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PSA: Just because the serving size says 1/2 cup doesn’t mean you can’t eat 1 cup or 2 cups or even 3. Eat what satisfies and fills you up!


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from @devongutdoctor-Can a plant-based diet prevent cancer? . #coloncancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in the west, afflicting 150,000 Americans, 250,000 Europeans and 1 million people worldwide annually. But it is almost unknown among rural Africans. Is this down to genetics or diet? . In 2015, researchers shed a lot of light on this question. A group of African Americans were switched to a traditional rural African diet for two weeks. Meanwhile, twenty rural South Africans took on a standard American diet. All volunteers had their colon cancer risk assessed in detail before and after the diet swap: colonoscopy; microbiome analysis; levels of protective short chain fatty acids and cancer-linked secondary bile acids plus “mucosal proliferation rate” were all assessed . At baseline, the Africans had no pre-cancerous polyps. They also had diverse microbiomes and displayed markers of low cancer risk. But after just two weeks of breakfast sausage & corned beef hash browns the researchers observed worrying changes: big reductions in fibre-loving bacteria; levels of the protective substance butyrate down by 50% and much more secondary bile acids. The increase in colon cancer risk was confirmed by significant jumps in mucosal proliferation rates . As expected, the American volunteers initially displayed all the markers of higher colon cancer risk. In fact, half already had pre-cancerous colon polyps. The good news: After just two weeks of ocra, tomatoes, beans, spinach, kale and African potato salads, their pre-cancerous markers were significantly reduced and proliferation rates dropped to become reassuringly low. The anti-#cancer effects of a whole food, predominantly plant-based diet were dramatic. Even the research team were taken by surprise! . I love this study. By combining cutting edge science with traditional culinary knowledge the researchers moved from lab bench to kitchen counter. The outcomes are high tech but also easily understood, actionable, and potentially life saving. Eat more plants! . #nutrition #diet #food #health #wellness #nutritionist #student #dietitian #rd2be #mythbusting #evidencebased #eatwell #vegetarian #vegan #plantbased

Hello from Charleston, S.Carolina 😋 Red apples contain an antioxidant called quercetin. Some studies have found that quercetin can help boost and fortify the immune system, especially when you’re stressed out. #apples #quercetin #antioxidants #immunesystem #immunebooster #travelblogger #foodie #apple #travellingfoodie #eating #hownottodie #eat #nutrition #myweightlossjourney #travellingfoodie #travelmovesyou #healthysnacks #healthyfood #weightwatchers #mylife #rdtobe #rd2be #whatsonmyplate #whatdietitianseat #instafoodies

Feeling a little overwhelmed? ⠀ You know that you know your stuff when it comes to being an awesome dietitian but sometimes feel a little “wobbly” with the day to day business stuff or maybe need an ear to sound an idea or two off?⠀ ⠀ At TAD we’re here to be your personal Siri for all things business, marketing and beyond! Chat to us now about booking a fire starter session to kick you off on the right track.

Spaghetti meatballs 🍝 . Tip to make your pasta sauces more healthy is adding chopped veggies like mushrooms, capsicum, zucchini and spinach! Also try adding legumes like beans and lentils to increase the nutrient profile of the meal 🙌🏽

When you can’t decide on pumpkin or banana muffins... so you compromise and bake a dozen of each 😏

@northsideboulders has to be my FAVOURITE bouldering outlet 🙌🏼 They’ve got plenty of simple rock courses and some super tricky routes, for those of you who love a good challenge! 😏


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Can’t get enough of this classic meal. @daveskillerbread with 🥑🍳 and a fresh picked 🍎!


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Package for Miss B. Endover 📦 💥 💥 💥 💥 I would like to point out that it’s always a good idea to make sure you have a neutral spine while performing these, unless you enjoy hurting yourself. My back may be flat, however I’m not completely neutral due to my head being tilted down too much. During my exercise I felt my head was in a neutral position, but after watching this it’s clear that I need some more self-awareness. Always look to improve everything you do; there’s always room for improvement. The people at the top that always tend to stay there because they are always looking to improve. You can do anything you set your mind to, especially if you work your ass off for it. 💥 💥 💥 Side note: Anybody else love the rhythm of weights being moved?😍 The best part about living next to the gym is I can wake up and hear people lifting weights in the early morning. I would love to have a cd of sounds I find pleasant to help me fall asleep like the sound of a basketball swishing in a hoop, a soccer ball hitting the back of the net, etc. am I the only one that loves weird noises?😂 #asmr #weirdo #weights #wolftitanathletics #buffbunnycollection #alphalete #ghostlifestyle #beseen #legend #boulevardfitness #sandiego #sandiegostate #fitness #nutrition #rd2be #healthy #flexibledieting #doitforthecarbs #bodybuilding #bodybuildingcom #muscleandstrength #girlswholift #lifting #swole #motivation #mindovermatter

Pass-the-salad 🙋🏼‍♀️ 👉🏼 farfelle pasta, cherry tomatoes, cherry bocconcini, rocket, olive olive & balsamic glaze


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When there is NO heat in the gym, it no longer becomes you versus yourself. It’s you versus flipping hyperthermia. Had 3 layers on. It was 36 outside. No idea what it was in the gym but at least there was no wind chill 🤪! My hands were like ice - my Reynaulds kicked in full gear. That look pretty much sums everything up but I got it done! #coldasballsoutside #operationnewae #dietitianswholift #momsgettingfit #momsgettingstrong


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Yesss my Instagram story is a joke... but the spinach really did disappear into the pasta! (An entire bag of spinach + 1 cup marinara with sautéed garlic and onion + whole grain pasta) . . . . . . #nutritionwonk #rd2be #dietitian #dietitianlife #dietitianapproved #dietitiansofig #jerf #healthyeats #vegetarianeats #veganeats #vegetarian #vegan #eatright #5aday #eatyourgreens #lycopene #eatup #healthyliving #dinnerideas #easyhealthydinner #nutritionist #iron #spinach #pasta


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So let me guess, you've never been inside a pig farm? 🐽 You're not the only one😘 So it's really pretty normal to have questions about what goes on inside a pig barn. And I got to intern on one a few years ago, so I wanted to share this photo of these adorable piglets🐖 Now you'll notice a bar in the photo, and I chose this photo specifically because it showcased the bar. You see piglets are quiet small when they're born. They're only a few pounds. Mother pigs (sows) are MUCH larger. For instance a 400 lbs sow is 200x heavier than a 2 lb piglet. So when they give birth to piglets (farrow) they typically do it in a farrowing crate, which has been demonized pretty well by the media in recent years. This does not allow the sow to turn around, but she can stand up and sit down and has constant access to fresh feed and clean water🌊 The reason that her freedom of movement is limited is so she won't squash her babies on accident🙆 In fact by utilizing farrowing crates to raise piglets until they transition to solid food (pre-weaning) the mortality rate of litters of piglets is immensely decreased♥️ These bars also help provide mom a cool vented area (as grown pigs don't like heat much) and keep the piglets underneath a heat lamp which is vital when they are small🔥 I'll be putting together a whole blog post about what the inside of a pig barn looks like near Christmas focused on the beginnings of your Ham, but please feel free to drop any questions in the comments below about pigs/pig farming and I'll do my best to answer them or reach out to someone who can! #agproud #farm365 #agchat #farmtofork #knowyourfarmer #farmsmatter #familyfarm #sustainablefarming #onthefarm #agvocate #farmtour #factsnotfear #rd2be #foodchat #foodiechats #whatsonmyplate #foodofinsta #foodphotoofthedeay #foodgasmic #foodinsider


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Tonight’s late night post-barre dinner was 👌: chicken sausage + kale + frozen mushroom medley + black bean “pasta” both from @traderjoes in a garlic white wine reduction sauce. I was super hesitant to try this black bean rotini, but I’ve been a bit insulin resistant this past week, and was intrigued by the 15 g of fiber per serving (3/4 cup). Why was I intrigued by fiber? Well, 1 of the many reasons to be intrigued by fiber is that these non-digestible carbohydrates provide fuel for some of the microbes (certain types of bacteria) residing in our colon. Fermentation of non-digestible carbs by colonic microbiota produces short chain fatty acids (fatty acids with 2-6 carbons). These SCFAs can actually impact our glucose, lipid, and cholesterol metabolism. There’s evidence that these SCFAs can lower glucagon production in the pancreas, decrease gluconeogenesis in the liver, and increase glucose uptake in muscle and adipose tissue, helping to regulate blood glucose levels.

Pre-game @utahwbb meal filled with: - Carbs: Fruit, roasted potatoes, pasta, and 100% juice. - Protein: Chicken and fish. - Veggies: Mixed salad and asparagus. .

✨T U E S D A Y ✨ Today I had a patient tell me that it’s important to enjoy life while you’re young because you never know what’s going to happen. And I think that’s what I’ve been needing to hear. ————————————————————- Lately I’ve been so focused on reviewing for rotations and work that I haven’t really made time for the things that I enjoy. —————————————————————- It’s so easy to get caught up in the same routine and forget about yourself. But moving forward I plan to schedule times throughout my day that I’m able to focus on myself and do the things I enjoy again. #with_a_dash_of_ash . . . . . . #dieteticintern #rd2be #gradschool #gradstudent #medstudent #medschool #nursingstudent #nursingschool #paschool #pastudent #selfcare #healthprofessionals #student #registereddietitian #nutrition #healthylifestyle #healthylife #medicine #study #medical #dieteticinternship #selflove #healthyeating

Learning to speak success into existence. • I’ll be making college humor about stress and what not, but remember- they’re meant to make you laugh, recognize there’s struggle. But DO NOT settle in it. You are meant to rise above it. There is room for growth. Be creative and find a solution. Stick through it, pray through it, and keep your eyes on the prize. P.S. Don’t forget to breathe & rest, or else you’ll lose it. • #rd2be #cheehee #cheehoo #nutritionanddieteticsstudent #sciencerules #labcoat


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Tonight I got to try @b.goodofficial seasonal squash boat. This little squash is packed with quinoa, beets, kale, carrots, and pumpkin seeds — with the majority of ingredients comings from @hannahfarmboston (on one of the Boston Harbor Islands). Talk about eating local and eating seasonal. 👌🏼 Are you drooling yet? Well you can get one too! For tomorrow only, head to @b.goodofficial seaport from 1-3 and get your own squash boat for $5. It’s so worth it. These root vegetables are the freshest you’ll ever taste, and B.Good’s head chef, Linh, knows what she’s doing when combining flavors. There’s nothing better than getting your serving of veggies in for the day and loving every bite. You. Are. Welcome. ....................................................................................


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Here’s another cute pic of my little Christmas tree with a DELICIOUS lunch bowl I put together today! @alfrescochicken sweet Italian chicken sausage, red bell pepper, cauliflower rice, baby onions, spinach, & a little bit of chicken broth! Sauté it all in a pan until it’s warm! 🙌🏼🥰

Vegan Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies 🎃✨ INGREDIENTS • 1 cup rolled oats • 1/2 cup pumpkin purée • 1/2 cup coconut flakes • 1/4 cup nut butter (I used almond) • 1/4 cup maple syrup • 1/4 cup chia seeds • 1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice • 1 tsp salt (optional) DIRECTIONS Preheat oven to 350. Blend dry ingredients in a food processor then mix the wet ingredients and form balls on a cookie sheet and bake for 15 minutes. #dieteticintern #rd2be


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Truest thing I’ve heard in a while. Being an aspiring anti-diet dietitian I am constantly faced with daily challenges of diet culture. Before my eyes I see many people, including loved one, stuck in the diet cycle and afraid to get off. Our society has had its own eating disorder too long. Our society needs to recover together to achieve true happiness with our bodies. Your body is not the enemy, diet culture is. #rd2be #eatingdisorderrecovery #dietculturesucks #antidiet #haes #allfoodsfit #eatingdisorderrecovery #makepeacewithfood #bodypositivity


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In case you’re wondering, yes I still have @traderjoes brown rice & quinoa hot cereal every single morning 😂 I can’t stop you guys...the obsession is so so real 😭 I alwayssss add a scoop of @runeverythinglabs vegan protein in while I’m cooking it up, today I used their new PB&J flavor which is bombbb 💣 & I top it off will allll the wild bloobs, walnuts, sunflower seeds, peanut butter 🥜 & almond milk! If you’re not a fan of oats or your stomach doesn’t do well with oats I highly recommend this! It’s a super easy & delicious way to get some whole grains & fiber in & it’s a perfect post-workout meal too if you’re a early morning gym-goer like me 😴💪🏻 . If you’re interested in some awesome vegan protein (or other supps) from @runeverythinglabs check out the link in my bio! Use code “graingains” for a discount on your entire order! 🤑 Don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions! 💪🏻

Yea here are all the way someone can contaminate your food!! 😂 #servesafe #rd2be #collegelifeproblems #studyfordays #informationoverload #bossladymindset #foodservice

🎉NEW CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS ....Celebrate your (or your bestie's) badass-ery during the most celebratory time of year! MADE BY HAND!

What life balance did you find today? •》 I'm just going to be flat out honest and admit I had a Mc Double and a Medium fry for lunch. As I scarfed this down in the minimal time I had, I scrolled through Instagram and was totally inspired by @feedthecurves post in her story today. She made this incredible looking salmon, quinoa and kale salad. Lightbulb moment! •》 My salad features roasted salmon, delicata squash, rainbow quinoa, avocado, cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and the most delicious dressing! Trader Joe's has the most delicious carrot ginger miso dressing! I highly recommend it! •》 Life is about balance. Sometimes it's a McDouble and Fries and sometimes it's a nutrient dense fiber filled salad. Both were delicious, and both did their jobs today! •》 #lifeisaboutbalance #dinnergoals #saladgoals #nutritousanddelicious


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Cutting carrots can be really therapeutic, ya know? 🔪🥕⠀ ⠀ It’s been one of those weeks where things are just a little harder than normal (I know it’s only Tuesday), and thus food becomes a little more therapeutic. Whether that means taking out frustration on some innocent carrots, eating more for comfort than for fuel, and/or relying more on convenience foods (read: frozen pizza), IT’S ALL OK. Using food as a coping mechanism is OK - it’s just another tool in the toolbox. If you need to talk to someone - talk to someone. If you need to be hugged - give a hug. If you need to cry or sweat it out or laugh or hide away for awhile - DO IT. ⠀ 🔪🥕🔪🥕🔪⠀ Sending all of you a big ol hug this week! Let’s hear it for some #selfcare strategies! 👇 What’s something you do for yourself to take care of numero uno in times of stress?

Mixing it up a bit today for #toasttuesday ❤️ these @qrunchorganics maple quinoa breakfast toastables are SO filling 🙌 (#sponsored) lots of fiber and protein and even more when you top them with some nut butter and trail mix 💃🏻 they crisp up really well in a pan or in the air fryer 👌 and they taste amazing 🙌 __________ And just for a little review on why fiber and protein are so important in the mornings (as well as fat)... 1️⃣ they keep you full longer. You’re more likely to stay satisfied and have a steady supply of energy throughout the morning. 2️⃣ they help prevent blood sugar swings (in diabetics) and energy swings (in non-diabetics). If you’re not diabetic, you’re not as susceptible to the steep blood sugar rises and falls like those of us with broken pancreases are, but you will feel the slight rise and fall in blood sugars if you don’t have any sort of buffer with your morning carbs. (Think about the classic sugar crash after a piece of candy... there’s a steep rise, relatively speaking, and then a steep fall once your pancreas pushes out enough insulin to bring it back down... that fall is when you start to feel tired and lethargic.) protein, fiber, and fat help buffer the rise in blood sugar so there’s a nice gradual incline and decline with steady energy throughout 👍 until your body tells you it’s time to eat again ❤️ __________ #milknhoneynutrition #qrunchorganics


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Shoutout to @goodvibesbetterfood for joining us to #keepkathyhiking & for sharing her awesome photo and message: it’s all about the journey and the adventure, not the destination. 🙌🏽 Couldn’t agree more. Check out her page for the post and while you’re there, pick up some fun foodie facts from an #rd2be 😉 . ................................................................................... #joinus #inspiration #journey #adventure #gratitude


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My 24th year of life in a nutshell:. Decided to focus on weightlifting with @honoryourbarbell (because it was my favorite part of CrossFit) 🏋🏻‍♀️. Got married to the very best man @taylorgoshen 🤵🏼👰🏻. Started my Master of Science in Clinical Nutrition 🍎🤓. Learned the importance of the phrase “Let go. Let God” 👏. Recently joined @3kings_athletics. This was a great year and full of more blessings than I probably deserved❤️So excited for another year of life!!! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! You all are the best 😃 . . . #happybirthdaytome #25 #oneyearolder #lifeisgood #blessed #married #lifeevents #student #rd2be #nutrition #school #usaw #weightlifting #jerk #quads #muscle #athlete #weights #cheers #godisgood #virusintl #reebok #rogue #victoryapparel


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~happy world kindness day~ - let’s make sure to show ourselves a little extra kindness today, while also remembering to pass some along to someone else 💌 - always have to make sure that we’re taking care of ourselves *first* so that we’re charged up & can put forth our best effort in caring for everyone else ⚡️🌎 #foodandfearless


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