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Help R+F give back!!! $1 for every Spotless Regimen will be donated to PFC 🥳❤️🙌🏼 #prescriptionforchangefoundation #rfdogood #acneawarenessmonth #acne #charity

Road Trippin’ Giveaway: Follow me, and comment town, state, and National Park I’m traveling to next with @tags of those few friends you ❤️to travel with and I’ll enter you into a drawing for a Rodan+Fields gift! Must be exact location!! Hint: not in Hawaii 🤪 #roadtrip2019 #visitnationalparks #rfdogood #lobster #davidbrysonrf

Desai Wu

4 Days 22 Hours Ago

❤️#beyondgrateful 🌈 #beyondblessed #payday 💕 #hardworkpaysoff Today, I received my 10th paycheck from my “not so little” skincare side business. This extra paycheck allowed me to 1️⃣ 💕support a wonderful teenager who is raising money to donate bagbacks pre-filled with shoes, foods, bare necessities to less fortunate kids in Vietnam 🇻🇳 2️⃣ 💕cover Aria’s preschool tuition in FULL 💪🏻 3️⃣ 💕pay for Aria’s private swim 🏊‍♀️ lessons this entire summer When I started the business, I was faced with self doubt (can I really do it?🤔) and paralyzing fear of failure. I quickly realized ✌🏻important lessons that I will forever teach Aria and Miles ✅ If I don’t fail, that means I didn’t try hard enough! #failforward ✅ Fear is a REACTION, courage is a DECISION! #mindsetchange The truth is, I was willing to work through my fear in exchange for my ultimate goal in life—having #more options ✌🏻✌🏻#givemore #domore #dreammore and #achievemore ❤️If you are curious about what this business is all about, message me and I will share with you what I do and how I can help you do the same! No strings attached, just a nice chat! •This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS. #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo

So many blessing from my Rodan + Fields business! We've been able to set up a college fund for Zoey, giving more to our church and extra money for our vacations! Not to mention all my products and my Mom's are paid for! #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo

Gathering supplies to create self-care packages for a local women's shelter. My hope is that Operation Dragonfly will bring a little bit of art, inspiration, comfort and support to those who need it most. #operationdragonfly #rfdogood #bringlight #findyourfrolic

Katy Landis

5 Days 3 Hours Ago

About last mind is still reeling from such an awesome RF event! The location was stunning, the samples were flowing and the energy was electric...but it was the people and stories from all walks of life that always blow me away. It’s what brings me back to why I chose to do this in the first place. I said I “would never”.... But life is always changing and we have to move through it with an open heart and an open mind...or we will never grow. Why did I choose an unconventional path? Because I love educating people on how to get the best skin and confidence of their life with the #1 transformative skincare in North America. And I love educating people on how to CHANGE THEIR LIFE with a business model that far surpasses anything else out there (in my humble opinion). It sounds simple because it is. Coachability and an open mind are all you need. Trust me, it takes work...but it’s the most fun work I’ve ever done in my life AND the most lucrative. How’s that for a win-win?! AND proceeds from the event raised enough money to provide 1600 meals for underprivileged children in our community who don’t have access to school meal programs during the summer. The heart of RF is strong and I love that we are all on a mission to #rfdogood. ❤️ #rfevents #delmar #people #stories #life #rflife

When you get to choose your biz partners and develop amazing friendships for life along the way, you seriously know that that YES you said, that getting out of your comfort zone to grow your empire was all so worth it🥳🥳 Find your Tribe... Share your Goals and your WHY.. tell your STORY💫 Who knew Work could be so Fun🔥🔥 . . #empoweringothers #findyourtribe #entrepreneurs #rfbossbabes #rfdogood #believeandachieve #dreambig

Hi Peeps, yesterday was payday! Join us & we’ll help you succeed. Our payday also helps my sister care for our Pops and other people in need. #payday #teamyantos #wecare #helpingothers #businessinabox #skincare #rfdogood #rfincomedisclosure 💃🏻🕺🏻


6 Days 6 Hours Ago

Thank you Amy & Nick Hofer for an incredible event! If sharing our biz & new products wasn’t fabulous enough .... proceeds from our event last night will provide 1,600 meals to Feeding San Diego’s Fuel for Summer Kids Program! #rfdogood #i❤️everythingaboutrodan+fields #lifechangingskincare

Thankfull: I just want to say thank you to all my customers and consultants! Thank you all for believing in me!❤ Without you, I would not be able to stay at home and take care of our precious granddaughter. I am so excited to be able to help the hubby pay some bills, again this month. I am going on my third year with Rodan + Fields and I cannot say how proud I am to be a part of such a fantastic group of women and men, that support and help encourage each other grow and change lives in so many ways. What a blessing! It does take effort and is not a get rich quick biz, but IF your hungry for change and have a desire to be your own boss, check us out and message me, I would love to help you get started TODAY. #rfjourney #rfdogood

Gail Cyr

6 Days 10 Hours Ago

It's RF Payday which is helping to pay for braces for this young lady!❤️ #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo

Pam Bramell

6 Days 11 Hours Ago

Yup. All of this. Love my extra income and how it’s impacting the community. I started a non profit helping horses and kids with my Rodan+Fields income. What could you do with extra cash and a desire to give? #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #hopereinsranch.

GAHHHH!! I know it seems silly to you but to me PayDay is Everything! PayDay throws me into a space of complete gratitude!!! Yesterday I went to the Eye Doctor (because my eyes are definitely aging) and I didn’t have to worry about cost!! I am heading to Colorado in a few weeks for my Niece’s wedding and I am not shuffling credit cards to figure out how to make this happen! I don’t have to drive a car without air conditioning in the Georgia Summer wondering when it will break down again! I get to work out in a gym that provides life changing community! I get to work a job I love without being bitter about how it doesn’t pay my bills!! And I get to share products that really do change people’s skin while getting the biggest discount on my own. Finally, I get to be part of a team who has built a safe haven for people who may need to escape domestic abuse or have fallen on hard times! So if you are one of my amazing customers, I say thank you for loving your skin! If you are on Team Inspiration please know that none of this could happen without you and every day I feel blessed to be on this journey with you!! I never knew how good life could be and so on Pay Day I say THANK YOU! Because boy is my life completely different!! I am more confident I am happier I am more generous I am more of the person I believe I was created to be! And I am so grateful! (This is my unique story, for more info, search Rodan +Fields ids) #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #blessed #confidence #money #entrepreneur

Jayci Field

6 Days 17 Hours Ago

I can’t believe it’s almost here! Pinch me! Thanks to R+F, my bucket list trip is being fulfilled...I am going to ITALY 🇨🇮 for 10 days you guys!!! Yippee!! Thanks to my R+ F paydays, like today, I have paid for my trip x2 because I am taking Chris with me! Italy has always been in my list and now I get to strike it off...seriously never would have been possible without this business! #blessed The kids have had fun watching me pay for this trip with my business each month and filling in the green on the chart. #workhardplayhard #kidsarewatching #makegoalsandcrushthem So...what would YOU do with 12 extra paychecks? How would a #whatif change your life? Why not you? Why not now? #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #bucketlist #italy #memoriestolastalifetime This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.

I’m so grateful, thankful, blessed for my RF biz because this is the first summer in my teaching career where I’m not booking kids to tutor. Why did I have to tutor in the past? Because FCPS no longer gives teachers the option to get paid smaller increments for 12 months. And to be transparent, we need every bit of my monthly paycheck for bills. This summer...I am finally able to make purchases without worrying about overdraft fees! I will finally be able to POUR into my family. I am finally going to BE PRESENT with my kids! What will we do this summer? We will totally have a BLAST, but more importantly, we are going to work together and learn to give back!!! 🙌 Have ideas for us? Please share them below. 👇 #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.

I post about being grateful and I really mean it! Getting the pay day email for my side business today really brought this home! This opportunity allows me to give to my church and other charities that mean a lot to me. There is so much more that I want to do and am excited about the future!! #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.

Kim Avery

6 Days 19 Hours Ago

Oh Happy Day! Why you say? Because it’s my R+F Pay Day! So thankful to all my customers who support me in this business. Not just because I get an extra paycheck, but because of what I’ll be able to do with that check. Sure it will help me and my family, but through your continued support I’ll be donating a portion of my check every month to a charity. So blessed to be a part of something more than just skincare. This business is allowing me to pay it forward! What can it do for you? #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #gratitude #blessings #charity This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Fields IDS.

It’s Payday from my little side hustle!!! I’m able to work part time and volunteer and give monthly to our pregnancy support clinic here in Missoula. Mentoring young mamas and helping them, has always been a passion of mine and I’m actually doing it!!! #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo This is my unique experience check out R+F IDS for typical results. #beauty #skin #skincare #skincarebiz

Wow today I got paid by my most significant job. The job that continues to provide for me. The community that encourages me to chase what I’m passionate about and change the world. The paycheck that allows me to be available and present for Ben. The income that lets me be a home owner as a self-employed single mom. I’m about to celebrate 5 years with this company and it is never lost on me the tremendous impact it has had on my life. ☀️ One of my leaders shared today that the safe haven house she built on her land to take in people who need it is built and ready to house the first mother in need. My organization helped build that. ☀️ When asking our teams what this payday is doing in their lives the answers range from making car payments, to paying for vacation, to helping moms stay home, to paying or huge amounts of debt and replacing incomes. ☀️ If you can’t see the benefit in purchasing through a small business owner(we own a virtual franchise of Rodan + Fields) instead of a big box retailer, you’re not looking closely enough. Thank you in a big big way to everyone who has been a supporter of me!

Nicole Murphy

6 Days 22 Hours Ago

It’s PAY DAY and I am nothing but grateful💙⁣ ⁣ Thank you to all of my customers who are supporting my business 😘 It has been so great jumping back into this amazing community of women who are making a difference beyond skin care! I am amazed at the generosity that flows as a result of some good skin care hustlin💋⁣ ⁣ Not only has this business covered my own skin care, but because of this payday, we are able to put money towards landscaping our new backyard 🌳 ⁣ ⁣ I see this business changing lives- like not random IG influencers...people I ACTUALLY know 😂 ⁣ ⁣ ✨What could you do with an additional stream of income?! Get out of debt? Pay for a family vacation? Buy groceries for a family in need?! ✨⁣

It is an amazing feeling when I'm on vacation and I see this email telling me I have another payday! This month was one of my best checks and will be going towards our Disney trip (shhhhh don't tell my kids) that we get to take earlier than we had planned thanks to this company and my amazing customers! I am blessed and grateful! #rfdogood #rfpayday #whynotnow #rftouchofcamo


6 Days 23 Hours Ago

RF Pay Day💰💰 #rfatouchofcamo #rfdogood

Many people have seen my posts or heard me talk about how this “little side gig” is so much more than just skincare. Here’s an example of what I mean... I’m part of an amazing team #rftouchofcamo that is currently building a Haven House with my #rfpayday A generous and fabulous project by @jodee_watkins . This will provide a safe haven for those in need of a place to stay during difficult times due to various hardships in life. When someone thinks there is no place to go, this can be their home until they get on their feet. I love this business. I love this team. This is #rfdogood and #morethanjustskincare looks like. ♥️ #havenhouse

Today is our R+F payday - and it’s even more special because in two days these kids are out of school and thanks to my choice to work R+F, I can once again afford to spend this summer with these kids!!!! ☀️😎🥰 Last year we spent 6 weeks touring the US in our #battlewagon mini van 🚗, surfing 🏄‍♀️ 🏄 , mining for garnets 💎, wake boarding 🛳, seeing family👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, tea parties 💐, and MORE!!!! I can’t wait to see what adventures we get to do this year!!!! 😁😁😁 I worked at the Pentagon for 8 years after having my kids and was grateful to find a place that would watch my kids all summer while I worked - but my heart longed to be with them, to create memories, travel to family, and build deeper relationships together. Now, my heart gets to be FULFILLED! ❤️ So let me take a minute to say THANK YOU Rodan+Fields, for making it possible. Thank you for creating an opportunity that lead me to time #freedom. I can grow my business AND create memories. So incredibly #grateful!!! #summertoremember #investinginmykids #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.

Today is PayDay for my skincare slangin’! Each and every month, I continue to be FLOORED by how my team and check continues to grow. We are SO BLESSED! You may have seen my recent post about searching for non-profits that support parents going through infertility struggles. I truly feel that after my own personal experience with struggling to get pregnant and eventually finding my two hearts outside my own body (pictured below), that I want to help others do the same if I can. What impact would an extra $500 or $XX,XXX make on you or your family? Let’s chat. #rfdogood #infertility #infertilitysucks #infertilitysupport #thestruggleisreal #1in8 *This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.*

It’s PAYDAY! I know it may seem strange that I’m posting about it, but I want everyone to know that my Rodan+Fields business is changing lives. All of my income goes to support my Uganda family (below) and other projects like drilling wells and feeding starving kids. Since I started three years ago, I’ve earned over $40k. What a blessing! What could you do with some extra income? I would love to tell you about this opportunity! #randf #mypurpose #ilovekids #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #mission #changingskinchanginglives *This is my unique story. For info re. typical results, Google Rodan + Fields IDS.

Once upon a time, my #whatifwednesday became an R+F reality and today’s pay day reminds me that the leap was worth taking. Aaaannnddd, the extra bucks allow me to give back to my favorite organizations in ways I only dreamed of before! #blessed So...what would YOU do with 12 extra paychecks? How might your #whatifwednesday change your life? Why not you? Why not now? #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #makeadifference #giveback This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.

Recently I had been searching for a new way to give using my #rfpayday since the charity I had been supporting closed its doors at the end of 2018. In March of this year I attended my first Christian concert and during the program a gentlemen told his story of giving to Food for the Hungry. I felt a nudge to consider that maybe this was a way I could give to someone in need. As they walked around with registration cards I have to admit I was hesitant at first but finally I listened to the nudge and took a registration card from the next volunteer who walked past where I was sitting! This adorable little guy, Olivier, is who I chose and I knew the second I looked at his face and then his information that I had made the right choice. Olivier’s birthday is January 1, the same day as my daughters 😍 I’ve been giving for 4 months now and we have exchanged letters and I am excited to learn more about him, his family and where he comes from. Maybe one day I’ll even get to meet him, who knows?! Today is another Pay Day from my Rodan + Fields skincare biz and it makes my heart burst knowing that not only am I providing for and giving my family options but that I’m also making a difference in Olivier’s life 🙂❤️ #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo

Today is my R+F payday and I just wanted to tell you what this payday means for my family. 🚗 when I started this business 23 months ago my goal was to be able to afford A MONTHLY car payment for Bella and Elizabeth. 🚗🚗🚗🚗🚗+ This month my paycheck could afford me 5+ car payments!!! What the what??!? 🏖 This summer our vacations will be paid by my R+F income. 🥎 🏀 ⚽️ Each of the girls will be doing a specialized camp in their sport of choice .... paid for by my R+F income. ⚽️ 🥅.... Elizabeth’s soccer camp will be down at UCLA for 4 days .... my R+F income will be paying for our hotel in LA and travel expenses!! 🎟.... I am seeing HAMILTON next week and my R+F paycheck is allowing me the opportunity! So not to sound like I’m tooting my own horn 🎺 .... but my R+F side gig is allowing me and my family opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be able to happen. It is work ... but it is FUN and it is SO rewarding!! If you’re curious about how to make $250, $500 or even over 4-digits of additional income each month, I’d love to talk to you!! 💕 * This is my own unique R+F experience. . . . . . #juliederuvorodanandfields @juliederuvorodanandfields #rodanandfields #rodanandfieldslashboost #rodanandfieldsconsultant #rodanandfieldsskincare #rodanandfieldsresults #rodanandfieldsregimen #girlboss #mompreneur #hustle #workfromhome #skincareroutine #rodanandfieldsbayarea #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo


7 Days 1 Hour Ago

Oh yeah! This $X,XXX payday allows my family to tithe to our church and to donate to my customers charity or church of their choice and so much more! It feels soooo good to give back! Want to give back but need a vehicle to get you the ability to give back? I can get you started !! Those 12 extra paychecks can do so much for others, why not you? Why not now? #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo #rodanandfields #lashboost #residualincome #tithe #momlife This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Fields IDS

👩🏼‍🏫✈️Woohoo! Just finished up working in my classroom today and don’t have to be back for TWO ✌🏼MONTHS! But I’m still getting paid thanks to my side gig with R and F! ✨ Today is payday and I’m using this money towards my 10 day vacation in Montana starting tomorrow! 🦌🌲 #rfdogood #rftouchofcamo • • • This is my unique story, for more detail information please refer to Rodan + Field’s IDS.

What are you doing Tuesday night?! Come join me and my friends at True Food Kitchen in Pasadena for our wellness and skincare event!! I’ll be one of the speakers and we have CITY OF HOPE as our special guest!! Let’s support this awesome cause guys!! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ We will have: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • Charity Opportunities #rfdogood • Sample Stations • Amazing Stories • Samples for EVERY guest • Fun Free Giveaways • True Food Kitchen Deliciousness Come see how we can DO GOOD TOGETHER!!

Keesha Kline

12 Days 13 Hours Ago

R+F Perk #5: giving back to others & the community! Local NC folks, got any Sunday afternoon plans? I am so thrilled to support Saving Grace K-9s, a local organization that trains rescue dogs as service dogs for combat veterans suffering from PTSD. See event link for details, I have tickets for $5- this is going to be a blast and supports such a great cause! Let me know if you’d be able to come! #biggerthanskincare #rfdogood #rfbetterthanrx

What parents WANT acne to hold their kids back from confidence? When teens feel confident in their physical appearance, they are able to focus on all of the things that DO matter! #rodanandfields #prescriptionforchangefoundation is in full force helping teens to do just that! For every Spotless regimen sold , $1 will go back to people like Crystal. Don’t let acne hold your kid(s) back! They deserve every ounce of confidence they can get! #rfdogood #acneawarenessmonth

David Bryson

19 Days 12 Hours Ago

And away me and 2000 pencils, 500 pens, composition books, 100 jacket sacks, 500 crayons, books, rulers, glue, erasers, etc! #cubabound #rfdogood #davidbrysonrf

The brainwashing of the #rf #hun involves training in the art of publicly sanctifying or purifying themselves of the inherent sin of #mlm. They do so under the guise of charitable shams that must be posted about and tagged #rfdogood . These #gooddeedposts are meant to imply #purity and the deed itself becomes a #mlmprop. #culttactics #hunbelievable #anotherdayanothersanctimonioushun #mlmmerchantsinthetemple #smokeandmirrors #sanctifyingyourhustle #itsathing #worsippingrf #rodanandfieldsisacult #rodanandfieldsbeforeandafter #hundeeds #hundoption

GRATITUDE // Why I love what I do.... 1. This community of amazing women that we keep expanding 2. Fun times with shopping, prosecco and eats 3. Giving back to great local causes 4. Values aligned in work and life Swipe to checkout all the dresses we donated to @dressforsuccessyyc Thanks for hosting us @bambooballroom.yyc #rfdogood #bettertogether #rfjourney #weareteamgive


25 Days 9 Hours Ago

Today I got a letter in the mail from MYSELF with my reflection from my Changemaker trip last month ❤️ To say that the feelings and memories from this trip haven’t left my heart is truly an understatement 🥰 Giving back to those in need brings me so much JOY but giving back with these students was another level 🎉🎉🎉 #buildon #bla2 #changemakers #rfdogood

David Bryson

26 Days 20 Hours Ago

Prayers & blessings to each you who answered my call for school supplies I’ll be taking to small beach village, Guanabo, Cuba, with @jkadoe!! Special thanks to my RF ChangeMaker friends for sending items on such short notice @sissygraves @jourdan.crawford ❤️ Huge ty to @carrollton_office_express & teachers at @chstrojans for generous teaching supplies to our beautiful Cuban children/teens. Special thanks to @chadclifton15 & @midwaychurch for their ministry & love for our Cuban brothers & sisters 🙌🏼❤️🙏🏽 #proudteacher #rfdogood #changinglivesdaily #literacymatters #davidbrysonrf

Susie Sheftel

27 Days 13 Hours Ago

When it’s in your blood you look for your tribe. When you #findyourtribe, it feels like the 🌞🌙&⭐️s have come together ! Aligning with people who do good is just.....#good !!! #rfdogood

Joy Stutts

28 Days 11 Hours Ago

What a wonderful night with my R+F team preparing and serving food for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House! Each of these women have a heart of gold and know how to love others well - I am honored to serve alongside them to hopefully provide a positive moment in the lives of those going though so much right now. #ronaldmcdonaldhouse #dogood #givingback #rfdogood #rmhdurhamwake #hope

Asha Padmanabhan

2019-05-17 20:47:55

What an amazing day at the #jammersatjbwfarms2019 retreat!! #inspirational leadership lessons, a community of #incrediblewomen , and #unconditionalsupport like I’ve never seen before. Thank you @jonathanjodeewatkins @jbwfarms for what you have done. You have shown us #servantleadership and developed a culture of #service and #giving. #rflife #rfdogood

❤️I haven’t had much of a chance to talk about what I did with @BuildOn and #rfprescriptionforchangefoundation so I thought I’d take a minute! Meet Opal. She is a bright and beautiful student who is so talented in so many avenues. She has volunteered 500+ hours of service in her community and I can see so many incredible leadership qualities emerging in her. She and her fellow classmates live in a community where drugs, homelessness, violence and food insecurity are around every corner and affect almost every single one of their peers. The Build On organization is an avenue these kids have chosen to give themselves opportunities by giving their time and service to others. How can this kind of program help in schools across the nation to build a community of inclusion when many kids feel lonely and may not have a solid foundation at home? I think service and the incorporated reflection helps these kids find their authentic selves by giving them a sense of worthiness in their community. They are making real contributions and with that comes a sense of accomplishment. Opal has given so many hours of service that she has been invited to build a school in Malawi this summer ❤️ I am proud to work with an organization that has passion for creating positive change and recognizes that that change begins with our next generations. Thank you @rodanandfields for allowing me to be a part of this change! #rfchangemakers #rfdogood #lifechangingskincare

Thursday night Rodan + Fields came together with Rehab Ministries for an evening of awareness and education. We collected toiletries and everyone gave so generously. So thankful for this community of women encouraging each other. We are stronger together and can accomplish all the things we are called to.

The #missiontrip I took 2 weeks ago continues to drive me to #dogood! . This is it! Who wants to #dogood alongside me?! Watch my video over on FB with hashtag #letsbuildalibrary for why we are doing this! . In a nutshell, a number of us have identified that a school in the Boston PS system, C.A.S.H, could benefit from more impactful books for their student library. . Here is how you can help! The #changemakers on the mission trip to C.A.S.H have created a wish list of books the kids would like or benefit from. We have all committed creating this library through our personal Rodan + Fields businesses. . For every 5 Preferred Customer orders I recieve I will donate a book from the wish list the school has created! . So far I have donated 2 books. My goal is 12 books this month. That means I need 50 more orders to fulfill my goal! . Any Preferred Customer Order of $80 or more will qualify towards this #bookdrive goal! . If you have been considering grabbing some goods from R+F now is a great time as you can #dogood while looking good! Just comment below or PM me for some R+F ideas! . Let's build a library!!! . . . . . #rfdogood #buildon @boston_buildon #makeanimpact #impact #kindness #readingisfundamental #educationfirst #bostonpublicschool #flipyourmindset #skincare #lifechangingskincare

Weather ball red, warmer temperatures ahead 😎 Speaking with HQ, they could use our help preparing for the higher temps. An easy way to do that is through chapstick and deodorant. I just happen to work for a fantastic skincare company so see a need and fill it! Now through the end of the month, a $20 donation puts together a chapstick-deodorant combo for the youth at HQ. Up it to $40 and I can throw in sunscreen as well. MY GOAL is 100 combos to drop off the beginning of June. Whose with me?! 🙋🏼‍♀️ #hqgr #warmertemps #rfdogood #togetherwecan

Well of course I want the hat 🧢 . #supportmissions #bethelightrf #rfdogood #lovemyteam

Best time watching creative minds use their own genius talents to write lyrics, compose headbanger music to their take on #swissfamilyrobinson novel. #teachers , just get out of way and let our teens create!! Coconut juice, Dutch cheese, sand, shells, rocks and heavy metal! Crazy amazing! @thegingerdrummer 🤘🏻🤘🏻 #worldliterature #rfdogood #musicians #literacymatters #stemeducation #heavymetal

My assistant, 😍sharing the facts about Bee Boxes 🐝at the Eco fair at Centennial PS. . I learned about Solitary Bees, 🐝the world's super pollinators at my R+F Changemakers trip to the WE Global Headquarters in Toronto last month. . If you have purchased a Bee Box please look up Solitary bees so you can look after it correctly. 😉 . . . #psafortoday #rfdogood #solitarybees #changemaker #metowe #dogooddozen


2019-05-09 16:04:11

#tbt Changemaker trip ❤️ These ladies changed my life! I feel so blessed to have spent time with Rana and Nataisha! Missing all my Changemakers and these amazing girls! #rfdogood #changemakers #bronx #bronxleadershipacademy2

Sitting here reflecting on my Change Marker trip to Oakland last week. It's hard to believe I have been back a full week BUT my heart is touched & changed forever❤️. I will be honest I didn't know much about the struggles these amazing young adults face on a day to day basis until I heard their personal stories & got to walk a few days along side them. Their community is facing food insecurities, homelessness, violence just to name a few things. Despite all of these daily hardships & challenges these young adults are beating the odds. They are driven to do well in school, graduate & go on to college. They are spending their time & energy giving back to their local community. Helping with after school programs at a local elementary school. Handing out meals to the homeless. Serving in a local soup kitchen. Spending time with the elderly at a local senior center, just to name a few projects they work on. These young adults are facing so much adversity & hardships themselves BUT they choose to be leaders. They choose to give back to their community. They choose to be kind & selfless. They are the future ❤️ I had the privilege to serve along side Damion. Being a #boymom I was excited to be paired with this inspiring young man. He is leader in his community. His hands are full with school, work, caring for younger siblings & still he give back hours of his time to service projects. He is even making a trek out to Africa to help build a school over the summer! I couldn't wait tell my boys about this experience & how much all these young people are making a difference. One of the biggest things I learned from my experience is we all can do good. We all have talents & passions that should be shared with others. Think of what a difference we could make if we all did even small acts of kindness & service daily ✨ #rfdogood #buildon #changemarker2019


2019-05-08 14:47:39

Celebrating diversity and inclusion in my biz looks like this! #getit #rodanandfields #rfperks #rfdogood #diversityandinclusion

The R+F community came together last month to support their communities, young people and the planet and we thank the 4,365 Independent Consultants and corporate employees who volunteered an impressive 12,000+ hours. #rfdogood #givingback #rfmonthofservice

It was a great day to “do good”! A fun crew of R+F consultants got together today and packed 3000 meals for @riseagainsthunger to send to communities in Africa and Central America. For $0.33, you can supply 6 meals to people in need. And in 2 hours you can pack meals for 3000. Pretty amazing, huh? It feels good to DO GOOD. #rfdogood #bethechange🌎 #domore #hairnetsonpoint

One bag equals six meals. One bag costs roughly $.33 to package and ship out to schools around the globe. Why schools? Parents are more likely to send their children to school if they know they will be fed while they are there. Education is the best hope we have at fighting hunger. It all works together! WE all have to work TOGETHER! Our group of 12 put together 3000 meals today in about 90 minutes! Do you know a group that would enjoy a couple of hours of doing good together? We had so much fun! You can make a difference, too! Rise Against Hunger #rfdogood #riseagainsthunger #rise #giveback #givemore

One week ago I was #serving alongside my homeslice @priya_da_best . We were working with Seniors at a local community center, painting flowerpots as part of a beautification project in the community. There has not been an hour that goes by that I havent been thinking about the lives touched during this #changemaker experience through #rodanandfields. A legacy doesnt have to be a BIG effort y'all. It is the little things...the listening, the giving of attention, the love that makes the BIGGEST #impact. What #legacy are you leaving? #rfjourney #rfdogood #buildon @buildon @boston_buildon #prescriptionforchange

Angela Ellis

2019-05-05 19:20:30

What a super fun afternoon!!! Not only did we have so much fun playing BINGO...we had raffles and BINGO prizes worth $900!!! And we are also donating to Jasmine Rd.-an organization dedicated to helping women overcome sexual exploitation, trafficking and addiction. Women helping women! #rfdogood #jasminerd #lifechangingskincare #helpingothers #bingo #rfamily #parklanetavern #lifechangingskincare #lashboost

Mary Garecht

2019-05-05 18:58:00

Love making a difference with these ladies! #rfdogood #makingadifference #lifechangjng #giveback

Cindy Kang

2019-05-05 12:07:06

My girl Gabby. she is shy and but she is strong. . She gifted me a few days to walk in her shoes as a high school sophomore in Oakland...she shared about her life, her family, her struggles, her hopes. 💕 . She gave me a tour of her school, we served together at a kids carnival, we served a warm meal together at a homeless shelter...She is a true Leader with a heart of GOLD💛 . She’s faced obstacles, but is resilient. . She carries a lot on her shoulders, but chooses to use her spare time to serve others... Gahhhh 💕 I’ve learned SOO much from her!! . . . #befearless #makeeverydaycount #serve #bettertogether #beresilient #servantleader #buildon #rfdogood #rfchangemaker

Chewy needs some serious R+F🙌🏼 Reminder: Always have fun in all you do! Love my R+F Skincare & team🔥 #menofrf #davidbrysonrf #maythe4thbewithyou #rfdogood

Laying in bed thinking about my trip to #dorchester this past week. It's haunting me. These kiddos. They are amazing but their circumstances are not. Did I do enough to help them rise above their situation...just a little? Did I get the message across that you are not defined by your story and you can create your own? These benches were in the Peace Garden at #upacademy that we worked together on cleaning up. It was so much fun digging in with the kids to help them beauitify their space. I love the messages these benches represent. Can't wait to go back. Already missing my girl @priya_da_best #service #missiontrip #innercity #boston #buildon #rfdogood #giveback @yogitea

Felix Esmilla

2019-05-03 15:53:21

On this #feelgoodfriday, I’d like to send a special shout out to 2 of my awesome, amazing, and inspiring skincare business partners, @monicaslennon and @judy.sunshine. • Along with other lucky 🍀 and select participants and leaders, both gave back to local communities in New York City 🍎 and Oakland this past April through a partnership with BuildOn and the Prescription For Change Foundation (PFC) • Youths and young adults benefited in educational settings. Bagged lunches for homeless were made and distributed. Signs of hope were posted in neighborhoods. Others had the opportunity to visit a Women’s Shelter and learn more. • I’m thrilled and so excited to see these 2 and others across the nation give back to the community. Bringing love, light, hope and more! • They’re definitely #dogooders who have their hearts 💕 and minds in the right place, which reflect brightly on the 2 founders and their legacy skin care brand, the company and community of men and women across the USA 🇺🇸, Canada 🇨🇦 and Australia 🇦🇺 • • • • • • #rflife #wearerf #buildon #prescriptionforchange #changemakers #wedogood #teamworkmakesthedreamwork #communityservice #happyfriday #flashbackfriday #keephopealive #thankful #coasttocoast #nevergiveup #rodanandfields #skincarecommunity #lifechangingskincare #rfdogood

Tierney Norris

2019-05-03 13:34:44

#flashbackfriday #tbt #rfdogood #connectedbyhope #givingback #bracollection Yep!! I sure did... Decorated my house last Friday by hanging bras all over the darn place. And for a REALLY good cause. . . Women who were rescued from sex trafficking will receive the ONE HUNDRED AND SIX BRAS we collected (and this isn't even close to the final count because SO many women still want to donate!) and they will feel empowered as female entrepreneurs as they start a new life by selling these bras in second hand markets. Thank you to everyone who came and had a blast with me last Friday! And thank you to everyone who has donated bras!! And I'm psyched for our three raffle winners who went home with three of our BEST products- Lash Boost, Body Replenish, and Spotless. You are going to LOVE them. . . I'll never forget the moment I found out one RF consultant started an orphanage in Africa with her business earnings.🤩❤💥 It hit home in the most emotional and meaningful way since I spent an entire year of my life with HIV infected, orphaned children in South Africa... and it definitely was the moment I knew RF could be part of my story. There are countless other incredibly powerful stories of how other consultants are changing the world while changing their lives.... Can't wait to be at a place to GIVE ABUNDANTLY as well. Collecting bras is just the start! #justthebeginning #rfjourney #abundance #rfturningpoint #worldchanging #lifechanging 💥💥 still collecting bras locally so PM/DM me and I'll swing by to pick them up at your door!

Meg Johnson

2019-05-03 10:58:54

#rfdogood Until last week, this was just a hashtag, but it has taken on so much more meaning. We made a trip as a group of strangers, we left as friends and prayer warriors. We impacted lives and the future of a school. We DID GOOD. Through our #rodanandfields #prescriptionforachange foundation, we’re truly #lifechangingskincare. To learn more about this mission, our company or my amazing team, please DM me! I’d love to share more about how we’re changing skin and changing lives! . . . . . . #bethechange #makeanimpact #leaveafootprint #leaveafootprintworthfollowing #wearetheoneswevebeenwaitingfor #marthaobryancenter #nashville #nashvillecharity #empoweringyouth #powerpartners #internationalyouthfoundation #rfjourney #leaveamark #leaveamarkontheworld #childrenarethefuture #collegebound #inspirationalkids #resilience #risetogether #prayerwarrior #prayerchangesthings #prayerinschool #godblessthisplace

Find the people who push you to be a better version of yourself and spend time with them! Live out your purpose being the best version of you that is possible! Kindness doesn’t discriminate, Service doesn’t discriminate, Love does not discriminate! If you’re living life in love, service, and kindness you’re doing it right! #kindness #service #love #dontdiscriminate #purposedrivenlife #boston #bethechange #domore #rfdogood #compassion #empathy #understanding #experience #education #iteach #idogood #mytribe #beapartofsomethinggreat @buildon @rodanandfields

What an honor to serve in Boston this week with my work tribe from all over the country. The non-profit our company partners with is named “buildOn” and gives students in inner city schools opportunities for mentorship, self reflection and community service activities with a goal to break the cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and low expectations. . What a blessing to work alongside these students and walk in their shoes for just a couple days. My heart was so broken, yet so full at the same time to learn from these students and partner with 15 of my fellow consultants who have huge hearts and believe in being the change in the world. Such incredible servant leaders and I loved getting to know them and serving alongside them. . And let’s talk about these kids...oh my heart, so humbling, so eye opening. They are truly defeating all odds and have SO much stacked against them, but are choosing to #dogood. They are wise beyond their years because they’ve had to grow up quickly from all they’ve experienced. . The students at their school have a 61% graduation rate, but the students engaged in this program through buildOn, a 98% graduation rate! These kids have gone through more than most people do in a lifetime, but yet they are changing their story because these mentors and staff of buildOn are encouraging, speaking life and hope back into them. . I’m so incredibly proud to work for a company that truly believes in giving back and supports the struggling youth in our world. buildOn has many supporters, but I was so surprised this trip to find out we (as a company) are their biggest donor - just one more of the 1000 reasons I love R+F. . I’ve wanted to post sooner, but there’s been so much to process that I’m just now able to share more. There are so many details I can’t share because I want to protect these students, but their bravery, willingness to let go and move forward, to give back despite what they’ve been through...I’m so inspired, knowing I need, we all need to do more. . . #rfdogood #buildon #dogood #rodanandfields #changeyourstory #bethechange #giveback #makeanimpact #service #loveothers #serveothers #purpose #liveintentionally #grateful

Throwback Thursday to one month ago when I got to have the experience of a life time giving back to the amazing people of Guatemala. I adored every jam-packed minute and meet the best people-from Guatemala to Ohio. One thing I feel very strongly about-giving back to other people. Sharing your abundance of wealth, knowledge, gratitude, friendship and skills. I want to thank everyone who made this possible, from organizing the trip to helping get me there (you know who you all are). I couldn't be the person I am today without your support! #medicalmissiontrip #guatemala🇬🇹 #givingback #helpingothers #prayedup #missiontrip #servinggod #tradesofhope #rfdogood #makeadifference #womenshealth #nursepractitioner

Judy ☀️

2019-05-04 21:04:41

#365grateful The @rodanandfields Prescription for Change Foundation is all about empowering the next generation through leadership and service in 🇺🇸🇨🇦🇦🇺 (the countries we operate). 89 consultants were selected as #changemakers for investing in urban youth in our communities, and 15 of us went to the Bronx to walk in the shoes of @buildon students. They are transforming their communities through service, specifically related to food insecurity and homelessness. Now we know exactly what our fundraising campaigns like #rfgonaked are doing on the ground, and I’m back in Philly inspired to DO GOOD because I can. ❤️ #lifechangingskincare #bethechange #pfc #rodanandfields #service #rfdogood

Dana Reeves

2019-05-03 04:39:57

"I didn't know how much power I had until I served someone who had less than me..." -Student with buildOn, ChangeMaker Trip 2019 - Boston That's how it started... That one statement... and it pretty much sums up the whole trip❤️ I've been processing our 36-hour experience and I'm not sure I can put into words exactly what this experience was say it was amazing, is such an understatement. 🧡💛C H A N G E M A K E R💛🧡 When I was picked for this trip, I thought that's such a powerful title. Am I worthy enough to be called this? Do I do enough in my own community? Why was my application picked over thousands of others? Then halfway through our 36-hour program it flipped💞 for me. The ChangeMaker wasn't a title for me before I's the title I walked away with. These kids... THEY are the ChangeMakers They were teaching me how to become one And this program showed me that I can do so much more...that we all can💗 ▪️ ▪️ These kiddos are changing the world, in spite of tremendous odds against them. buildOn gives them a place to give back to their community and serve others through a program, that quite frankly every school🏫 should have. Serving others, no matter how big or small, should be a part of every child's life....and every adult's. ▪️ ▪️ Why? Not only because it serves others; but somewhat-selfishly, because it will CHANGE you. It will help you discover a self-worth that so much of our country is missing. ▪️ ▪️ The odds I mentioned against these kids...there are no words to express how hard it hits your heart💔. The struggles are more than you can imagine, almost more than your heart can take. But you know what...through service with BuildOn - they've changed. ▪️ ▪️ I am so grateful for buildOn, these kids and R+F for this amazing experience. I'm beyond blessed to have served beside these beautiful students and 14 other ChangeMaker consultants. Our bond and commitment to taking what we learned back into this world...well, it's as strong watch out🌎!!!🙌🏼 #buildon #changemaker #36hours #rfdogood