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Sweet treats that don't knock you off the rails. 4 ingredient #rawvegan #indulge #chocolate not naughty but very nice - get in my belly 🎅🏻 #nutritionalcleansing #workingmam #40something #media #radio #breakfasttv #asamother

Part 1 of 3 ✨ OMG. How do I begin to tell you this story? Should I tell you its the best durian we've ever eaten? Or that its an entirely different durian species we never knew existed? Or that no other durian took so much blood, sweat & tears to retrieve from the depths of the jungle? ✨Always on the lookout for waterfalls, Chippy found this footage online of a nearby waterfall recorded years ago by a local on his Nokia phone. We set out to find it. We drove thro cornfields, remote villages, rivers, hills, but google maps said one thing, every local pointed us to a diff direction, roads were almost non-existent and after an hours hunt we were ready to give up. In that very moment a dude dressed in black appeared out of nowhere, and with the motion of his hand told us to follow him. One hell of a ride later we were at the foot of a waterfall - we could hear it. This was by no means a tourist 'entrance'. There was no path there, to get to it, we had to treck downhill thro rough & muddy terrain, spiky dry shrubbs digging into our feet, bear in mind all that being done bare foot. Fifteen minutes later and a hundred of mozzies trying to eat me alive, I was ready to call it quits when I saw that to go further down our new friend had to plough thro man-high thick undergrowth while going down a 75% inlcine of a mud slope. We agreed that Simon will follow him further (the waterfall was just underneath us at this point) while I will stay atop & fight the mozzies. The rest I only know from Simons account. They went further downhill, saw the waterfall, took a few pics, when BAM! something fell right behind them. In the jungle this sound is music to our ears - it could only mean DURIAN! Simon looked back and saw a fluorescent green ball rolling towards him. He lifted it and couldnt believe his eyes - the green colour, the long spikes, the nauseating smell - it was clear this wasnt durio zibethinus. It was like oxyleanus supersized with the peanut butter-praline smell of graveolens. His new friend made a make-shift knife of a split bamboo shoot & opened the durian. Simon tasted it and went crazy. With tears in his eyes he started telling this dude that he only eats fruit...

Part 2 of 3 ✨Telling the guy we live for finding unknown fruits in the jungle and that this is the BEST THING he ever ate. Next thing I know I see Simon running up the slope at hyper speed, putting his hands over his head, his lips motioning 'FUCK!' as he looks up at me. He tells me this unbelievable story, he doesn't need to say much - I can smell this incredible durian on him before I see it. Suddenly it all makes sense, the dozens of mozzie bites all over my body are worth it. We walk all the way back up, Simon cannot shut up with excitement. Once at our bike - he takes out the durian for me to taste it. I cannot believe how beautifull it is - the color flourescent green. The spikes, big & small in turn are prehistoric in appearance. The smell - MINDBLOWING, it screams eat me! My hands shake as I try it. The only thing I can compare it to is durio graveolens, but ten times stronger. It has the peanut butter & praline taste of graveolens but the soft flesh & colour of zibethinus - the best of both worlds. It is much stronger than graveolens tho, intense like the finer things in life - brandy, cigars & truffles. The fresher parts taste like pralines, the mature pods are like Irish coffee. Now I can understand Simons hype. I cannot stop eating it. The thing is, the tree is dropping and there was 30 more underneath it (!) so we cannot let them sit there ya know? But how to retrieve them up such a steep muddy slope?! Simon grabs a bamboo mat we find in a farmers pagoda and goes back down whilst I wait at the bike with our mystery friend. Minutes of waiting seem like hours, but finally I see Simon emerge back from the jungle with 30 kgs of spiky balls on his back. His load is bigger than him and he collapses in front of me from pure exhaustion (but with a smile still on his face) We drive back home in pouring rain that we dont even noticed, completely mesmerized by what has just happened. People at the nearest village show no recognition of the durians strapped to our bike - they had never seen them before. We are tickled pink excited, what is this durian? A hybrid? A jungle species? A mystery?

Im Winter dürfen Nüsse nicht fehlen! 🌰🥜 Neben den typischen Sorten haben wir hier ein fantastisches Rezept mit Pekannusskernen! 😋 Habt ihr die schonmal probiert? Wenn nicht, wird es allerhöchste Zeit! 🙃 Diese Pecan Bars mit Vanille Cashew Frosting sind durch den Hauch Vanille zur Weihnachtszeit genau das Richtige für den Snack zwischendurch! ☺️ Probiert es unbedingt aus! 😍Wir wünschen euch einen schönen Start in die Woche! ☺️ . . . #koro #korolicious #food #foodie #foodshare #foodlover #foodlove #fit #fitfood #fitfam#fitness #fitnessmotivation #healthy #rawvegan #healthyfood #choco #eatclean #vegan #vegansofig #veganfood #yummy #delicious #raw

Part 3 of 3 ✨We get back home and feast on 10 mystery durians for dinner. We debate if they could be psychoactive - they get us both ridiculously high, happy drunk on the durian. We research what could it be & come up with nothing. Lindsay @durianwriter is quick to identify it - its durio lowianus! A jungle species only founf on Sumatra & mainland Malaysia and south of Thailand. We cannot contain our excitement - a whole new durian species?! You see all the different durians available to buy out there like musang King, monthong, puyat and hundreds of others are durian varieties that make up the one big durian species: durio zibethinus. This one here is an ENTIRELY DIFFERENT DURIAN SPECIES. There is 27 durian species altogether out there. What percentage of them is edible is a subject of debate - some dont have enough flesh around the seeds to consider them edible, in other cases the taste of them is the subject of debate. Lindsay suggests 11 durio species are edible & we'll stick to that version. We have already tasted durio zibethinus (regular durian), durio graveolens, durio oxyleanus, durio kutejensis and a hybrid - Tenom Beauty, but never did we think we'd taste another species anywhere outside Borneo. Now we can add to this list durio lowianus, one that we didnt know existed until yesterday. With all certainty I can say its my fav durian in the world - marrying the best qualities of graveolens & zibethinus, I love its intense praline taste & smell. The next morning we woke up antsy to eat the rest of them. Unlike zibethinus, this durian tastes better if it lays a while, its easier to open and the tastes and aromas deepen even further. Dressed in our most mozzie-resistant long sleeve outfits we go back in for more, nothing in this world can compare to this stuff!

mai testébresztő: spenót-banán-mandarin smoothie mandulatejjel, chia maggal, kakaóbab törettel, mandulával és goji bogyóval díszítve 😍🤗👌 a spenót tökéletes megoldás a napi zöld bevitel fedezesehez, mert abszolút íztelen, így szinte észrevétlenül eszitek egészségesre magatokat! 😋 #smoothiebowl #eatyourgreens #smoothie #vegan #rawvegan #whatveganseat #mutimiteszel_vegan #mutimiteszel_mentes #mutimiteszel #mutimiteszel_fitt #foodporn #foodstagram #instafood #mik_gasztro


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Heute Brüche mit der 5 Klasse 💪

Tierfreunde aufgepasst :) holt euch unser neues LIMITIERTES Design! Link in unserer Bio☝🏼 Hoodies und Shirts in verschiedenen Farben und Größen für Damen und Herren. #bff #veganfood #vegan #vegetarisch #vegansofig #vegetarian #healthylife #govegan #rawvegan #tierschutz #animalrights #animallovers #animallover #whatveganseat #alphafoodie #veganlife #veggielover #veggielife #veggies #rescueanimals #crueltyfree #wasveganeressen

Buen lunes !!! Ya nos encontramos trabajando para ustedes 👌 Pedidos a nuestro wsp +56977078961 Recuerden que también estamos disponibles en café @derbaervaldivia 😉 Que tengan un excelente lunes 👍🏻 #healthyfood #valdivia #rawfood #rawvegan #comunidadvaldiviana #vidasana #deliveryservice

These cuties seems so innocent but they are addictive.. thanks @namastesweet for the inspiration:) Ingredients- 250g mashed dates 3/4 cup tahini 1/2 cup oats 2 tbs cacao and some more to cover Unsweetened cranberries, almonds, cacao nibs . . . . . . __________________________________ #vegansnacks #rawfood #rawvegan #rawfoods #realfoodz #realfood #healthylunch #healthytravel #healthybreakfast #veganrecipes #veganrecovery #veganismo #veganism #govegan #healthyliving #healthysnacks #preworkoutmeal #livelovenourish #healthyrecipes #healthyfoodporn

Shake 🐶 in a Shake 🥤 @herbalife Happy MONDAY ❄️ ⛄️

Choosing a good papaya is a lottery sometimes. You never know. They are brought from far so quality can not be always optimal. I was lucky with this one. It was sweet. 🙏🏼😋

What a delicious way to combine two of our absolute favourite flavours! These #raw #vegan #paleo Strawberries cheesecake brownies are an amazing combination of fresh strawberries and chocolate that melts in your mouth. Recipe coming soon 😍😍😍😍 #rawvegan #vegans #vegansofig #veganrecipes #vegano #plantbased #plantbaseddiet #naturalfood #healthy #healthyfood #healthyfoodie #healthyrecipes #paleo #paleodiet #rawbaking #grainfree

Butuh sayuran organik, buah organik, beras organik, bunga edible harga petani dengan kualitas tinggi diantar ke alamat Anda langsung atau mau jadi reseller?? Hubungi kami! Cara mendapatkan @gamsaorganic : 1️⃣ pesan langsung ke admin: • • ✴️whatsapp: +62-81-22-678-44-00 ✴️Bbm: 517A8A3A ✴️LINE: gamsaorganic • • pesanan akan dikirim langsung ke alamat Anda di SELURUH NUSANTARA. Free ongkir ke Yogyakarta Semarang Solo Boyolali Klaten Ungaran Magelang Ambarawa Salatiga Kabupaten Semarang dan sekitar nya. • • 2️⃣ beli di: • • ✴️CARREFOUR TRANSMART JATENG dan YOGYAKARTA • • 🌸SOLO: carrefour solo baru, carrefour solo paragon, transmart pabelan kartasura 🌸YOGYAKARTA: transmart maguwo yogyakarta, carrefour ambarukmo plaza yogyakarta 🌸SEMARANG:,transmart setiabudi semarang, carrefour dp mall semarang, transmart telogorejo semarang• • ✴️ GELAEL CANDI dan GELAEL CITRALAND MALL SEMARANG • • ✴️LOTTE MART THE PARK MALL Solo. • • #rawfood #rawvegan #rawrganic #rawfoodie #fresh #healthyfood #vegetarian #vegetable #vegan #eatclean #organic #healthylifestyles #organicvegetables #sayurorganik #veganfoodshare #instavegan #dietfood #dietsehat #mpasi #mpasiorganik #mpasihomemade #realfood #realfoods #happytummy #colourful #carrots #healthy #foodphotography #foodblogger #veganfood

Угадай страну по фотографии 😅 #raw #rawvegan

I had an ultra spiritual run some min ago. ❤🍌🍉🌈☀️🏃‍♂️😁❤ and the funny thing is I had the thought while running to the train station "I need a handkerchief and 2-3 seconds later I saw that package on the floor 😁😁😁😁❤❤. So funny because atm I'm getting everything so fast. Like the jackfruits, money, this, awesome people surrounding me. I'm blessed! Thank you allah, budda, krishna, god, universe... one 🙏🙏🙏❤

su Luku siandiena atsikelem 5am, su tikslu ramiai, nesidraskant uzvaziuoti i Doi Pui, virs debesu, pasitikt saulutes.🌄 taciau mes kaip visados neapskaiciavom laiko tad teko sustot pasitaikusioj apzvalgos aikstelej, is kur matosi visas Chiang Mai slenis. labai grazu ir cia buvo. gi nera to blogo, kas neiseitu i gera param param paramparamparam

po savaites cia, Tailande, galiu teigt jog as ji isimylejau. meile is pirmo zvilgsnio peraugo i isties besalygiska. (taip myliu ir jus uodai ir musytes kurios skaudziai kandat) jis pakerejo savo gamta, sauletu ir karstu klimatu, kalnais, autentisku maistu, prisirpusiais vaisiais ir beabejo zmoniu nuosirdumu ir sypsenomis (taprasme srsly, ant tiek skirtumas tarp lietuvos ir cia. toks atsipslaidavimas, dekingumas uz viska, dziaugsmas tryskantis is kazkur gyliai gyliai. yra ko pasimokyt) sykart Tailando siaure, kita kart pietus - salos ir vandenynas. viskas cia yra nuostabu. laisvai galeciau ir likti. kaip kazkada nedrasiai svajojau apie atvykima cia, taip dabar apie pasilikima. viskas yra labai imanoma, galime tureti viska, arba netureti nieko, viskas priklauso nuo musu. kaip vienas super zmogus sako - DREAM EXTREME🌴

{««Vanillekipferl-Tartelettes mit einer Schoko-Grüntee-Mousse u Kokoskugerln»»} Habt Ihr das Rezept schon auf meinem Blog entdeckt?? Ein kleines Träumchen.. ** Ich hoffe Ihr hattet ein tolles WE! Meines war vollgepackt mit Weihnachtsaktivitäten mit meiner Familie.. ein perfektes WE!! ** #tarte #tartelette #vegantarte #vegan #vegansweet #vegandessert #cake #cakestagram #baking #veganbaking #christmas #christmasbaking #vanillacrescents #vanillekipferl #raw #rawvegan #rawvookies #rawfood #rawsweet #rawdessert #matcha #matchalatte #greentea #healthy #healthydessert #plantbased

Our 5 days of Christmas sale starts now with 6 or 12 packs of our delicious Fruit Mince Pies 😋 To purchase you simply have to direct message us on Instagram or send a quick email to danielle@rawdelights.com.au. All orders need to be in by 5pm Monday 18th December for delivery to your nominated address on Saturday 23rd December

Друзья, у нас в #sillycat все так празднично и красиво 🎄🎅🏼❄️ Повсюду все гирлянды, шарики, подарки, а атмосфера самая тёплая и располагающая к гастрономическим наслаждениям 🤤 Приходите, радуйтесь и забирайте с собой праздник 🥂🍾🎁 Кстати, а Вы знаете, какие традиционные блюда должны были присутствовать на императорском праздничном столе? 🥘🍝🍡🍍🍇🍓🍷🧀🍰 Так вот, на Руси было принято готовить к новогоднему столу весьма замысловатое блюдо 🙃 Оно было не только дорогостоящим, но и требовало от повара очень высокого уровня мастерства ☝🏻👨🏻‍🍳 Таков был рецепт в общих очертаниях: кусочек анчоусов вкладывался вместо косточек в мясистые оливки, которые служили начинкой для выпотрошенного жаворонка, который помещался в жирную куропатку, а та – в фазана. Последней «оберткой» оливок служил молочный поросенок 🐷 Это произведение кулинарного искусства было придумано придворным поваром-французом и посвящено прекрасной Екатерине II! Вскоре секрет этого экстравагантного новогоднего угощения выведал богач-вельможа и быстро распространил его среди представителей знати. Приглашать гостей на жаркое «Императрица» стало очень престижно 🙌🏻👑 А какое Ваше традиционное блюдо к новогоднему столу?

Some people ask me how i eat grapefruit! First of all make sure you eat ripe grapefruits, then they are sweet, almost like an orange! My favourite way to eat grapefruit is either juicing or segmenting it🌞

I've never been so excited of this soygurt from tesco!! It's like half the price than those well known brand in the market. and I'm using this yogurt as the starter to make my own, let's hope it's gonna be a big success💪🏻

Aquele sucão mágico ✨ cheio de VIDA 💚 Nesse aí foi #abacaxi #babosa e hortelã da horta 😍 couve, brócolis, espinafre, gengibre, açafrão e chia. Já tomou sucão hoje? Qual foi a sua combinação? O copo é um vidro de Óleo de Coco de 500 ml reutilizado ♻️ #lixozero#ceudodia 👉🏽✨🔮” 11-12-2017 ESCLARECIMENTO Data estelar: Lua míngua em Libra. Prefere uma verdade dura a uma mentira que te conforte, este não é momento propício para ficar empurrando o esclarecimento a um futuro incerto, tu estás diante da oportunidade, aqui e agora, de tornar tua existência mais transparente e, nessa condição, que a Vida flua através de ti com facilidade. Cada momento em que evitas o esclarecimento consolida as torções e congestões com que teus corpos denso e sutil vão se impregnando, e que tu tomas como normais, mas que não o são, pois, não há nada normal em carregar dores desnecessárias. Ainda que a liturgia das festas de fim de ano te pressione para adotares uma postura fingida, mesmo assim tenta não evitar o esclarecimento. Quando voltares à casa e estiveres à sós com tua alma, prestes a dormir, aceita as verdades que se apresentarem.” #oscarquiroga ✨ Que tenhamos um lindo e abençoado dia 🌀

Льняные мешочки для хранения: ⠀ 🔸круп ⠀ 🔸муки, сахара, соли ⠀ 🔸орехов, сухофруктов ⠀ 🔸сушеных грибов и ягод ⠀ 🔸трав ⠀ 🔸фруктов и овощей ⠀ ⠀ Материал 100% лён ⠀ Размеры 18*25 и 21*29 см ⠀ Цена 300/500 руб. ⠀ Комплект из трёх мешочков (18*25-2 шт, 21*29-1 шт) - 1000 руб. ⠀ Заказы пишите в директ ⠀ 🌿🌿🌿🌿🌿 ⠀ #экосумка #экосумкакупить #мешокизткани #мешок #мешокдляхранения #мешочекдляхлеба #мешочекдлятрав #мешкидляхранения #мешочекдлякруп #экодом #хюгге #лён #greenbaginstore #greenpackaging #greenlife #ecobag #ecominded #ecoconcious #rawvegan #veganlife #nature_good