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Welcome to my page! It’s going to be filled with a whole lot of what my day to day lifestyle looks like, things I’m learning about God and about myself. There will be laughter, and there will be tears... but most importantly there will be authenticity and hopefully growth. I’m an introverted extrovert, so I looove people but need my “me time” regularly. I am a wife to a super handsome, Godly man. I have two extremely adorable kids who will not be on here much for privacy purposes. I am a fierce justice seeker but am passionate about grace. I’m not a morning or a night person (so I’ve learned the meaning of unconditional in that mom life). I am also a major work in progress. I LOVE God but I’m a control freak (if you’re a woman and you’re not, I don’t believe you) so that bites me in the butt a lot. I am a peacemaker and have a hard time leaving anything with loose ends, and I tend towards pride more often than humility. So let’s see if I can grow and mature with prayer and accountability from y’all, and I hope we can grow together! As much as I will be sharing my thoughts and experiences, I want to hear YOURS. I want to laugh and cry with you... what breaks your heart, what makes you elated, what brings you peace? Let’s discover new ways to connect on a human level because life is full of mountains and valleys and we need to champion each other in both. So let’s take this journey together... -S #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #blog #blogger #faith #family #lifeandstyle #music #realtalk #honesty #transparency #cincinnati #cincinnatiblogger #lifeandstyle #love #marriage #growth


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To many people say they want this or say they want that. Talking about how they wish their lifes would go. Wanting things different and telling people they want change. Some people stay in that patern, by just talking. Talking for days and maybe even years. Never ever changing ther circumstances. It's because they never make a decision! . . This is a habit of many people, because we're good in complaining. This is a habit I had as well. But it contradicted allot with me being the positive person that I am. The real evidence that complaining didn't help and making a decision was vital, was from the time I was in the army. We were wearing 50kg backpacks and were walking for hours. My feet, my back and my shoulders where hurting from the backback cutting into it. Right next to me was someone complaining. We were walking the whole night and he was telling me: " this is shit, my shoulders are hurting, when are we stopping". It's hard, when you're trying to do your best and someone next to you is complaining. I made the decision to suck it up, to not complain anymore and just talk about other stuff. That decision made me get my red barret. The guy next to me made the dicision to keep doing what he was doing, he stopped and didn't get his red barret. I then noticed that, if you make a decision in your mind or in action, you can change the course of your life. . . I'm on the path of trying to stay out of my head and not letting fears or complaints, own who I am. The only way I can do that is by: "MAKING A DECISION"! If you choice, you'll not lose. If it's the wrong decision you've learned more and that's better than not doing anything and staying inside your head. So start making more decisions, instead of talking about it. ____________________________________ #strong #motivation #progress #determination #lifestyle #quote #motivationalquote #realtalk #fitnessmotivation #lifelessons #quotes #wisdom #quoteoftheday #instaquote #instaquotes #dailyquotes #dailyquote #inspire #inspirationalwords #goals #doit #ambition #nevergiveup #dontquit #instalike #quotestags #inspirational #dutch #fitdutchies #like


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Be careful who you share your ambitions or goals with. Not everyone shares your ambition or your goals. Small minded people think small, never outside their comfort zone. Everyone is not meant to take the same journey as you. Remember iron sharpens iron. . #realtalk #staywoke #success #ambition #determination #motivation #dreamsgoalsaspirations


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Well aftwr rwading this i think i tick everyone on this list 🤣. Must be growing up! #growth #mature #notimeforwasting #goodpeople #goodvibes #realtalk #forgive #growingup #realpeople #notimeforfakepeople #behappy #selflove


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Shared by a friend and I couldn’t have said it better! #bereal #real #realtalk #realshit #reallife #dontbesorry #sorrynotsorry #sorry


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I don't want to be like 98% of the world that runs off to a job, is only truly excited for the days that they have off, and end up not able to do the things they want to do because they’re broke. I do this to show others there is a better way and I've found one. We are not born to work like a dog just to end up living paycheck to paycheck. We were made for SO MUCH more. You are capable of so. much. more. Gone are the days of self doubt, limiting beliefs, and "unreachable" dreams (btw, NO SUCH THING!) Find something that uses you to your fullest potential, pushes you out of your comfort zone, and makes you want to fight for your dreams. Time is too precious and to just settle. And what's heartbreaking to me is some of you who have been watching me and needing this opportunity too, allow ONE persons negative opinion keep you from chasing your goals & dreams. But have you ever considered where they are in their own life? Are they broke too? 🤔

Let me introduce you to the man I love... But he is so much more than my feelings about him. He is an extension of my soul and I of his. He is my husband❤️ I LOVE this picture, chipped nail polish and all! It represents a deeper truth. Is our marriage perfect? HECK NO! Do we argue and have moments where we don’t really like each other... obviously. Everyone has unlikable stuff... we’re human. However, we are committed in unconditional love and grace to each other. He is THE most caring, dedicated, passionate, talented and sacrificial servant. His smile lights up a room and he isn’t afraid to be honest. He is genuinely true to himself, what he believes, and is a rock for me and our family. He is great at pulling things and people together and holding them there. So blessed. He’s the weight to my balloon and vise versa❤️ Cheers to Marriage🥂☕️ #sappypost #marriage #family #lifestyle #lifestyleblogger #hotthubs #love #manofmydreams #beautifulmess #realtalk #blog #blogger #cincinnati #cincinnatiblogger


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May all our #conversations be in a beachfront nest :) An honor and a pleasure to interview Brian on @coinbase, #community and balancing tradeoffs in #cryptocurrency. Shout to #summittulum for an(other) incredible experience. #realtalk #dreamlife #tribe


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“I had to....” is just an excuse. 🧠🌌💭 | #dope perspectives from @kevinhart4real on the @breakfastclubam [Full interview out now on YouTube ▶️]


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To all my ladies out there.... I know. Divorce SUCKS!!!!! It’s brutal and ugly and messy on your soul. The hurt, the disappointment, the anger and shame, seems overwhelming at times. When the love is gone, it’s hard to remember if there was any love at all. But you go on. You lean into the pain, you learn from it, so it doesn’t come back to haunt you. And as much as you think he’s a putz, the kids still think he’s awesome. The truth is; They love you both. That becomes the platform of honor you hold for them. So you all come out of the storm in one piece. What this means is taking the high road. Bitting your tongue when it wants to lash out. (As often as possible) You learn to walk through the fire with your head held high. Is it easy? Hell NO! It takes strength and courage. A whole lot of courage. The kind of strength courage you may not even know you possess. Yet. When it hurts the most, Breathe a lot deeper. Eat a lot better. Run a lot faster. Sweat a lot more. In order to cry a little less. But then the moment comes where you start letting go of the dark past and begin to focus on your bright future. And you finally realize you are more than enough. For all my friends who have just entered the battle; know that you are not alone. We are in this together sisters! Be it different parts of the journey. Beginning, middle or end... I see you. I feel you. I am you. Write down your fears. Release the beast. When you say it out loud, it’s a lot less scary. There is no shame in the divorce game. Unfortunately, No one wins. My hope is that somewhere along the way, you get to discover how truly great you are. Peace be with you warrior woman. #realtalk #warriorwoman #morethanenough #allthefeels #divorcesucks #fantasticfourties #momlife #creatingthebestme #leadwithyourheart


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#plies is absolutely right and if any of u disagree kindly move yo ass 2 da side 💯💯💯 #repost #realtalk #keepit100


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Whip It🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 #soundcloud #360waves #newwave #whip #mogual #realtalk


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🔥 Straight Talking 🔥N0 PluG Album in stores & streaming 🎤Music Video: https://youtu.be/zGz0-o4Jmpw | On Youtube 🎬 | #realtalk #hiphop #rap #trap #artist #rapper #producer #new #music #album #nowplaying #youtube #itunes #applemusic #spotify #soundcloud #googleplay #stream #followers #subscribe #usa #worldstar #uk #ukmusic #london #cardiff #angola #instagood #instamusic #enzogmusic


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Never judge a book by its cover. You don’t know someone’s story, their intimate thoughts or who they “really” are until you get to know them. • I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have been told “you’re not at all what I expected” 🤦‍♀️. I mean, I get it. Judging by the superficial things you see about me - tulle skirt and heels on repeat one can probably make a lot of assumptions about the "type" of person I am. But beyond the said "typical girlie girl" persona that I might tend to give off I am also a girl who comes with a lot of depth and passion for a lot of aspects about life. A few things you should know about me? 1️⃣I am a mom of 3 who at one point never knew if I would ever get to be a mom. We struggled hard to have these kids so I have a deep appreciation and understanding for what a lot of women go through but something I don’t think enough of us talk about. 2️⃣I teach and am a devotee yogi. Like sweat it all out and leave everything on the mat kind of yoga class. I believe that yoga is the best therapy you can do for yourself. It's where I literally found myself - the truest and best version of me. 3️⃣I get up every morning by 5:30 am and workout. It completely sets my mood and mode for the day......as a result I consider 10:00 pm to be "really" late. 4️⃣I worked with Seniors for over 2 decades as my career. Ultimately it was working with seniors that made me leave working with seniors (what?). It was an eye opener about legacy and what you want yours to be. I wanted mine to be different than the one I was living so I decided to change it! 5️⃣I love dessert and consider it to be its own meal. I will sometimes make my main menu choice based on the depth of the dessert menu at a restaurant. I also don't like to share it 😂 • And here you thought I was just a typical girl who loves tulle and fancy shoes 😉


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When I’m frustrated with my #fitnessjourney I remind myself what my body has done. It carried and delivered two beautiful babies (and gained 120lbs between the two pregnancies 😳). Putting in the hard work and learning about #nutrition changed my life and my body. Im still working towards my fitness goals with many ups and downs along the way but what I’m working on the most is loving myself and my body no matter what stage I’m at. * * * #mothethood #tbt #throwbackthursday #throwbackthursday #transformation #mombod #fitmom #fitspo #selflove #selfworth #workinprogress #momswholift #momlife #progress #fitnessgoals #weightloss #fitspiration #motherhoodunplugged #realtalk #health #wellness


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When your dreams, your purpose, and your calling are bigger than you ... it’s was never meant to be easy. And as transparent and authentic as I can be, it’s a struggle everyday to fight for where I know God is leading me. It isn’t easy to be open about my shortcomings, failures, and mistakes but I want to show y’all that you don’t have to have all the connections, resources, knowledge, or money to walk in your purpose (it’s just extra) - it’s your FAITH, TENACITY, and GOD’S FAVOR that will allow the RIGHT doors to open - so don’t quit just because it’s hard, you’re closer than you think ✨✨ #godsplan #dontgiveup Side note: I’m loving my bomber from my ministry’s apparel line 😍. I’ll post some up close pics soon.


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The last couple days have knocked me down with some 🤢😷🤒 and it’s kinda humbling to realize that in working hard to try to create the SIMPLE LIFE we’re striving for, I’ve been doing the exact opposite, and after the lecture the Dr just gave me (more rest, less caffeine, and a LOT more water) I think I may be finally ready to listen. 😴 Anybody else running on EMPTY? ⛽️ What are your answers for juggling life’s giant to-do list? . . #help #realtalk #parenthood #diy #farmhouse


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HISTORY.... Is what you make of it... But remember what you make does effect many others ... So make your HISTORY shine brighter than the others... #realtalk


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#printzcoffeetalk comin’ in hot! Or on the contrary a little sloooooow. 🐌 Better latte than never! Haley here 👋🏻 with some #realtalk (and a few puns) 😉This week has been a complete whirlwind releasing our design guides and loading new products on the website. But it’s important to take time to reflect and make sure your energy is spent reaching your goals! Please comment below and share your goals so I can help support my lovely insta family. 🙂❤️ Photo/coffeemaster: @barista_bobo