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2018-06-07 01:09:00

Winter calls for hearty bowls of warming goodness. And for this we find it hard to go past Simon Bryant's Goolwa Pipi's with lentils. This weekends forecast is starting to really cool down. Perfect for settling in with a big bowl of this! You can find the full recipe on our website. (Link in bio). 😋 #safoodies #adelaidefoodies #pipirevolution #winter


2018-06-04 23:54:29

Harvest happens all year round in our corner of the world. Even the depths of Winter will find us out on the Pipi barge early. The wins? An epic view or two… 🙌 🌅 #wintertime #harvest #pipirevolution #naturepic #seesouthaustralia


2018-05-31 01:25:08

RAKE TO PLATE Wild caught, sustainable and available in handy 500gram packs that you just rip + tip. Weeknight dinner done! You can find out where to find us via our website. (Link in bio). #raketoplate #pipirevolution


2018-05-21 23:24:18

We are lucky to call Goolwa our office + our home, as for us harvesting Pipi's the old way is not a job. It's a way of life (and currently a slightly cold one…!) #raketoplate #pipirevolution


2018-01-15 22:36:44

It was less than twenty years ago that only 10 per cent of the pipi catch along our stretch was used for human consumption. The rest were sold as bait. 🐟🐟 Today, 80% of pipi's fished from the Goolwa and Lower Lakes area end up on plates. Many in top restaurants throughout Australia. A little something we like to call 'rake to plate'. #raketoplate #pipirevolution


2017-10-25 23:47:34

We harvest our pipis with the utmost care towards sustaining our pristine environment. For this reason, we still harvest the old way. By hand. 🙌 📷 thanks @andystevenphotography #raketoplate #handharvested #pipirevolution #spring


2017-09-20 23:50:52

Once only the domain of the Fleurieu fisherman, today seen in some of the best restaurants throughout the world. Sustainable, versatile, delicious. #goolwapipico #raketoplate #pipirevolution