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Find free prophetic training tools, blogs, trainings, and more at KingdomBliss.com #relationshipoverreligion #blisslife #kingdombliss


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Find free prophetic training tools, blogs, trainings, and more at KingdomBliss.com #amberpicota #preacherchick #relationshipoverreligion #blisslife #kingdombliss


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NEW BLOG✨✨✨ Relationship > Religion // This is one is on legalism / the religious spirit. The Lord has put a burden on my heart to help set people free & the first step to freedom is awareness of the bondage. Hope this can help inform, encourage & free people! Following Christ is about relationship not religion💛 •••• #relationshipoverreligion #christianblogger #faith #encouragement #jesus #joy #hope


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“But thanks be to God! He gives us the #victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” ‭‭1 #corinthians‬ ‭15:57‬ ‭NIV‬‬ http://bible.com/111/1co.15.57.niv • • • #thankyou #verseoftheday #victoryoversin #verse #bible #bibleversedaily #scripture #jesuschrist #god #holidays #thankgod #readyourbible #prayer #church #relationshipoverreligion

Don't get caught up in the hype of serving that you forget ministry is a direct correlation of your relationship with Christ. I was once here myself. Thinking I was doing the work of the Lord and I found myself seeking God for a move in a service but not seeking God continually regarding my life. Everything won't be added after you do religious duties. You must seek Him first THEN all things will be added! Matthew 6:33 . . So I encourage you, spend some time with Jesus today. Reevaluate the reason you're serving. Am I serving because my relationship has compelled me to? Am I serving because it's just a religious responsibility? . . #relationshipoverreligion #worship #ministry #truth #lifechange #leadchange #life #encouragement #daily #prayer #everydaylife #worshipsessions #worshipcollective #worshipleader #ccm #bethelmusic #hillsong #elevationworship #toronto #jesus #takeitall #subscribetothetruth #michaelmanhertzmusic #gospelhydration #gospelmusic

So grateful for how God has poured His amazing love out on me, especially when I didn't deserve it. And even more grateful for how He's given me a new life, and given me victory over everything! You'll never understand until you have an encounter with #thealmighty . Once you do, your life will never be the same. #relationshipoverreligion #godiseverything #victory


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Recently I took note that most of the time when someone mentions their pastor, everyone always assumes the pastor is a man. We hear it in conversations, and we see it in memes shared around on social media. I remember about 7 years ago my husband and I were in the beginning stages of planting a church together as co-pastors. We were looking at a church planter conference and were really excited about going down to this very successful church for a week to learn all about systems that have worked for other church planters. When I got to the registration page to book us I found out the details. The page was written for men. They only expected men to register for this conference. The registration page informed me that once I was registered, my wife could come for free and attend all sessions except one, and during that one session there would be a session for wives about how to support their pastor husbands. For a moment I felt crushed. I felt like I was unwanted there. I made a call and ended up talking to a secretary. She gave me an email address and I sent an email explaining why their wording on the registration excluded women church planters and pastors like myself, and now I no longer felt welcome at the conference. I did get a response assuring me that I was welcome. We ended up not going due to other plans that made it not possible. But listen, it got my wheels turning. This matters. If my girls grow up only hearing us use male pronouns when describing certain careers, then they too with in their sub-conscious feel unsure if they're "allowed" to pursue that career or calling. So when a friend of mine saw a meme about pastors recently with male pronouns, she mentioned to me the sentiments that she wishes that people didn't only use male pronouns when referring to pastors. I told her I would remake the meme for here, and here you have it. No credit is given for the words because we could not find a source.


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This is a part of a presentation I did in my Cross-Cultural psychology class yesterday. I don’t care where I am, at church, on social media, at work, or at school. I’m going to protect the perspective of Jesus Christ. During culture share day, many talked about their religion but being a Christian does not fit into that box. Christianity is not just one of the major religions that you can choose from. No, being a Christian is having a relationship with our Lord, Jesus Christ. That’s why many people think they’re Christian but they’re just practicing religion. Religion exhausts you doing things for God instead of having intimacy with God. Religion hits your head but never transforms the heart. It makes you strive to prove your salvation through works, deeds, & tradition without ever encountering the person Jesus Christ. You have to be filled with Him to have the desire to do what pleases Him. When you experience His love, it makes it easy for you to do what He says. If you strive for perfection without The Perfector, you’ll always fail. But when you seek Him, your heart becomes His & your desires become His too. ❤️ #relationshipoverreligion


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Our conduct will open doors for us to speak life. People want to see your character before they will hear your words... act according to your faith! #relationshipoverreligion #perspective #faithbased #bible #dailyverse #sneakerhead #apparel #dope #sneakerhead #underground #worship

Our conduct will open doors for us to speak life. People want to see your character before they will hear your words... act according to your faith! #relationshipoverreligion #perspective #faithbased #bible #dailyverse #sneakerhead #apparel #dope #sneakerhead #underground #worship


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God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man that he should repent- ——if God spoke a word to you then it will come to pass, it may not be in your timing but Remember God cause everything to work for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose! So everything God does is out purpose, So keep trusting him and he will lead you to your promise land. the only way to the promise land is through the wilderness! So trust him in wilderness! Things may look /appear 👀 dry, fruits may look like they are not producing , things may seem to be getting worse and worse, but I promise you If you just give it to God he will lead you to victory.


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When God gives you a sound He gives it because he wants the Kingdom to be expressed uniquely through you. The DNA you are made up of plus the Holy Spirit creates an authentic sound. A sound that will reverberate on the earth and transform the landscape. That is what Kingdom Without Walls is. It is unveiling an understanding of the Kingdom of God that it is not the Church because it cannot be contained within 4 walls. The Kingdom of God is His very person and if He cannot be contained then His Kingdom can't as well. I am inviting you to come be part of our Kingdom Sound. At the next Kingdom without walls the theme is repentance. When: Friday November 16th Time: 6.30pm Address: 8 Lovelace St, London E8 4FF #kingdomwithoutwalls #kingdomofgod #kingdomofheaven #religion #emptyreligion #intimacywiththefather #lifelessreligion #relationshipoverreligion #traditionofmen #wordofgod #pastor #pastoralministry #teachingministry #fivefoldministry #preachtruth #godislove #intimacy #religiosity #kimdomsound #authenticity


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You know what's cool about Design? It pairs up so Beautifully with Jesus. You know what's cool about Jesus? He pairs up so Beautifull with absolutely everything! Putting Him first in my life is what gives me what I need to go out and conquer my day with grace towards every circumstance, passion in everything I do, and love to give to every person I come across. I couldn't be more blessed with the life he has given me. Forever Blessed! Hope everyone is having a blessed day! #jesusfreak #designalways #interiordesign #godfirstaboveallelse #relationshipoverreligion #loveconquers


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#relationshipoverreligion 💯🙏❤️✝️ which one are you?


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#relationshipoverreligion 💯🙏❤️✝️ which one are you?


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Our God Is BIG.....#pearlofwisdom #pearlsofgrace #relationshipoverreligion


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Rp: @jakcjak One of my biggest pet peeves.... I don’t do #chainletters #nonbiblequote #donttellmewhattodo #imblessed #relationshipoverreligion #petpeeve


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Did you push yourself today to be the greatest version of you or did you stay in your comfort zone? Comment below.


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I just released the first prophetic word the Lord has allowed me to release in 6 months. Click the link in my bio to read in full. #linkinbio #amberpicota #kingdombliss #propheticinsight #innerhealing #sozoministry #innerhealingministry #traumahealing #healingtrauma #preacherchick #relationshipoverreligion #blisslife #propheticword


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Engineer has its own troubles. Enough to fill THREE WHOLE DIARIES!! It was only when @silentguybehindacamera compiled them into this song that he saw a story of #hope weaved through it all. Listen to the whole song now! Link in bio! Are you feeling blessed? Has your relationship with God helped you write a song? Don't wait! DM us now! #singersongwriter #diaries #engineering #acousticguitar #love #problems #lifeishard #companion #hewilldoitforyou #crosswaveindia #twr #relationshipoverreligion


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💥 Boom 💥 ❤️#relationshipoverreligion #jesus ✝️


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As long as HE (God aka Yahweh aka Elohim) is pleased. That’s what matters. Not the crowd, masses, likes, repost... #wearestillgrowing #newbeginnings #yahwehovereverything #itsajourney #relationshipoverreligion


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In the midst of fires, shootings and chaos,I can only stay joyful by remaining close to God. I do not get close to God by perfecting the perfect “bible photo shoot”, I pursue God by hitting “do not disturb” and clearing off my written agenda. Let God’s presence become more important than the likes and DMs you receive. 🙏🏽 #prayerlife #pursuehispresence #godchaser #inhispresence #intercede #praychangesthings #lovegodlovepeople #relationshipoverreligion #chaos #peace #attitudeofgratitude


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The Father desires intimacy. He desires relationship and that involves real, it involves a bit of mess and we as his church need to get much better at holding the space for people in pain, people in the waiting and people with questions. We shy away from having questions because they aren’t neat and tidy. Having answers helps us to feel in control… But it just creates religion. Coming to God with our questions is a sign of intimacy. - Kristen Williamson #dayspringchurch #peopleafterhisheart #relationshipoverreligion


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#motivationmonday Sometimes, we forget. God is GREAT at what HE does. It's us, who need the reminder from time to time to seek HIM first. People, places and things CHANGE but GOD is CONSISTENT. He's been proven over and over again. #unchangeable #unshakeable #unstoppable #consistent #worship #reflections #seekyefirst #relationshipoverreligion #youaregodalone


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Its so easy to pour all your time and energy into the things that keep you up late at night, your worries, stresses, and fears. Today I challenge you to pour into something positive, take some time for you, work on that dream that you put on the back burner, give God some alone time with you. Trust me you will love yourself more for it.