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22 Seconds Ago

Here’s the scoop! Radiant Defense is a Derma-Cosmetic (huh?)🤔. It’s not a foundation, it’s not a BB or CC cream, it’s not a tinted moisturizer. It LOOKS like makeup, but ACTS like SKINCARE- A liquid that blurs imperfections and visibly improves skin... and we all need it🤗 #askmehow #yesplease #signmeup🙋‍♀️ #rodanandfields


23 Seconds Ago

🎉TONIGHT 🎉 you can try our newest game-changing, nothing on the market like it, tinted perfecting liquid Radiant Defense FREE! Sola Coffee House, Raleigh! 6:15-8pm! And your bevie of choice is on me! You’re not local? Comment perfect my GLOW and I’ll see what I can do! “R+F came out with a new makeup?” No. No we did not.😉 We came out with something even better! Now I can protect and perfect All.Day.Long. Bye bye foundation and HELLO Radiant Defense! So here’s the difference. Makeup is used to enhance or alter your appearance. Derma-Cosmetics, on the other hand, offers instant “cosmetic-looking” results with long-term dermatologic skin improvements over time. How is this different from foundation or BB creams? Derma-cosmetics work to IMPROVE your skins health, not just cover it up. And clinical results show skin improvement after one week of use even when you aren’t wearing it!🙌 LOOKS LIKE MAKE UP BUT ACTS LIKE SKINCARE What makes Radiant Defense so special? 🌟Protects from the environment like pollution and dirt (won’t clog pores and won’t cause breakouts), it’s oil free and safe for any skin type. Where was this when I was in high school?!! 🌟Repairs your protective moisture barrier (defends against dry, irritated skin and visible signs of emotional stress) 🌟Defends against the sun with mineral based SPF 30 🌟After one week you will already see results WITHOUT the product on. Shut the front door. 🌟It's unlike anything I have EVER used before...perfects and visibly evens out skin tone. Who knew there could actually be a perfecting liquid that is GOOD for your skin?! 🛍 Available October 1st to everyone. Available to consultants now😉💁‍♀️😘 Try it tonight FREE 🙌🎉 #rodanandfields #radiantdefense #dermacosmetics #nothinglikeit #tryitfree


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Keep swiping 👉 for some pretty great #transformationtuesday photos featuring our NEWEST product, RADIANT DEFENSE PERFECTING LIQUID. ⭐ Get on my wait-list so you can be the first to order it on 10/1⭐ . . It's ALL of these in one: ⭐ blurs imperfections ⭐ won’t clog your pores 🙌🏼 ⭐ non-comedogenic ⭐ spf 30 ⭐ builds your skin’s natural moisture barrier WHILE you wear it ⭐ lasts all day ⭐ available in 6 shades ⭐ also works for sensitive and acne-prone skin 🙋 (I'm VERY happy about that fact)

Derma-Cosmetics = Great for your skin! Yes, please... the newest innovations are in! Please click my link below and find your color shade match! IG post viewers you will need to either type in web address or go to my bio and link on link - scroll down page and click Learn More and it will take you right to the shade match tool! https://missyperry.myrandf.com/pages/radiant-defense-lp I would love the before and after screen shots if you don’t mind donating your color match! Thank you all for you participation! #rfmissy💋 #radiantdefense #shadematching #derma cosmetics #theperfectfinish #rodanandfields #protection #new #beamoreconfidentyou


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Speaking on that get's you slaying like @iamcardib


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Ready to find your shade?! 👩‍🎨👩🏻‍🎨👩🏼‍🎨👩🏽‍🎨👩🏾‍🎨👩🏿‍🎨How about you do it in the comfort of your own home? (This company seriously thinks of everything!!) I'll post my link below on how you can upload your selfie to see what shade you are! ❔❔What is Derma cosmetics? It looks like makeup but acts like skincare!! Let this product be the LAST step of your daily skincare and feel more confident about your skin without worrying what your skin will look and feel like after you wash it off at the end of the day! 💥 After ONE WEEK of use you will already see results from using the product... even when you don’t have it on!!! You still have time to join my VIP list to order this amazing Dermacosmetic product for Oct 1st! You will receive a FREE gift from me if you join my list! . . . . . #rodanandfields #skincare #lifechangingskincare #skincareroutine #radiantdefense #dermacosmetics #rflife #beauty #1 #entrepreneur #rodanandfieldsconsultant #business #model #rf #bossbabe #lashboost #girlbosses #getyourglowon #dreambig #girlbosslife #exfoliate #beyourownboss #entrepreneurlife #makeup #mombusiness #glownation


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True facts 100%

Want a free activation hydration?! It’s simple, join my R&F family by Oct. 1st with one of the top two business kits and not only will I gift you this amazing product but you’ll have early access to our newest product Radiant Defense! Hydrated skin, is happier, healthier and glowing skin. Swipe through to view this potentially free products killer results! mopland.myrandf.biz #activehydrationbodyreplenish #radiantdefense #rodanandfields #r&F #lifechangingskincare #happierskin #healthierskin #glowingskin #hydratedskin #getglowingskin #flawlessskin #radiantskin #newproducts #beabossbabe #beyourboss #havefunworking


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WOW... what a difference a year makes when you #agebackwards! Are you ready for your before and after photo? #rodanandfields #lifechangingskincare


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Thrilled to announce that my sister is my new R+F business partner!🎉💕🤗 . #sistersquad #rodanandfields #bossmom #sootheforthewin


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After a year of consistently using our REVERSE regimen, Nancy's dark spots have disappeared 😮

Message me to start you 60 day trial today!! #rodanandfields #realdoctors #realresults


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Who wants free samples of Radiant Defense?! Aniston & Audrey have them 👑👑 It protects and perfects 🔆 It doesn’t clog pores 🔆 Defends against environmental aggressors🔆 SPF 30🔆 97% said it improved their skin tone immediately!🔆 #rodanandfields #radiantdefense #glownation #beautycare #skincare #toddlerfun


6 Minutes Ago

*NEW PRODUCT* Want to look #radiant and protect that #glow you've earned? You've got to try this new product!! 6 different shades, lightweight, oil-free!! This Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid is Available on October 1st! Contact me, I have a feeling we may sell this one out!


6 Minutes Ago

Just For You! ⭐️🌟💫 Active Hydration Body Replenish draws moisture from the air and locks it onto your body for softer, smoother-feeling skin and instant body hydration! A gift for you! 🎁🎁 From now until 9/30 when you become my new customer, you’ll receive this bonus product! Msg me for details on this crazy good offer! #rodanandfields #activehydrationbodyreplenish #bonusproducts #freeforyou


7 Minutes Ago

Digging the new Radiant Defense!!! It’s light (I don’t do heavy makeup), covers up the little stuff. But it’s not foundation, or BB or CC or whatever other letter you want to use! A skin perfecter AND a skin protector that blurs imperfections and acts as the last step in your skin care routine! Dermatology inspired, you will notice smoother and more radiant skin with regular use even when you’re NOT wearing it!! There is a new fancy thing that will be on my website where you can upload your selfie 🤳 and virtually match your skin, because it come in 6 shades!! COMING TO ALL CUSTOMERS OCTOBER 1! #rfhappy #loverf #technologytomatchyourperfectshade #bringiton #radiantdefenceperfectingliquid #rodanandfields #rfdoesitagain


7 Minutes Ago

I’m so thrilled to welcome this mom, wife, Zumba fitness guru, Brazilian beauty and amazing friend to Rodan+Fields - the #1 skincare brand in the North America! @luhughes2011 knew she loved the products, but when she learned that R+F was entering the dermacosmetics category, and going global, she knew she had to build her own piece of this billion dollar brand. No, it’s not a party company, and she’s not carrying inventory. It’s social e-commerce, done beautifully. She can’t wait to give you the scoop. Welcome, Luciana! luhughes.myrandf.com . . . . #lifechangingskincare #rodanandfields #businessredefined


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Sometimes I forget how short she is until we take a picture together 😂 Thankful for you. 💕 . . #beer #bestfriend #stelladotstyle #stellaanddot #bestie #toledo #rodanandfields


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Mailing out #samples of #rodanandfields latest product, Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid later this week! Who wants one? Live closeby? Let’s set up a time to shade match with me! Message me for availability! Also, check out our app on my website to find your perfect shade! Screen shot your selfie and send it to me for a prize!!! #lifechangingskincare #dermacosmetics #agebackwards #skincare #selfcare https://srittgers.myrandf.com/pages/radiant-defense-lp


16 Minutes Ago

🍁Flash Sale🍁 Free shipping and no tax! Now through September 30th!! 🍁MD Paste 🍁Lash Boost 🍁Active Hydration Serum . Need eye cream, step 2 of unblemish, step 1 of redefine or any other single product? Message me and I can add it to the flash in a bulk order! . #r&f #rodanandfields #clearskin #smoothskin #clearskin #strongbeautifulself #strongbeautifullife #skinhydration #exfoliate #longlashes #lashextensions #lashboost


18 Minutes Ago

Rodan+Fields Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid and Brush #rodanandfields #skincare


18 Minutes Ago

now that it’s officially Fall and our tans are starting to fade, you’re probably noticing all of that summer sun damage on your skin. Not to worry, R+F Reverse regimen can take care of that! ☀️☀️☀️I’m looking for FOUR people who have not tried our Reverse regimen who would like to participate in my Reverse Challenge!☀️☀️☀️ Here’s how it will work...you will take a before picture, use your regimen for 60 days, and take an after picture. I will post everyone’s results to be voted on and whoever has the most votes for best results, wins a LASH BOOST! & even if you don’t win, you’ll end up with great skin, so you have nothing to lose! Let me know if you want in, or if you have any questions. Regimen must be purchased 9/30! #cleanslate #reverse #rodanandfields #foundationfree #byebyesunspots


19 Minutes Ago

I am so excited to share my personal results with Rodan and Fields newest product, Radiant Defense. It is amazing. I should also tell you that I have never worn “make-up” (i.e. a base) in my entire life. I have always just used a little bit of powder and blush. But, this is different! This is not make-up. It is DERMA Cosmetics. Radiant Defense Perfecting Liquid Broad Spectrum SPF 30 is formulated with dermatology inspired skin care ingredients to deliver a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. It is available in six flexible shades. It is designed to be used as the last step in your skin are routine to PERFECT and PROTECT your glowing skin! 💙 #rodanandfields #radiantdefense #glowgetter #lifechangingskincare


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This is Jim Coulter, the head of TPG, which is one of the largest private equity firms in the world. TPG likes to invest in companies that are disrupters in their categories—like Uber, Spotify, Airbnb—and they get involved before companies go into hyper-growth. In fact, TPG helps them reach even higher heights. You can imagine how excited we all were to hear Jim tell our teams in New Orleans why TPG picked Rodan + Fields, and why he wanted to sit on our board (something he rarely does). “R+F is one of the most interesting things going on, and I’m here to learn and watch,” Jim said. “You’re just scratching the surface.” . . . If you’ve been watching and wondering but telling yourself that you’re too late, here’s the reality. You’re not! .....If Jim and TPG don’t think they’re too late to this party, why the heck do you? TPG and our never-ending product innovation pipeline are the reason we’re actually turning up the music and bustin’ out the good tequila!😃 . . We’re here to help each other grow something of their own and grow as a person in the process. . So let’s talk this week. I have something very special in store for everyone who joins my team before Oct. 1. . . #tpg #rodanandfields #premiumskincare #skincare #numberone #antiaging #sundamage #acne #sensitiveskin #makeithappen #thefutureisbright #whatif #bossbabes #womenempowerment #residualincome #businesswomen #determination #imagine #thisishuge


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Running a small business has its challenges for sure. I suggest you always celebrate the little victories and accomplishments. Have a great Tuesday y’all. #smallbusiness #santacruz #brooktodd #aptos #sothebys #serenogroup #kellerwilliams #rodanandfields #mlm #stelladot #monat #doterra #brooktoddheadshotmaster #corperateevents #paypal #keepcollective #parklanejewelry


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Wow! I'm blown away by how awesome Radiant Defense. So many people have reached out to me with interest but unsure which shade to choose. No worries people. The experts at RF have created a shade finder 👇 https://sarahkrase.myrandf.com/pages/radiant-defense-lp Check out two of my potential shades...shell (on the left) and beige (on the right). I'm definitely going to be full on shell come winter, but I could totally use beige right now or even blend it with shell to get a customized color 🙌🙌 ✨✨This is Dermacosmetic✨✨ Looks like makeup but acts like skincare!! Ready to get your glow on? Available October 1st. Get on my VIP list now 🤗


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For anyone with cracked, dry, or peeling lips this stuff helps A LOT, ur welcome #rodanandfields #liphealing #renewing