okay mom, but when you get pushed out there let the same force get you up and standing" ❀ *queue old Kodak jingle here* "these are the moments, don't let them pass you by..these are, the Kodak moments.." #raisingdreamo #memories #surfing #godisgood #adventure

meanwhile our dreamo has done his first summit with the fam. here's to more of God's beautiful masterpieces son! #raisingdreamo #first #mountain #climb #adventure

what good big brothers are made of. #ateamhits #raisingmyben #raisingdreamo #kids #play #love #bro

date night with my true north split fairly into two β™₯ #ateamhits #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #night #streetphotography #adventure #light

to see you worship Jesus when I fared through my ponytail days not knowing who he truly is, is one of the greatest miracles of my life. β™₯ thank you Abba for drawing us to you. #jesus #light #worship #bethelmusic #latergram #raisingdreamo

Quick get together with this mighty man of God who just blessed our life with so much faith and light. We absolutely love you! Thanks for finding nemo!! #raisingdreamo #findingnemo #sharedlives #churchcommunity #victorygreenhills #love #godisgood

never forgotten homey saturdays with the once tiny patooties #saturday #pizza #foodie #ateamhits #raisingdreamo #adventure

when the Lord arranges the perfect moment you just know it's time to pass on a classic epic part in a child's life when they discover how they can make wine glass whistle with their fingers. he probably saw how much i loved doing it at weddings and christenings when i was in ponytails ❀ you are amazing Abba #indescribable #ateamhits #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #godisgood #whenyouseeit #classic

Thank you Abba for our very faith is a gift from You, thank you for using us mightily and for revealing day by day the purpose and plans you have for Dreamo and for each one of all of us who believe in you. We pray for more youth leaders to arise and more world changers to come forward joyfully serving and worshipping you in many ways great and small. Dreamo, continue to seek the Lord in all you do and allow Him to use you mightily in the advancement of his kingdom, we commend you for braving it and sharing yourself with others that God be glorified! I love you son and have always been proud of you through ups like these and the inevitable yet memorable downs that grow you. You are such an amazing man to this day and from when you were little ❀ I feel so much of God's love through you. I look up to your faith and thank you for growing mine as well. wee. Special thanks to Joey and Tin and Christian + vgroup kids and P.Bojo for the cheer squad support ❀ #teamjesus #love #worship #faith #raisingdreamo #adventure #life

true love eats with bare fingers and waits patiently until one is done prepping the perfect cut and mix. happy valentines day wurrld 🌟🌈β™₯ what a happy happy joy joy time xD #cafe #foodie #valentines #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #fast #no #adventure

their super squeeze hug because we were apart for a night. #iknow #love #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #hug #stories

Dream : mom what are capsules made of? Me: today they're usually made of vegetables, or something edible Dream: like plastic? Me: plastic? I did say vegetables and edible capsule right? Dream: yeah like plastic, edible plastic (with a sure tone) Me: okay (with a sure tone as well) #raisingdreamo #convo #roadtrip #moments #adventures #life #love

way back when we were all chubby and i barely knew that i didn't have time. my what a heart days. πŸ’› #love #adventures #candy #tb #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben

all my bags are packed I'm ready to go kind of Thursday right here #sepanx #no #travel #adventures #life #raisingmyben #raisingdreamo #love

last shore hunt with this amazing man although there really isn't going to be an end to these moments πŸ’™ #ateamhits #raisingdreamo #beach #newyear2017 #letsgo #adventures #travel

when you're feeling all squinty eyed and smiley bee and they decide to express art through their hands, you let them. to the ruins. bow. #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #hands #whenyouseeit #adventures #life #laughter #happiness

when rogue date gets stolen in broad day light. you rejoice. because it's another chance to be alone that'll make being with others later cozier. in silence you learn to be thankful. in being alone you find out you're not, that there's only one step of foot prints because? right... β™₯ thank you @cj.tomas for being super cool! #raisingdreamo #gotjesusallthetime #word #daystochristmas2016 #love #adventures #life #growingup

because we need them to try, to take a leap of faith, to be sure in their steps knowing they do not carry themselves alone β™₯ #streetphotography #letthembelittle #raisingdreamo #raisingmyben #tuesdate #sand #outdoors #adventures #life

mushroom and sesame one pot tuna mozzarella red pasta for late lunch is love. thanks for sharing your magic Dreamo! β™₯ #foodie #pasta #cleaneating #raisingdreamo #bunnyskitch #nom #letsgo

the son suited up for the holidays πŸŽ„we customize and do rush orders guys xD #raisingdreamo #lifehacks #adventure #life #adorbs #letsgo #fashion #couture

tonight was different... Dream had asked for something while Ben didn't, in shopping premises!!! tonight it shows clearly how both have grown up. let me hear the loudest and most resounding nooooooooo........ #raisingmyben #raisingdreamo #love #christmas #feels #fam #live

my first victory group tuesdays with these cuties β™₯ diving into James 1 this Christmas-ey night. "And remember, when you are being tempted, do not say, β€œGod is tempting me.” God is never tempted to do wrong, and he never tempts anyone else. Temptation comes from our own desires, which entice us and drag us away. These desires give birth to sinful actions. And when sin is allowed to grow, it gives birth to death." James 1:13NLT Ben: sometimes i pray but i dont have the faith because im pretty sure i wont be able to find the k-zone editions thats gone missing from my things, i have to have more faith but also like you said mom, i have to do what it takes, like make sure i put my important knick knacks away Dream: we need to be careful of the things we want, it happens quickly sometimes, our desires get us to spiritual death B: finding joy in the trials is when you're able to celebrate how alive the Lord is in your life, magnified well by the difficult situations #victorygreenhills #vgroupgh #ateam #raisingmyben #raisingdreamo #no2 #life #adventure #love