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47 Minutes Ago

I’ve been posting on this account sporadically for about a year-ish, and you can kinda see trends in my religious beliefs. I get really into something, devote myself utterly, then a few months later I obsess over something else. I wish I knew pagans of some sort in real life. Maybe having some sort of contact who was also into this would help me stabilize. Maybe once I get my living room all the way set up I can get a routine. 👍 Agtually I think I’m gonna work on that now... and reward myself with a tarot reading. :3 ### #pagan #bpdproblems #actuallyborderline #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #adhd #bipolar #cptsd #mentallillness #selfie #rambling #bloop


2 Hours Ago

Had an awesome weekend rambling with @genievemarie_fit! Went to the Tractor Show in Corrales, Old Town, and another Car Show in ABQ. If you know me, you know I’m crazy about old, antique/vintage type things, especially cars and trucks. iPhoneX taking some awesome pictures! #fathersday #carshow #tractors #classic #antiques #vintage #rambling


2 Hours Ago

#abandoned #rustedfromtherain #wheelbarrow #lakeerie #portryerse #blackandwhite #empty Sometimes we need a little help to get out of a rut and someone to fill us with inspiration and push us to greater things. But just because someone let you down and feeling alone and empty doesn't mean you should sit there and wait for magic to happen because you wont find what your looking for if you dont put the effort in yourself. #rambling #thoughts #sorrynotsorry


3 Hours Ago

Bonds 🔗 Who are yours? Tag them (I love it 😍) 🎡❤️ #bonds #trt #beyourself #rambling #myperson #standbyme #feels #nataliejensen #thegoodquote #wordswithqueens

What the fuck just happened in my brain. I've been having such bad writers block lately and I'm so used to writing while on uppers or drinking so getting inspired by day to day life or memories leads to rambling and all quiet on the western front or "Midwest". Regardless. I am making too hard of an effort to get to know myself lately. I always think about what normal 21 year old girls do. I always forget about how I used to never want to be normal. Now all I think about is how normal isn't even a real thing. #rambling #spirituality


3 Hours Ago

Des-connect. 2017 Desorden Digital #rambling


5 Hours Ago

Here’s me with my healed powder brows. I got my brows tattooed about 3.5 years ago - best decision ever! They lasted really well and I just recently touched them up myself. I love how they look good with and without makeup and also if I’m wearing a full face of makeup it is so easy to put a bit of product on them to make them stand out a bit more. People can often be a bit scared of powder brows as initially the look super bold until healed, but the beauty is that you can decide on what intensity you want, from a soft sheer wash of colour which can look really natural, to a more bold and defined look. Powder brows are best suited to people who like a filled in look, people with oily skin as it lasts longer and also for people with very little brow hair as sometimes microblading alone isn’t enough. I recently did powder brows on a 74 year old lady with very sparse brows, she pencilled them daily but still wanted them natural which we achieved (she didn’t want any photos on social media) there is not one category which suits every person hence why I am trained in many! I can ramble on about powder brows for days as they are my absolute fave! 😂 . . #pmu #pmuartist #powderbrows #rambling #selfie


5 Hours Ago

Feeling real shitty about myself today. Needing to remember to take medications that tranquilize me and whilst protecting me from self-destruction, every time I need sedating for my own protection I feel a part of my true self die. And it’s been happening so much recently that all I can do is look at the pieces, wonder what the fuck happened, feel guilty for my genetical make up and do my best to be good wife even though I know I frequently fail at that too. Ambivalent about death but terrified at the same time #thoughts #mental health #rambling @musings


6 Hours Ago

Talking about some old school live in about 10 minutes... join in to check it out and ask some questions and things... 🤘🤘 . . I've also started doing polls for what to review next. Polls go up every Thursday. A choice between an art book and a comic - which gets thumbed through and chatted about the following Tuesday. . 🤘🤘 GO VOTE IN MY STORIES 🤘🤘 . Want to see more? ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 🎨⁉️ blog link in profile ⁉️🎨 . . . . . . #artfido #igart #instart #nawden #instagood #art #artist #artsy #arte #artlife #artistsofinstagram #kunst #illustration #detail #illustrator #artoftheday #artcollective #creative #micron #wip #doodles #blogger #dabday #heavymetal #rambling