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2 Hours Ago

Exploring the ancient roots of birth, as women have been birthing us into existence for millennia, I have discovered that birth is a rite of passage for girls into womanhood, and for women into deeper knowledge of themselves as powerful, confident, divine goddesses of procreation.⠀⠀ ⠀ ***⠀ ⠀ #goldmillennial #millennials #millennialblogger #millennialmama #millennialparenting #freebirth #freebirthing #cordburning #riteofpassage #birthisnormal #birthisamazing #birthisbeautiful #wildwomen #freewomen #womenarestrong #womenarepowerful. #initiation #comingofage #psychedelicbirth #dmt #pineal #pinealgland #pinealpower #ceremony #sacredbirth #respectbirth #souljourney #takebackbirth #birthispowerful #birthistherevolution


4 Hours Ago

Two stills from Rite of Passage featuring Langston Rodgers and @_ricoanderson. That dude was a lot of fun to have on set! Full of smiles and energy. Keep an eye out for him! DP: @michaelhelenekcinematography #indiefilm #shortfilm #filmmaking #setlife #langstonrodgers #kidactor #riteofpassage @itslarryrodgers


5 Hours Ago

Can’t believe this little baby girl turned 11 today. Happy Birthday to my sweet Anaia. You changed my life more than you will ever know. #birthdaygirl #sogrownup #shegotherearspierced #riteofpassage #biggirlstatus #myheart #sweetestgirlever #butdonttryher 🤣💗


5 Hours Ago

Sapa 🇻🇳 #activerecovery #mophed #riteofpassage

My beloved angel, you've come to a milestone... from childhood into your teens. Time certainly flew by. Now is your time to shine bright your amazing light for the world to see your magnificence! How exciting it is yet it may be scary at times, too, but you've got this. Always know that you are surrounded with L❤VE by family & friends and that you are Divinely emboldened, guided and supported as you explore, discover, learn, experience and live your teen years fully, joyfully and vibrantly. I celebrate and bless you. Be & Do YOU and have fun along the way! #riteofpassage #motherdaughter #happybirthday #13thbirthday #marivielloushomes #amotherslove


9 Hours Ago

We dreamt up the day of our Sacred Union. The actual day was way more beautiful than we envisioned. It was perfect ❤️ It was a total labor of love from everyone there. From all of our amazing friends and family who came in early to help set it up, creating the most beautiful flower arrangements, space for ceremony and dinner, capturing all the moments of sweetness, running around picking up last minute things and surrounding us with complete love and support. And each person who came to witness our union and come together in celebration of love and everyone from afar praying for us and sending love. We felt it all and are so grateful ❤️⁣ .⁣ Our officiant, Tom, made the ceremony beautiful not just for us, but for everyone there. And he has been there for us every step on this journey. EVERYONE just made it the most perfect day in every way 🙏🏼This rite of passage, this commitment to love is a completion of one journey and the start to another. And we are carrying it all with us as we head into our travels!! All the love and gratitude to the hands and hearts that made our day so special! And now we’re off on our travels. First stop Ecuador! ❤️ . . . #weremarried #sacredunion #riteofpassage #laboroflove #111111 #111111portal #dreamwedding #committedtolove #conciousliving #conciousrelationships #conciouscouples #spreadinglove

I introduced her to Bath and Body Works after an appointment. She had to fight through shrubbery to get to the door. A well-won rite of passage. Literally. . #bathandbodyworks #smellsfabulous #riteofpassage


10 Hours Ago

First @zadovgod show for 2019 supporting @xenoblight with @maanishband and pangea. #metal #liveshow #riteofpassage @shevet_productions


11 Hours Ago

Taking someone to her first proper gig - there’s been a lot of hair flicking and a lot of glitter #jessiej @royalalberthall #riteofpassage #overexcited #shewouldratheritwasacdc #sowouldi 😂🤟🏻


12 Hours Ago

The body get weak when the body don't move 🎧 . Slowly easing myself back into some TGUs in between sets of my daily pullups. When coming back from an injury, it's important to ease into it and let the body know that it's in a 'safe' environment. See what you're able to tolerate and continue to inch your way back into things. - #buildingstrength

#birthingfromwithin classes offer #parents a variety of engaging and multi-sensory experiences to learn from. While providing information about how #labor and #birth work, we also celebrate and acknowledge the emotional and spiritual journey that make birth a #riteofpassage. Find a mentor or class near you at https://birthingfromwithin.com/directory/ #holisticbirthpreparation #birthart #childbirtheducation #mentoringfromwithin #birthasaheroicjourney #lucy

About to get my very first New York street hotdog which I hear is a right if passage! 🌭 Except I'm an herbivore so I guess I'll just eat a little relish off the top🥒 #theodorethestegosaur #theodoresgrandadventure #theodoreeats #dinosaur #stegosaurus #herbivore #plantbaseddiet #littleteddyinthebigapple #littleteddybigcity #meandmyhuman #bigapple #brooklyndino #williamsburgdino #uws #upperbestside #newyork #nyc #riteofpassage #littleteddybigworld


14 Hours Ago

And just like that another child of mine is off to Outdoor School! #outdoorschool #riteofpassage #growingupinoregon #nknproud #6thgrade #sohandsome #bestfriends

Becoming a mother doesn’t happen in an instant. You might give birth to your baby overnight - but motherhood will unfold slowly over time. This beautiful quote is by Antoniya, a mum I interviewed for Mama Stories on wellbeingformothers.com - you’ll find the link to the website in the bio 🌸💞🌸 #motherhood #wellbeingformothers #becomingamother #riteofpassage #identitychange #transition #letstalkaboutit


17 Hours Ago

We are traveling to Oakland for this year's Rite of Passage Competition! New features include instant replay and good lift no lift lights. Livestreaming, platform pictures, digital display boards, warm-up platforms tablets, and more! Livestreaming will be on BS Competition YouTube Channel! #spsgym #riteofpassage @spsgym #olympicweightlifting #competition #usaweightlifting #pwaweightlifting #technicalsupport #snatch #cleanandjerk


19 Hours Ago

Spinach ricotta in filo pastry with kalamata olives and sundried tomato purée #year12formal #riteofpassage #mountainfolk #congratulations #tuesdaynightlife #hihelena


19 Hours Ago

Today’s cards are both number six connected with restoring balance , harmony , a calm after the storm , satisfaction and making important life choices . In Astrology Venus is also connected to number six as we are reaching the end of Venus retrograde you should now be gaining clarity about any issues or conflicts you have been experiencing with your relationships , money , self worth or seeing your own beauty. The Six of Wands is ruled by Jupiter and Leo and will appear when you are being asked to see just how amazing you are. It’s all about being confident and stepping out into the limelight and receiving the applause you so deserve . You must pause and receive recognition for all your hard work, or strength and courage .Followed by the Six of Swords ruled by Mercury and Aquarius it’s time to move on from any turbulent times this can be connected to grief , anxiety , depression , betrayal and heartache. It is time to detach from anything that disturbs your inner peace or leaves your mind in chaos. Together the cards rulers are on the same axis Leo and Aquarius the self and the group and this is the dilemma you could be facing do you do what's best for you or best for everyone else ? This new journey will take you out of the fog clearing any confusion or overwhelm . Although you may not have complete clarity , you will wake up and see the importance of following your heart and feeling alive. The Universe is offering you a rite of passage to let go of people , guilt , shame, people and situations that keep you in darkness . You were born to shine like the stars up above so show us your best twinkle. #tarot #shineyourlight #followyourheart #innerpece

This week’s episode is with @flameandpickle Cait had a very long posterior labour with her first little girl and she went on the give birth to her second daughter in the middle of the night on her front lawn whilst trying to get to hospital. Click link in bio to listen now. Available through iTunes and Spotify


24 Hours Ago

Walking through HK Botanic Gardens en route from doctor's to art supply shop I'm stopped by this scene: a bridal gown beneath and between layers of this city's architecture and sky and concrete. . #hkwedding #bridalgown #hkarchitecture #tulle #frippery #riteofpassage


1 Day 3 Hours Ago

Movement is Medicine 🏯


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Emilie's 1st Taco Bell experience. Her life will never be the same. #riteofpassage #tacobell


1 Day 5 Hours Ago

Pt.3-Merbaby: read comments I birthed my baby girl half in water, half on the ground. These are the last pictures we have. Edynn scared us for a bit as she had had her cord around her neck, and her shoulders in terrible position, but she was okay. I however, was unaware of what was not happening and what was. I wasn’t having contractions. There were no signs of the placenta. And there was a LOT of blood, and i was pretty sure I was going to pass out. 911 was called as we realized something was not right. Now, in hindsight, we should have gotten in the car and rushed ourselves to the hospital and those were the last 3 numbers we should have called. Strangely and unfortunately enough, I remember this part. As EMT’s arrived in my home where I had just birthed my daughter, where thousands of women have birthed their children, they were more concerned about whether I had planned a home birth, than my health. They were more worried about whether a midwife was present, than the fact that I could barely make a sentence. These people were exactly why I chose to birth my daughter at home, because to these people, birth is considered and taught to be a medical condition instead of a natural process, where the majority of the time, medical intervention is unnecessary. The people we called to help me were so extremely hateful and rude, that at one point they even threatened to call the police as my family was begging them at this point to get me to a hospital. As they argued and made their threats, the “dumb hippie girl” on the floor who had her baby at home continued bleeding out. My legs and arms felt so heavy and cold that I could not move them, and I couldn’t hold my head up. I could hear my loved ones begging me to stay with them, while those who were supposed to be at least attempting to save my life preferred to argue. After who knows how long they decided it was a good idea to get me to a hospital as I was barely conscious, and loaded myself and my daughter in two separate ambulances on a cold November morning, and I will never, for the rest of my life, forget the sound of the woman’s voice who kept dropping my arm, tell the driver to not run it as emergent.


1 Day 7 Hours Ago

Powercut post oncall at the new place #riteofpassage. Gotta down all dat cravendale 🥛🤟🏽


1 Day 8 Hours Ago

Edynn’s Birth Pt.2 There isn’t a whole lot to say. Time stood still for me during both Silas and Edynn’s births. Hours didn’t matter, I was home, I was safe, and I believed in my body’s ability to birth my baby just as millions had before me. It always took a bit to let go, and transition, well, that’s when you’re ready to give up, but we made it. I was in the birth pool when I first felt her head, except something didn’t feel exactly right, and I don’t remember having a contraction after, but I do remember getting out of that pool as fast as possible, not knowing in that moment that my body still knew what to do. . . . . #birth #childbirth #riteofpassage #doula #midwife #homebirth #birthaffirmations #birthwithconfidence #birthwarrior #homebirthbaby #novemberbaby #evidencebased #empoweredbirth #mybodyisnotbroken #bornathome #continuityofcare #birthwithoutfear #waterbirthbaby #waterbirth #empoweredwomen #empoweringwomen #empoweredbirthproject #surroundedbylove #naturalbirth #childbirtheducatio #birthyourway #pregnancy #vbac #motherhood

If you haven’t got yours yet, hurry, they’re nearly all gone. Open to all years 8, 9 & 10. A night not to be missed and this year’s James Bond theme promises the ultimate party! All in aid of the NSPCC’s Childline. #gloucestershire #cheltenham #cotswolds #riteofpassage #year8 #year9 #year10


1 Day 9 Hours Ago

“your art is not about how many people like your work your art is about if your heart likes your work if your soul likes your work it's about how honest you are with yourself and you must never trade honesty for relatability” - @rupikaur_ 💎 Sometimes, this honesty comes as a sudden revelation. Other times, it’s a deeply humbling, slow unfolding. This photo captures just a glimpse of my journey toward self acceptance. . #bhaktiyoga #honesty #yogaatlanta #itsallyoga #tantricyoga #spiritualpractice #selflove #yogajourney #marriage #flowercrown #handmadebouquet #sacredceremony #riteofpassage


1 Day 11 Hours Ago

Laundry Day. #riteofpassage #20something


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

Tattooing is bad for your health and it makes baby Jesus cry. Do not ever try it. #ouch #workinprogress #pharoahshorses #riteofpassage


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

Swipe to the left to see some beautiful photographs taken by @svmphotography6 I’ve been trying to figure out what to write about this day for a year now but the words are still escaping me, but today i feel is the day for sharing most of our birth pictures, sharing our story, celebrating the first birthday of my sweet Edy and being thankful that I am here to celebrate with her. A year ago, the day before today, we went and ate at Laverne’s (if you haven’t, you’re missing out.) . I attribute labor starting to a mixture of her dipped chicken sandwich, castor oil and a lot of bouncing on my birth ball. I woke up around 2 am, feeling things pick up, and decided to go downstairs to do some laundry and keep myself in the right headspace, because you see, after 27 weeks under midwifery care at the birth center where Silas was safely delivered, the NC Medical Board decided I, nor any other mother be allowed to have a VBAC anywhere but a hospital, or they would discredit the birth center which I loved so much, and strip our overseeing OB of his license. This was incredulous and heartbreaking to not only myself but hundreds of mothers in our state. When the day came, my doula and back up doula were not able to be with me, but I still believed in my ability and the hundreds of reasons for our decision to have our daughter in the comfort of our own home, as have millions of women before myself. If you have questions about the this, homebirth, etc. feel free to message me! Anyways, downstairs I went to start laundry and there was a snake. There was a snake in my basement and I was in labor and prepared for most everything except a snake. I called my best friend and she and her boyfriend rushed to our house to take care of the no shoulders issue, as I went upstairs to continue my labor in peace, which it was. Crazy, right? To describe what is supposed to be such an awful experience the way that I do? It was amazing. Surrounded by love, and laughter.... To be continued...


1 Day 13 Hours Ago

Entering the self-portrait drawing phase of the Personal Embodiment program at Tamalpa this week: Asking my ancestors and guides to support me through this process, as I transition through yet another liminal space and rite of passage. See you on the other side 🙏✨💜🦋✨ #tamalpa #life #art #process #transition #liminal #space #ancestors #guidance #movement #journey #california #dance #dancer #dancing #forlife #dancingthemoment #creativity in #action #riteofpassage #archetype #divinefeminine